David Eason Takes To Social Media To Body-Shame Kail Lowry: Here’s A Look at All His Feuds With ‘Teen Mom’ Stars


“Don’t you have some swamp muck to clean or something?”

Another day, another offensive rant courtesy of The Land’s David Eason

On this edition of “Why Hasn’t This Man Been Stripped of Any and All Social Media Privileges,” David, the husband of Jenelle Evans, went after his former Teen Mom 2 co-star Kail Lowry with some low blows and body shaming after Kail posted a vacation photo of herself and her sons.


According to Hollywood Life, David responded to a post praising Kail’s bikini body by calling Kail out for opting to have elective surgeries in the past (despite his wife Jenelle having done the same) and then criticizing her post-surgery body.

“ … ummm Dr. Miami… liposuction, fat injections, implants, the list goes on… so if you can change your body, why do you stay the same even after extensive surgery,” David posted to Instagram.

Of course, David may be forgetting that he and Jenelle journeyed all the way down to Florida back in January 2016 to see Dr. Miami. At the time, Jenelle was getting a consultation to have her chin augmented. (This consultation with the Good Doc took place less than a week after Briana DeJesus and Kail got complete mommy makeovers, courtesy of Dr. Miami.) 

Yes, that is David (before he starting going for the “Yeti” look he’s currently sporting) with Jenelle and Dr. Miami…

Wanna watch Jenelle get a consultation with Dr. Miami, as David lurks alongside her? Of course you do!

(In case you’re wondering, Jenelle didn’t end up getting surgery on her chin because Dr. Miami didn’t want to do it and instead referred her to a different facial plastic surgeon.)

David— who seems to have forgotten about Jenelle’s chin reduction field trip, then accused Kail of choosing to take the surgery route while claiming to be “all about embracing your body and not being ashamed of it.”

“So why put yourself through such painful surgery? It’s less painful to eat healthy… ,” he continued.

David also made a point to let anyone still listening at this point know that he doesn’t need surgery and “would never scoop to that level.”

(Yes… he did in fact say “scoop,” in case you’re wondering; The Ashley is not being “dramastic” here.) 

“Dude, even I know that’s not the right word.'”

Kail tweeted a response to David’s comments, telling her followers that she can change her body, but David “can’t change who he is.”

As ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans already know, Kail does not get along with Jenelle and David. Their feuding has become more frequent in recent months, though, following an incident in December in which Kail called David “unstable” during an episode of her Coffee Convos podcast. This, of course, ignited (pun fully intended) “Pothead FireGate,” in which Jenelle set fire to free hair care products sent to her by Kail.

While Kail seems to be a favorite sparring partner of David’s, she is certainly not the only person from the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise that he has feuded with in the past year.

Most recently, David took on Leah Messer of ‘Teen Mom 2’ to troll a photo Leah had posted to social media of herself and ex-husband Jeremy Calvert… with whom David has also feuded with. David has also threatened to break Jenelle’s ex-fiance Gary Head’s neck and publicly attacked Kail’s ex-husband Javi Marrioquin after Javi criticized David’s tendency to go off on “crazy tantrums.” 

David has also come for the producers of ‘Teen Mom 2’ for allegedly making him look bad on the show… something  David does a fine job of doing on his own. (Not to be confused with having a job, of course.)

He also came for Cory Wharton of Teen Mom OG after Cory challenged him to a celebrity boxing match. At the time, David told Cory he had “more important s**t to do like getting my d**k sucked,” so… there’s that. David has also accused Cory and baby mama Cheyenne Floyd of being racist.

“Those were just talkin’ words! He didn’t mean it!”

During his wife’s feud with Amber Portwood, David also jumped in and criticized the ‘Teen Mom OG’ star (but, to be fair, Amber initiated that feud by insulting David on social media.) He has also been very outspoken about his hate for Jenelle’s ex, Nathan Griffith.

Finally, David threatened to “rearrange” the jaw of Randy Houska in a creepy video posted to Instagram last October.

By our count, David has feuded with every main ‘Teen Mom OG’ and “Teen Mom 2′ co-star except Maci BookoutChelsea HouskaCatelynn Lowell and Bristol Palin.

