Jenelle Evans Attends Son Kaiser’s Birthday Party with David Eason: Nathan Griffith Explains Why He Allowed Them to Come Despite Ongoing Custody Court Case

“It’s nice to finally not have to wear more-classier court heels!”

Jenelle Evans has not seen her son, Kaiser, outside of a court-supervised visitation center in over a month, but on Saturday she and her husband David Eason celebrated Kaiser’s birthday alongside her ex Nathan Griffith, estranged mother Barbara Evans and Kaiser’s half-siblings Jace and Ensley.

No….we have not just entered The Twilight Zone.

As she was leaving court on Friday, Jenelle told a reporter for Radar Online that she would be celebrating Kaiser’s birthday with him the next day, but Teen Mom 2 fans were skeptical, given that Jenelle (and David) are currently in the middle of a nasty court battle to regain custody of any of their kids. However, it turns out that Jenelle was actually telling the truth, and she did, indeed, celebrate her son’s birthday with him, and even posted photos to her social media accounts as proof.

“Can’t believe you are 5 already!” Jenelle captioned a series of birthday party photos posted on Saturday. “You might be getting older but you’re still my baby.”

Barbara also posted pictures of the festivities, even pointing out in the caption of one Instagram photo how rare it was that David and Nathan were around each other (and it didn’t end with anyone going to the slammer.)

“Omg Nathan on left David on right today at Kaiser’s Birthday Party.Finally all getting along,” Barbara wrote.

While many fans who have been following Jenelle and David’s battle to regain custody were stunned, and some even upset, that David and Jenelle attended the party, Nathan took to Twitter to explain his reasoning for allowing them to be there.

“My children will always come first regardless of my own personal feelings,” Nathan tweeted. “I will always want the best for my children. Happy Birthday Kaiser and I’m so glad you could spend it with FAMILY and friends! #WWJD #TeamGriffith #Lovemore #hateless

Nathan, who was threatened online just days ago by David, explained that his girlfriend, Ashley Landhart, suggested he invite Jenelle and David for Kaiser’s sake.

“Actually… Ash and I were talking about Kaiser’s birthday and Ashley suggest[ed] that it would be nice to invite them,” Nathan wrote. “I brought up the proposition to my lawyer and he said ‘YES!’ At the end of court the lawyers got together and agree[d] to the idea.”

David stands by his daughter Ensley as Kaiser blows out his candles…

The Ashley hears that no court or CPS worker was supervising David and Jenelle at the party, which took place at the home of Nathan’s mom, Doris Davidson. (It did not take place at Jenelle and David’s home on The Land as some fans thought.) It was also OK’d by the court.

Nathan told worried fans that David and Jenelle were on their best behavior at the party.

“David [conducted] himself very [professionally]. Honestly, this whole birthday party was simple but absolutely a wonderful experience,” Nathan wrote, insinuating that David wasn’t left alone with the kids.

“What is he going to do with 8 adults there and 10 children? Besides, I want to promote a path that brings positivity to everyone. Vengeance is the the Lord’s, not mine,” he wrote. 

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Happy Birthday 5th Kaiser 🥳 With Ensley

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While Barbara allowed Ensley and Jace to be at the party, David’s son Kaden and daughter Maryssa were not there.

In photos posted from the party, Kaiser— who was turning five— looks thrilled. 

The festivities will be short-lived, however, as Jenelle and David will return to the courtroom on Monday afternoon to continue their fight for custody. 

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(Photos: Instagram, Twitter)


  1. I just actually listened to the call Jennelle made to TMZ, I’ve listened to it several times ….. and … YEP.
    Its definitely Jennelle!
    See how quick a snake can turn Nathan!!! You welcomed these vipers into your home and they’ve now turned on you with their venom !!!!!

  2. TMZ reports that David called 911 accusing Barbara of locking Ensley in another room. I don’t believe it for a second, but that’s what they used to do to Kaiser.

    1. I just listened to the call.
      Did Barb and Nathan HONESTLY expect the swampcreatures would play nicely???????
      You have just put a massive big question mark in your case!
      If The swampcreatures were welcomed in to your home AFTER only a few weeks (where Kaiser is probably just starting to settle) then you obviously DIDN’T see them as a threar

    2. I heard the call , I don’t believe it happened! Jennelle is just trying to build a case against Barb.
      I don’t know why in the hell Nathan invited them to Kaiser’s party. SO WHAT if he looked like the bad guy…his job is to protect Kaiser NOT pander to Jennelle.

  3. And NOW an article has come out by TMZ that Swampman has called 911 on Barb and he wants CPS involved. Apparently its something to do with Barb locking Ensley either inside of /out of the bathroom so she could have a shower !
    How’s playing happy families working out for you now Nathan and Barb……You have left yourselves wide open!!!!!!

    1. That video from weeks ago? Of a toddler crying? Yeah, that’s gonna impress a judge. He’s such an idiot. Sometimes kids will be unattended for a while because you have to shower or cook. Not CPS worthy.

      1. EXACTLY ! Apparently the operator from emergency services quickly shut Jennelle down when she said she wanted CPS involved…..She told Jennelle that had nothing to do with “This Call” and Jenelle would have to contact CPS on her own !

      2. Jenelle is just so determined to be spiteful that she doesn’t realize that “a few phone calls” aren’t going to automatically get those children sent back to “The Land”

  4. Apparently david walked into or out of court today with a fat sack of paperwork evidence on everyone involved in the case. Radar says it’s the caseworkers “record” from over 10 years ago so who knows??? Any court updates on today @ The Ashley???? I don’t trust radar – I did see the video and they were very friendly with radar?!?!?

