David Eason Insults ‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Jeremy Calvert on Instagram: Jeremy Claps Back, Making Fun of David For Being Jobless

“Pipe down, Swamp Boy…”

David Eason got caught trolling on his former Teen Mom 2 co-star Jeremy Calvert‘s Instagram on Thursday and when Mr. Jenelle Evans tried to insult Jeremy, he clapped back with an epic response!

Jeremy— who has been quite outspoken in the past regarding his feelings about David– posted a photo of himself last weekend at the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 9 Reunion. David apparently found himself with some extra time on his hands on Thursday (go figure) and was scrolling into Jerm’s old pics. David (using his new Instagram handle @BigOlHonky) was not a fan of Jeremy’s look and decided to let him know.

“Well ya look like a bitch so there ya go,” David wrote on Jeremy’s photo.


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Reunion ready, when your ex wife picks out your outfit…. @leahdawn92mtv #addieapproved

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Many of the other ‘Teen Mom 2’ stars have been the victims of David’s social media trolling, and most of the time they let it pass without responding. Jeremy, however, had some stuff to say back to David, launching an epic online rant that attacked David for not having a job and for being stupid. Jeremy also expressed his, um, distaste for the way Jenelle’s lady garden looks.

He also accused David of being a product of inbreeding…as you do.

“I don’t know either, look it up!”
“Inbreedin’…inbreedin’…what in the Sam Hell is that?”

“Dear dumb f**k,” Jeremy’s comment starts out. “I wish people told parents back in the day not to do drugs while pregnant, maybe then kids wouldn’t have turned out so f**king stupid like you. And sorry to say but your parents have to be related for you to come out so f**king stupid.”

Jeremy then let David know that– unlike some of the other ‘Teen Mom’ dads— he’s not afraid to hop a flight (since he can afford the plane ticket, after all, given that he does have a job), and fill David “with upper cuts!”

“And p.s. keep f**king with me and I’ll fly my ass to NC and I’ll show you what kind of bitch I am, pretty boy!” Jeremy wrote. “I’ll bitch slap your stupid f**king ignorant ass, got it mother f**ker?”

Next, Jeremy went in on the fact that David is currently sans employment.

“I can buy and sell your dumb f**king ass,” Jeremy wrote, adding, “you non-working piece of s**t.”

Finally, Jeremy insulted Jenelle.

“F**k you and f**k your wife,” Jeremy wrote before adding in the zinger, “and Jesus any leftover money needs to go to a vaginal surgeon. #thats**tisbeat #goddamn #rough”

If Jenelle were to take Jeremy’s advice and have work done on her hoo-ha, she’d be the third ‘Teen Mom’ star to do so. (As you’ll remember, both Farrah Abraham and Briana DeJesus have had their “pickle pockets” made over.)

Anyway, not surprisingly, ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans seemed to side with Jeremy in the Instagram brawl.

“I would be so embarrassed if my grown 30 year old of a husband was unemployed and acted like David,” one person wrote in the comment thread.

“Dude, why the f**k are you creepin on other people’s IG?!” another person wrote. “Go get an f’ing job and grow up!”

This is not the first ‘Teen Mom’ dad that David has feuded with. Over the past year or so, he has come for Javi Marroquin, Corey SimmsCory Wharton, and of course Jenelle’s ex Nathan Griffith.

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52 Responses

  1. Omg Jeremy’s rants are the best, he gives zero f-cks. Under different circumstances I would say he went a little too far but David and Jenelle deserve all the hate they get. Hope they liked the small taste of their own medicine.

  2. About time aTM2 cast stood up to his bs!! Applaud you Jeremy. The rest need to unite and speak up, this nonsense needs to stop with JE and David. Better yet, get a job David and you won’t have all this free time to troll accounts.

  3. I understand the need to respond to an idiot like David but the best thing to do is just ignore him. He’s a troll who thrives off attention. David is a coward who needs to hide behind guns so it wouldn’t be a fair fight but I would love to see Jeremy knock him out. Team Jeremy all the way. I like TM2 but maybe it’s time to end it or at least kick Jenelle off so that trash of a family can finally fall off the radar.

  4. David is clearly the lowest of the lowly trash, but Jeremy’s response was trashy too. And bringing Jenelle’s body into it is uncalled for. There are a million and one other legitimate reasons to criticize Jenelle and leave her lady parts out of it.

  5. I am going to expand on my earlier comment. Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience. David is an idiot. Jeremy should not have responded to this idiot.

  6. As much as I agree with Jeremy putting David back in his place, what was the need to comment on Jenelle’s lady parts? I mean, that’s none of your business AT ALL! Not that I like Jenelle, but seriously? How does JEREMY knows about that anyway?

    1. Normally I’d agree, no need to bring Jenelle’s body into it HOWEVER #1 Jenelle took the nude pics that were leaked, showing what her “situation” is down there. If people haven’t learned by now to stop taking naked pics of themselves on their phones because those things come back and bite you in the ass, that’s on them. #2 David has no problem posting inappropriate pictures of his wife online, thus opening Jenelle up to criticism. And #3 David himself makes comments on other women’s bodies and looks, he’s just getting a taste of his own medicine. If Jenelle doesn’t want her body criticized she should check her man.

