‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Leah Messer Says Barbara Evans Should Not Have Custody of Jenelle Evans’ Kids

“Ya want to add anotha girl to your girlseses, Leah?”

Jenelle Evans’ mother Barbara currently has custody of two of Jenelle’s children, but Jenelle’s former Teen Mom 2 co-star, Leah Messer, thinks it was bad idea for the court to put Jenelle’s daughter Ensley in Barb’s care.

On the latest episode of her Life Reboot podcast, Leah was asked, hypothetically, whether Chelsea Houska or Kail Lowry would make the better caregiver for Jenelle’s two-year-old daughter Ensley. (Kail had previously stated that the show’s fans were asking her if she’d be willing to take custody of Ensley, should she be asked.)

Leah stated that she didn’t think it would be a good idea for either of her ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-stars to care for Ensley, but that the court’s decision to award temporary custody to Barbara was not a great one either! 

“How can you compare the two? I think [the kids] would be great with either one!” Leah said of Kail and Chelsea. “But I think that would just be a lot of controversy if either of them got Ensley at the end of the day, being another talent on the show that [Jenelle] was previously on.”

Leah then added that she felt Barb was a bad choice, too. (In addition to having temporary custody of Ensley, Barbara also has full custody of Jenelle’s oldest son, Jace.)


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#HappyBirthday Mom! Super glad we have reconnected and let’s keep it that way. The kids love you around. 🎉💞 @barbara0230

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“I just hope that, no matter what, that Ensley and all the other kids are in great homes,” Leah said. “And, I don’t mean this— I like Barbara, she’s funny and she’s great for TV; however, I also feel like it was a familial cycle that Jenelle got washed up in, just like I had been.

“I don’t feel like it’s great for any of the kids to be with Barbara either,” Leah added. “That’s my opinion, take it or leave it.”

“Ya think I’m thrilled ta be raisin’ anotha baby?! I was plannin’ to spend my retirement in the Bahamas with Docta Drew! Christ on a cracka!”

This is not the first time Leah has spoken out about Jenelle losing custody of her kids. On last week’s Life Reboot episode, Leah stated that she was not surprised that Jenelle and her husband David Eason ended up losing custody of their kids.

“I think that what happened was coming,” Leah said. “I really pray and hope that the kids remain safe and, you know, have a healthy life.”

Leah isn’t the only ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast member who has recently spoken up about Jenelle and David losing their kids. Kail and her Coffee Convos podcast co-host Lindsie Chrisley recently released a joint statement to People magazine about the topic.

“We’ve been cautious when speaking on the issues regarding the Evans/Eason family until we had enough details to speak on the matter,” the statement reads. “The most important part of this situation and most concerning to us as fellow mothers is the safety of the children. After hearing the state of the home & things CPS uncovered, it is in the best interest of the children to remain outside of Jenelle and David Eason’s care. Wishing them nothing but the best and hoping all parties involved get the help they need to move forward.”

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  1. Okay so I see no one has mentioned the fact that Colin and Ashley will have a lot of contact with the children living with Barb and we know that one is diagnosed with a serious mental illness and the other one should be if not. This will have a direct effect and I think it will not be positive on the lives of the children in Barbs care. Go on and bash me now – you know that I am right though.

  2. Jesus God,… Leah needs to have several seats! She has absolutely no room to talk.😒

  3. this pisses me right off coming from Leah. adulteress, Junkie, dirty, frosting and Cheeto feeding Leah. It also remains to be seen how her kids turn out. Leah was a Teen Mom just like her mom, it’s almost a given one of those three will be. Aaliyah already has a mouth on her and think she’s grown, and Addie though funny is sassy with daddy issues. In 5 more years, there’s a good chance the internet will be saying “well, look how yours turned out”

  4. I can feel what Leah is saying, however as an adult you have to rise above your childhood crap especially when you’re a parent. I know this first hand because I come from a good home with two hard working parents, however some of my siblings still wanted to live the “street life” in Chicago and we are from the suburbs. My parents preached college and somehow I’m the only one out of the six to follow their path. I personally feel they’re better off with Barbara who is family, instead of being in the system. I pray those kids have a healthy sound mind as they get older because they’ve been through a lot in their short lives.

