Jenelle Evans Gets Grilled by TMZ’s Harvey Levin Over Death of Her Dog; Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Claims She Can’t Remember if David Eason Admitted in Court to Killing Dog

“I didn’t see anything…except molecules…sometimes I see molecules!”

Jenelle Evans seems to be suffering from a bout of amnesia!

The former Teen Mom 2 star appeared on TMZ Live on Friday to discuss the death of her dog, Nugget, one day after the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office released a statement indicating that Jenelle told them she made up the story about her husband David Eason shooting and killing the dog “for publicly.”

TMZ‘s Harvey Levin got Jenelle on Skype on Friday to discuss the incident and tried— very hard— to get Jenelle to tell him where the dog really is, but Jenelle refused to budge, claiming she can’t remember what happened.

In an interview with The Hollywood Gossip on Thursday, Jenelle denied that she ever told the police that the dog story was for “publicity.”  On Instagram Live on Friday, she further explained her dealings with the County’s police department. (You can watch the video below if you’re interested in hearing more about that. 

Her interview with TMZ centered mostly on Nugget, though.

“I told [the Chief of Police], I said, ‘I don’t know what ended up happening to my dog because I wasn’t outside,” Jenelle told Harvey. “I was inside my house. My dog bit my daughter on the face and David took [the dog] outside. I stayed inside with Ensley, Kaiser and Maryssa and that’s it.”

(Of course, Jenelle told a much different story to Us Weekly days after Nugget’s death, stating that David did shoot the dog, and that his daughter Maryssa was incredibly upset by the death of Nugget.)

When Harvey asked Jenelle point-blank if Nugget is still alive (since Jenelle now won’t confirm the dog is dead), she told him, “I have no idea, you would have to ask David that. I still have not asked David to this day.”

Harvey continued to interrogate Jenelle, asking for the whereabouts of Nugget.

“The dog, is it living at your house? Have you seen Nugget since May 1?” he asked.

Jenelle says she has not seen the dog, and even offered (even though no one asked her) a status update on their other dog, Jax. 


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“Live for the moments you can’t put into words.” 💕 #Happiness

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“We had to give our pitbull away recently because he killed one of our pigs, so currently we have no dogs,” she said. 

(Did you hear that? It’s probably the canine world taking a great big sigh of relief…)

As The Ashley told you, David took the stand in his recent custody court battle, where he was asked about the death of Nugget. (Jenelle had previously confirmed that both David and her stepdaughter Maryssa testified about the dog death incident.) 

However, Jenelle suddenly had a memory lapse when it came to what David said on the stand in regard to Nugget. 

“I don’t even remember!” she said. “They asked so many questions, I have no idea!”

Harvey was clearly not buying Jenelle’s story, and he even told Jenelle that he finds it shocking she is claiming she never even asked David what he did to Nugget.

“If my dog went outside and never came back in, I would at least ask my partner what did he do with the dog,” Harvey said. “If he testified, I’d remember that.”

Jenelle then gave yet another version of her story on the day Nugget “disappeared.” 

“When I came outside, after David went outside with the dog, I walked over to him and he was by the edge of the woods and he said, ‘You don’t want to come over here.’ And I said, ‘Why?’ And he said, ‘Your dog is not here anymore.’ So I assumed that was my dog bein’ dead,” Jenelle said. “So I went to my She Shed which was across the yard and I cried, because I didn’t want my kids seeing me cry, didn’t want them seeing me upset.

“David went back and was inside with the kids while I was bein’ upset,” she added. “Like I said, there’s so many details that it could take, like, an hour to explain!”

On the day after the news broke about Nugget, Jenelle posted a long message to Instagram, apologizing to her dog for what happened.

“Nugget… I’m crying everyday. I love you so much and I’m so sorry. I’m speechless. You were my side kick and knew the moment I felt bad and would cuddle with me,” she wrote. “You still had a lot to learn and a lot to grow from your lessons. Everyday I wake up you’re not here, when I come home you’re not here, when I go to bed… you’re not here. You’re gone forever and there’s no coming back. #Heartbroken #Distraught”

Now, though, Jenelle won’t even confirm that Nugget is unable to “come back.” 

Harvey seemed to have had enough of Jenelle’s strange explanations, and tried to wrap things up.

The facial expressions of the guy on the right are priceless…

“So when you cut through everything, it sounds like you pretty clearly believe David shot and killed the dog?” Harvey asked.