        1. Hiya friend, How are you ?
          David’s CLEARLY got a LOT of reading words to learn…. Maybe he’ll learn the difference between “arrested” and ” HAressted”.
          Have you seen the TMZ article that David has apparently made a 911 call in regards to Barb and Ensley? He also wants CPS involved!!!!!!!!!.
          Nathan made a HUGE mistake inviting those two swamp creatures into his home!!!

          1. Hiya my friend, no I’m not on Facebook. I used to be but then I got sick of to many dickheads lol. I’ve been thinking about getting back on it though and just keeping my settings reallly private. I’m in Australia;where are you from hun ?

          2. Hiya friend in the UK 😊 How are you doing,? I’ve got a bit of reading to catch up on as well , I’ve been off line for a few days, sick with the bloody flu!!! AND I got soooooo pissed off when I read those feral f*****s got the kids back, I was furious. I’m going to have to catch up on everything!

          1. Hiya my friend Is this you ? LOL. I’m having a bit of a blonde moment myself 😂😂😂🤣 Where is DEJESUSGAWDLEAH? I’m lost 👱‍♀️👱‍♀️👱‍♀️👱‍♀️

          2. Hiya friend, I’m SERIOUSLY confused lol. Where’s DEJESUSGAWDLEAH gone ? Who’s who? I’ve been off line the last few days.
            I had my mumma’s funeral to deal with and then the FLU knocked me on my ass !
            Now I come back and the SWAMP CREATURES have got the kids back…… WTF????????

        2. Hiya my friend Is this you ? LOL. I’m having a bit of a blonde moment myself 😂😂😂🤣 Where is DEJESUSGAWDLEAH? I’m lost 👱‍♀️👱‍♀️👱‍♀️👱‍♀️

    1. Mmmmmmmmm I agree with your opinion on Radar. It pisses me off the way they’re aways “CHEERING” Jennelle and David on !
      Stick up for the kids !!!!!! Bloody hell. It’s them that need the comfort and support!

  5. Well done Nathan and Ashley. Good move.
    Regardless of what they’ve done jenelle is and always will be his mum, they are linked forever. Kaiser will love his mum almost no matter what a fuck up she is. She will be in his life physically or emotionally forever, so Nathan being the good guy and facilitating this is always in kaisers best interest. It will have been a couple of hours where they’d see the kaiser open presents play with friends and just be busy.
    Ensley and jace are kaisers siblings so absolutely should be invited, Maryssa is not kaisers sibling.

    Nathan’s playing a wise long game

  6. I have read and agree with a lot of people’s opinions on this site. I think all of us (except for the douche that asked for jenelle to get a break) are only wanting the best for the kids. And to keep them away from the Land. The only thing I wish is that there was a No David policy on the party. Jenelle, you are invited but David is not. She never would have showed up without her “support” who actually got her kids taken away from her. She will never wake up and until people finally start putting limits down on her, she will never change. She has lost everything and still stands by his side. I honestly doubt she will ever change.

    1. I can’t even look at that monster dog murderer without physically getting sick! I just see the fear in Nugget’s eyes and how that darling puppy was killed. I’ll never get over that. If I saw that monster in person, I would just tear into him. And the monster mom thinks this is okay? She’s a sorry piece of shit! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I wish he’d bash her head into a table and beat her senseless.

      1. DISGUSTING isn’t it!….. Nathan has lost a bit of credibility with me ! HOW the fuck does anyone in their right mind invite evil like that into their home ??????? That puppy could quiet easily have been Kaiser! The neanderthal is a fuckng physco !

  7. I just know that monster made jenelle throw away kaiser’s matching necklace because nathan bought it and it makes david “ look bad”. He does not Care about Kaiser’s feelings, obviously. I wish Nathan could see that. The crucifix is probably hanging upside down buried next to the animal sacrifice formerly known as Nugget. Nathan get into reality and protect your child!

    1. Nathan had his chance and he blew it! Now let’s all pray that those babies don’t suffer at the evil wrath of swamp man !

  8. Ashley, your article said Kaden wasn’t there. Jenelle said he was when someone asked on Instagram. Is she just being her usual self and lying?

  9. I think it says a lot of Nathan that he invited Jenelle, shows the judge that he can cooperate and is trying to work with Jenelle so that she can see her son. That being said, I DO NOT in any way agree with David being allowed anywhere near ANY of the kids. Especially Kaiser. If he wouldn’t hadn’t been invited, I am sure she wouldn’t have even bothered to show up. Which would have spoke volumes about her not trying to even see her kids.

    1. 100% agree! I figured that’s the only reason why David was there….Nathan knew that Jenelle wasn’t going anywhere without her bitch husband, and he wanted Kaiser to see his mom, so he bit the bullet and invited both of them. It’s truly sad how she consistently chooses her partner over her own children. I just hope she doesn’t regain any type of custody. She’s a really bad mom.

  10. As someone who works in the world of CPS, this will absolutely help Nathan in his bid for custody. Judges try to balance best intrest of children with the parent most likely to continue to encourage an ongoing relationship with the other parent. I’m sure his lawyer advised him of this. It’s a good tactic and shows his willingness to provide safe interaction with Kaiser

  11. I am proud that things are some what better for them i hope they dont lose custody all the way from the kids. They need to just all get along and think about how the kids will feel about things not pull them around on leashes that make them hate people in the long run for this.

  12. I’ve read all comments and there’s good points but I stand by my original opinion-bad idea. You lose credibility when your saying these people aren’t fit to parent but come on over and let’s kick it.
    Everyone has been an enabler for jenelle to continue her ways. Maybe if someone got tough, said absolutely not she’d grow up.
    And they ALL need to get off instagram!

