‘Jersey Shore’ Stars Vinny Guadagnino & DJ Pauly D Reveal Which ‘Teen Mom’ Girls They’d Date– And Why They’d Avoid Jenelle Evans

“Cue her husband insulting me on Instagram in 3…2…1..”

Vinny Guadagnino and DJ Pauly D say they’re down to date a few of the girls from Teen Mom–but there’s one that they want to steer clear of!

In a new video for OK! Magazine, the Jersey Shore stars—- who are currently appearing on their own dating show Double Shot at Love—- revealed which ‘Teen Moms’ they’d take into the Smush Room…and who they’d avoid like a “grenade!”

The guys were shown a series of photos of reality TV women, three of whom have appeared on a ‘Teen Mom’ franchise show: Leah MesserBristol Palin and Jenelle Evans.

Pauly— who proclaimed that he’s a huge fan of ‘Teen Mom’— was all about dating Leah.

“Teen Mom! Teen Mom! I know everything about her!” Pauly said. “I think she’s so cool. She’s a cool girl. Swipe right!”

“How you doin’ Pauly D…”

Vinny chose to “swipe left” (as if he had seen her on Tinder), but only because he didn’t know who she was.

Both Vinny and Pauly stated that they would jump at the chance to date Bristol, though.

“I love her, I think she’s awesome,” Pauly said. “She’s very outdoorsy too!”

“I was a political science major myself and I think it would be really interesting dating her,” Vinny said. “I’m gonna swipe right.”

“I dislike you both equally…”

Both guys, however, agreed that they didn’t want anything to do with dating Jenelle. They did their best to be kind while explaining why they would turn down a chance to date her.

“I know all about her. She has, um… a lot going on…” Pauly said.

“She does have a lot going on, a lot of drama!” Vinny exclaimed, adding that he figured Jenelle would be at least willing to smush.

“She’s a mom, so she’s definitely DTF,” Vinny said, adding, “[She’s] a little too much drama for me so I’m going to swipe left.”

“Why do people say I always have drama? I’m not a DRAMASTIC person, guys!”

Pauly seemed to be worried about angering Jenelle’s ever-present husband David Eason.

“I think she’s pretty….but she’s still with that dude,” he said.

You can watch the full video below!

(Photos: OK! Magazine, MTV)

24 Responses

  1. These 2 are adorable. They were super nice abt all the women, and much too nice when they talked abt Jenelle. I love their relationship, you can tell they are good pals & pretty comfortable with each other. “She got a lot going on” is the nicest way to talk abt that cumdumpster whose sasquatch of a husband will flip out on Insta in 3, 2, 1…..

    1. I give Big Ole Honky 24 hours before he Insta-invites the boys to “The Land” to show them what a real country man is made of! (If he thinks there’s an opening to have a story written about him threatening someone on Radar, he’s on top of it- from the President and Pelosi to Germy Lynn). I’d be shocked if Jenelle doesn’t comment a laughing/cry face emoji about how she would NEVER date a pretty boy, she’s only into real Southern men like her BaBe! (While conveniently forgetting former soulmate Nathan’s love for tanning beds and hairless backs).

  2. I had no interest in watching their new dating show but this clip did crack me up. I just like those guys for some reason.

    1. Leah and Jenelle would, faster than a heartbeat. I don’t know about Bristol, I don’t know much about her.

  3. Pauly’s a Teen Mom fan, watching the show and everything? I am enjoying this!

    (I have never told anyone I follow this trainwreck of a cast, so props to him to just say it)

  4. He meant “she’s desperate for validation so you know she’s DTF”

    And you just know that either Paulie or Vinny would be better in bed than anyone Jenelle has been with.

    1. And cleaner and smell better and earn money and don’t beat children and old people and can function in society.

  5. The look Vinny shot the camera when Pauly said Jenelle is hot ??? Pauly, I think the hair gel has finally seeped into your brain my man! ?

    1. First he will be pissed they called her hot, then how she is full of drama and then WHY would they reject her! (Actually that will be Jenelle on his account)

    1. Jenelle could be physically pretty but her inside is so ugly that her outside will never be attractive.

    1. That’s 99% of women they become Mother’s and are much more interested in the children rather than their man. Although as a Father, would I want it any other way?

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