Another Day in Custody Court for Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Jenelle Evans & David Eason: Here’s What Went Down

“We’ve been logging so many hours at the court, it should be considered a job!”

Jenelle Evans and David Eason headed to their third court hearing of the week on Friday morning, dressed in their courtin’ best! Jenelle was all business in her blazer and “more classier” court heels, while David busted out his trusty blue sport coat for the occasion.

The Ashley wasn’t able to provide an update after Thursday’s hearing, so she will combine details from Thursday’s and Friday’s hearings here. Friday’s hearing was less-attended than Thursday’s, with the mother of David’s daughter Maryssa, Whitney Johnson and stepdad Shane Rich not in attendance. Nathan Griffith was there, but his son Kaiser and girlfriend Ashley Lanhardt did not go to Friday’s hearing, although she was there on Thursday.

“Maryssa didn’t have to testify today, but she testified on Thursday and Tuesday,” The Ashley’s source tells her. “Maryssa is the star witness and she’s been doing a great job, getting up on the stand and telling the court what she witnessed.”

The source tells The Ashley that David and Jenelle showed up about 30 minutes late to court on Thursday, so they missed part of Maryssa’s testimony.

David and Maryssa in, um, happier times…

The Ashley is not going to include specific details of what Maryssa (or any of the kids) say in court; however, the source stated that Maryssa did talk about what instructions David and Jenelle gave her should CPS ever come knocking. 

“She said she was told to lie,” the source stated.

The source confirmed that the couple’s children do not go into the courtroom unless they are speaking, so they aren’t able to hear what others are testifying about their parents.

A source connected to Maryssa tells The Ashley that Maryssa is “thriving now that she’s out of there” and she’s loving being around her mom, grandma and little brother.

“They are planning to enroll Maryssa back into regular school, as long as everything goes their way,” the source said of Maryssa’s family. “They do not want her to continue to be homeschooled.” 

Radar Online reported on Friday that Jenelle’s lawyer has been digging into the past of one of the government workers who’s involved in the case. The Ashley can confirm that this is, indeed, true, and her sources provided more info on that as well.

“The DCF caseworker took the stand and [Jenelle’s] lawyer tried to say that the caseworker had a felony charge on her record from about 10 years ago,” a second source stated. “The caseworker denied it under oath, and stated that if she had a charge like that, she would have never been able to get the job she currently has.”

“Jenelle’s lawyer has been trying to get the entire case thrown out on technicalities but so far hasn’t had any luck,” the second source stated. “The judge has sided with [DCF and its workers] so far.” 

The case has been continued until Monday afternoon.

Watch the whole gang walk back into the court on Friday, following a recess.

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(Photos: Facebook, MTV)


  1. I’ve just been reading an article on TMZ that Swampman has called 911 on Barb…….So much for playing happy families!!!!!!
    Nathan and Barb you have left yourselves WIDE OPEN for this one !

  2. The Easter egg pic is a classic. I wonder if Marissa got to dye even one egg. Probably not as she was put in charge of overseeing David and trying to tell him to let the eggs dry before picking them up.

  3. I wonder how much money Jennelle made off the sale of Insta Gram photos of her at Kaiser’s birthday party!

  4. Can anyone tell me why Janelle posted pictures of her, David, Kaiser, were together at Nathan’s or his mothers house and there was a cake with a 5 on it, are they allowed supervised visits now? Damn I hope not. I can’t believe that animal murderer was allowed to be anywhere near the children, and am surprised that Nathan would allow it as well.

    1. Nathan allowed them to come to kaisers birthday party.

      Why would anyone allow lurch to be around the child he abused 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

    1. Because Nathan is a good natured idiot. He was never smart to begin with, but I think he believes if he shows them (Jenelle & Lurch) kindness they will growup/act right… I mean, I guess it’s nice he thinks/believes in the best in people. But he’s dumb

  5. The Cheat Sheet is reporting that Jenelle’s cosmetic line was bought by a animal Rights group because she failed to pay for it so if you’re interested go to the cheat sheet and read the article

    1. Actually i saw a tweet from the group. They had a go fund me to buy the website, an anonymous donor ended up gifting them the money & the purchased & now run the website as well as a few other versions of the web address so securing a web adress with the company name or version of it will be difficult.

