Amber Portwood’s Boyfriend Andrew Glennon Slams ‘Marriage Boot Camp’: Says Working on Show Was “Dangerous” & “Unprofessional”

“I’ll just be over here lurkin’…and slavin’ if anyone needs me!”

Andrew Glennon says the only good thing that came out of his working on the set of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, was his relationship with Amber Portwood. The Teen Mom OG dad recently stated that he would never work behind the scenes of that show again, due to how bad the working conditions were!

During an Instagram Live session with Amber on Friday, Andrew— who was working in California at the time the Live session was done— confirmed that he was not away working on another season of the WEtv reality show. 

“[Doing] ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ was a favor for a friend,” Andrew said on Instagram Live. “It was great, but that was the most unprofessional shoot I’ve ever been on in my life.

“The pay was terrible, and they treat you like slaves,” he added.

“I like being on ‘Teen Mom’ better. I get paid for sitting on the bed!”

Andrew also stated that working on the show was downright unsafe, although he didn’t specify if he felt it was unsafe for him and the crew, or the cast, or both.

“It was dangerous,” he said. “They could have been sued multiple times.”

Despite his feelings on ‘Marriage Boot Camp,’ Andrew said he still had love for WEtv.

“That aside, WEtv is still good,” he said. “I still like WEtv.”

Amber chimed in as well.

“WEtv is awesome!” she said.

“Gotta keep those reality TV options open for when this Teen Mom Train finally wrecks!”

As ‘Teen Mom OG’ fans know, Amber was appearing on ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition’ with her then-fiance Matt Baier and mother Tonya Portwood when she met Andrew, who was working on the show’s crew. After Amber returned home to Indiana (and broke up with Matt), Andrew reached out to her and the rest is ‘Teen Mom’ Soulmate History.

Amber, Andrew and their son James will all be appearing on the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ which premieres June 10 on MTV.

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(Photos: WEtv, MTV)

20 Responses

  1. Really Andrew? It was dangerous and you decided to go with the most dangerous person on that set! Man are delusional!

  2. Lololololol dangerous because Amber was there? Unprofessional because you decided after seeing her acting like a psychopath you thought it’d be a grand idea to stick it in without protection?
    OK Andrew.

  3. so now that your getting money from tammy sue trailer trash wamber your against the show nice free ride hope she saved some money

  4. Marriage boot camp is so unprofessional?
    What was so unprofessional?
    Maybe the crew dating the people on the show?
    Is that unprofessional

  5. I can see how he’s much better than old and creepy Matt, but something about him freaks me out. Why do these men think they don’t have to work? It’s very odd to me. Surely he would want to provide for his family, rather than relying on amber to do both? He’s always lurking in the background. It’s good for couples to do things without each other. Spending 24/7 together can become toxic

  6. Unprofessional! Hell thats where he Put his sausage into Ambers baby shoot. I would describe it as embarrassing. Matt left and that night Amber and Andrew made a baby.

  7. This guy is a little creepy. Lurking in the shadows waiting for a break up then using another’s vulnerability to swoop in and take advantage. The whole thing with this guy and Amber is just to creepy.

  8. Hmm I think he is good for amber. She seems to be in a much better and stable place in her life. Their son is adorable.

  9. It was dangerous because crazy Amber was on the show. Always thinking she’s so tough and going to fight someone
    Where do you work now Andrew?

  10. Amber Portwood was the most dangerous and hostile thing going on while filming “Marriage Boot Camp”. Watch the season if you don’t believe me. She should have been in a state hospital the way she acted. Andrew needs his head examined.

    If the pay wasn’t great, then don’t take the gig. They want future opportunities with WeTV, that’s why they surprisingly don’t speak against the network. The network is the boss of the show, so they are ultimately responsible for what happens behind the scenes of the show they both are bashing.

  11. “Most unprofessional show ever” easy there Andrew, after all that’s where you met your baby momma. Why do you think she was cast for the show in the first place? … because she is a classless hot mess. That’s why.

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