‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 8 Episode 4 Recap: A Post-Partum Pony & Pocketed Toddler T-Shirts

“It could be worse…you could be Starburst!”

It’s time once again to dive into the pool of trainwrecky and check in with our galpals from Teen Mom OG! As per usual, they’re complaining about everything and doing nothing. Before we can jump into this episode, let’s recap what happened on the last episode: yet another (female) baby was sprung from Catelynn‘s loins; Amber bossed her boyfriend around and shamed him for performing bodily functions on her time; Butch was apparently too busy prowlin’ the drug-filled streets to show up for his family, and Maci bitched about Ryan.

So, basically… it’s business as usual in Teen Mom Land.

(For this episode, The Ashley was only able to recap Catelynn’s and Maci’s parts. She basically made like Farrah‘s pants and went “half ass.”)

We start things off with Catelynn and Tyler. Now that they’ve successfully shucked the afterbirth off their newborn, they’re taking photos of their new daughter, Vaeda. (The Ashley still feels like the name “Not Tezlee” better suited the kid, but it is what it is…)

April is there, and probably marveling over the fact that her kids are rich enough to pay a real photographer to come to their house and take portraits of their kid. (I’d assume that when Catelynn was born, the only pictures April had taken were when Uncle Eddie brought over his Kodak Funsaver disposable camera and needed to use up his roll of film from the local tractor show.)

“Baby photos taken right in your home! I feel like one of them rich bitches who go to the Portrait Studio at the JC Penny!”

Cate tells us that Nova is ignoring her baby sister. When Cate asks Nova if she wants to get in a picture with Vaeda, Nova runs away screaming “No! No! No! No!” (much like her dad Tyler probably did each time he found out Catelynn was having another baby girl).

Catelynn tells us that, in between organizing search parties to find Butch, dealing with a newborn and trying to make sure Nova doesn’t list her baby sister for sale on Craigslist, she is trying to take it easy so that the postpartum depression she had after giving birth to Nova doesn’t come back. 

Producer Kerthy comes over to share some wisdom with Cate and Ty.

“One of the things that can happen is the new parents can get distracted by the new baby,” she tells them. 

Cate insists that is not happening here. In fact, she tells us that she’s even willing to play “therapy horses” with Nova…but she sets an alarm so she doesn’t have to play a second more than she promised the kid.

I think that’s nice…

“I’m super busy, you know? I mean…my Instagram isn’t gonna check itself!”

Meanwhile, in Tennessee, it’s T-minus one week until Ryan, King of the Food City Floozies, is being released from the clink. Maci is nervous for when Ryan is once again a free man; however she doesn’t have any time to do much thinkin’ on Ryan because her clothing line has a big promotion coming up! 

(Have Maci and Taylor decided to finally launch that leather-pocketed beer pouch? Or perhaps that line of “Beer on Board” car stickers?) 

No…it’s actually a toddler clothing line that the oopsie babies, Jayde and Maverick, will be modeling! Bentley won’t be able to attend the shoot, as he is stuck at school.

“Dern all those learnings! I want all my babies to make a picture together!”

They have about 50 various leather-pocketed toddler tops to showcase, so the Oopsie Babies better get plenty of rest. Otherwise, Maci will have to make them “Smize” against their wills! 

Across town, Mackenzie is chatting with Larry and Jen about Ryan’s upcoming release from jail. Mackenzie tells them that Ryan calls her everyday, and Jen seems jealous, mentioning that Ryan has only strung up the jail’s tin can phone and called them three times since he’s been behind bars. 

All of a sudden— whatdya know?— the jailbird in questions calls in. Mackenzie answers the phone, and Ryan starts the convo off by complaining that he’s “tired as f**k.” (Apparently there’s a lot to do in ‘gel?’) 

Ryan makes his first “appearance” of the season…via jailhouse phone. It’s the best he’s looked in years…

Mackenzie tells Ryan she misses him, and Ryan tells her he misses her too– in between letting out ridiculously long yawns. It’s an incredibly awkward conversation and Ryan tells Mack he’ll call her tomorrow. She looks thrilled.

Seriously…was that call even worth Ryan stringing up the tin cans in the jail cell to make?

Mack says she can’t wait until Ryan is there with her to whisper these sweet nothings to her in person.

In Michigan, Cate is nervous that she’ll soon become exhausted and be back at rehab faster than you can say “Babies is hard.” In fact, she’s decided to treat herself to a day at the spa. (Perhaps she’s getting the ol’ hoo-ha waxed and freshened up so she and Tyler can start trying for that baby boy she promised him?) 