    1. I disagree
      He didnt drop Kaiser off at Jenelles.
      He doesnt want to keep Kaiser from Jenelle. He believes David is unfit & needs to be supervised & he was. There was several adults around to supervise him.
      This shows that Nathan isnt a vindictive person & he wants whats best for his son.
      Nathan tweeted that he asked his lawyer about it, the lawyer thought it was a great idea & the 2 lawyers worked it out.
      It shows how mature Nathan is & how insane David is when he talks about Nathan

  13. I think it’s lovely that Nathan and Ashley threw a simple, family birthday party, which Kaiser appears to have hugely enjoyed. The fancy birthdays, with the magicians, bouncy castles, etc look good, but how much does the birthday kid get out of something like that? I like this, where the birthday kid is the center of attention, not gimmicky “fun”.

  14. im worried that this could wreck nathans case. it could show that nathan isnt scared to have david around kasier which could lead david and jenelles lawyers to use this against nathans custody arrangement he is going for. All of nathans testimoney could be seen as nil in void. He should have just had jenelle around. I dont get these people at all. Why would you want someone like david around, even if there were heaps of adults around. He beat and killed a dog infront of your son. Youve accused him of beating your son and leaving bruisers on his body and now youre just going to let him over for your sons birthday party and not have a superviser court person there. in my opinion this was a stupid move on nathans part. david and jenelles lawyers will use this.

    1. They didn’t need to have a “supervisor court person there” as they had tons of witnesses, and UBT isn’t going to flex because he isn’t alone with the kids. Nathan made the right move and this will only help his case.

  15. Jenelle and David: *threatens to expose Nathan*

    Nathan: hey wanna come to kaisers birthday party?

    Jenelle and David: yeah that sounds great


  16. Smart on Nathan’s part to do this as others have commented. He couldn’t exclude David because that would seem petty. And David isn’t going to act like an ass in front of people. He’s an abusive psychopaths. Those types only shower their abuse on people/animals that can’t defend themselves.

    What i see in these pictures is a happy healthy clean child. In Jenelle’s IG I see a dirty, sad, unhealthy child. I think the pix are very telling.

    What I find so funny and I think maybe Nathan feels is…all this time Jenelle has been talking smack about his parenting, and how his mother has to be around, and now he controls things and she’s the proven loser parent. Good for him. He really didn’t say much every time she bad-mouthed him. He seems to have really grown up and seems like a sweet person who has changed once realizing how important his children are.

    I hope the courts do NOT give the children back. You can see the difference in them. Living under a constant amount of yelling, screaming, belittling, etc. really beats a person down. And for children it really changes them for a lifetime. Having someone who is kind and loving, albeit not that smart (Nathan), is far better than some know it all abuser.

    1. Yes, I’m VERY proud of Nathan for this move – he also cleared with his lawyer and the court, so they know it was his *idea* to play nice for the birthday. Also if he’s in good standing with Babs (and I looks like it) that looks even better to a judge for co-parenting and keeping Kaiser’s siblings in his life. David was not going to risk being a turd with all those people, especially now that he knows he is being watched very closely and it would not have benefitted him to get into a fight. I can only hope Nathan does end up with primary custody, if he can continue to invite Jenelle over and it’s civil, it looks like Kaiser is thriving away from the Land

    2. I see the points made about being the better man. Regardless I would just have to be seen as “petty” because I would not in my lifetime ask the person who has physically and verbally abused my son to come to his party and serve him up some cake and ice cream.

      1. I don’t think you are seeing the bigger picture. Jenelle is still Kaiser’s mother, regardless of everything she has does wrong. That matters. Obviously Jenelle is not going to come without David, as Nathan stated, there were a lot of adults at the party and Kaiser was not left alone with David.

        1. Yup. Jenelle is his mother. David is not his father and no one owed him an invitation, especially because, you know, the abuse he’s subjected Kaiser to for years, and the killing of the dog in front of him. Invite Jenelle, don’t invite David who is the reason this all started, and see what’s her priority: her psycho husband or her son. I think we all know the answer. They can’t even be bothered to go to their court appointed visits that shows how much they really care.

          1. Very DISAPPOINTING, If they felt it absolutely necessary to invite Jennelle then so be it ( a ridiculous idea) but if she refused to go because swamp man wasn’t invited…then that falls back on Jennelle!

        2. If Jennelle was invited and chose not to go because David wasn’t invited then it falls back on her….She has then jus ONCE AGAIN picked her husband over her child!

        3. In reply to Kesha Concert– these kids are doomed. Unfortunately, all adults involved and the lawyers think like you. You care more about Jenelle than these poor kids. Having David at the party sends mixed signals to these abused kids. When David gets the kids back on the land, these poor children may not speak out next time they are abused.

          1. You should realize Jenelle and David can both have supervised visits at the visitation center with Kaiser. They are being supervised, quite closely I’m sure, by all the adults at the party (8 if I recall). Nathan has called the cops and CPS so many times, I doubt Kaiser was out of his sight.

            I care about Kaiser and I’m sure it would matter to him if his mom was not at his birthday.

      2. I’m with you, I’d rather be seen as petty;than invite the evil that those children had been removed from and bring that evil into the place that is now supposed to be their place of safety and security!

  17. Very mature of Nathan and Ashley seems like a Godsend. I hope she and Nathan make it for the long haul.

  18. I hate to see David around Kaiser.
    If those two get the children back I hope Nathan doesnt think they will give him the same loyalty.Because they won’t.
    Does two are and always will be scumbags

  19. First thing I noticed about the picture of Jenelle holding Kaiser is that she is not wearing the cross necklace that he had his Daddy get for her. The fact that it would have meant so much to her son to see her wearing the necklace, and it most likely never even entered mind, is so sad.

