’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?’ Season 4 Episode 9 Recap: Birthing a Baby & Boning in a Barbershop Bathroom

“Did this just conclude our only storyline for the season?”

On this episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, The Wife Chantel discovers some unsettling news about The Husband Pedro, Paola and Russ find out just how scotch-guarded the surfaces of their home are, Ashley learns that Jay is up to no good (once again), Larissa and Colt continue to despise each other and Andrei continues to believe that money grows on trees. 

Our first stop this week is Las Vegas where we find Colt moping around the house because Larissa didn’t immediately jump on his mama’s-boy body after being released from jail (again). 

“Come and get it, Mother-I mean Larissa!”

Lucky for Colt, his number one fan Mother Debbie is back in town so he heads to the airport to fetch her. Colt greets Debbie by telling her she looks cute (because apparently Walmart turtleneck sweaters really do it for him), then they load up and head to Casa de Cat Hair. 

During the drive, Debbie and Colt recount the latest run-in with the law that went down at their house and Colt attempts to earn some tough guy points by telling Debbie that he could have been shot. Debbie’s concern only grows when they arrive at the house and she notices the screen on her bedroom window has been cut. Colt tells Debbie that Larissa cut the screen, but he provides no explanation as to why. Debbie also realizes that Larissa went through her belongings and she’s not happy about it. 

Alternate explanation: Debbie’s cats finally came to their senses and made a run for it.

Don’t worry, Debbie, we’re sure Larissa didn’t disturb the shrine to Colt hidden in your closet during her pillage-spree. 

Next we check in with Ashley who has once again grown suspicious of Jay and his ability—-or lack thereof—- to keep it in his pants. Because of this, Ashley decides to sit down with Jay’s (only) friends from the barbershop to find out what kind of shenanigans he’s been getting into behind her back—and by shenanigans, we mean other women. 

After some persuasion, Kendell, the owner of the barbershop, reveals that Jay had sex with someone in the shop’s bathroom when he was supposed to be giving a girl a tattoo—while the shop was packed full of customers and children, no less. 


When your husband acts like a child and emotionally scars them…

Ashley thanks Kendell for snitching on Jay and makes a quick exit from the shop. Jay’s friend Michael follows Ashley out the door and tells her the barbershop bathroom girl was someone she actually had met at a recent cookout. Ashley thanks Michael and tells him Jay is gone (just like all of the barbershop customers when they heard Jay and his cookout side-piece going at it next to the boxes of Barbicide in the bathroom.)

Down in the Dominican Republic, The Husband Pedro stops by The Wife Chantel’s hotel room to talk about how much of a disaster the previous night turned out to be. Pedro says he feels like he’s stuck in the middle of Chantel’s issues with his family and Chantel says she feels the same way when they are in Atlanta. Chantel suggests that she and Pedro spend the day together but Pedro says he’s doing what he came to the Dominican Republic to do: spend time with his family, drink heavily and gyrate on random women. 

“I mean, I probably won’t be, but you be good.”

Next we check in with Andrei and Elizabeth who have just learned that flight delays and cancellations in Turkey have caused some issues in Andrei’s father’s plans to come to Florida. Andrei tells Elizabeth he’s worried about his dad flying from New York to Florida for the final leg of his “long journey” and has decided he will fly to JFK himself to accompany his dad on the flight to Tampa. 

” …and by we, I mean you.”

Elizabeth asks Andrei if they have the money to pay for an extra flight and Andrei assures her they’ll figure it out. Elizabeth nonchalantly tells Andrei she’ll just use her dad’s credit card to pay for everything, but of course, Andrei isn’t down for that idea. 

After learning the flight will cost $600, Elizabeth says they can’t afford to pay for it (at least not without The Bank of Chuck) but Andrei tells her not to “sabotage” him over a measly 600 bucks and reminds her that it’s for his father and “not a random bum.”  Elizabeth says asking her dad for (even more) money isn’t a big deal, but Andrei’s pride won’t allow it… though strangely it will allow him to spend his free time at the gym, pretending he has a lucrative handyman business on the side. 

Elizabeth ultimately gives in to Andrei and pays for the flight to New York. Once Andrei lands, he wanders around the airport and eventually stumbles upon his dad. The two re-board their plane make their way to Tampa, thus concluding Andrei’s $600 15-hour excursion.

Elsewhere in Florida, Paola is in labor and Russ is hard at work inflating the birthing pool and welcoming Colleen the hippie midwife and her pal, the doula. Soon Pao is working different positions—in and out of the pool—in an effort to get this baby out of her with minimum noise complaints from concerned neighbors. 

“That’s no stained birthing-center tub, but it’ll do!”

Ultimately, Pao opts to give birth on her and Russ’s bed and before Russ has a chance to check the return policy on the inflatable pool, their son, Axel, makes his debut, right there on the Tempur-Pedic mattress. 

“Just aim for that throw pillow down there!”

