David Eason Takes the Stand: An Update on Jenelle Evans’ Custody Court Case (Exclusive Details)

“So when you get on the stand, don’t talk about your guns…or not having a job…or the 911 calls…”
“What about them gays? Can I talk about the gays?”

Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason trekked back to court on Monday, marking the beginning of yet another week in their quest to regain custody of all— or some– of their children, all of whom were yanked from their care in May by CPS.

Jenelle was dressed in the same blazer she wore to court the week before. (Hey– with this many court dates, she has no choice but to start recycling courtin’ outfits). David– ever the fashion plate– had apparently used up all his “fancy” clothes at the previous court hearings so he opted to wear what looks like the tuxedo jacket he wore at his wedding (complete with pocket square). 


Anyway, The Ashley has a few new details on what went down inside the courtroom on Monday.

“Monday was a short day– it started at 2 p.m. so there was much less going on than usual,” one source told The Ashley. 

TMZ reported on Monday that David might be taking the stand this week, and The Ashley can confirm that this did, indeed, happen during Monday’s hearing.

“Everyone was surprised that David’s lawyer was willing to put him on the stand,” the source said. “No one expected him to testify. He only got up on the stand during the last few minutes [of the hearing on Monday], and only his own lawyer questioned him.”

The source tells The Ashley that the questions that David answered were vague and meant to paint him in a positive light.

“But the other lawyers should be getting their chance to question David and they are obviously not going to go easy on him like his own lawyer did,” the source said. “They’re waiting to pounce. They know how short his temper is, so they think he will eventually go off in court.”

Jenelle’s brain while David is testifying…probably…

Another source tells The Ashley that the rest of the people in attendance at the hearing were respectful while David spoke. (There were no crazy outbursts or anything.) While David has not had any real outbursts inside the courtroom, the source states that he does tend to make “weird faces” when others are testifying about him or Jenelle. 

“When someone is on the stand he stares at them, almost like he’s trying to intimidate them,” the source said. “He’s constantly making faces through out all of it.”

In a video obtained by Radar Online, Jenelle and David are shown walking out of the courtroom on Monday, jolly and laughing. David points to a big pile of papers he’s holding and told the reporter it’s, “new evidence.” (The Ashley is investigating this; however, she would guess that it has to do with Jenelle and David’s lawyer trying to dig into the past of one of the CPS workers involved in their case. The Ashley can’t confirm this, though.)

As The Ashley previously told you, Jenelle’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ producers have not (and probably will not) be called to testify in the case. Fans have wondered if Jenelle’s former friend, Jamie Wilshire, has been called to spill what she knows, given that Jenelle spent the first days with Jamie after David killed the family dog, Nugget.

“Jamie has not been called to testify and doesn’t want anything to do with the case,” the source has told The Ashley. 

Jenelle and David will head back to court on Wednesday. Although they were able to see their daughter Ensley and Jenelle’s sons Jace and Kaiser at Kaiser’s birthday party over the weekend, they are still being allowed to visit with the children at the court-supervised visitation center this week.

The Ashley will update this when she has more info. 

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(Photos: MTV)

51 Responses

  1. Hope these two twats lose custody and any rights to the kids.

    I absolutely hate the pair of them.

  2. Jenelle and David are so stupid. Every time they pull a stunt like this, it is only making them look spiteful and not appreciative of their daughter being with her grandmother. Their actions demonstrate they are retaliating which only confirms the kids would be in danger if they were returned. They have no conscious or empathy, no appreciation what so ever for the adjustments Barb has had to make in her own life to care for a two year old. The judge will see right thru their BS. I am also willing to bet, Barb did not lock Ensley in her room, rather, Ensley probably locked herself in the room while Barbara was in the shower. I hope Barbara will NOT ANSWER her phone calls anymore.