  5. LIFE……. Sometimes AWESOME parents raise shit kids……
    SHIT parents raise awesome kids
    At some stage people have to be accountable for their own actions!

    1. I agree with this statement fully. My parents had 6 kids and have been married for 43 years. All of my 4 brothers have been screw ups. Getting into gangs and drugs and they came from a good 2 parent home in the burbs. I always stand firm in my stance that sometimes parents can’t always be to blame and if in fact they were, at some point as an adult you have to rise above it.

      1. I’m pretty sure even one of the Brady Bunch kids wou d have fkd up at some stage in their lives !😊👍

  6. Although Barb did a shitastic job raising her kids, I’m hoping that she’s learned from her mistakes the first go round, and will do a much better job with her grand kids…Plus Barb is a much better choice than those kids being put into the system, or even worse…going back to Jenelle and David.

    1. People that rag on Barb all the time must not have multiple kids or are very young. I’ve made mistakes with my 1st born, that I’ve tried to do better based on that with the 2nd. If i had a 3rd, I’d be even better. Once you’ve raised kids, lived a whole life and gotten to be barbs age, you’ve learned a thing or 2. Every parent out there has things they wish they could do over. If they say that don’t, they’re lying or delusional. I think barbs a good, caring person. I think she loves her family and knows she’s made mistakes. I think she’s a fine choice for custody. Leah might want to watch her glass house with those stones. MONKEY

  7. I’m happy for Leah having made a recovery but blaming all bad decisions on “family cycle” is silly. You made your choices, Leah. Now live with them.

    Barbara might not be the perfect mother but at least Ensley can be with Jace and familiar faces for the time being. That baby needs some stability. Plus Barbara’s partners haven’t been the best either if what she says is to be believed. She might do better now that she’s on her own.

    And while Barbara’s children don’t have the cleanest of records and maybe the kids would be better off with other people, this is no place for Leah to talk. She has a lot to learn too.
    And Jace would not have survived as a baby with Jenelle if not for Barbara.

  8. ok fair…but Leah should have lost custody of her kids when she was HIGH, HIGH, HIGH on camera too.

    1. She did temporarily lose custody of the girlses during that period…I remember Corey was temporarily awarded full custody because Leah couldn’t get the girlses to school on time…still blows my mind she lost custody for truancy, but it’s taken Jenelle’s boy killing her dog for the courts to finally step in and take her kids away.

      1. Yeah, I think a lot of that was swept under the rug…I think she lost for more than truancy but they never made it public. I was kind of disappointed in Jeremy for not getting custody of Addie during that time. While Im saddened about Nugget, Im pissed it took that for them to lose custody and not the obvious abuse Kaiser has suffered or the crazy antics David has done online.

  9. This is what I’m curious about, Where and How did the rumors start that either Kail or Chelsea were going to take Ensley into their care ?

    1. someone asked kail on IG I believe and of course she had to answer like it would EVER happen. They place kids with family or foster families…not the mom’s known enemy.

      1. Thank you for that, I thought it was a bit odd, considering that Kail and Jenelle aren’t what you would call the best of friends!

  10. Yes Leah!! Exactly!! Barb is a terrible mother, Jenelle didn’t turn out the way she did for no reason. I hate that Jace is with her permanently he is going to turn out just like Jenelle. I never understand why people like her, she is abusive.

  11. I kind of like Leah, she’s pulled herself out of her addiction and seems like a loving mother. That said, we all know she’s not the sharpest tool in the box and should really keep her advice to herself. I couldn’t understand why she was making all these comments, then I saw The Ashley’s article about her releasing a book so maybe she’s smarter than we all think getting this publicity!
    Also lolled hard at the use of the word “talent” 🤣

  12. Leah is right. And Barb should never have gotten custody of Jace. She is NOT HIS MOM!!. It was supposed to be temporary. He has been in her custody since birth. Jenelle never had a chance to be his mom. There was no incentive to clean up her act. Maybe if he was with the state and she had to work to see him, she would have cleaned her self up. Made better choices when it came to men, etc…I bet Barb raises those kids till they are 21! I feel sorry for them. Barb is man hater and there is speculation that she likes her boxed wine, alot.

