Amber Portwood’s Ex-Fiancé Matt Baier is a Father Again… and His Wife Has Already Filed for Child Support

“Whadya know… I still got it! And by ‘it’ I mean a high sperm count and a low desire to handle my responsibilities.”

Amber Portwood’s ex-fiancé Matt Baier is back to doing what he does best: spreading his seed and not his wealth. 

According to Starcasm, the 47-year-old former Teen Mom OG star (and father multiple times over) welcomed a son with his wife Jennifer Conlon in January…and Jennifer has since filed for child support. 

Court documents obtained by Starcasm show that Jennifer and the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services Division of Welfare and Support Services filed for child support against Matt on February 21. Matt was reportedly served the papers March 12 and a hearing has been scheduled for July 21. 

“I wonda where I put that backpack full of Amba’s money?”

According to the documents, Matt is not currently under a Court Order to pay the child support; however, he may be required to pay arrearages/back child support based on his legal duty to support his child. 

“Pursuant to NRS 125B.070, your alleged monthly child support obligation is 18 percent of you gross monthly income or 18 percent of Nevada Average Wage, which is $3,699.89,” the filing reportedly states. “It is alleged that you owe an arrearage/debt to Petitioner/Obligee or to a Public Agency from February 1, 2019 through February 28, 2019. Specific arrearages and a reasonable payment will be sought to satisfy this debt. You are required to pay the arrearage/debt in full.” 

As The Ashley previously told you, Matt and Jennifer tied the knot back in November 2017 at a ceremony in Las Vegas. At the time, Matt’s new wife referred to him as her “best friend” and “soulmate”—- mere months after the two had even met each other. 

Still standing by those claims, Jen?

“He’s my best friend,” she said in a December 2017 interview. “He loves me for me. We look forward to having a beautiful life together. My life led to finding my soul mate. When you meet somebody and you have a connection, you know it in your heart.” 

Matt met Jennifer after he high-tailed it out of Indiana and went to Las Vegas following his breakup with Amber. The couple called off their engagement and officially broke up in the summer of 2017 despite their best efforts to cash in make it work with the help of WEtv’s Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. (This, of course, is the very show on which Amber met her current boyfriend/baby daddy number 2, Andrew Glennon.) 

“I don’t know what I was thinking either, guys.”

After their relationship began to fall apart, Amber accused Matt of stealing tens of thousands of dollars from her bank account. Between the time fans were first introduced to Matt and the deterioration of his relationship with Amber, it was revealed that Matt was the father of at least seven children by multiple women. This does not include the child he welcomed in January of this year. 

In the interview she did shortly after marrying Matt, Jennifer made it clear that she did not believe Matt was anything like the con artist he was made out to be on ‘Teen Mom OG.’

“Matt is a wonderful man,” Jennifer said. “What people think of him and how he’s portrayed, that’s not the man he truly is. He is everything and more. He’s generous and loving. It’s unfortunate that people think differently. Matt is a good man, yet he gets attacked in a way I don’t understand. That’s not the person in front of me. His actions don’t show that.”

Our thoughts exactly…

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram) 


  1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Matt isn’t even with Jennifer anymore. He move to CA with his new girlfriend. He said that baby wasn’t his, and he and Jennifer have been living separately for months. She lives with her parents.

  2. When menabd women keep popping out children and don’t pay child support, or to collect cash assistance and food stamosand welfare. There should be something vasectiny, mirena whatever to stop this crazy shit. It’s not fair to the multiple children being affected.

  3. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Still scarred by his book cover.

  4. Remember how Amber defended him for years even after that sh*t came out about him having 20 kids and being onsessed with all of the teen mom girls before he met Amber? She was almost as stupid as Jenelle except she actually came to her senses and kicked him out, unlike Jenlle how chooses a man who assaults her kids, threatens law enforcement, and brutally murders her dog over her children. Such a shame

  5. This man needs to be ‘fixed’. Surely there is a Veterinarian somewhere, who does pro bono work!

  6. we can say a lot of stuff about Amber, but at least she didn’t let this idiot get her pregnant.

  7. Since Matt Baier seems to have an allure with women that is totally BEYOND most people’s belief or comprehension, I only wish it were possible for somebody to catch this almost AARP eligible sperm spreading moron with a net, hog tie him down, and SNIP his ass, once and for all.

    Because clearly, no more children need to be brought into this world with HIM as their dad.


  8. Bro, you have got to pull out. I haven’t nutted inside since grade school. #nokids #gotallmymoney

    1. When I was pregnant, i puked in a bag i had in my purse from a return i did, in the middle of Target. I was so very glad for that bag

  9. In MD, the state makes you file for child support if you request state aid such as food stamps, cash assistance, or Medicaid. The mother has no choice unless she can prove that they are married and living together. I assume it’s something similar in Nevada, hence why the state is also filing against Matt.

    1. Same in Texas, and if they legally married, the only thing that can stop the AG fTom going after you, or the government since baby momma needs assistance – is filing divorce and letting the courts hash it out. I lucked out because at least in TX that mean an attorney for the AG showed up and really nailed my X in front of the judge for refusing to contribute for MONTHS while I had to wait for the courts, they had thier estimates and did all the research that I didn’t pay them anything for.

  10. What do you mean “Matt Baier is a father again?” When has he ever been a father, as opposed to a sperm donor? And what makes you think he’s about to break that streak now?

  11. He’s almost at the age where he can get the early bird special and he’s out here having more kids. Gross. I’m not surprised he managed to get married and reproduce again. Some women have no standards at all and he just happened to be married to one.

  12. It sounds like their marriage is / was on the rocks and neither of them can afford to file for a divorce. This dumb girl will probably never see a cent, you have to have a job to pay support. She filed in February and has a date in July, that’s how many cases they have! I say Matt will be long gone before July OR the two losers get back together by then.
    I too am baffled that this guy keeps finding women to sleep with him, I wouldn’t even want to sit next to him.

  13. I wouldnt date or have children with a guy who doesnt give a shit about the kids he already has…shea a dope

  14. I don’t feel sorry for anyone who dates, let alone procreates with friggin Matt. He’s so disgusting. He is what he is, and I don’t know why these women think he’s so special that he’s going to change for them.

  15. So is she divorcing him now? I’m confused. How would she file for child support if they are married?

    1. In many states to qualify for assistance (Medicaid, food stamps, etc) you must file for child support. Since they are married I would assume he is not living with her and this is why it was filed. Also the fact that HHS is on the filing would lead me to believe that

  16. What I’d like to know is how is a slob like Matt able to get women to sleep with him? Ew! Gross!

  17. She actually said that “he’s generous”? Despite the fact he has multiple children he abandoned, never paying their mothers a dime? It’s pretty impossible to feel sorry for this woman; it isn’t like there wasn’t irrefutable proof he is a disgusting con man. I do, however, feel sorry for both the innocent child that already has no father before turning a month old and the taxpayers of Nevada, who are supporting the idiot mother with welfare.

  18. I’m confused by this are they still married or have they spilt up ? Im not American but I presume you only pay child support if you are no longer together 🤔

    1. That is true they should be separated. Unless they are pulling a sham on the government for assistance.

  19. You know, I always took it as a sign that Amber was not nearly as in denial about who he really was as it looked because she clearly was taking every type of birth control known to medical science not to have this man’s baby. For a long time I had a conspiracy theory that she had secretly had her tubes tied before she met him, but obviously that turned out not to be the case. I really try not to judge people who fall for con men, but IDK, I feel like it’s different when someone’s obvious pattern of exploiting women through love cons is literally the first thing that comes up if you google them. It’s hard to have a lot of sympathy here.

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