‘Teen Mom Australia’ to Premiere this Winter: Meet the Cast of Moms!

Here comes the drama from Down Under!

Get ready to go Down Under with the newly announced cast of Teen Mom Australia! 

The Australia edition of Teen Mom that The Ashley told you about in December is set to debut this winter according to MTV, with a cast of just three girls. 

Here’s a look at the newest moms to join the ‘Teen Mom’ family! 

Ammersen (“Ammi”)—the youngest of the group at just 18—is welcoming her second child with her childhood sweetheart, Jordan. 

Akosita (“Sita”) is a 19-year-old with an already big family of her own, including four sisters and three brothers. Adding to the already full house is Sita’s partner, Thompson, and their baby, Andrew. 

Georgina (“Georgie”) is a 20-year-old beautician and mother to daughter, Evie. Georgie has been in an off-and-on relationship with Evie’s father, John, for five years, though the couple continues to try to make it work as a family. 

‘Teen Mom Australia’ will join three U.S. versions of the series: Teen Mom OG, Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant, as well as the United Kingdom’s Teen Mom UK. 

The 10-episode debut season of ’Teen Mom Australia’ will premiere this winter!

(Photos: Instagram) 


  1. Already have it in Ireland. Its nothing special and only runs for 30 mins. Can’t wait for The Ashley to recap it. It is so easy to trash cuz the girls are all mostly complete fools and I’m being nice. Once of them Georgie has over inflated lips and wears a push up bra that does nothing for her saggy 🍳🍳. She is another door mat like Chelsea used to be. The tongan girl seems nice, not sure about the other girl yet aimee I think.

  2. They’re gonna beat this into the ground like they’ve done with the Real Housewives show, milking it for every last dollar they can get.

  3. Way to promote teen pregnancy MTV!!!

    You’ve done nothing to help prevent teenage pregnancies, instead you’ve now taken it to Oz.

    Shame on you

  4. This is such BS. First of all, how can they even call them teen moms? They’re all adults as far as I’m concerned. Secondly, why are they trying to build on this franchise? It’s become a painful show to watch. The only reason I continue to watch is because I’ve been watching since the girls were on 16 and pregnant, so I feel like these are stories we’ve followed for so long that I need to just keep watching. But to start with a whole new group of girls? Not happening. Again, their ages! Why not just call the show what it is “Grown Women Who are Having a Baby”? I’m so disgusted with MTV. enough already.

    1. So the only reason you continue to watch is because you have followed the other teen moms since they were 16..
      This sounds like an addiction. Cut the freaking cord. The show has mostly done harm and people like you are complicit in what poor Kaiser has been going through. Lets just all tale our responsibilities and stop watching anything that involves the life of small children who do not have a choice in what and how parts of their life’s are being portrayed and shared with the world for a quick buck.

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