    1. I just said she absolutely WANTS them to get taken over by CPS and Foster care out of spite…. She is a horrid person

    1. Well, they never really had a claim to Jace, Maryssa’s grandmother and mother seem to be a better fit for her, hopefully Nathan gets primary/full custody of Kaiser… but unfortunately I can see them getting Ensley back. Only because Babs has to be overwhelmed and apparently David’s family is trustworthy enough for temp or Primary custody… I bet they will get her back. Unless Babs fights

    2. Unfortunately I agree with you. Unless something major happens. I think they will and it’s too bad cuz they will ruin another life instead of just their own

    1. LOL, I think that’s the one he wore to his wedding!. It makes a bit of a change to the checkered shirt he wore just about every day!!!!

  3. What’s Jenelle posting about on Instagram? Posted a clickbait about calling 911 on her mom, something about Ensley? I refuse to put a penny in this bitch’s pocket.. I’m guessing it’s about when Colin posted the picture of Ensley crying in a diaper on his Snapchat? Bitch trying to make it sound like he was posting fucking child p0rn or something. Seems she’d rather have those kids in foster care rather than her mother have them… fucking sad. I can guarantee a foster family wouldn’t have let them come to Kaiser’s birthday party and take Instagram mom family pics!

    1. I’m so glad you don’t click her stories- as you know (and others should be aware) when she posts a link, she makes money every time someone clicks it. However, you can get around her links and go directly to the site without her profiting by Googling the basics of the headline she’s posting (it’s usually on a website like US or Radar). In todays clickbait, she says Babs locked Ensley in a room and she called 911 on her (lol). ““David and I were on FaceTime with Jace when we heard my mom say to Ensley, ‘Come here, I have to take a shower.’ Then she took Ensley in the other room, and we immediately heard her screaming and crying,”…so [they] called 911 and asked them to send out an officer to Barbara’s house and also tell CPS on her. UM, IF YOU TRULY THOUGHT THERE WAS A PROBLEM, WHY WOULDN’T YOU HAVE JACE KNOCK ON THE BATHROOM DOOR AND GET BABS? SHE’S IN THE SHOWER…NOT ON JUPITER!

      She’s doing ANYTHING to try to get CPS to remove Ensley from Barbara. I cannot believe that she would prefer her child in a random foster home with strangers (imagine all the additional truama poor Ensley would go through!) than with Barbara. All she cares about is “winning” and taking power away from her mom, she doesn’t care about her children.

        1. Thank you!!! Thought the same thing. They shouldn’t even be talking to Jace while this is happening and further if it’s allowed then it needs to be supervised. Maryssa already stated they told them all to lie. FaceTiming Jace while barb is in the shower they are using him in their ploy to gain advantage in court thus could be coaching. They are the lowest of the low!

      1. Thank you!! I refuse to click her clickbait bullshit. Her and Lurch are pathetic.. I can’t believe Babs brought Jace and Ensley to Doris’ for kaisers birthday, so they could see the kids, and this is how they get repaid. She seriously gives zero fucks about those kids, ZERO!! Imagine if someone called 911 every time Ensley was screaming on TheLand! Cops would be there every fucking day. CPS is no doubt about fucking sick of this shit by now, notice how Jenelle told the dispatcher to call to report it? Cause she knows they won’t take her seriously and probably don’t even answer her calls.

        1. I am also very careful not to click on any of her stuff, I know we’ll get the facts here!

      2. Also babs is on her own with the kids Nd that’s jenelles fault. Would she rather have ensley running around a house unsupervised for 15 minutes or put in a safe room whilst her mum gets washed. All the crap that went down at jenelles house and she thinks this is child abuse…Cray Cray.

  4. Call me crazy, I thought that jacket looked pretty fresh on David. Pocket square put it over the top for me. Again, opening the car door for his lady, maybe, just maybe, we could be wrong about this cat.