  13. Ok. So this dirty, dysfunctional, drug addict is commenting on another dysfunctional family? Oh, man. Her stupidity knows no bounds. Shut up, Leah. Go clean your house.

  14. She has a point though. Barbara’s own kids turned out to be very dysfunctional adults. I just hope she has the resources now to make sure that the grandchildren she is raising don’t follow the same path.

  15. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Oh Leah your last choice of a guy wasn’t much better that Jason dude was controlling

  16. Oh Leah your last choice of a guy wasn’t much better that Jason dude was controlling

    1. But YOU have to give Leah credit, She knew something wasn’t right with that Jason and she got out of the relationship quick smart!
      Jennelle continues to live in lala land !

  17. So stupid that people are bouncing around the idea of Kail or Chelsea raising Ensley. THey’re just co-workers. Not related, not residing in the same state – nothing of the sort and Chelsea wouldn’t want to go anywhere near that situation.

  18. Is she for real? Ensley going to Kail or Chelsea, is NEVER going to happen. It’s never even going to be an option. CPS will stick children with FAMILY members first, not Jenelle’s costars who have probably never even met Ensley in person. Ensley being with her grandmother and her brother is what’s best for her, not Leah’s bff. She’s not a shiny toy to pass along…

  19. I just picked my jaw up from the floor! Leah who moved her three little girls into her boyfriend’s house instead of renting a little place temporarily, getting a nice hotel suite, or let them stay with their fathers is giving motherly advice? This woman literally looked at her daughters and told them “y’all are my baggage.” Leah needs to pull her head out of her ass, getting knocked up as a teenager doesn’t qualify as talent and her re-enactments are the worst on the show.

    Leah needs to start getting a nursery ready, as soon as Aleeah’s body can reproduce a baby will be on the way.
    I’m a little surprised to hear this coming from Leah, it’s not a good look on her though.

  20. What a twat 😭😂 Leah doesn’t have the room to speak on Barb by any means. Leah was washed up in a family cycle ? Seems like he mother accomplished more than her by far. If not for the show, Leah would be on drugs and food stamps. She has never had a job in her life wtf 🤣

    1. At the time Leah lost her twins, she was trying to make Cory out to be the bad guy for it. Cory is a good father and always has been.

  21. BLOODY HELL , Now I’ve heard it all !!!!! Farrah Abraham reaching out offering “parenting advice” to Jennelle!!!!!!!

  22. It disgusts me how they talk about this situation like Ensley is a pet or a belonging. Like “who would take better care of Ensley Chelsea or kail” it’s not some sort of game. It’s an innocent child who has probably been through and seen horrible things and has trauma that will follow her the rest of her life. If not for barb Ensley would be separated from her siblings completely and in a strangers care, how scary for a toddler. How dare they even talk about it like they’re some kind of authority on parenting. They use phones while driving, don’t wear seat belts or properly fasten their children, use/abuse drugs, bring man after man into their kids lives etc. I’m sickened by all of them they need to take their “talents” elsewhere I’m done with tm2. Chelsea is the only one who doesn’t say anything and has always put her kids first.

    1. YEP, I totally agree! None of the are in the position to judge! They all are on that show for the same reason !
      I think Chelsea and Cole (who I admit are my favorite’s) seem to be the only healthy happy normal functioning family!

      1. I’d argue that both Gary and Kristina and Jo and Vee are a normal, functioning families and well. Just the original teen moms, I agree with you. But at least those 2 dads also ended up turning out to be good parents. So did Corey, but he and his wife aren’t on the show anymore and haven’t been for years.

        1. Oooohhhh, I don’t watch those one’s. I only watch Teen mom2 here and there , and with whats been going on lately ive barely watched it all .

    2. Agree 110% so sick of the entitlement. None of them have had jobs or any life goals. Just sickening. Leah couldn’t fight her way out of a paper bag.

