“90 Day Fiance” Star Ashley Martson Officially Charged with Simple Assault & Criminal Mischief for Throwing Fire Extinguisher Through Ex Jay Smith’s Window

“What? Like you’ve never thrown a fire extinguisher through YOUR ex’s window?!”

Ashley Martson chucked a fire extinguisher through the window of her estranged husband Jay Smith’s apartment, and now her local police department may be chucking the 90 Day Fiance star into jail (or, at the very least, court!)

In Touch Weekly and Starcasm report that Ashley has been officially charged with one count of simple assault (which is a misdemeanor), and one count of criminal mischief in relation to the extinguisher-tossing incident last month.

Ashley was not arrested, but the charges were filed in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, on June 19, several weeks after the incident went down on May 31.

Ashley spoke to In Touch Weekly last month about the incident.

“Yes, I did do that because he stole my safe with personal belongings, including passports that I needed to travel with my family, as well as my son’s brand-new PlayStation,” Ashley said.

She also explained that, technically, she broke her own window.

“It’s technically my house too,” she said. “We’re married, so if I have to break a window to get my and my family’s personal belongings, then I will. He told me to come there with a house full of girls to get the belongings, then when I got there, he refused to let me in and was screaming profanities at me through the door.”

“Luckily the fire extinguisher didn’t damage my sick ‘do!”

She claimed this was all part of Jay’s plan to avoid being deported back to his native Jamaica.  

“He is trying to provoke me to act out so he can stay in the country under mental or physical abuse,” she explained.

Ashley and Jay both spoke about the incident on Instagram Live last week with “90 Day Fiance” blogger Johnny Yates. During the Live chat, Ashley admitted to throwing the fire extinguisher, but said it was all Jay’s fault.

“I just want to clear the air a little bit. Yes, I threw the f**king fire extinguisher through his front window. Let me explain why,” Ashley said. “Only because it was set up that way.”

Ashley claims that she was dropping by Jay’s house to pick up her son’s PlayStation that she had let him borrow.

“So, I was out at a vineyard, drinking and he messaged me,” Ashley said, adding that it was about 10 p.m. and she wanted to come right over and get the gaming console. “He said, ‘No, why don’t you come after you’re out with your girls,’ at like 2 a.m. because he wanted to hook up,”

Ashley says she denied the booty call request, but still wanted the PlayStation right away so she went right over.

“Yeah’s she kinda crazy but…you know what they say about crazy girls in bed…”

“I went to his house, knocked on the door, he knew it was me, someone said, ‘Hey Jay, your wife’s at the door,’ whoever was in the house. And he said, ‘F**k that ho,’ after he just told me in a text message to come pick up the PlayStation. And I was like, ‘Hell no.’ So yes, I sure did take the fire extinguisher off the wall and smashed his front window,” Ashley admitted. 

As you do…

During the Instagram Live chat, Jay claimed he did nothing wrong.

“I am here chillin’ one night with my friends, cooking. Two girls was over,” he explained. “This is my house and if I want to bring a bunch of girls over, it’s my place.”

 Jay said he was just trying to cook some Jamaican food for his gal pals when Ashley showed up unannounced.

 “So, I’m here chillin’, I heard someone knock on my door,” Jay said. “When I went to look, someone had their hands over the [the peephole]. She got her hands over the peephole. I was like, ‘I’m not expecting no one, I’m not going to open my door if someone have their hands over it.”

Jay said that Ashley was persistent and continued to knock.

“Then, I leave to turn to my chicken, someone knocked again and I’m like, ‘I’m not gonna open it,’” Jay said. The next thing Jay knew, a fire extinguisher comes barreling through his window.

“A fire extinguisher f**king smashed through my f**king window, hit my friend in the head. It was Ashley,” he said.

“I wish Azan would throw a fire extinguisher through my apartment window…”

The Ashley was not able to find a court date scheduled for Ashley yet, but she will update this story when more info is available.

Watch the video below to see Jay and Ashley talk about the fire-extinguisher-throwing incident during the Instagram Live with John Yates.

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(Photos: TLC)


  1. Not sure what she saw in him to begin with. He isn’t very attractive or smart and is a bad liar with an eat crap grin that always pokes thru. Probably has several kids with the way he behaves. A real winner. Then again she knows how to pick em and seems more ready trying to find a plaything rather than mommying.

  2. So… Mollie is Ashley or someone as deluded as her?!? 😂😂
    Ashley is crazy and dickmatized, but everyone could see the writing on the wall and several warned her. She just kept plowing along because she wants what she wants, creating tons of drama along the way.

  3. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    What the son of skins isn’t conducting himself as a Gentleman? I am shocked!

    TBH Ashley is way crazy.

  4. boo hoo hoo i dont feel sorry for her she tried to control him from the start.she has 2 kids what does she need with a 20year old.
    at his age thats what they do.

  5. Oh, so she’s crazy crazy…why not just call the police and have them get your stuff back?? She decided throwing a fire extinguisher through a window was her best option?? What if it hit Jay or the girl?? Then her dumbass would be in jail away from her kids. She’s like 32…time for her to grow up.

    1. My bad…according to Jay it did hit the girl! If I were the girl I would press charges against Ashley. Screw that.

      1. According to ujsportal.pacourts.us , Ashley has a preliminary hearing on August 28th. I’m from Pennsylvania and that’s how I look up people I knows criminal histories… including my own when I was into unsavory stuff and got myself into trouble lol

          1. We’re on a gossip, snarky news site. Nobody minds their own business here. I assume you believe Ashley was so in love with jay, and did nothing wrong, and he totally played her and she’s the poor innocent single mother struggling now? LOL… number one, she doesn’t even have primary custody of her kids, their fathers do. She gets them every other weekend. She even turned one of her kids bedrooms into a tattoo room for jay. Real good mother there! Number 2, your girl Ashley faked her own death on Facebook, claiming she was killed by a drunk driver, then when she sobered up the next morning, she claimed she was hacked. She faked illnesses for her GoFundMe, and spent the money on trips, injectables, a tummy tuck, and who knows what else. Girls got some major issues!

          2. Do you like think you know Ashley right well you don’t know her whole side of the story so quit gossiping

    2. Um, because that isn’t the job of the police??? 10:00 at night, she’s drinking and suddenly decided she needed her son’s PlayStation?? Yeah right. She totally deserved to go to jail.
      The police are NOT there “to get her stuff”, not unless it is in fact an emergency.

  6. Ashley forget about these gaters. I think Ashley’s reality Roundup is a little Adeline she should keep the negative crap away and just put nice things up in her call this is ridiculous don’t listen to any of it Ashley

    1. Yep, we’re all gaters. Ashley calls the tabloids herself, don’t think she’s such a victim. 🙄

  7. I get that she’s disappointed, heartbroken and bitter but come on… Just divorce his ass and forget him. I never understood how she thought a 20 yr old playboy would make a great husband and father….

  8. Especially 20 yr old Jamaican men that are looking for a new way of life… You’re the one that exposed him to your kid’s.. You brought all this karma on yourself… And your kids are the one that pays for it because they’re completely confused.

      1. talk about Andre and how he doesn’t want four little ones family to be in there the baby blue is this ugly man think he is Sun and Earth all she should have enough guts to say my mother and sisters are allowed in the birth of her baby. Screw you andre!!!!!!!

        1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
          Go take your meds.

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