  20. I get what he was doing, but I wouldn’t have invited David…but as sick as Jenelle is, Nathan probably knew she wouldn’t come to her child’s birthday party without her abusive, bigot, POS husband…I just hope this didn’t help Jenelle and David’s custody case. It comes off as they are capable of coparenting, and Jenelle and David need to be stripped of all their parental rights.

  21. Oh good one Nathan- I hope you locked up your dogs 🙄 I’m guessing David left the birthday card that said ‘you’re a bitch like your dad’ at home…

    1. Bad move Nathan! David is a narc psycho who will not hesitate to further abuse your son. This makes it look like you can “get along” with him. Wrong! Barbara is also too dumb to know this. Your lawyer sucks, you need a more knowledgable lawyer! Of course their lawyer will OK this! You could have only invited Janelle, not David! Please find out more about abusive narcissists. Remember he was beating your child! Do not be in denial about David and slack off on this custody case!

  22. I am glad to see growns up acted like grown ups for the sake of the chdren but this should not change the fact that David or Jenelle should NOT have custody of any kid…it’s pretty bad when one of the children can’t even look in the face of the adults…(Dvids oldest daughter…smart chd stick to your guns girl …what you went through with the others in that hell house should of never of been….no custody of any I say

  23. I am glad to see growns up acted like grown ups for the sake of the chdren but this should not change the fact that David or Jenelle should NOT have custody of any kid…it’s pretty bad when one of the children can’t even look in the face of the adults…(Dvids oldest daughter…smart chd stick to your guns girl …what you went through with the others in that hell house should of never of been….no custody of any I say

  24. At the end of the day Jenelle’s
    Teen Mom gig is a meal ticket for all involved (David, Nathan, Barbara).
    I’m sure they would like to get her to a place where MTV takes her back.
    So, they play a long with the happy family gig. Thinking they can control the situation while she has lost custody.
    I can understand Nathan not wanting to prevent Kaiser having a relationship with his mother and Jenelle probably would not have attended without David.
    But, I’m not sure what message it sends to Kaiser to have his abuser at his birthday party.

  25. I’m so happy they all got along,seems to me Nathan’s trying to be the better person and extending the olive branch….HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kaiser!

  26. Nathan has truly become a class act. I believe his current girlfriend is a great influence, too. Good for him, good for the kids. I’m very happy to see a positive update in all of this.

    1. I am glad to see growns up acted like grown ups for the sake of the chdren but this should not change the fact that David or Jenelle should NOT have custody of any kid…it’s pretty bad when one of the children can’t even look in the face of the adults…(Dvids oldest daughter…smart chd stick to your guns girl …what you went through with the others in that hell house should of never of been….no custody of any I say

  27. There is enough evidence over the years of the attempts by Nathan to try to co-parent amicably with these people. He even offered for Jenelle to visit with Kaiser as recently as when Kaiser first got removed. This virtue signaling “special request” to the court by Nathan and Ashley was not necessary especially at such a critical time. Get legal custody of the child FIRST to assure his safety. Virtue signal all you want AFTER. It took too long and too much damage to get the courts to even listen to your concerns so don’t blow it now by demonstrating with your actions that Jenelle and David have somehow made positive changes in the last month to warrant altering a court ordered, professionally supervised visitation schedule. #WWJD? Probably not this if it risked playing a role in housing his little lamb with two wolves.

    1. Judges look VERY favorably at this kind of behavior. I know a judge, first sign of baby momma drama makes that parent lose some standing. It’s about the best interest of the child, not your petty mudslinging at the other parent. Nathan having Kaisers mother at his birthday party was kind and smart of nathan. Shows his maturity and rationale. He didn’t allow jenelle and David to take kai somewhere. No no no, you can’t, I’m not, no. Isn’t going to help nathan, being open and flexible will. Being flexible was the theme for my kindergartners classroom.

      1. Could not agree more. This only demonstrates Nathan’s dedication to making Kaiser’s life happy by keep his mother in his life. Even though we all suspect that The Land is a horror show (and it probably is), Kaiser still needs his mother in his life if she wants to be there. He wasn’t sending Kaiser to The Land on his own – he invited them to a party. I can’t think of one reason a halfway decent judge would see this as anything that Nathan proving his the better custodial parent for Kaiser because he’s showing he’s not trying to keep Juhnelle away, just trying to keep Kaiser safe and out of a harmful situation.

        And you know that had Juhnelle not been invited she would have been squawking about not being included in Kaiser’s birthday. And had Lurch not been invited to, she would have refused to go then squawked about him not being invited and he’s her husband, and blah blah blah.

        Were Nathan’s intentions completely honorable – did he really just do it so Kaiser’s mother was at his birthday party? Nah – I wouldn’t go that for – there’s strategy involved I’m sure. But no matter his true intention, at the end of the day it ended up being a great day for Kaiser and that’s what is important. Poor little boy needs some of those in his life.

      2. There’s an order in place! No outside visitations without cps representation. So people are fooled by this bs? God help those kids when mammy and pappy get them back. Do you really think they are not going to get back at kids? There is no happy ending in the future. Go raid the meth lab on the land and be done with it.

        1. The court OKed this. Go ring up the judge and tell him that it was wrong of him to violate his own order. Go ahead, we’ll wait for it to be explained to you that the order is still in place and the court can OK exceptions within parameters without impacting the the order.

    2. I basically just said the same thing. While what Nathan did was very big of him, I feel like the courts may see that, and award Jenelle and David some custody. I understand she’s his mother and he’s not trying to keep his kid from his mom, but David is not his father. Nathan needs to keep his child as far away from that ticking time bomb as possible…don’t give these 2 assholes a leg to stand on in court.