Unfortunately, though, Nova’s not thrilled with Catelynn’s plan. Nova throws a fit when she hears that Catelynn will not be playing dinosaurs with her all day and instead will be getting plucked and painted. She screeches and hides behind a curtain. Cate and Ty are laughing until Nova starts to mess up the curtain, and Tyler is not having it! 

Nobody messes with Daddy’s window coverings, girl! 

“My curtains may be ruined, but at least I found a beanie that can accommodate my Man Bangs, so there’s that!”

Nova wants to go to the spa with Catelynn but she’s stuck watching Tyler tend to the baby at home. (Maybe if the kid gets lucky she’ll get to watch Tyler clip his toenails on the coffee table?) 

Nova’s just screaming “I WANT TO!” over and over again, as April nyucks it up in the corner. 

“She wouldn’t wanna go if she knew all they do there is wax cooters!”

Cate kisses a crying Nova and heads out for her spa day. 

Soon, Catelynn’s face-deep in a mud mask, having someone massage her head. She’s happy she took a mental health day away from her two screaming kids. Catelynn does decide that, despite Nova’s massive tantrum, she should get a surprise.

Cate tells an exhausted-looking Tyler that someone in their ‘hood is hawking mini ponies for only $500! Tyler seems to have no idea why his wife is telling him this, but the horror spreads across his face when he realizes that Cate wants to buy yet another animal.

This is different than the disastrous mini pig…and the various therapy horses, etc., she insists. This will be a gift for Nova to let her know that she is loved, despite the new spawn that’s invaded their farmhome.

When your shirt spells out your feelings about your wife asking you to buy her another animal she won’t take care of…

Tyler’s worried that Cate’s sudden hankering for animal buyin’ could be a sign of her postpartum coming back. Catelynn insists she’s fine and just wants to add to her menagerie of animals.

Tyler says he was fine with Cate taking mental health spa days and whatnot, but he’s not thrilled about adding another living thing to his list of things he must feed each day.

“God Lord, she’s like Noah! She wants to have two of every animal!”

Tyler finally tells Catelynn she can buy whatever assorted farm animals her heart desires, which makes her happy. Cate says she’ll give it a lot of thought before purchasing the pony.

Spoiler alert: they get the pony.

Catelynn tells us that she doesn’t think adding another horse to their growing animal population will be more stress. (Um?) 

“It’s the right thing for Nova,” Cate adds.

Later, she tells her family that she thought about this pony-buying caper for a loooong time before actually she bought the horse— almost five WHOLE days! 

When your wife can’t stop buying random farm animals or having girl babies…

Tyler says he finally agreed to get the pony when he realized that riding was something Nova and Cate could do together.

In Tennessee, it’s the day of the photoshoot, and Maci and Taylor are stressing out that they won’t get their leather-pocketed Toddler Tee line photographed in time. (Where’s Uncle Eddie’s Funsaver camera when you need it?!) 

“This is crap. Nova got a pony and didn’t have to model weird T-shirts.”

After a while, they’ve finished shooting the children’s line, but then Maci and Taylor have to head out to a creepy cabin in the woods to shoot the adult line. She and Taylor are both modeling some hoodies. Soon, the shoot ends and everyone celebrates bringing weird T-shirts to the kindergarten demographic with some Bud Lights. 

We then get to watch Mackenzie get a pedicure (ooooh, aaaah!) As the lady sands down her clodhoppers, Mackenzie tells her friend that she’s worried about Ryan being different when he gets released from the clink.

Will he start trying to burrow out of rooms via a chisel and cover up his wall hole with a Raquel Welsh poster? Will he start wading in their sewer system to practice for the time when he may need to make an escape? Will he start wearing only orange jumpsuits exclusively? (Hopefully Maci’s T-shirt company releases a line of jailbird wear to help him out!) 

Mack is also worried Ryan won’t want her anymore after his release. 

“That’s why I’m gettin’ my feet all purdied up for him!”

Mackenzie says that Ryan’s stay in jail has been an eye-opener for him.

“Ryan’s starting to realize that he’s around some pretty hard criminals,” Mack says. 

Ummm…it’s “gel” not the Holiday Inn! What did he expect?!

“He’s starting to realize he doesn’t ever want to be there that long again,” she adds.

Or… you know… ever again?

Meanwhile, in Tennessee, Maci and Taylor (wearing matching TTM shirts, naturally) sit down to chat about how to talk to Bentley about his dad’s release from jail. (I mean, really, doesn’t everyone have to have this convo with their kids at some point or another?) They agree that Bentley is used to his dad being a general disappointment to his loved ones, and he’s taking it in stride. 