        1. This is what happens when ya got too much free time and not enough brain power. The wheel is still spinning but the hamster is dead. Know what I’m sayin’?

    2. I AGREE. Plus whats the difference between being with multiple guys a few times vs the same guy every night. it doesn’t stretch out your stuff lol. now having kids might but Jenelle has three….so does Leah…So does Chelsea…so does Kail… now if he wanted to talk about their parenting..ok.

          1. Not defending her. If he would have said shes a terrible mom there would be no comment from me. Its stupid that he brings up her body because she’s had the same number of kids as Leah…and its stupid he brings up her drug use because Leah was high on camera too. It made his argument more weak. If he wanted to shut David up, he needs to hit him with some facts.

          2. You spend an awful lot of time and energy defending the Easons. As for the nude pics, JENELLE posted them when she was trying to get famous. They’re in the public domain and, as such, can be commented on any time, any way someone wants to comment. Her “nether region” is beat as hell. She looks like she’s birthed a few whale calves and when those pics were taken she had only given birth to Jace. If you don’t like it, pay for her reconstructive surgery.

            Maybe you don’t like Jeremy, that’s fine. But you’re really showing your true colors by defending the Easons in comment after comment. David, is that you? You lowlife scumbag child and animal abusing useless jobless piece of shit! If you’re not David, you should take a hard look at yourself and ask why you would defend people who spread their legs & put it on the internet, pull guns on people with a child in the car, lie about pulling the gun, abuse & neglect animals and children, abuse drugs, and doctor-shop for pills. I wouldn’t defend such a person, but then again, I was raised with morals and scruples.

          3. Plus, David could argue that Leah is just as skanky…how many times has she cheated?? the real idiots are people that are saying he should be just a big of douche bag as David. why?

    3. When UBT posts pictures of Juhnelle, he makes it everyone’s business. Now, I don’t know for sure that UBT posted a pic of Juhnelle’s pickle pocket, but I wouldn’t put it past him.

      1. DAVID posted the pictures (allegedly). Not Jenelle. DAVID said all of this to Jeremy, there is not proof Jenelle did. There is no reason for Jeremy to mention Jenelle’s private parts. Jenelle has done so many stupid things in her life. If Jeremy needed to take a dig at her, he could have picked out of the hundreds of other things. Not her body/

        1. I didn’t say Juhnelle posted anything. I said that UBT made Juhnelle’s pickle pocket everyone’s business because he posted pictures (allegedly). Whether it is a picture of a rode-hard-put-away-wet nether region or a comment on the internet – once it’s out there, anyone can say anything they want about it.

          1. Just because someone posts pictures of someone elses body, it doesn’t give someone a right to talk about it. ever heard of revenge porn? there are millions of things that Jenelle has done wrong, why not bring those uP? instead of something she cant control like her body? it makes Jeremy seem weak that he has to attack her body. im sure you look perfect though

    4. It’s posted on the internet. Hell- I picked my sign on name because I got tired of seeing it posted every where.
      It’s seriously nasty.
      And David and Jenelle foreplay is posting nasty pictures of her.
      You post it that makes it fair game.

  7. Of course David has been silent since. He’s not used to someone using talkin’ words back. He’s used to Jenelle and Kaiser, neither are big enough or brave enough to fight back.

  8. The lack of vocabulary on the land is concerning. He only has one insult the ever dynamic B occasionally spiced up with little in front of it. Time for this wreck to be over. End teen mom do a check in 5 years from now just for laughs. Jeremy can have credit for working (a demanding job at that) but I don’t agree with belittling a woman for her physical attributes. Especially when there’s so much more serious issues Jenelle has than what her bits look like. This entire franchise is a mess (excluding the houska DeBoer family) I think mtv needs to step in before their drama fueling ends badly. It’s only a matter of time before there is an incident that a “if you or someone you know” message across the screen cant defend.

  9. Wow David you need to grow up and start acting your age… For all the other dads on teen mom you guys keep doin what you are doin fir your kids…. Just let the scum bag make a fool out of himself and his family cause the only thing that boy knows how to do.. Yes he is a boy cause grow men dont act like that…

    1. I agreed with him until he brought Jenelle in to it. No need to critize her body when his Ex has been with a few dudes too….and she did drugs.

    1. MTV will NEVER fire Jenelle because shit like this keeps people talking and waiting for the next episode or the next social media war of the words. I applaud Jeremy for responding AND bringing Jenelle into it. She sits by David’s side egging him on, cackling at everything he does and defending him so she’s fair game too.

      1. Amen Sister!!
        And they wonder why no one likes them.
        Because they are horrible examples of a the human race.

  10. Team Jeremy all day. David is a brain dead, redneck asshole with literally no prospects, no education, and no life. Leaching off Jenelle until she escapes his grasps.

  11. Very disgusting behavior on both parties. Jeremy don’t go low go high, you have more class than this.

  12. I think Jenelle wrote the David comment or he talks like a girl. Jeremy is a fine piece of man meat.

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