‘Jersey Shore’ Star Jenni Farley Calls Out Ex Roger Mathews for Ditching His Kids to Go “Rage” During His Parenting Time

“It’s my weekend and I’ll rage if I want to!”

After a few days of truce, it appears that the feud between exes Jenni Farley and Roger Mathews is back on! 

The divorcing Jersey Shore couple– who earlier this year were battling viciously online and in court and making claims of mental illness and domestic violence against each other– seemed to be getting along better in recent days. On Sunday, though, Jenni reignited their battle by calling out Roger for going out partying during his time with their two kids, Meilani and Greyson.

“When you find out on Wednesday your kids will be with someone other than their father over the weekend because he wants to rage during HIS time because it’s been planned ‘for months,’” Jenni wrote on Instagram Stories. “Yeahhhh ok. Loving all your ‘dad posts.’”

“Please keep over posting…really shows how involved you are,” she added.

In his own post to Instagram, Roger tried to tell his side of the story.

“Had this night planned for a few months now,” he captioned a series of party pics he posted to Instagram. “Kids are enjoying a sleepover with my best friends kids…and Dads going to see @louiedevito tonight with some 20 year friends…”

“Rare dad night out. Leeeeeeets goo,” he added. 

Jenni filed for divorce from Roger in September 2018, and after a brief period in which Roger was trying to win back Jenni’s affections, the couple’s divorce turned bitter. One of their fights in December ended with the cops being called (twice!) and Roger being escorted from their shared New Jersey home. Jenni later filed a restraining order against Roger, and the two began posting negative things about each other online. 

Just last week, though, the exes seemed to have turned a corner in their co-parenting relationship. They spent Easter Sunday together with their kids, and Roger told Page Six that he was happy for Jenni in regard to her new relationship with 24-year-old Zack Clayton Carpinello.

“He seems like a terrific guy and they seem to really be happy, and I’m very happy for them,” Roger told the site at the time. 

He also mentioned that he and Jenni were getting along wonderfully. 

Jenni and Roger with their kids on Easter…

“Co-parenting has been getting much easier and we have a very friendly relationship and do things as a family together which makes the kids very happy,” Roger said. “Wish her nothing but positive things.”

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(Photos: Alex Trautwig/Getty Images; Instagram)

19 Responses

  1. Wonder when Jen & Rog will realize this isnt good for kids, you guys had realionship and i feel like you both have grown up from. JERSEY SHORE days to today that growth has pulled you 2 apart nothing wrong with that but Jennie be nice let him have a night out unless its starts becoming a regular thing then bust his balls. People are right you make your living partying, hanging out with friends at clubs so really no room to talk until you become a kindergarden teacher lmao

  2. Girl you’re in your thirties now. Handle your business privately. You actually make a living hanging out with your friends, partying, and getting sloppy drunk on national TV. No sympathy.

  3. It’s kinda ironic she makes a living partying and he wants to go out one night with friends and all a sudden is considered a bad parent? Every parent is allowed to have fun once in awhile. This is so petty.

  4. Jenni needs to take the advice that she gave Ron- don’t put your relationship drama on social media. If she’s pissed at Roger, stay away from Twitter, Instagram and the like.

    And who would’ve thought that there would be more drama this year from Jenni and Roger than Ron and psycho Jen!

  5. Team Roger from day one. Jenni is a drama queen and never had the maturity to be with him. I’m sure she tortured the shit out of him. There’s a difference between getting physical and being an abuser. There was nothing at all in Roger’s personality to indicate he was an abuser. He fucked up, yes. But that’s not the same.

  6. I hope they are all getting therapy and learning how to communicate/co-parent in healthy ways.

    Jenni needs to keep this stuff off of social media, because it makes her look petty. My dad used to tell me all the time that at the end of the day, my siblings and I would be the ones to judge whether my mom and dad were good parents. Thank God they weren’t active on social media during their divorce. Dealing with these petty squabbles of the other parent never being good enough/always the bad one was painful enough growing up; having to deal with the whole world judging and knowing would be a different type of nightmare.

  7. Social media only makes things worse, on both ends. He posted and or tagged every person that he is hanging out with and who is watching the kids. How old are you man?

  8. I was feeling bad for her since he does seem to be controlling and abusive, but this is really counterproductive. Stop posting about custody on social media. Not a good look.

    1. I think I agree with you. I divorced a controlling guy, and I would never pick a fight or call him out on SM. That’s just not how that dynamic works.

  9. I’m sure both have made mistakes, but Jenni needs to learn to not post every time she gets annoyed. From what I’ve seen, his posts are in response to hers.

    1. I believe she wants sympathy from fans. If you want to maturely put your differences aside, go to therapy, not post it all over social media.

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