Home of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Chelsea Houska Burglarized While She Was On Vacation with Her Family

“In the words of Jenelle…Leave me aloooone!”

Chelsea Houska is opening up about the terrifying moment she and her family realized that their home had been robbed.

In a sneak peek clip of Monday’s Teen Mom 2 episode, Chelsea and her husband Cole DeBoer revealed that their South Dakota home was burglarized while they were away on vacation with their kids. 

“We realized our house was broken into while we were gone,” Chelsea says in a voice-over. “It’s been over a week now and I’m still shaken up.”

Chelsea and Cole recounted the incident for their ‘Teen Mom 2’ producer Mandi.

“She walked back to our room and she came out and she went white,” Cole said of Chelsea. “She said something’s not right in here.” 

“Our master bedroom closet was absolutely destroyed,” Cole said. “S**t everywhere. Bins dumped. I just instantly freaked.”

Cole hustled Chelsea and their kids Aubree, Layne and Watson into another room while he ran around the house looking to see if the burglar was still hiding inside. Once he realized that no one was in the house, Cole said he then became angry.

“Seeing them terrified, I think I was the most pissed I’ve ever been!” Cole said.

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The Ashley is not sure when the robbery actually took place; however the scenes being shown on ‘Teen Mom 2’ currently were filmed around late January/early February so it likely happened around that time.

Cole and Chelsea did not reveal what was stolen, but Chelsea said that she and Aubree are having a hard time getting over the break-in. Aubree says that she has been unable to sleep in her own room since it happened.

“I want to move!” Chelsea– who just moved into the house late last year— said.

Aubree agreed that she also wanted to leave the house. 

“Whatever you need to do, and whatever it takes for you to feel better, you do it,” Cole said. 

“I feel like everyone’s going to be over it, and I’m not going to be over it, and everyone’s going to be like, ‘Get the hell over it!’ and I can’t,” Chelsea said. 

This is not the first time Chelsea’s home safety has been compromised. In 2017, she revealed on social media that the show’s fans have come to her home, which makes her incredibly worried. 

Watch the ‘Teen Mom 2’ clip below.

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  1. I can’t believe they live in that big house in a rural area with no ADT system! I grew up in a similar home , way out of city limits , fours acres of property,we didn’t even have a local police department, just the sheriff …I understand Chelsea’s fear as I hated when I’d be the first one home and we did have an alarm system.
    Thank goodness they weren’t home because this is a sick world , who knows the horror that could have happened… being out of town may have been a blessing in disguise.

  2. Guaranteed its someone they know. All her “best friends” have married closet chomos, no doubt they steal and use drugs too. Hey maybe she met someone else at the gas station like “Hero Cole” LMFAO. Surprised she noticed anything was missing from that house being constantly messy. Get better friends and stop announcing when you are leaving town for vaca you dumb puta. LMFAO

    1. I’m so weirded out by Chelseas chin, neck and hands. So grossed out by the amount of make up she must always have on. She literally, paints her whole self.

      1. I don’t normally comment on the makeup/ general look of the girls, but her make up looks like it was supposed to be camo inspired. Just generally blotchy and doesn’t match.

  3. I’m surprised nobody said how wrong it was they are having this conversation in front of Aubree! Like this child needs another adult situation to fret over and now she is taking on her moms fear of being at the house.

    1. I understand where you’re coming from but aubree is much more mature than a lot of kids her age. She understands and was there with them when they got home from vacation and probably saw everything destroyed so not talking about might be even worse for Aubree.

  4. Why are people attacking her because she may want to move? The TM girls move every few seasons for no reason at all. This is a very valid reason. Imagine coming home to find your belongings gone through you don’t know what they touched or did while there. You’d always be wondering what went on or who it was or if they’ll come back. They have babies in the house if they can afford a move why not?! MTV shouldn’t show their homes at all. The girls need more security I’m surprised they don’t already have cameras or at least alarms in place. Glad her family is ok.

  5. I got burgled in the middle of the day. I lived alone. I don’t have Facebook or IG, so I can only assume somebody must’ve literally been watching me to see when I went to and came home from work. Didn’t leave fingerprints. I got a security system installed, but it didn’t help me feel any better, pretty much because I couldn’t financially swing having every window in my house alarmed/videoed. But even if I could have afforded it, the thief had already been in my house, knew the layout and still knew my schedule if he wanted to come back and steal more. All he’d have to do is put a mask on/cover his head, he’d never be able to be identified by video and could be long gone before responders arrived. I didn’t feel safe again until I moved.

  6. Lol at Cole debeta running around the house checking for burglers.. What was he going to do? Askt them to leave? Or cry? Bwahhhahaha such a beta cuck.. Sorry you got burgled, but one of the biggest toolbag families on reality TV.

  7. Get a home security system with cameras and connected to local first responders. They can certainly afford it.

  8. I was burgled during the night, a few years ago. My children were asleep, as was I. I had an ear infection and went down to get pain killers. I saw a flash of light, but didn’t think anything of it, I now know, it was them turning on the hallway light. Weirdly, our lounge ceiling light had gone thst night, so they had limited light. It wasn’t obvious straight away, but whilst on the phone to the police, I realised they’d used the recycling bag which I used for taking clothes to the dryer, dumped the clothes, and used the bag to steal all the big things like Xbox, laptop etc. The police caught him, he’s just got out of prison! I was scared to stay on my own, but had no choice!! Not all of us can move at the click of a finger!! Xx

  9. She’s far from scared. Nobody wants to live in the armpit of South Dakota. Not a place to raise a family and she’s full of drama. Get over your purple hair self


  10. Lock your house!!! Quit being on tv and quit being do damn dramatic. I was just in your home town and you couldn’t pay me to live there. Total armpit of South Dakota. You get what you pay for. Don’t feel sorry for you one bit. MTV pays for everything anyway. You get a free ride. Shut up and suck it up drama queen

  11. I am thinking her loser druggie baby daddy might of had something to do with this. They only ransacked their closet. He has lived with her so he would know habits she would have.