      People are also trying to find out the name of the cosmetic company in Washington DC making/manufacturing her line so they can shame them into dropping her

  6. I’ve got friends who have just bought a little French bulldog pup like nugget, hes a gorgeous little thing….I got a bit teary thinking about nugget. 😪🐕
    They have ALSO got a little 2 year old who has been taught to be gentle with the pup and not to put his face near the pup….And everything is going well…
    something David and Jenelle wouldn’t have a clue about!

    1. I know how you feel. Shep, from Southern Charm got his little French Bulldog on last weeks episode. We will meet his dog, who he named Craig, on this weeks upcoming episode. When I think about Nugget, I just want to smash that dog murderers face in. I hope something so bad happens to him! I hate him more that I have hated anyone in a long time. I can’t even look at him. I gave the French Bulldog Society a copy of the Change petition, and they are all outraged and keep it going to have it signed. Please, arrest him!!! And that Ex-Teen Childless Monster Mom can go to hell for protecting that dog murderer! And nobody better come back and tell me to get a grip! I will not be happy until that monster is punished!!!

  7. Poor maryssa… I’m glad she’s speaking out but she should be put in witness protection! I think my daddy’s gone crazy! Who the f shows up to a court custody hearing late that’s actually trying to get their kids back? I lived in NC I agree CS are bad there! I had a petty case and my caseworker at the time called me around 1130pm I was asleep like a normal parent and she threatened me on my voicemail…. needless to say she was let go but they still kept an open case for almost 8months after…..Idk they seemed untouchable till mtv left….

    1. The same people who “refuse to see the child that they’ve had taken off them …because the physco partner isn’t allowed to be present)… And the same people who start throwing tantrums, raising their voices and arguing with the case workers that then causes ANOTHER one of the children that they have had taken off them to run out of the room in tears!!!!

  8. I live in NC. CPS here is almost nonexistent. It’s about providing the bare required by law. They habe very little staff and resources.
    In my county a woman who worked for dss as a director had several foster children in her home. One of them was murdered and left on the porch with a chicken tied to his neck. She served no jail time.
    Hopefully, the public eye on Jenelle and David’s case will force their hand to do something to keep the kids safe. I am concerned they will just return them though.

    1. Maybe that’s why these two monsters wanted to live there, so they can get by with murder aka Nugget.

    2. Wow. That is seriously sad and scary.

      I agree that the public pressure is the key to protecting these children. I don’t watch TM and if Jenelle & David go away in anonymity I would be pleased. But I feel compelled to click on stories about this case (and signed the petition for Jenelle to be fired from TM) because I feel like the outside influence is the only way to help these children. Once those kids are out of the house permanently I will never click on stories about these two monsters again. And of course I will never click on anything that lines their pockets (like their YouTube or clickbait).

      I just hope that some entertainment company doesn’t hire them thinking that people want to watch them. I, for one, am just paying attention to be vigilant until these kids are safe for sure. I am also paying attention at who is paying them, because that’s an immediate boycott for me.

      1. TMZ kept reporting that they were going on Marriage Boot Camp. That was nixed by the outrage of all of us who care about those kids, and want #justicefornugget! I was thrilled when she got fired! I was really thrilled when they took her kids! I don’t watch this show either. But I do know what happened to that poor little dog.

    3. The child in that case wasn’t murdered, he was discovered alive with the chicken around his neck by a sheriff and the foster mother and father were arrested. Foster mom, a supervisor for child protective services, served 16 months in jail. Her boyfriend was sentenced to 10 years. The child was reunited with his biological mother and they filed a lawsuit against the state.

      NC certainly needs to revamp its CPS. Hopefully the spotlight on them will push for major changes.