    3. The fact he hashtagged WWJD…I’m sure Jesus wouldn’t have Kaiser around the man that beats and degrades him, but I digress.

  28. Two days ago David is threatening to “ tell all”, now they’re BOTH invited to the family home? Maybe I beat to a different drum, it’s too suspicious.
    I thought Nathan wanted David no where around his son, so invite him to your house? 👍
    The sheriffs department wants us to believe that they basically need the national guard in order to step foot on his property, Nathan seems to think 8 adults (3 are senior citizens) is sufficient, ok then.
    They all need their heads examined!

  29. That’s called successful co-parenting. Kudos to Nathan & Ash fir suggesting it & getting the lawyers & courts ok.

    If the situation was reversed I’m sure Jenelle would never have thought to do that

    1. Well done Nathan you did a good thing for Kaiser and the judge is also going to award major points to you. Probably didn’t want David there but we know jenelle wouldn’t go if he wasn’t there. You showed up as the bigger better man Nathan. Once again well done

  30. Where’s the cross necklace Kaiser gave Jenelle… would have been an appropriate time to wear it… guess David wouldn’t allow that

  31. I don’t understand why Nathan invited either of them. Jenelle isn’t a good mother. Never saw on the show in 10 years that she was. I remember J throwing Kaiser in his baby bed in the dark with no bottle and closing the door. That was Kaiser night time routine. I never saw J once cook for her kids. They got Pizza or hot dogs. I could understand why N invited them if they were normal people but they’re not normal. D was on tv for being a bad father. The cops said D was the most dangerous person in 3 counties. D’s Daughter who is old enough to make her own mind want nothing to do with him. D physically, mentally abused, and starved K. HELL NO D would not step foot around my child. N himself posted pics of the abuse. It’s about making the child feel safe. The videos J posted K looked terrified. In conclusion I hope N isn’t getting cold feet about getting custody of K. K needs to feel safe and secure. K needs to be a kid and not have to worry about anything.

      1. Those scenes are forever seared in my head. The idea of that baby being thrown in his crib with ketchup and grease all over his face and hands just killed me. MTV filmed him standing in his crib, crying in the dark.
        Because it can’t be said enough: Jenelle is NOT brainwashed. She was always, always a terrible “mother”. No maternal instincts whatsoever.

    1. Because it would have looked bad on Nathan when Juhnelle and Lurch brought up in court that Juhnelle was excluded from her son’s 5th birthday.

      I’m sure Nathan really does want Kaiser to have his mother, but in controlled environments. I’m 99.83% positive that Nathan wasn’t turning cartwheels at the thought of those 2 at the party. And you never know – Kaiser may have been upset about all of this and was missing his mom. Unfortunately because he’s been around this so long, he doesn’t know the way he was treated wasn’t normal, so he probably misses his mom. As he gets older he’ll realize it isn’t normal, and that he’s in a better place with Doris (Nathan), but he’ll still want his mom.

  32. I don’t understand why so many people are mad that Jenelle celebrated with them. I can understand being mad about David, but Jenelle is STILL Kaiser’s mother and Kaiser STILL loves his mother. I’m actually glad that they were there and hope this opens up a path where they can do more things like this. I’m hoping for the very best outcome from all of this whatever that may be.

    1. She’s his mother but can’t even go to her visitations. That shows how much she cares about him. A mother is more than biology, she should have protected him from David, heck, she should have left that abusive scumbag years ago but she never did and never will. And that’s not even the only shitty parenting on her behalf, she was shitty long before David.

      1. YEP,,,, Her shitty parenting goes way back to Jace!…….
        I’m guessing she’s been a shit person her whole life!

  33. I would fire my lawyer for not telling me how crazy the idea was. Not in the middle of a custody case! You can’t go to court and testify how abusive things are and then agree to expose your kids to the abuse. There’s no playing nice with jenelle, you will always lose.

    1. 10000 percent. Way too soon for this Ashley, They’re trying to prove that he’s a danger to the kids but then brings him around the kids. I feel like the judge make take them less seriously now

    2. From a legal standpoint, it isn’t a crazy idea. It’s a smart idea – demonstrate that you are the one looking out for the best needs of the child. Demonstrate that you aren’t the parent trying to keep the kid away from the other one. Can you imagine what Juhnelle would have done if she wasn’t invited to her son’s party? Especially because she can’t have a party of her own with him outside a supervised visitation center? That would have shown Nathan in a very bad light.

      Inviting someone to your house for a party doesn’t automatically mean you’ll send your kid with them alone at any point. I’m sure you’ve had people in your house that you would NEVER turn around and say, “You know what? Go ahead and take my kid for the afternoon.”

      Juhnelle and Lurch are stupid as the day as long, but even a neanderthal like Lurch knows enough that if he’s in a large group of witnesses that will talk (looking at you, MTV/Teen Mom crew) to not do anything to Kaiser outside saying happy birthday and keeping his mouth shut.

  34. It’s not always in the child’s best interest to be around their parents. David is a dangerous person and Nathan is extremely naive and dumb if he thinks David wouldn’t do anything just because other people were around. He’s a psychopath-they don’t follow the rules. Jenelle has chosen David over all of her kids multiple times. She is unfit and I’m sure went to the party for a photo op.

  35. Everyone saying that it was ok for Jenelle to be there but not David is overlooking a critical piece. Jenelle doesn’t go ANYWHERE without David. She wouldn’t even do her (lucrative) job without him. Kaiser will learn in his life that his mom values dick more than him, but that doesn’t need to be the lesson of his 5th bday party.