Back in the barbershop parking lot, Ashley calls Jay to let him know he’s been caught (yet again) and furthermore, if he shows up to her house she’s calling the police. Jay plays dumb (not a stretch) and hangs up the phone. After Ashley calls him back multiple times, Jay finally picks up and says he didn’t actually have sex with the cookout girl, but rather they partook in another not-suitable-for-the-barbershop activity in the bathroom. 

Would a joke about a cookout hotdog be inappropriate right now?

Ashley tells Jay she’s kicking him to the proverbial curb and if doesn’t want his clothes left on the literal curb, he can come get them. 

“They’ll be on the front porch for your dumb***,” she tells him. 

The producers ask Ashley what she’ll do if Jay tries to come in the house and she again says that she’ll call the police and because she still hasn’t filed his paperwork, Jay will be deported back to Jamaica and back to his no-dishwater-having house. 

With Pedro off with his family, Chantel makes plans to meet up with her friend Obed—another person who has been burned by The Family Pedro. Obed tells Chantel he believes Pedro’s family and one of his friends arranged for her and Pedro to meet and that their whole marriage was setup so that Pedro could get a green card and earn more money for his family’s mysterious business. Chantel believes that Pedro’s mom is running a business arranging these sort of marriages with Americans and now doubts her “fairytale” marriage with Pedro. 

“Did his table kicking even mean anything?”

Obed says Pedro’s family probably doesn’t like Chantel because Pedro actually did end up falling in love with her. Chantel says she wants to believe they actually did fall in love, however, everything is starting to look suspicious to her now.

Back at her hotel room, Chantel calls The Family Chantel to tell them what a hot mess her trip to the Dominican Republic has been. Chantel also mentions the Find-A-Wife service Pedro’s family may or may not be running and The Family Chantel offers to come to the Dominican Republic, which Chantel kindly passes on. They also suggest hiring a private investigator, which would probably just be Karen herself, dressed in a trench coat.

Back in Vegas, Larissa has caught up on her sleep following her night in the slammer. Colt wants to talk about what happened. Larissa blames Colt for the incident, specifically him taking the data and wifi off of her phone. She says after the police handcuffed her, she didn’t know what was happening, though she assumed Colt’s lies had something to do with it. 

“It was almost as bad as living with you and your mother, only less cat hair and no tacky slot machine.”

Colt says he didn’t say anything but Larissa doubts his claims. Colt assures Larissa they will find (another) good lawyer; however, Larissa is fearful of what this all means as far as her getting her green card. Colt says he feels like Larissa just wants a new life and doesn’t care if he’s in it or not (ummm, obviously). Larissa says this whole incident was the last straw and if Colt messes up again, she’s packing up her multiple bins of makeup and finding her next victim hitting the road. 

Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Andrei take Andrei’s dad to a diner to give him a true taste of “American culture” by way of a greasy hamburger. During the lunch, Andrei tells his dad that they will all be going to Elizabeth’s family’s house that night, where the parents will meet for the first time. Andrei says he’s worried that Elizabeth’s family will treat his dad the same way they’ve treated him.

Um…apparently he’s worried that they’ll give him money? 

“But if they’re handing out cash, I can make an exception.”

Elsewhere, Ashley is angrily stuffing Jay’s belongings into trash bags, and her friend comes by—armed with wine, like a pro—for “support”. 

While ripping photos of Jay to shreds, Ashley gets a phone call from the cookout girl who confirms that she and Jay actually did have sex, despite what Jay is claiming. Shortly after, Ashley hears Jay pull up to the house so she heads downstairs to wait for him, armed with a glass of wine and a whole lot of pent-up frustration.

Better grab one of those trash bags of clothes for protection, Jay!

“So… do you think TLC will be willing to comfort you with another girls trip to NYC?”

Until next time! 

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  1. I would just like to know why is Jay getting deported and Larissa isn’t? Larissa has had violent charges bought against her, even though they were dismissed, it still was a violent charge and she should be deported. Something just doesn’t seem right with this. This is not equal justice. Yes, Jay deserves to go back but so does Larissa.

    1. You’re right Larisa should be deported just like J what is going on she needs to go home and take care of her children instead of worrying about her phone and looking in the mirror and being such a freaking shallow person

  2. Ashley I have never seen this show but these recaps are absolutely hilarious!! All these people are terrible and just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse I read to the next paragraph. Seriously you are the best! Thank you for taking the time to watch this shit in order to bring us comedic gold 😀

  3. yeah and that that pow who does she think she is that has been a purse is really handsome he should go back to Oklahoma and find him a nice girl that will love his family because she’s a piece of you know what she should go back to her family she’s so oh my friend Quan who is that ugly looking Quan who has any say-so about anything she is disgusting for even having this offense was so she does you should go back home with her mama because her mama thinks one is the best to I’m just telling that nice little husband to go back Oklahoma and find himself a good woman because it ain’t how I don’t care how long he’s been with her

    1. 1. Punctuation

      2. Spelling & grammar

      3. Sentence structure

      4. Paragraphs

      You want all 4, how about trying for at least 1?