    4. Yes I remember that in NC! I also lived in Cleveland Ohio and a person who was being investigated by cps there was paying their worker off with food stamps only reason she got caught was cause the child died! Crazy… This crap should NEVER happen anywhere but sadly it does…

  9. I imagine it’s terrifying for a child to have to testify in court. I feel like Maryssa is protecting her younger siblings. I really hope that the children never have to go back to that type of abuse! It’s unfortunate it took so long to get these kids in a safe environment. I hope the court continues to do what’s best for the kids. And, what’s best is for them to never return to “Da Land” with Lurch and Lienelle

  10. This whole thing with Jenelle is coming even in to my dreams, I probably should stop following the whole case. The other night I dreamt that she and David went to a house where all Jenelle’s kids were with some of their caregivers. They started pouring gasoline around the kids and the adults present and started a fire. Luckily all the kids got to safety but in the dream Jenelle’s head was on fire, her scalp was literally bubbling. Very gross and graphic but I think this is what actually is going to happen to her. She is the only one who is going to get burned. I wish the justice happens and these kids get out of this whole mess.

    1. WOW! I have had a few dreams too about those poor little kids and nugget. Yours seems very foretelling though ……. In a really good way, those kids will finally be freed from “The Land” and the court will decide they are NEVER to go back !!!!

    2. Sometimes I have images of Nugget and I have to talk myself off the ledge and get it out of my head.

  11. I hope the Maryssa is in therapy & they can have the therapist/psychologists input on the emotional abuse those two did to the kids.

  12. Why does everyone keep saying that this kid is homeschooled??? They are not listed on the NC homeschool registry that every homeschooler in North Carolina goes on once they become a registered homeschool, which means IF they are homeschooling they are not doing it legally!

  13. Just wanted to say what a brave and kind young lady Maryssa is. It must’ve taken so much courage to stand up and tell the truth. She has so much responsibility on her little shoulders, but from the sounds of it she’s been able to stand up for herself and her siblings.
    I also think it’s great that The Ashley has respected the wellbeing of the children and not shared what they have said.

    1. I totally agree with all of your comments; and in particular your comments in regards to THE ASHLEY, this site has shown great respect to the kids !.

  14. David Eason’s home schooling lesson was teaching the kids how to lie!
    He would have been a pretty shocking teacher in any other subject……
    English/ spelling/ pronunciation was definitely not one of his strong suits

    1. A break? Despite a lifetime of drug abuse, sporadic violence, neglectful parenting, and negligible amounts of honest work, Jenelle has ended up with significant wealth and quite minimal criminal consequences. She’s seen more breaks than an orthopedic surgeon.

    2. Jenelle?
      A grown adult that made her own choices? That has always chosen any man or thing over her kids…give her a break?
      She had a break when she wasnt arrested for following a guy, running over his mailbox & pulling out a gun on him infront of her son. She had a break all of those years she allowed this animal to abuse Kaiser.

      She had PLENTY of breaks
      When is it time for these kids to get a break?
      Can these kids get a break? They are innocent

    3. A break? Seriously? That’s why she’s in this mess. MTV gave her a break for 10 years, and in that 10 years she managed to lose custody of one child, have a dozen arrests, been beaten up by her boyfriends and husband, had her dog killed…what are we to give her a break from? Fans and her family have begged her to get away from David. They have told her would destroy her, and he has.

      Should we simply smile and nod and say ‘go ahead Jenelle, you know best” because she doesn’t know best. Finally the kids are getting a break from an abusive toxic household.

  15. My god, I posted a long (and what I thought was a well-thought-out) comment an hour ago, but it never made it on here. Whatever. . . .

    My point was, if MTV has no intention of filming Jenelle+adjacents NOW OR IN THE FUTURE, they should make it very clear. Because if there is NO possibility that Jenelle/Lurch can have a TV program in which any/all of their children are involved for as many years into the future as MTV can guarantee, then ALL of this court nonsense could stop RIGHT NOW. The amount of time, money, investigative resources, CPS babysitters, etc., that is being wasted on this farce could be stopped, IMMEDIATELY, if MTV said they were NOT EVER GOING TO FILM THESE ASSHOLES AGAIN. Said assholes surely have agreements with MTV which would stop them from going out to any other production/network for at least a couple of years. And with no kids (or any prospect of getting same), how attractive are they to any other outfit?

    I do not believe that the “Easons” have any intention of bringing ANY of their children back “home” for any other reason than to exploit them for monetary gain. And ONLY MTV can make it clear—by stating unequivocally, that they are NO long willing to feature any Jenelle offspring on any show—that this source of revenue is GONE and is not coming back. Then let’s see if Jenelle and her Cro Magnon Man continue to pay to fight this battle in court.