  23. TOTALLY ! I don’t believe that ANY of the mum’s on that show should judge each other! They are all on it under the same circumstances, young and pregnant. Just because their lives have taken different paths, they all started off the same way !

  24. I think Barbara is not the best choice because David knows where she lives. He has had issues with her in the past. He is unstable, at best, on a good day. He is probably too triggered to use his talkin’ words. He is due back in court for his towing shenanigans next week. The money train went off the tracks. He probably can’t afford to get high anymore, and if he does, he’s gonna drop dirty…which will bend him over further. His wife is a mess and SHE can’t get high. I doubt she’s using her talkin’ words OR giving him so much as a handie.

    1. David seems to have a problem with his own mother and family as well. I think it’s better for Ensley to be around family versus complete strangers. I think David would have a bigger problem with that.

    1. TOTALLY ! I don’t believe that ANY of the mum’s on that show should judge each other! They are all on it under the same circumstances, young and pregnant. Just because their lives have taken different paths, they all started off the same way !

  25. Leah should learn a thing or two from Chelsea and keep her mouth shut about this. She used to be good at it, but looks Kail is rubbing off on her. No one asked for uneducated two cents. Leah has made a ton of bad choices, put her girls in dangerous situations while she was on drugs, and doesn’t use the best judgment even when she’s sober. Her opinion on Barb isn’t necessarily wrong, but sounds ridiculous coming from her. Also, no one considers the girls to be “talent.”

    1. You read my mind! “Talent” used in this context is the most ridiculous thing that any one of them has ever said, including Nathan’s colorful assortment of quotes! Jesus God, Leah!

  26. Take it or leave it, Leah? I’ll leave it! You’ve come a long way, but not far enough to publicly inject your opinion into the subject matter of Barb having custody.

    Your beautiful young girls show red flags of that ‘familial cycle” you speak of. Might want to keep an eye on that because when they’re teens it will be on full display despite you allegedly being “woke” to this familial cycle and all.

    FYI If I had to leave my children temporarily with either you or Barbara, I’d have to weigh the pros and cons of each of you. So don’t go around acting like you’d be an automatic shoe-in over Barbara….. because you’re not.

  27. I mean… Barb is a million times better than being with J&D. But she is also part of the reason why Jenelle is who she is. She is emotionally reactive and has been verybaly abusive. She isn’t an A+ parent… or even a B+ parent. She’s a solid C. But like… it’s still an upgrade so I don’t see the point in even arguing this point too much. Unfortunately lots of kids are with mediocre parents. That’s why therapists are so busy…

    1. Why on earth would anyone even think about giving any of those idiots those kids. That had to the most stupid question to ever ask Kail if she would take custody wtf why would that even be a consideration. They really are impressed with themselves. Hahaha. Some judge is going to ask a teen mom show participant to take complete strangers kids yea right. Especially a nasty one like kailyn Could happen. Not in this lifetime

  28. I understand where she’s coming from, but where else would these kids go? If not in their placements, I fear the only other option is the system, which is probably not the most ideal place for these kids.

  29. It’s ridiculous that they would suggest Kail or Chelsea take in Ensley. That’s just a dig to get Jenelle fired up. Leah making any of these comments will also get a Instagram rant from Jenelle.
    I hope this will be a reality check for Jenelle but all this is going to make her suction to David tighter. She can’t function when backed it to a corner. It’s her own doing and they seemed like terrible parents who occasionally tried. I feel bad for the whole family.

  30. Wait, did Leah refer to the girls on Teen Mom as “Talent”? Exactly what is their talent, making bad choices? Fathering children from multiple dudes, going to rehab, getting tats? I’m confused.

  31. Ok,mother of the year. Who had your kids when you were messed up on drugs ? Get off your high horse.

  32. I think if Leah has some information about Barbara, then she should bring it to the authorities. If not, shut the fuck up!

    1. Mmmmmmm Like I said, I’m really disappointed in Leah! What’s Leah’s problem with Barb though? She just said it wasn’t a good idea for Barb to have Ensley. If you have got something to say Leah , say it !