  4. Where does he think the buddy is coming from to bring his dad back home and then he has to go get his daddy because he think so he won’t be able to handle the trip and who cares where we get the money this is more important go pack my bags he’s like a neanderthal nobody even likes him he’s gross he is so gross he needs to go back to my dovian wherever these men are from gross and Larissa I’m glad she’s away from that ass who does he think he is the tight cheek ass at looks like he’s ready to explode in those pants explode a good one takes her phone away and then she gets arrested know she’s lucky she got away from him but she should go home and take care of her children that’s enough of these men out here with her she just wants her you know facials and all that that’s ridiculous but Colt e needs to stay with his mama and quit going on the scene that he has a new girlfriend cuz they’re really cool and want to be with him he is really disgusting

    1. I’m still lost why Andrei had to fly out to meet his dad… to continue to fly all the way back in?!? Bank o’ Chuck needs to cut his daughter off ASAP because unless they’re being over the top for the show, this behavior is unacceptable and will only get worse once the baby comes. They absolutely did not NEED to spend money on an additional plane ticket just because.

      1. I agree he didn’t have to fly his dad over I think his rent is more important and his baby that’s coming is more important and so he gets mad at Elizabeth because ask your daddy for money but where does he think the money is going to come from and yet he doesn’t want them in his life who does he think he is

  5. Doesnt the moneytrain dries out when Pedro and Chantel divorce?
    I dont understand his sisters drive to break them up.

    1. Pedro’s sister probably thinks he can do better, not be married and milk several women, at least ones that don’t complain as much about thier money funding her lifestyle. Idk what more can happen with Pedro for Chantal to leave

    2. He has his green card so he can stay in the US and Chantel has to support him for 10 years if can’t do so on his own. So the moneytrain continues

  6. God, all these people are so unlikable! Poor Russ, he doesn’t have a chance. Paola can miss me with her attitude that HER family/friends are fine to have around, but not his?
    Chantal needs to divorce Pedro. Let him stay there with his trashy sister, and Dominican skank.
    Larissa is being abused by Colt. Taking her phone was a declaration of war, Colt should have been sitting his fat ass in jail. I believe Larissa cut that screen in some sort of bid for freedom.
    Nicole and Azan are barely on screen but she’s still an idiot, same thing, ad nauseum.

    1. You’re right about pow it’s all she thinks about is her family her friends and forget about her husband’s anything and then she has and then she sits there and talks to that sick guy friend of hers she has no respect for her husband her husband should leave her ass and she should go back to her country with her mother and leave the baby to the daddy seriously she needs some work done she just thinks she’s that all that and more baby well she’s not as far as Pedro and Chantel I think it’s all for show cuz now next Sunday they’re going to be all lovey-dovey have your own little show who cares about those two rags and oh yeah and poor Nicole yeah she is still an idiot I agree she always will be she’s going to take 10 years to mature and that poor little May has to suffer through all of that that’s sad and then the one that really gets me is that Andre he should go back to moldovia when his dad’s here visiting because he is an abusive son of a b**** and these shows are really making me sick now sick relationship

    2. Not sure about Larissa cutting the screen for freedom when the screen comes right off. They aren’t nailed into the window sill. While Coltee is no angel, Larissa creates her own problems and she abandoned her two young children so she is no victim.

      1. Rest needs to go back to Oklahoma find himself a good wife who loves his family he doesn’t need to put up with all this her mother and her friend Quan get a life lady try to be a good mother at least

  7. Jay, if you are screwing random strangers in public bathrooms, you need to re-evaluate your life… gross. Also why the hell is a 32 year old mother of two marrying a 20 year old?

      1. That’s what I say I don’t blame Jay he’s a baby what is Ashley doing married him in the first place when she does have two kids and he’s a baby and she’s older what was she thinking I feel sorry for Jay I hope he can find his right way home I’m not out in the street somewhere that’s how they are in in his country he can’t help himself she knew that when he married her what is she thinking or what was she thinking shame on her she has two kids she should be thinking about not him she already has two baby she doesn’t need another one

  8. I guess of all the people on this show, Ashley is more irritating than all the others.
    Jay is 20….come on! He is 2 years out from high school…..a boy! What do you expect? It’s all hormones.

  9. Ashley, Jay is 2 years beyond high school graduation. Really!! He isn’t mature enough to figure it out and you think he should know how to be monogamous? He is a boy with all the boy hormones going thru his blood!

    1. He’s old enough to know better. Being young does not give a person a free pass to cheat or be immature. Plenty of teenagers and young adults are in monogamous relationships.

      He does not deserve a free pass for being a cheater just because he’s young. And Ashley has every right to expect him to not cheat on her.

      1. I don’t mean to get off the subject but I really really love Annie and David Annie is the funniest person and she is the most sincere and David is so lucky to have her I can hardly wait till she has a cooking on YouTube going to be so much fun to watch I wish her all the best her and her family she really has put up with a lot and she just deserve so much I just love when she watches the 90 Day Fiance and we’re all laughing at her cuz she’s so funny so good luck and you go girl

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