Ratings Fail! ‘Teen Mom: Young Moms Club’ Premiere Brings In Even Fewer Viewers Than Failed Series ‘Pretty Little Mamas’

“OK kids, turn on the charm or your moms are going to have to get real jobs.”

Even having MTV slap on the “Teen Mom” logo couldn’t save Pretty Little Mamas er….Teen Mom: Young Moms Club from pathetic ratings.

According to Starcasm, Monday’s premiere of ’Teen Mom: Young Moms Club’ brought in just 304,000 viewers—significantly worse than the August 30, 2018 premiere of ‘Pretty Little Mamas,’ which brought in a paltry 440,000 viewers. For reference, Monday’s episode of Teen Mom 2 (which aired right before ‘Teen Mom: Young Moms Club’) brought in 885,000 viewers.

When your future in selling detox tea on Instagram starts to look bleak.

As The Ashley previously told you, MTV decided to repackage and rebrand ‘Pretty Little Mamas’ after the show failed to take off last year and was ultimately pulled after the second episode.

For the second attempt, MTV decided to lump the show in with the existing ‘Teen Mom’ franchise, despite the new show having nothing to do with the existing ones. (As The Ashley told you, the show’s producers, crew etc. are totally separate from those of the other ‘Teen Mom’ shows.) While the series received a new title and format, the original cast members remained.

For those of you who weren’t among the 304,000 to tune in to Monday’s premiere, the show follows moms Heather, Chandlar, Nikki, Nicole, Alyssa and Cheyenne, “a tight-knit group of childhood friends,” residing in San Diego.

“With a lot on their plates — from young motherhood to romance and so much more — these women will try to navigate everything the only way they know how: together,” MTV’s show summary reads.

On Wednesday, the show’s official Twitter account asked viewers what they thought of the premiere episode of ‘Young Moms Club’…and the response was not kind.

“WE SAID NO AND WE MEANT IT. NO. N O.,” one person tweeted.

“Wow this first show just shows how fake this show is going to be!” another wrote in response. “Re-doing the chandler Instagram story to add 1 new girl.”

The negative tweets kept on coming…

“The show bombed in ratings. Cancel it for good,” someone tweeted. 

“This is the same exact show you showed before,” one person pointed out. Why are we saying this is new? I’m watching it now and it’s word for word the same show. I’m confused

‘Teen Mom: Young Moms Club’ airs Mondays on MTV… at least for the time being.

UPDATE! ‘Teen Mom OG’ star Tyler Baltierra had a lot to say about the show’s failings ratings. He, as well as Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry, have been critical of ‘Young Moms Club’ in the past, but on Thursday, Tyler did not hold back in a response to The Ashley’s tweet about the show!

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram, Twitter)


  1. This whole franchise needs shelving.
    It’s never really been about preventing teen pregnancy.

    It promoted it, along with promoting animal abuse, child abuse, Dv, drugs, driving whilst texting and not wearing seatbelts, assault on crew members, and the biggest promoters of lazy entitled divas.

  2. Maybe because the “new episodes” have so far been just the old eps with a little bit of new footage sprinkled in.. 🙄

  3. I agree with everyone that MTV seriously needs a new theme. The teen mom thing is getting so old. But I will say, I thought pretty little mamas was awful.. and they did make better with this revamp but still just no.

  4. It 👏🏻Is👏🏻The👏🏻Same👏🏻Footage👏🏻From👏🏻PLM! If you’re going to revamp a shit show, don’t give us the SAME SHIT YOU SHOWED BEFORE!

  5. I just moved from San Diego and watched it for the scenes I miss back home. But it’s the same train wreck boring show that flopped earlier. The whole story line is old and the only interesting twist is how the Nicole rich girl end up as some Queen bee of the Preggo-Pact. The one whose boyfriend is a druggie is just so stupid, I can’t watch it anymore. This is the lousiest show on the air. They are broke and all live in squalor with deadbeat baby daddies and exes but they have time to hang around rich girl’s pool all day??????? Get jobs, girls and go to night school.

  6. My take on PLM was that someone thought that mashing up Teen Mom with Laguna Beach/The Hills would be a surefire hit and totally misunderstood what people like about both of those franchises. People liked Laguna Beach/The Hills not because it was a good reality show, but because it was proto-influencer marketing. There’s a reason why Heidi & Spencer are broke and that LC and that Glossier chick are both worth a bajillion dollars. They knew it wasn’t the show people liked. It was the product placement and vibe cultivation. As for Teen Mom, I think there are two major reasons TM works and this show just doesn’t. Teen Mom comes off as much more natural because the participants are often closer to the producers than they are their own families. Most of them were so young when they started filming that the series is basically a low budget Truman Show. Their interviews feel more authentic because if you were to pull out the camera, you would see the participant having an authentic conversation with someone who has been manipulating them for years. Shit, we saw in real time as Issac and Leah started to understand they were on TV and where the cameras are. They basically were Truman, only with way less producer concern for their safety and mental wellbeing. The other big thing is the separate segment format breaks things up to allow them to mitigate how awkward semi-scripted or forced conversations are. I remember that was always my issue with The Hills too. That show really worked best when the girls were at odds, not because of the drama, but so their segments would be different enough to break the monotony.

  7. This show sucks. It’s not even remotely close to being like “reality”, and to top it off, the first episode they aired on this young moms crap was the exact same first episode they aired when it was called pretty little mamas. Did they really think that just renaming the show would promote ratings? Same shit different pile. Not interested. The only reason I feel compelled to watch teen mom even anymore is simply because I have invested too many years in it not to see it through 🙄. Lol.

  8. Agree with others who say that over time there probably will be even FEWER viewers for teen girls getting paid to make the same stupid choices — in most cases more than once.

    MTV really needs to come up with a new and improved show concept, if there really is such a thing. Because the whole Teen Mom plane/train/car wreck idea is just plain stale, old, and totally COOKED.

  9. A whole GROUP of childhood friends “happened” to get pregnant all around the same time? Sounds like some weird cult to me.

  10. No one wants to get involved in a whole new group of idiots, TM3 should have proved that. 10 years ago you could fool us into believing it was *real* and had a positive message for sex education and teen mothers, now we see what really happened. No one wants to contribute to another Farrah, Jenelle, etc and clearly MTV was warned no one was interested.

  11. Everything I’ve heard about this show is terrible. I finally checked out a clip online; I only watched about 30 seconds before deciding everyone is right. I wonder why MTV is trying so hard to make this show happen? Who are these women related to that MTV can’t put this show back in the garbage pile it came from?

  12. I think it’s because they have money and are from California. It’s just not interesting. Teen mom fans like train wrecks

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