    At the end of the day, what’s important here are the KIDS. If MTV is actually holding out a carrot to Jenelle–“Oh if you manage to get some kids back, you’re back on the show”—then MTV has not only sold out the children, but also anyone who has done the hard work to try to get a decent life for those kids.

    ENOUGH, MTV!!! If you are not, EVER, bringing the Easons back, then END THIS WHOLE THING RIGHT NOW BY TELLING THEM. I can almost guarantee their quick exit from the child custody courts due to lack of funds/INTEREST in going the distance.

    1. MTV has definitely been firm on its decision to stop filming David and its decision to stop filming Jenelle predates the court case so there’s no correlation there.
      Jenelle’s been fired since April (before her kids were taken) and has been relying on clickbait on her twitter to make money. Let’s not blame MTV for this one.

      1. I think the producers saw a lot more then they aired. MTV was jerks for allowing Ryan to drive high & putting others at risk but to see how those kids lived & continued it for so long….they put money ahead of all of those innocent kids

    2. Not disagreeing, but let’s be straight – MTV would trip over themselves if Jenelle opted to play a *strong single mom* narrative – unless we the people told them we’d boycott that sh*t, and boycott the advertisers. Thier bottom line is money, it’s clear once they stopped protecting this trash stain all sh*t hit the fan. MTV/Viacom are the worst, the witnessed child abuse and stayed silent, now they are fighting going to court to testify on the KIDS behalf because they’re afraid of the backlash on THEM. They won’t tell us or Duhnelle they’re done, because they aren’t if the money/ratings are there.

    3. I’m sorry I feel like this comment is misguided.. MTV doesn’t have that much power over a legal matter/this court hearing. These court proceedings would continue regardless of what MTV tells Jenelle, as the court should, because it’s not about MTV or money or anything else other than the safety of the kids. Once David killed that dog essentially in front of young impressionable kids, an investigation had to be launched and from there I hope the law holds the right people accountable and puts these children in situations where they are able to live a better life. Bottom line, MTV has nothing to do with this, as they should. These trials will continue regardless, again, as they should, to ensure that these kids are hopefully never on the land again.

    4. Sorry but i bet if she left David MTV would take her back in a second. They dropped her because he made it impossible to film her, they could not film in her state at all. (Not even at a park with Barb because he threatens to show up) Lurch tried to bully MTV into giving him his job back. And when the advertisers started pulling ads because of what David did they had no choice.

  16. Maryssa is certainly a very brave young lady. We probably can’t fathom the amount of shit she’s had to see within those walls on The Land. Dumb and Dumber probably thought she would be loyal to them and expect her to lie to cover their arses.. little did they know that Maryssa would outsmart them and would end up standing up to them.

    I really do hope that she is able to go on and live a normal, healthy life and enjoy being a teen.

  17. Jenelle needs to leave david he is scum if she knows whats best for her kids he would be gone like yesterday she can do so much better then his sorry a*s just saying if that were me my kids would come before any man i dont care who he is husband boyfriend My kids come first

    1. I looooove the Ashley , its always spot on, totally reliable. And it’s great how its very respectful of the kids 😊

  18. must have killed lurch to hold that door for barbara and this makes me sick janelle being nice to her mom so she can get her kids back great

    1. It won’t last….They can’t help it, it’s only a matter of time before they flip out again!!!

      1. Completely agree with you! They are complete idiots and continue to do ridiculous things that make everything worse! What a pair of losers!

  19. Well done maryssa, you brave girl.

    RIP nugget, I’m so sorry you were killed, in such a horrific way, it breaks my heart that you suffered so much… 🙏🏽

  20. Damn. She was told to “lie” to CPS workers. This poor girl is going through hell right now. It’s summer, and she should be having fun with friends, and being carefree. Yet, she is being drugged into court daily to testify the horror she endured for years. Maryssa, if you ever get to see this, You are ONE STRONG AMAZING GIRL! Everyone is behind you never have to go back to the lunatics that treated you so bad. Stay strong little gal! We love ya!