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram, Twitter)


  1. As much as I hate Lurch, I can’t really disagree. I have never understood Kail’s mentality on the subject. The skull tat sleeves always let you know you are in for someone that makes good decisions for the future and indeed herself and Farrah included have had some bad work done. Don’t really care for either of them or social media.

  2. I think Jeremy hit the nail on the head when he said David was an inbred…normal adults don’t act the way he does.

  3. Are we sure he’s not related to Charles Manson?? He has many many of Old Charlie’s qualities. Insanity at the top of the list. Sad…… Poor Kaiser.

  4. I think he has Narcissistic Personality Disorder- delusions of grandeur, lack of empathy, and utterly egocentric. Most sufferers never know they have it because their narcissism prevents them from acknowledging that there’s anything wrong with them. Some smart sufferers who know how the brain works may be able to see it in themselves, admit it, and get help…but we all know David is incapable of rational thought. He’s so sick he’ll eventually drive everyone away and he’ll just go though life, alone, wondering why no one else thinks he’s as amazing as he thinks he is.

  5. Look, I hate David as much as everyone else, however, he ain’t lying! Kail wasted a ton of money to have all that surgery & she’s STILL fat! She’s a slob & unhealthy. She’s gross to look at. Honestly, I dont know who I cant stand more…him or Kail!

    1. She looks totally fine, but even if she didn’t, you are a hateful, mean person for posting that. I’d rather be 400 pounds than be a person that trashes people online for how they look. Hope you never have a close female relative with anorexia, bulimia, low self-esteem, cutting, or pushed to commit suicide because of people saying things like this to her.

      1. I think any of them that go to this Dr. Miami is out of their cotton picking minds! If he put the work we see on a billboard he’d have no clients. They got what they paid for.

    2. Large people can always lose weight.

      But crazy cunts like him, will always be crazy, no cure for what David has.

  6. He’s just mad because the de-lousing agent he was prescribed to get his beard mites under control causes his skin condition to flare up.

  7. I hate kail. and hes saying why bother getting all that surgery if ur just going to look the same….I hate her body and the “work” she had done.

  8. I think Jenelle and David drink too much and do this shit for sick entertainment, just like she did with her mother. Why are the cast members replying? I mean we have Kail claiming to be so afraid of David that she can’t share New York City with him, yet she’s going to fuel the fire .. it takes two to tango, ignore him already.

  9. Wtf is he talking about, I don’t even like Kail at all but can’t hate on that photo. The bathing suit cut looks right on her, and her body looks normal and healthy. David is such a lying psycho loser.

    1. Kail looks like she’s lost weight. I think she’s been doing Crossfit, as she was posting WOD to snapchat for months.

  10. Give it time. He’ll attack Maci, Chelsea, and Catelynn soon enough. At some point, I bet he will go after Briana or Brittany too. He seems pretty hell bent on alienating Jenelle from everyone besides who he wants.

    The question is…how far does David have to go before even just keeping Jenelle on becomes a liability? He is already screwing up her segments and harassing her co-stars. I guess viewers would have to go after MTV’s sponsors again or wait until someone is shot.

    And isn’t Morgan Freeman anti-guns? Hypocrisy and greed at its finest.

  11. The best response is no response. We all – meaning twitter, IG, and the Ashley- need to stop responding. Don’t click radar articles. Don’t @ Jenelle about him.
    He wants attention. Quit feeding it to him.
    Maybe that’ll be the best course of action. It’s the only thing we haven’t tried.

  12. So are we not going to talk about the picture David posted of Janelle with her ass showing in a tie-dye thong bikini?

    1. Can you imagine what those poor kids see everyday? Dogs eating chickens, Jenelle in the thong and boots walking around the yard as David shoots at rubber torsos in the yard while at night they hear the drunk rantings coming from the she shed. Yep homestead life huh?

  13. And he continues to get what he wants…attention.

    He’s a social media bully SHOCKING!!!

    Is completely mentally unbalanced, a child abuser and keeps loaded firearms in the reach of children….where the f is DCFS and why doesMTV continue to funnel money to him via his wife!?

    That’s what is really shocking!!

  14. Numerous sources have been reporting David’s online harassment… He needs to be stripped of his Internet access and shunned from society. Jenelle needs to be fired and leave them be on the land (sucks for the kids, but attention is rewarding the *adults* bad behavior)

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