    Instead the message was “I know you love your mommy, and she’s excited to see you for your Birthday! And Daddy, Grandma and Ashley will all be here with you making sure it’s a fun (read: safe) day”.

    And then there’s Jenelle. Oh Jenelle. Couldn’t resist the IG post, couldn’t just enjoy the gifted time with her family, had to post it on social media for the world. Because she finds no value in being a mom, she only values the validation she gets from total strangers for playing mom for a few minutes.

    Her son’s birthday is not the world’s business. If she hadn’t posted it it would have stated a happy, private family event. The lawyers and courts, and everyone in control of her future with her kids already knew about it, and it would have looked so much better for her to just enjoy the time with her kids. But no, she needs attention from the public much more than she actually needs her family.

    I am 100% convinced she spent the whole day looking for photo ops and trying to pick a fight with Barbara and/or Nathan.

  36. I can see inviting a mother who lost custody of her children because she had some kind of mental illness or drug addiction that made her unfit to care for her kids even though she loved them very much. Like if Corey has won custody of the twins when Leah was going through her addiction and other issues, I think it would be nice for him to invite Leah to their birthday party. There’s a difference between being a neglectful parent who just can’t do the best for her kids because she’s going through her own mental issues, and being a downright abusive parent.

    Jenelle and Lurch are abusive. They are mean and evil. He is literally murderous. Those children were physically and emotionally and mentally abused when they lived on the land. Jenelle and Lurch aren’t good people going through some issues that make them unstable parents at this moment, they are flat out evil people who have always been and always will be unfit parents.

    What was the point of this? How confusing for the kids. Kaiser had to be literally smuggled away from his school by CPS because the situation was so dangerous and explosive. He was in real and immediate danger! Now you’re inviting the man who flew into a murderous rage in front of the kids and killed the family dog to Kaisers birthday party? I bet none of those kids felt truly safe. They must have been constantly looking over their shoulder waiting for Lurch to blow up or Jenelle to throw a fit about something. You have kids testifying in court about the abuse they’ve endured—you’re telling them they need to be brave and strong and do this scary thing because it is super important that they and their siblings never have to go back to live on the Land with these monsters, and yet you invite the monsters to your house? The house where your kids are supposed to be feeling safe and secure? Where they’re learning to trust adults again? They’re putting their life at risk testifying against these people because they so desperately want to get and stay away from them, and then you’re undermining all that work and confusing them by making them interact and pose for pictures with the very people they’re testifying against? Why!?

    1. I have commented this elsewhere but I will also say it here : this was a very clever move from Ashley and Nathan. It will show the judges that they put Kaiser 1st, and that they are willing to co-parent peacefully.
      The contrast between them vs David and Jenelle will be even more obvious to the judges, and they will benefit from this.
      Also, since Jenelle and David will get some visitation back at some point, even if it’s supervised, I think it’s a good idea for Kaiser to be able to overcome his trauma by showing him that he will be protected from now on and that David cannot hurt him when Daddy or other adults are around. He won’t live in fear of David anymore.

      1. I was just about to add a second comment saying the same thing but you summed up my thoughts. I can understand anyone who thinks that this was a bad idea, but the bigger picture here (which is seems like Nathan and Ashley are focused on) is long term custody and this was a very smart move in that vein. Especially considering David and Jenelle kept Kaiser from Nathan for extended periods of time, the fact that even in the midst of a custody battle, he’s STILL willing to co-parent and create a sense of normalcy for Kaiser will probably be the move that gets him full custody.

  37. A judge might be quicker to give Nathan custody if he sees that Nathan is willing to coparent. Isn’t Nathan’s girlfriend a social worker? She may know that and that is why they came up with the idea to do that. However, they are better than I am because I never would have allowed that dog murderer in my home. Jenelle, yes, David, hell no.

  38. I think it was really mature of Nathan. I imagine he explained to Kaiser beforehand what was going to happen and that he was going to keep him safe.

  39. I’m so happy for them hope they get their kids back soon.I dont think they did anything that actually put their kids in danger. Just something that enraged a lot of people and rightfully so but at the end of the day the kids were never in danger.

    1. Never in danger?! David is a dangerous and abusive person, you must be on the same drugs that Jenelle is on to think otherwise. It’s great they were all able to be at Kaiser’s party, but those kids are most definitely not safe with these two secluded on the land. Anyone can put on an act in front of others for a few hours. These two are psychotic behind close doors.

      1. But they weren’t on The Land for the party. Juhnelle and Lurch weren’t alone with the kids. The kids weren’t in danger at the party – there were other adults around that would talk if Juhnelle or Lurch did anything (unlike those spineless MTV/Teen Mom crew that hide behind some scummy lawyer instead of following this law and reporting the abuse). They knew this, so they didn’t do anything but put on a show.

        I think people need to understand the fact that there has been nothing done to indicate that Juhnelle will lose her parental rights. Residential and primary custody? Hopefully, but if so she’ll still have visitation (supervised or otherwise). People (not you, but others here) act like Juhnelle will just straight up never be able to see Kaiser, Jace, and Ensley again and that’s just not true.

        1. (I know the OP meant they weren’t in danger period. That obviously isn’t the case. They weren’t in danger at the party, but The Land is, I believe, a horror show. But people do need to understand – the chances of Juhnelle completely losing those kids is very very low.)

    2. Are you on drugs? Literally as soon as he was old enough to talk Kaiser started telling people that David was hitting him. It’s been going on for years. Jenelle instigated an armed road rage incident ON CAMERA. The 911 transcripts prove an unstable environment of anger and violence. The police reports show that every room in the house bears evidence of violent outbursts. And you say the kids were never in danger? What the actual fuck is going on in your head?