  21. I hope that they get their act together and are able to have regular visits. I however to not feel that they will ever been fit enough to raise those children. They have had plenty of opportunity to get their life straight and you can only give someone so many chances.

  22. My question is why the judge can’t put David and Jenelle in jail? David for the bruises on Kaiser’s butt? Jenelle for neglect? I hope they never get the kids back. I don’t understand why something wasn’t done along time ago. Everybody knew abuse was going on in the Eason home. Everybody can see just thru pics how much better the kids are just in a few weeks. How can the care takers keep a job if they have to go to CPS every week for visitation or court everyday this week?

    1. Because they haven’t been charged (let alone convicted) of a crime. The court case going on now is civil. I hate Janelle as much as anyone, but our criminal justice system has rules.

  23. I’m so impressed by this little girl! She is beyond brave, she’s telling the truth right in front of the people she’s been afraid of for years, some adults aren’t capable of doing that. My heart goes out to her!! She’s an amazing girl! Hopefully her truth will keep the other children from being sent back.

  24. I feel so bad for those kids, especially Maryssa because she’s old enough to remember this and has been stuck with David for so long. I hope Kaiser doesn’t remember much of this as he gets older, I know Jace will unfortunately, I’m glad those babies are out of there. I heard there were bullet holes in the walls at “the Land” fucking disgusting.

  25. Maryssa is an exceptional young girl. To have gone through all the nonsense that she has in her young life and to come out to seemingly be such a stable, smart and strong kid in spite of all of it shows she’s got an incredible spirit. It must be horrifying to have to sit in that court with Lurch no doubt mad-dogging her for spilling the secrets of The Land, would be hard for any child, I suspect she is doing it to help all of the other children that have been and could possibly be returned to their care. On another note, I believe that Sophia is going to have the most epic tell-all book of the franchise (maybe of all mankind!), but I think Maryssa is going to have one hell of a gem as well. What she revealed in court is going to be the tip of the iceberg, no doubt that that plot of Land is a 24 hour s**t storm, it’s just a shame it took the death of Nugget to get the authorities to step in.

    1. They were late to court? You would think they would be trying to show the judge they are responsible parents who put their kids before anything else. As a judge, this would have showed me exactly who I was dealing with.

      1. They play by their own rulebook because they literally think that the law does not apply for them, and rightfully so, rarely have they ever had any real consequences for their deviant, anti-Christ behavior.

        1. I noticed the heels ! She didn’t seem to walk very well in them ! Pity she didn’t trip over !!!!!

          1. Just a side note comment – she has to be reading any and all comments. One mention of brown shoes/boots don’t match and poof black shoes. Now if she would take notes sandals aren’t professional dress either.

          2. LOL, 😂😂😂, Its really funny you say that..because last week I made a comment about David’s shirt, the red and blue(or it might have been grey) checkered one.
            I commented that he must only own one shirt because I had seen him in just about every time they turned up for court…he’d also been snapped wearing it on various outings and there were also posts from LAST YEAR that he’s wearing it! 😂😂😂 So OBVIOUSLY they’re trolling LOL…..What a pair of losers!

    2. I would just like to add to your very apt assessment C&T, that if hadn’t been for Nugget’s death and animal lovers coming out from everywhere that MTV/Viacom would still be paying and protecting Jenelle and Lurch. As soon as MTV dipped out, then the kids were removed. Make NO MISTAKE MTV protected Jenelle’s and Lurch’s abuse on those kids (and animals). Please do not forget it was MTV that created this monster and protected it until animal lovers fought back. Had sponsors not dropped out, they’d still be playing innocent and those kids would still be being abused.

      1. I am not sure if this is quite true. Jenelle was already on the chopping block prior to poor Nugget’s brutal death. You may recall, she was not allowed to film with David. This angered David so he would show up wherever she was filming in town. All the while, David was sending threatening text messages to the producers. Jenelle started complaining to them because she was put in the middle between David acting like a monster and doing her job. Finally, they started filing Jenelle out of town for the safety of the MTV crew. So MTV was already discussing terming Jenelle. The Nugget story was just the final straw.