  33. You would think that instead of bitching about having such a shitty childhood it would give you the incentive to make sure that if you had children you would make sure they didn’t suffer the same fate ! Pull your heads out of your ass’s , grow up , and stop blaming other other people for YOUR OWN BAD BEHAVIOR!

  34. OH Leah, she think we all foget the mess she is!! this gurl, Barbara give everithyn to Jenelle and she make stupid choices on her own, Leah should shut her bgi mouth, her opinion is not helping anybody

  35. Shut your mouth Leah. No one can make anyone do anything. Jenelle has support she could stop anytime she wanted. It’s not a parents fault a grown ass adult chooses to do. I guess it’s Barbra’s fault Jenelle chooses not to be a good mother. Leah has anyone told you that you sound smarter when you keep your mouth shut. Always knew Leah was dumb.

  36. Barbara is just a tiny bit better than Jenelle, she raised Jenelle and her sister who is also a loser. So that was Barbara’s doing. She has a filthy mouth, seems mentally challenged works as a clerk in the deli department of Walmart, what a horrible example she is to any child looking to her for guidance. I agree with Leah. Someone outside of that mentally ill toxic family would be better. While we are on that. Nathan has quite the rap sheet and seems extremely unstable how is he an adequate parent to that sweet angel Kaiser??? Oh god I feel so sorry for those poor innocent children, all the way around they will suffer for their entire lives due to all the dysfunction they have been forced to endure.

    1. Who are you to judge anyone for making an honest living? Atleast she got off her ass and went to work, she has since retired.

    2. What’s wrong with working at Walmart????

      Leah’s never done a days hard work in heh life.

      Do not insult people who work at Walmart.

      1. EXACTLY, At least Barb can say she’s done an honest hard days work in her life ! She wasn’t handed huge ammouts of cash to be on TV displaying promiscuous; drug taking ; irresponsible and immature behaviour! She worked hard raising not only her own kids but now her grandchildren! When you “Teen Mom’s” finally grow up , you might realise what life in the real world is like !

    3. OK, who did David pay to write this (because we know he can’t write this well, but he’s GOT to be behind this one).

    4. “works as a clerk in the deli department of Walmart”

      What’s wrong with that?? She worked hard to put food on the table.

  37. I’m actually quite shocked and a little bit disappointed in Leah for making this statement. Barb has been Jace’s only real form of stability his whole life . She was the one that stepped up and cared for Jace when Jenelle made it perfectly clear she wad to busy partying to “play mum”

  38. So does that mean she wouldn’t want Mama Dawn to have her kids since Dawn did such a stellar job raising Leah?

    Leah’s just trying to drum up interest in her podcast.

  39. While I get what she is saying, there does come a time where you can’t blame your parents for your bad decisions. Especially when they’ve been given an opportunity to rise above it. There are people who had good lives and spiraled and people who had crappy lives and overcame.

  40. Seriously? I’m glad Leah is doing better now but she’s in no position to judge other people’s parenting skills.

  41. I think Leah should have just used the words “no comment.” Jace and Ensley are a lot better off with Barbara then they are with Jenelle.

  42. Am I the only one surprised Leah would use the phrase familial cycle? Probably something she learned in rehab.

  43. Leah and Kail are so self-righteous. Does anyone else notice how grounded and sophisticated they try to sound when talking about this situation? Just stop.

  44. Christ on a cracka! I think Barbara tried to break the cycle by moving her and her kids out of the situation when they were young. I think raising 3 kids on her own, she was overwhelmed and overworked. It’s too bad she didn’t have more help. I think it’s pretty obvious that she protects Jace and takes good care of him. He’s been in counseling for awhile. I don’t think that it was a bad move by the courts.

    As a side note why r people even coming up with Kail or Chelsea getting custody? That is quite possibly the most pointless topic of discussion.

  45. I like leah but come on. It wasn’t that long ago when she could have lost her kids and how would she like it if her mother was to blame?
    Also I wish people would stop asking about giving custody of these children to other reality tv parents. That’s beyond ridiculous.

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