      1. They weren’t in danger at the party. I know that’s not what OP meant (because oh hi Juhnelle), but at the party there was no danger. I don’t believe they will ever be in that type of danger again.

  40. In jenelle’s IG story – the corn one, shows David’s hands… is it just me or were there tell tale signs of injection marks?

  41. I understand where a lot of the comments are coming from. It seems ridiculous to have Jenelle and esp David at the party but this is exactly how foster care/kinship care works. Kaiser is little and probably asked if his mom would be there. Jenelle is the only mom he knows and we all know Jenelle would not have come without David. They invited them to a party with other adults watching their every move. If anything, the invitation by Nathan will prove to the court that he is trying to put his best foot forward. Until the court legally changes custody or terminates rights these knuckleheads will always be around. As a foster parent I’ve had to bring my kids to so many visits even though I didn’t think it was in their best interest because in the eyes of the law, biological family (mom or dad) comes first. The goal will always be reunification unless proven otherwise. In the end when J and D do the next crazy thing (it will happen) Nathan will look like the better person because he tried and J and D will lose because they can’t control themselves.

  42. I can only hope after this that after Nathan extending this courtesy that we see David back to his true colors to prove that Nathan is the agreeable one and David is still exactly who we thought thus helping Nathan out I hope. All the kids are thriving outside of the land and we all know why.

    1. The trouble with that is, Us as adults can maybe see Nathan’s strategy (if that’s what it is).
      All a 5 year old would see is , The very people they are/were frightened of have now been INVITED into the place they had actually started to feel safe!…..

      1. This so much. It’s a way for Nathan to show how he has matured and grown, understands that he needs to be civil to his child’s mom, and wants the best for Kaiser. But Kaiser and Ensley are way too young to understand everything that’s going on and what bigger picture this all fits into. They must have been so confused! First they get rescued from the land. Don’t see their mom and Lurch for weeks except in court. Then everybody’s there playing happy family? Let’s not forget that Kaiser is afraid of David and probably has a pretty good recollection of life on the land and the killing of Nugget.

    2. Kaiser looks so happy and peaceful in these photographs, like a normal 5 year old. Glad he got to celebrate his birthday with both him mum and dad, hope Nathan gains full custody permanently.

  43. I admire Nathan’s good intentions, but isnt it a sign for the kids that David is not that bad?Wouldnt they now start questioning the past? Mixed feelings here.

    ps it is like people tend to treat well nasty people in hope that they will become nice.

  44. Good job guys, everyone looks really happy. Jelly looked pretty fresh in those pics, way to pull it together girl. I think this is all going to work itself out here where everybody wins, well, except for Nugget. Nugget lost.

  45. Of course they post the picture. Everything she does Is calculated or because David tells her to. She is disgusting. And frankly I cannot believe nathan allowed both those pos to be around especially david. Hes a better person than me.

  46. The pic of kaiser and jenelle, his smile looks forced, not the ear to ear smile I saw of him with Nathan and Ashley.

  47. I’m going to DOWN VOTE this ! I’m actually really disappointed in this situation , Those poor little kids have had to suffer abuse on “The Land”, they’ve been through/ going through the traumatic experience of having to “talk up against their parents in court….if that wasn’t enough….. David and Jenelle were invited to play “Happy Families”.
    So now all the hard work is going to come undone !

      1. Nathan understands NC courts and he is the one in the courtroom, not us. On the off chance his kid goes back there why not try to create a friendship for the safety of his kid? This teaches his son forgiveness, not trust. It shows the court he can co-parent. All those yrs of Jenelle and D throwing private parties and keeping him from his son. Shows the court how ridiculous they are. Nathan is a good dad.

    1. I’m so disappointed in Nathan, allowing your sons abuser to be around your son, after saying he’d do all he can to protect kaiser and that lurch is never to be allowed around kaiser.

      You’ve just seriously jeopardised your custody case.

      All the kids including Jace, should be adopted out.

      I’m fkn fuming, both you and jenelle have failed your kids.

      I’m shocked you would put your sons future to being returned to the land.

      Shame on you, I was rooting for you, but your an ass for allowing this, as are the dumb ass lawyers who agreed that this was a good idea!!!!

      1. That’s not correct – from a legal standpoint this was a great move on Nathan’s part. He’s showing he’s not trying to keep his son’s mother from him, he’s showing he’s willing to co-parent without being an asshat about it.

        This isn’t going to help Junelle and Lurch in the slightest. They point of the case isn’t that they don’t know how to act in public with their children – the point of the case is that they don’t know how to act on The Land with their children. They were in public with lots of people around. This is only going to help Nathan.

        (Now, all that being said, it seems like NC courts are a bit backward, but based on other things decided in the case, I can’t imagine the judge will see this as anything but trying to make a kid happy for a few hours for his birthday and not an indicator and Juhnelle should be mother of the year.)

      2. I was right in my comment.

        Nathan has handed kaiser back to his abusers for doing this.

        1. I still can’t get over that ! What the fuk were these people thinking? From Nathan and Barb right through to the judge and the lawyers ! Those poor kids, they will probably never trust anyone again !

    2. I totally agree! I do not think this is healthy at all, considering how early in this investigation it is. Jenelle and David haven’t seemingly done anything to start repairing their familial relationships. Kaiser is literally being subjected to alleged abusers again.

      1. What a ridiculous decision to make on Nathan’s behalf! Its probably now going to make his case really weak,How can he be expect his case to be taken seriously?
        He’s INVITED his sons abuser into his home ; to all hold hands , gather round and sing kumbya.