“We really should talk about our TTM Inmate’s Line if we want to have it ready for the next time Ryan goes to jail…”

To read The Ashley‘s recap of the previous episode of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ click here

(Photos: MTV) 


  1. Cate and Tyler are the only OG’s I have respect for!! While yes, they became parents young, they did what was best for there child (gave her to a family that would be able to give her more than they could), they are still together and seem stronger than ever before!!!! They seem to be loving parents to Nova and Vaeda. So who cares what she does with their $, they discussed it and agreed that it was a good purchase. And Cate explained her reasons for the pony. But it DOES NOT matter what others opinions about it are, the only opinions that matter on this topic are theirs!!!!

  2. I cannot understand Caitlyn’s reasoning for buying yet another expensive, hard to care for animal? She has time for this? Why would she need a pony to help bond with her daughter? You can easily bind with Nova in dozens of other ways. Ever hear of coloring books and crayons? Doing a jigsaw puzzle? Going for a damn walk maybe??? These people are ridiculous and Tyler is an idiot who allows this nonsense to continue.
    Amber, if you allow yourself to get pregnant so soon after your son I have no words for you. If this was a healthy functioning woman, then I’d have no problem with it. But she’s not. She struggles CONTINUOUSLY with very very serious mental health issues that she can’t seem to get a handle on. Pregnancy doesn’t help this and the demands of childcare only make it worse. She’s a damn fool and so is Andrew

  3. Did you see Leah’s face when Amber announced she may be pregnantnt? That shady camera man caught that side eye. I was digsusted when Amber and Andrew were talking about Leah watching the baby. She’s your kid not the babysitter. Thank goodness Leah has Gary and Chrisitna because Amber is trash. Amber never babysat anybody’s kid not even her own but she wants to turn Leah into a nanny.

    1. I was just about to post the same thing! That look on Leah’s face said what everyone else was thinking.

  4. It’s sad. Caitlyn doesn’t appear connected to Nova at all.
    I’m not sure why they chose to bring another child into the mix.
    C&T’s relationship is textbook codependent.

    1. They had another kid because Tyler has been very vocal about wanting a boy. It’s really fucked up.

    2. And The way they were laughing when she was having a melt down because caitlin was leaving instead of laughing why dont u sit her down and tell her mommy’s always come back and comfort her. And stupid april laughing along with them ugh…. the kid remember her leaving for long periods of time. She doesnt have a motherly bone in her body. Let’s buy her a pony to make up for a of it also!. These kids need therapy. What really got me was how they talk about how they cant see carly all the time yet the dont send her cards or pictures or presents. What the hell is wrong with them.

  5. Call me crazy but I love the pocket tees, reminds me of my grandpa, that’s where he kept his marlboros.

    I also give credit to any teen mom taking advantage of the opportunities they come by. I would.

    Mackenzie is just not an interesting person.

    1. I also kind of like the T-shirt’s! Not enough for the whole line, but I’d have one of them in my closet.

    2. I’m happy for Maci that she has the t-shirt line going. At least she isn’t sitting on the couch all day.

      1. I mean it has lasted several seasons. They built it slowly and sustainably. Any other clothing lines I can think of were single-season only.

  6. All of these bastard children are too much to take. Cancel this show already.

  7. All of these people look like circus side show freaks with their crazy ass tattoos, piercings, ear lobe gauging (yea you Maci). Good thing they’re getting money from MTV for now because they will never make it in the professional world even of they were to get an education and credentials to try and make something of themselves, that’s for sure. They are all a bunch of trashy people. Yuck!!

  8. I don’t really watch this show anymore, just read recaps.. but did Ty or Cate ever get a degree in anything? Those 2 are certainly good in talking the talk, but not walking the walk. They know all the buzzwords, and the right stuff to say to make it sound good, but never follow through. I think Cate would make a good adoption counselor, but I’m pretty sure you need some type of counselor certification to do that, not just a background of being a birth mom.
    As for Maci, I’m rolling my eyes so hard at ‘oopsie’ babies lol… yeah, ONE baby you can maybe call an oopsie baby, if birth control fails, or whatever. Two babies practically back to back by the looks of it?! Either she’s incredibly stupid and paid no attention to high school (or middle school) health class, or she low key wanted those babies. Doesn’t she know pregnancy is 100% preventable? Go to itsyoursexlife.com 😂

    1. I would rather not have Catelynn become an adoption counselor. She’s pretty disrespectful of boundaries, even talking about B&T and Carly on last night’s episode. They’ve been pretty clear that they don’t want to be discussed on the show and yes entire episodes revolve around them. It’s been 10 years and so much energy is devoted to this, and nothing else. She’s lazy, barely present her daughters, easily triggered, and selfish. She’s not exactly a good role model for birth parents.