      2. That is soooooooo totally right! I actually hadn’t even thought of it like that. I was aware people were outraged at what happened to nugget , and were also questioning MTV’s own interest. But really thinking about it now …. It WAS the fact that the incident with nugget caused such outrage that MTV managed to “fly under the radar”

  26. I can’t imagine how nervous Maryssa must be that she’ll ever have to go back to her Dad after ratting him and Jenelle out, but she’s doing it with pride. I’m so happy that she got the fuck out, and she’s letting the court know the shit she went through. Brave girl.

  27. David, the perfect gentelmen, holds the door for all the ladies, not one thank you. Maybe David isn ot the problem here ladies.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
      Down votes on these David and Jenelle readers.

    2. That monster is the one who beat and shot Nugget! Don’t even say that he’s not the problem. So big fucking deal, he held a door open! He was slamming that little dog into a table! That poor Nugget was beat to death and the shooting was probably a blessing. Which, I believe when he finally shot that poor baby, it had already been beaten senseless! He’s a sick mother fucker and I want him to pay for what he did to Nugget!

    3. Oh Nibs, i thought you’d be trolling on the Kate Plus Date line, not here! I was so happy to hear you have a shining for her, so much better than your affinity for Farrah. I think Kate is much more your type.

    4. Held the door like a little bitch for Nathan too. What happened to all those Talkin Words?

      1. David had a car to protect him when he was mouthing off…….Soooooooo predictable ge wouldn’t say anything to Nathan’s face

    5. I hope I never end up with your idea of a true gentleman.

      Abusive, violent, crazy, sadistic, combative, financial leech

      Being a gentleman is based on a mans values, morality and honor. Holding a door open doesn’t negate murdering a dog, abusing children or assaulting a spouse.

      Antonym for gentleman: David Eason

      1. This is typical behavior of a psychopath, it is part of their game, presenting themselves as the nice guy out in pubic but behind close doors when know one is watching, BAMB – that is when the shat hits the fan

  28. Maryssa, you’re a very brave and strong girl. Keep it up. Were all on your side. Jace, you are strong and brave as well.

  29. Nathan and Ash, congrats on keeping your info hush, this only will help your case. Giving them zero heads up or any leaked info on what you plan on doing is a Huge advantage for your side. Keep strong and keep pushing.

    1. Maybe they had been fighting as usual, like when Jenelle was late for her lawyer appointment about Jace because she and Nathan had been fighting… Just some casual fighting, collar bone cracking etc. David is such a good father (dude).

      1. I noticed this week, for the first time, they didn’t have their smirks on and Jenelle looked worried while on her best behavior.

        1. It was probably due to shock ! … Her brain isn’t used to not carrying on like an idiot !

  30. Go Maryssa! She’s a brave girl for getting up there and testifying about Lurch and Janelle’s abuse while in front of them. I just hope that they don’t get any sort of custody of her after this is all over. I’m afraid of what Lurch would do to her.

    1. I am afraid to imagine what he has already done to her. I am so proud of her!!!! More grown up and mature then her Captors have ever been.

  31. The best they have is trying to get this thrown out on technicalities? How foolish, but
    great for the kids. The judge doesn’t care about stupid technicalities when their 11 year old is testifying to the deplorable conditions in the home. The judge has to actually look out for those kids.

    Of course they told her to lie. Of course. That’s what’s they do best. Maryssa is supposed to lie to CPS. Jace was supposed to lie about the gun. Who knows what all these kids have seen and heard. Maryssa is a very brave little girl and I am so happy to hear that she’s doing well now. Hopefully she doesn’t get held back a year after her year of “homeschooling.”

    1. Hopefully Maryssa can get caught up in school during the summer before it starts back in the Fall!

    2. can you imagine the fact that they thought to tell how to act if it happened the stress she was under they deserve to never see those kids again but sadly the court will do everything to give them to their parents

  32. David held the door for Nathan which Nathan dismissed and power walked ahead to not be co mingling at the second door he wants his kid he is pissed didn’t even say hey to barb.

  33. Thank you for NOT telling us what the kids are saying in court. This is why I love this site. Class act!

    1. True! But it is painful, LOL. Wouldn’t you just love to know what those little darlings are telling the courts? Probably so much more than we could ever even guess.

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