Jenelle hesitated, but finally admitted, “Yes. I mean, the dog’s not here. I mean, I don’t know what happened and she hasn’t been around since, so I don’t know.”

Harvey was relentless in trying to get Jenelle to admit that David testified that he killed Nugget. However, Jenelle would not give. She eventually just stood by David. 

“Like I said, I’m not exploiting my husband and if you want to talk to him about it, you can,” she told Harvey.

David has yet to speak publicly about the Nugget incident, except for a post to Instagram made on May 1.

“I dont give a damn what animal bites my baby on the face… whether it be your dog or mine, a dog is a dog and I dont put up with that s**t at all,” David wrote on Instagram. “I’m all about protecting my family, it is my lifes mission. Some people are worth killing or dying for and my family means that much to me. You can hate me all you want but this isnt the first time the dog bit Ensley aggressively. The only person that can judge weather or not a animal is a danger to MY CHILD is ME.” 

Watch Jenelle’s full TMZ Live interview below! 

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(Photos: MTV;; Instagram)


  1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Talks shit on the police department but will call them again in a week when she needs help 🙄

    1. This bitch only calls police when she needs help for herself!!!!

      I hope she gets rabies

  2. They have two new puppies, Buddy and Junior. David has it posted on his youtube video. These dirt bags are disgusting!!

    1. They won’t last long the poor things, They’ll be due for “ANOTHER PUBLICITY STUNT” soon. They should have the dogs taken off them … They should never have been given them in the first place.

    1. This bitch is beyond a joke.

      She should not be allowed at have any animals, let alone have those kids back.

      Gday my friend, like you I hate those two morons.

        1. Gday, I changed my name back lol.

          Hope all is well with you

          About those two feral scum bags, I hope they get what’s coming…..


          1. LOL, Hiya friend, I was wondering if that was you . Glad to see you back hun

  3. She’s so full of shit tmz just reported they have 2 new dogs on the land that have been there for a week apparently. All she does is lie lie lie

    1. Who is letting these people adopt or buy dogs!? Jenelle has always found a reason to get rid of every dog she’s had or it’s mysteriously disappeared. After this whole nugget situation, I can’t imagine that there is a breeder or shelter that would allow them to adopt another dog. She needs to be on a don not let her have dogs list!

  4. I really feel like there’s a bunch of executives sitting at a table, trying to figure out getting Janelle back in the show.

    1. I hope not. MTV let Farrah go and never looked back. Now Farah is practically begging for her job back. MTV didnt take her back even after all her drama claiming she was raped by an rideshare driver and fighting with the cops in Beverly Hills. Simone tried to stir up drama but MTV was over the whole Farrah storyline. Hopefully, MTV has completely severed ties with the Evans/Eason’s just like they did with Farah. The drama is not worth the damage and chaos these individuals create.

  5. “Forget about nugget already. Let’s talk about me giving away jax for murdering the farm animals.”

    1. And the swamp now has 2 new adopted dogs, the only thing more tragic is Rhine and Macktruck’s second mistakebaby. This isnt entertainment news, just gross realities

    1. Anymore lies out of her mouth, and she can make a **He shed ** out of her overgrown Pinocchio nose

  6. One day she is going to need Maryssa’s, Jace’s or Kaiser’s statement to help her and I hope they will say ‘I don’t know, I was inside and I didnt ask David hat he did to Jenelle.’

  7. I don’t know if a heard a gunshot or not. If she didn’t live in a future Waco maybe it would be more believable. Save those poor kids. The child protection in that town is laughable. Casey Anthony should move next door.

    1. I followed the Casey Anthony case very closely, and Janelle reminds me of her so much it scares me. These sociopaths get away with everything!

  8. Ensley wasn’t bitten. It’s possible the dog snapped at her, but there were no red marks of any sort on that child’s face. David just wanted to kill the dog. If he didn’t do that, then where in the world is Nugget? Stop lying, Jenelle! Did any of y’all notice marks on Ensley’s face? I didn’t see anything.

  9. You always can tell when this moron is shit talking when she says “actually” around 35 times while trying to lie her way out of a situation. Closely followed by “I don’t remember” and “I have no idea what you’re talking about”.

    I’m just so over her and her flea of a huzbin. So sick of her weaseling her way out of all of the shit she causes.

  10. She makes me so stabby. Please be broke and poor soon so they can no longer afford good lawyers and they’ll finally face the consequences of their actions. Until that time, they’ll continue to buy their way out of legal trouble. And no shock that she no longer has Jax.

