Get Ready to Get “More Stupider!” Watch a Sneak Peek of the New “90 Day Fiance” Spin-Off ‘The Family Chantel’

“It will be more fun than kicking over a table of chicken wings!”

Hold on to your hair weaves! The first trailer for the upcoming 90 Day Fiance spin-off, The Family Chantel is here– and it brings all the trashy fun we expect from Chantel EverettPedro Jimeno and their families!

TLC released a special sneak peek of the new series on Monday, giving us a taste of what we can expect when ‘The Family Chantel’ premieres on July 22. While it doesn’t appear that anyone gets their weave snatched off, or their face bitten by their in-laws, the new footage seems to be full of “WTF? moments!”

In first sneak peek scene, Pedro tells his friends that he’s used to being around clowns, thanks to The Family Chantel.

Well that’s the understatement of the century…

In another scene, it appears that Pedro attends a counseling session with Chantel, her mother Karen, father Thomas and brother River. Pedro explains that he wants them all to be his family, but the look on River’s face tells us he does not want the same thing.

(Of course, that may just be how the scar tissue from the bites Pedro’s sister left on River’s face have healed. Who knows?)

Did they actually make everyone take their shoes off so they couldn’t throw them at other people?!

Pedro later expresses interest in bringing his mother and sister Nicole to the United States. Of course, Chantel is not happy about this idea, and refuses to allow The Family Pedro to live with her. 

There also seems to be drama with Chantel’s sister Winter. After The Family Chantel does some investigating into her boyfriend’s background, they seem to find something shocking. (Perhaps he’s helping to harvest the American dollar too!?) He storms off before Winter can get an explanation. 

Finally, The Family Chantel heads down to the Dominican Republic to see The Family Pedro…but things go bad.

Well…yeah….but what you’re selling ain’t that great either, Nicole…

Chantel calls Pedro’s galpal a hooker then throws a drink at her; a family friend tells The Family Chantel that The Family Pedro only wanted Pedro and Chantel together so he could get his immigration papers; and Pedro and Chantel get into a very nasty fight on the beach.

Watch the sneak peek of ‘The Family Chantel’ below! 

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(Photos: TLC)

23 Responses

  1. How these two could be fan-favorites is beyond me. Chantal shows zero emotion, Pedro is just a male chauvinist Pig that wants to control his wife and his psycho mother and sister make all these demands for respect. Think I’ll take a hard pass

  2. Please do not make a spin off ofpedro and chantel. Everyone is sick of them already. Please give us more of something rwal these 2 bozos deserve each other.enough!

  3. Weave pulling, Chantal and her mom speaking the most horrible Spanish I’ve ever heard, and fist fighting aside, at this point I’m inclined to believe they’re all actors.

    (And might I add, not very good ones.)

    Either way, this whole never-ending “family feud” story line is getting older BY THE MINUTE.

      1. I agree,, they are all in this together they are purposely creating outrageous scenarios and then attempting to act with their responses to the outlandish storylines. Watching these two and their flames is like watching a playwright written by a 16 yr old for her acting class.


  5. Chantels family is nutty, yes. But even a broken clock is right twice a day. They knew Pedro was garbage and they were right to suspect his family of being shady. If I were the mother chantel, I’d beat the sh*t out of both those ho-bags.

  6. Yeah, I’m not in for a show that features these two families arguing. That story line has been covered ad nauseam.

  7. Who wants to watch these idiots??? Pedro is an idiot and chantel is too. Her family was right to freak out when she first told them she was going to marry him.

  8. His sister is weird and crazy disrespectful. Now is Pedro going to demand his sister apologize to chantel for showing her that video? Doubt it because by now he already knows he can’t control his sister but he’s desperately wants to control chantel. She should divorce him and his user family especially now that he’s trying to use his status to bring mom and ugly sister to the USA. Trust once he gets them here he will divorce chantel. Chantel needs to wake up and listen to her nutty family… they were right about Pedro.

  9. I love 90 day fiancé and all of the spin offs. Lately tho- I’ve been fast forwarding through all of their segments. The story line is old and frustrating to watch. I cant image 60 mins for a whole season of the same thing over and over. What a rough way to live.

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