  9. I don’t think Cate is a horrible person, but she’s been pretty selfish and delusional. She seems totally unaware of how she pretty much traumatized Tyler and Nova while she was watching movies in rehab. Nova’s meltdown was pretty sad, poor girl is terrified her mom is going to disappear again…Tyler was having flashbacks of him being stuck taking care of a new baby, a pig, a horse while she’s playing around at rehab…then add a toddler on top of that…but he always has to be so delicate with telling Cate no, because she’s the most fragile person ever.

    Why the heck do they give Mack her own segments? I don’t want to see her on my TV…no other step parents have that much screen time. She’s always complaining about how the world is so awful to her and Rhine, but she’s the one who signed up to try and build a life with an alcoholic smack head.

    How many randoms have Cheyenne and Corey introduced to Ryder?

    1. Totally agree. I feel for Cate and the understandable “trauma” she experiences with birth but she needs to woman up now and be a mother to the girls. I just want to hug Nova and sit down and play dollies with her or something when i see her get so upset over Cate leaving again and again…

      1. Cate has had TEN YEARS… she would have most likely gotten over it if her whining about it wasn’t her TM storyline for years. Also if she was forced to grow up and get a real job, she would have other concerns

  10. Of course Nova doesn’t like the baby. She probably thinks her mom is going to run off to “get better” at the rehab. Also the attention is going to the baby and Nova barely gets any as it is.

  11. Lol Orange Ttm jumpsuits, modelled by Rhine in gel.

    Tyler man up ffs.
    Cait is seriously stupid.

  12. This is a comment about the new episode tonight but the way they acted about Ryan in jail?!?!? I don’t know I wish I could look up the incidents cause it’s a lil extreme! I have been in jail in largeeee cities and yeah that happens but idk. Speaking from being in Cleveland Ohio main jail and Charlotte NC main jail not a suburb. I’ve been in others sadly and I’ve never witnessed this!? I’ve been in a pod and heard stories similar but no proof? I really want to believe him but? Tons of inmates died in Cleve recently but its all over the news….

  13. Like on the podcast of teen mom trash talk:

    “Ryan never knew Mackenzie sober”

    They will split once he is, definitely.

  14. I’m also disappointed w/ Cate & Ty’s lack of utilizing the opportunities that are not afforded mist teen parents.
    What happened to Ty getting a psychology degree so he could help people? Or Cate getting a ranch w/ therapy horses do she could help other people struggling w/ their mental health??

        1. It’s sad. Caitlyn doesn’t appear connected to Nova at all.
          I’m not sure why they chose to bring another child into the mix.
          C&T’s relationship is textbook codependent.

  15. Post-partum pony to April nyuckin in the corner…i cannot lol I just wish I could have seen more puppies and bunnies. Love the teen mom cast, it has been been a treat to watch them evolve.

  16. Post-partum pony to April nyuckin in the corner…i cannot lol I just wish I could have seen more puppies and bunnies. Love the teen mom cast, it has been been a treat to watch them evolve.

  17. Was this the episode where Catelyn was all, “Nova and I can ride together for some mother/daughter bonding, that’s why we need this pony!” and then it was actually Tyler that was riding with Nova while Catelyn was hiding in the corner of the porch the furthest away from said daughter and pony riding? Because good times…

  18. I used to really like cate and Ty, but they seem to not really like each other. I get they’ve been together forever, but they seem to resent each other. I admired their difficult decision to have Carly adopted, wanting a better life for her and for them to be role models for her. I’m sure Cate wanted to be a teacher, and speaking as a teacher, I can see her being great with 4,5,6 year olds. However, they’ve basically done nothing, to further their careers, which is a shame. They’ve clearly invested in property, (and therapy, which I actually think is great) but once “Nearly 30 Mom” dries up, they’ll be left with a beautiful house and children, but will get bored of each other, and could potentially loose it all if they separated. If they had their own proper goals and motivations (not designing a range of clothes for kids, as it surely wouldn’t pay the bills!) I’m sure it would add a little spark in their lives!

    1. Did you ever watch C&T on Couples Therapy? Tyler wanted out then, way before they had Nova and got married. Cate had a meltdown and basically guilted Tyler into staying with her because she’s so *fragile* – he absolutely resents her… also he opts to move out around the time she got knocked up with baby #2. If MTV TM hadn’t come along, they would have broken up a long time ago and probably be happier by now.

  19. “Mack is also worried Ryan won’t want her anymore after his release.”

    When did Ryan ever want Mack?

    1. He only wanted her when she was the dumb chick that was oblivious to his massive heroin addiction. And, ya know, when he was high AF on heroin. I’m assuming any prospect sounds like a great idea when you’re high, including floozies that will meet you for a quick dumpster bang behind Food City.
      Honestly why does Mac stay??!

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