  12. That should have said “if”
    How will therapy make you feel safe in your home?
    Even if they do all the extra security if they are not in a “city” police response time is slower and thank God her husband doesn’t work midnights or have to be out of town and leave her alone with the kids at night. The world is a scary place and unfortunately we have sick weirdos in it and your home should be where you always feel safe. Peace of mind is priceless.

  13. This is the most interesting storyline Chelsea’s had in awhile. One of my neighbors had a break-in where his door was kicked in, in the middle of the day. I felt uneasy after that living in that townhome. I can’t imagine having my own home robbed, I’d probably feel the same way.

    On an unrelated note, does she still have her dog and Pete the Pig?

    1. Yes, some of the animals were seen on the show recently. Pete usually isn’t out during filming because it’s overwhelming for him.

    2. I really want them to get a security system with cameras. That way, we could still have videos of Pete!!! Put a camera in the room he and the dogs are in. That way they don’t get stressed from the masses of people in the house, but we still get to see his adorable little triangle lip and piggy nose.

  14. Break ins unfortunately happen quite frequent, just had one in our area. Stop posting on social media you’re gone, moving ISN’T the answer.

    1. Boom Carrine, you hit the nail on the head!! Happened in our neck of the woods also, unfortanutley as this disgusting drug epidemic is growing so are crimes. Moving isn’t going to help, they got you once they usually don’t go back again especially since her story’s been on national t.v.

  15. Don’t advertise your whereabouts on social media. Even if you are a random person living a private life, DON’T advertise your every move on social media and keep that information to only essential people. It drives me nuts when I see people post their location and what they are doing. Then they wonder why their homes or vehicles were broken into. Don’t make it easier for people to know when your home is going to be empty. I used to be naive and would post my location and what I was doing years ago. I have a kid now and don’t advertise my whereabouts because it’s not safe or smart. I have tagging on social media to where I have to approve the tag before the tag is applied.

  16. I cannot imagine that feeling when it’s your HOME. My new car was broken into and I had the worst feeling, like you feel so violated. Hearing others stories of it happening to them is one thing, you just think oh wow that sucks, but to actually experience it is VERY uncomfortable and scary. Your home though, that would be a hard one to deal with. I didn’t even want to be inside my car afterwards lol. Knowing some slimeball was inside going through all of my things and taking everything he wanted. Ugh it pisses me off. And the police are no help and take a report but say there’s about a 100% chance nothing will get solved or anyone caught. It’s so frustrating. Until you’ve had to experience it, you can’t actually know how it feels.

  17. No one let Lurch on The Land know about this! We all know how threatened he is by every other TM dad that actually has a purpose in life, so if he hears about how Cole takes care of his family both physically and mentally he’s likely to break his keyboard with the force of his angry typing.

  18. It’s a horrible feeling. My house was broken into years ago and quite a lot of money stolen. We knew it was the kids down the street but couldn’t prove it. The thought that someone had been through our things you don’t forget in a hurry. I feel for them.

  19. It is outrageous that these punks break into people’s houses to steal their hard hard earned belongings. Betrayal is the worst part, taking the trust away from the home. No one deserves that. Chelsea and Cole work so hard to take care of their family. Maybe it was that deadbeat Adam that broke in to get back at Chelsea. I sure hope not!

    1. Drinking the C&C Koolaid I see. Chelsea works hard? She sits on the couch! And goes shopping. While Adam is a deadbeat, he doesn’t give 2 shits about Chelsea.

  20. They should, at the very least, have security cameras inside the house and outside all doors. Surprised they didn’t already have that since a fan has previously showed up at her house.

    And whoever it was probably realized they were out of town. They should be careful about who they disclose personal details to.

  21. Wow I’ve got to agree with Chelsea they need to move. The safety of her family is the most important thing right now. Also agree with Lexii MTV needs to stop showing the front of any of the girls houses b/c it’s putting all of them in danger.

    1. Seriously? Have you ever sold and bought a house? Not everyone gets to just up and leave and find a new giant house just because someone broke in. In Chelsea’s spoiled world that’s all she knows. She’s never had to face hardships.

  22. That’s why people have security systems and cameras. That does totally suck but it can easily happen to anyone.

  23. They’re going to have to move, and make sure that MTV doesn’t show the front of their house anymore. That’s so scary.

    1. Then she should probably wait until she’s done with MTV, they are not known for caring for the safety of thier casts. Also she’d see what kind of home without MTV money she could afford.

  24. They can afford it then move, your mental health is worth it. You can’t live being scared. The only other option would be to build a fortress security around the place and I don’t know if that would help with the feelings of being intruded in your own home.

    1. … or she could just beef up security and get therapy? Seems cheaper/less stressful than uprooting her whole family again. And even if she *can* afford it, I’m not sure that’s the best decision in the long run.

      1. I think she’s feeling if they got in once, they can get in again. No security or therapy is going to make you forget or ignore that. They have only been there a year. It’s not like they have a lifetime of memories other than getting robbed there. That’s bad juju.

        I’d move in a heartbeat.

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