  48. What the actual…….F
    Yes, Nathan has a point to include your ex-partner and their husband BUT not when the ex-partner is a ‘non-mom’ who condones abuse of said birthday boy and her huzzband has physically and verbally abused the birthday boy.
    This is nuts. Poor Kaiser – I hope he was so overcome with excitement on his special day that he didn’t mind seeing UBT and Jenelle and let them bring a dark cloud over the mood.

  49. I don’t think I have ever seen Kaiser so happy, seeing his mom (and Lurch) didn’t affect his mood at all, he is just so happy!

    And I know this is an unpopular opinion but it shows Nathan’s character. Obv he would step up if Lurch wanted to do something to his son! And YOU KNOW Jenelle wouldn’t have come without her man, they are just so dependent of each other.

    1. exactly, but thats where his lawyer should have stepped up! jenelle lawyer can use it against nathan “nathan invited david so even he does not think he is dangerous ” etc

      1. Nathan, I don’t know if you put on this “Good guy” show , inviting the swamp creatures into the place that the children were moved to thinking it would “score you good guy points”…..What you have done is actually let down alot of people YOUR SON most importantly. You took him out of the abuse only to invite it BACK IN ! I’m fucking furious!

  50. So disappointed that Nathan and Ashley dont realize that having David there helps David get these kids back on the land so he can abuse them even more. Nathan says it was his and Ashley’s idea to have David and Jenelle there because “what would Jesus do.” Well David and Ashley you both are both complicit for what these poor kids will endure.

  51. there is no reason for david to be there I get janelle but no not david. just makes me believe what I’ve said all along these idiots will get the kids back. And david will go back to being himself probably worse because he knows they told on him and someone will end up dead before the end of the year. The first judge wouldn’t have allowed it again putting her needs before her kids but she whines and the judge gets removed there is zero hope for these kids

    1. Please – Nathan knew that Juhnelle would never come if Lurch wasn’t also invited. Nathan knew that Juhnelle would be squawking for all the world to hear if she was excluded from her son’s birthday (and to her, no invite to Lurch would have been Nathan excluding her, right or wrong). Nathan knew that it would be best to extend the invitation.

  52. Wow, wtf, I’m starting to doubt any iif them and their capabilities to look after these poor kids.

  53. What the actual fuck? Who in the world thought this was a good idea? Let the abuser around Kaiser again, on the poor boy’s birthday. It’s not nice, it’s confusing and scary for those poor kids. I can already see mr. and mrs. lurch gloating on social media “they love us so much, we’ll get them back any minute now…”

    1. Sorry I accidentally hit the down button…. I’m SOOOOOOO pissed off !
      I can’t believe that David and Jenelle were invited in to play “Happy Families “

  54. While I absolutely abhor Lurch and Jenelle, I think that Nathan was right to invite them to the party, on his turf, his rules. As much as all of us viewers know, Jenelle is not fit to mother a houseplant, but the reality is that she’s Kai’s mother and he does love her in spite of the horrible decisions she’s made on his behalf (he knows no different). Kai is a beautiful boy with a beaming face that lights up when he’s with his father. I rolled my eyes until they just about got stuck; like everyone else, when Jenelle and Nathan decided to get pregnant with him like 30 minutes after they met, but they made a beautiful child that has unfortunately been through a lot already, but it seems that Nathan has really matured and is trying to get him in a safe environment. Don’t get me wrong, his motivation might be from trying to look good to the public, it might be because Doris put his ass in check or out of genuine love and concern for that beautiful child, either way I’m rooting for him and I think he’s doing everything right for now. Also his girlfriend deserves a shout out, because from all I’ve seen she seems like the real deal, genuinely loving Kai and caring for his welfare, I don’t get the stink of reality-tv wannabe from her at all (remember when Jenelle lost her s**t at her at the reunion two(?) years ago in LA, because Babs gave her a hug, but she wouldn’t take the bait? Classic.) So glad to see a little positivity come out of this s**t-show, even though I’m sure they’ll be back at it next week.

    1. I agree with you about Nathan proving himself as a mature parent. And his girlfriend seems really nice. BUT having David over??? The “mom” Jenelle and, of course, nana Babs – but the vicious unhinged man accused of beating the birthday kid (and his mom…)? I mean the mental abuse that we’ve witnessed would be enough for me to say “sorry, but not sorry, you are not welcome in our house – not on monday, not on tuesday and nowhere in hell on my kids birthday”. If that means Jenelle couldn’t/was not allowed to attend then thats on her. I’m sure Kai would have a great b-day with his dad, siblings, grandmothers and dads loving girlfriend.

      1. I would’ve invited just Jenelle, not David because David is the abuser and no one is safe around him. And of course Jenelle would’ve said no-either David goes with her or she doesn’t go at all. That would have been a big nail in the coffin for them ever getting custody. That would be a big deal to a judge that a mother would miss an opportunity to celebrate her son’s bday and instead chose not to because of her husband. Nathan screwed up by inviting David.

    2. nope lurch had no business being there Janelle yes him no. also what happens when they get these kids back and they will and david decides to make them pay for what they did? because that will happen as well you don’t take a psychopath and think because he has to go to court he will change. not to mention he could go to therapy the rest of his life and still be the way he is. People like that do not change

    3. Your right. Kaiser probably told them he wanted his mom there. 5 yr olds are still very close to their mothers. Even Jace used to enjoy spending time with Jenelle when he was 5. I get it, but why did Jenelle have to make a statement and bring Lurch? She acts like has her bodyguard. He is a narcissist supreme. If he had a shred of decency he wouldn’t have shown his speckled face at that party, but nope, it looks like like Lurch was front and center trying to take over. At least he was smart enough to known not to start any shit. Maryssa is a smart girl. She didnt want any part of it and is done, done, done.

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