  5. Eason and Evans are lowlife, thuggish Neanderthals. I wouldn’t let them have care & control of a pet rock!

  6. Eason and Evans are lowlife, thuggish Neanderthals. I wouldn’t let them have care & control of a pet rock!

  7. P.S Ashley – your captions are the BEST! You say what we all think AND make us laugh, all at once ? “What about them gays? Can I talk about the gays?” – that had me LOLing FR. ?
    Thank you for always keeping us up to date with all the realiTEA drama & happenings! I won’t go to anyone else for the truth and the snarky humour. Xox

  8. What an immature moron. I can just imagine his evil face glaring at whomever is taking the stand against him and his NonMom wife. I really hope that he digs himself even deeper into the swamp with his actions and lies. I also hope those kids continue to have an awesome judge that sees the Greasons for what they are & keeps them away from the shitty excuse for parents, For good. I hope all the CPS evidence, the children’s testimonies, the senseless murder of Nugget, David’s threats & outbursts outside of court AND everything else these selfish knobheads have done/said gets taken into account in the final say and decision. They deserve to rot. Preferably in jail. Alone. Forever. ?

  9. I just hate them so much! I hope that dumb hick blurts out how he felt justified for what he did to that sweet little dog. Hi

  10. New evidence lol those two have this idiotic sense that they are so right and have proof that will shut everyone else down. I bet it’s an envelope full of pictures David drew when he didn’t understand all the big words used in court

  11. These 2 muppets will eventually get the 2 kids back. This will just end up been a big waste of time and Dicksucker David will laugh in everyone’s faces.

    1. I agree that they will get them back and david will be a total ass about it. My hope is that they won’t have custody of kai.

  12. Jamie, karma is coming your way for not protecting these kids, you know darn well you have the goods to shut them down. Jenelle is probably trying to suck her back in to hush them.

    1. The most important thing to these 2 vile and abusive idiots is to commit vengeance against Babs–not what’s best for their children.

    1. I’m afraid that they’ll eventually get custody of Ensley and Kaiser, I hope and pray I’m wrong.
      Here’s hoping that David and Jenelle keep failing drug tests and just screwing up completely so that never happens.

      1. It’s a good thing that they don’t really have reliable income any more, I’m hoping it all gets so expensive that they’ll give up.
        Really that works best for them, they can play the victims for a while without actually having to parent the kids. And it’s certainly in the children’s best interests.

  13. I can totally see David trying to stare the kids down. I bet the other lawyer gets him to snap in under 15 minutes.

    So what’s the deal with TMZ reporting David called the cops after Jace called them that Barbara locked Ensley in the bathroom…some nonsense like that.

    1. I don’t believe for one second that Jace called David. He can’t stand him. And Jace was probably watching Ensley while Barb was in the shower. Then she probably called Jenelle and Swamp A** blew it out of proportion as usual and called the cops saying his daughter was being neglected. Don’t these 2 idiots realize that they’re doing more harm then good. Cuz if those kids get taken from Barb then they’ll only be able to see them once a week at the CPS center and they will never know where their kids are or who they’re with. No more calls on the phone to say hi. NOTHING!!! They’re too stupid that they think if Barb loses the kids then they’ll immediately be placed back with them at the Swamp. That will NEVER happen.

  14. Davids wearing the suit coat he was married in with high hopes it brings him the same luck suckering everyone in just like he suckered Jenelle in. Their playing nice with Nate is all for show, soon to back on Nate

  15. IF you think J and D have any redeeming qualities there is something wrong with you. J and D make me question why God allows people like this to breathe air. So now J and D called 911 because Barbara had Ensley in her bedroom while she took a bath. J and D would rather E go to someone they don’t know and could be sexually abused than B have her. I feel like they will get E and K back because everyone is treating them like they are normal people. J and D doesn’t care 2 f’s about their kids.

  16. I love that instead of trying to prove they’re good parents, they’re focused on digging up dirt on CPS workers. I would hope any judge will see right through this. These two are animals and their children are better off without them. However, I do tend to agree that Barb might not be the best fit for Ensley at the moment.

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