    This is what happens when trailer trash wins the lottery… Nathan said it but he also has to deal with the consequences since her money / good lawyers are getting in the way of his custody / ability to see his child. But he was dumb enough to procreate with her after five minutes and now there’s an innocent child stuck in the middle.

    Even if Nathan gets custody back, the poor kid is going to be a mess after all of the back and forth. odds are very good Jenelle and Lurch are bashing Nathan and brain washing Kaiser against his father.

    1. Watch “without a crystal ball” on YouTube,she says Jenelle makes tons on click bait on her social media! We need to spread the word to keep people from generating her income. Hopefully when she’s broke d-bag David will lose interest and go away.

  11. I won’t be surprised if MTV gives her her job back. The case is closed with no charges and no concrete proof of what happened to nugget AND she has her kids back. Looking at the outcome of this, MTV must be sick that they weren’t there to capture it all, they would have made it to NC to film this.

    1. BAILEE.

      That wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest, after all what was it that mtv said!!! We are currently, not filming with jenelle !!!!

      So I’m Not surprised if they have her back, but I sure as hell will not watch again ( if /when they have her back)

      1. I don’t recall MTV ever releasing a statement on the dog death, they’re sitting back waiting for the outcome. The ONLY reason they wouldn’t take her back would be due to the obstacles they have to go through to film her.
        I guarantee all the sponsors that pulled out already have a response letter ready to go out should she be back; they will go with the facts of the police report .. it was a stunt and there’s no proof of any animal abuse.

    2. I seriously doubt it. As I mentioned before she was fired because advertisers started to back out which made it hard for the show. The show didn’t give a fuck that Jenelle’s “haz-been” killed a dog. Because the show cares about nothing more than money it was going to hurt them losing advertisers thus Jenelle was a liability and had to go. Jenellkes firing had nothing to do with MTV and everything to do with the advertisers.

      1. Right! MTV cant film her and afford to pay her half million dollar salary without advertisers. In essence, the consumers used their money to boycott advertisers, the advertisers spoke and MTV listened. Hit them in the pockets and we can shut Jenelle down.

    3. Imagine if she got her job back and the high horse she would be on! She would even more pull and it would be sickening

  12. Did she not know that Harvey is a lawyer? He knows how to ask her questions to bring forward the lies. She is an absolute lunatic!

  13. If you don’t want your children to see you crying and being upset, you pull yourself together, you don’t SHOW them, and be the adult and comfort THEM. Or you cry together.
    You don’t leave them when they’re upset. Be a mother, comfort them.

  14. Jenelles life is sinking faster than that mobile palace she lives in. They must have had to waive all rights to litigation or to ever speak publicly about that sinking house again for that judge to give the kids back. In short she sold her soul. Now they will be watched like hawks by local police, CPS, and animal rights groups. Oh Jenelle you, have a nack for making situations worse. The house is still sinking and without a MTV paycheck she’s screwed. Her and Lurch must have signed a NDA and can’t speak about this at all because the Land has been unusually silent.

  15. She’s scared. She’s scared sh*tless of her husband. She is afraid she will be next (because you know killing a dog is just a beginning for psychos) so that’s why she is defending and making up lies that don’t even make sense.

    1. I don’t believe for even 1 minute that she is scared. She is a disgusting peace of sh… that I believe

    2. Yeah right!!!!!

      She had every opportunity and mtv to help her leave.

      But she chose not to.
      She isn’t scared of David, the kids and animals are though.

      She is as bad as David.

    3. Nah, she was exactly like this before David. She’s been like this since Day 1 of 16 and Pregnant. She excuses cannot handle anyone saying anything critical of her, and she will twist words and make up absurd lies and tell outlandish stories to try to prove to the world that she’s a great mom with a perfect happy little family.

      She has a following of what I assume HAS TO BE idiot teenyboppers that cheer her on and believe her insane excuses, but any normal person with half a brain can easily see through her transparency.

      She’s pathetic and sad. What a waste of all that money and fame. She could have had an amazing life and done whatever she wanted to do in this world. She threw it all away because she can’t get out of her own way.

    4. In positive she is is scare of Lurch, rightfully so bit Jenelle is the type of women that is attracted to men that scare her because she thinks they will scare Every body else too. That’s why she treats him like some kind of bodyguard. In her warped mind she thinks she can control these type of men by calling the cops. But now it seems like the local cops hate her and 911 is tracking her calls so she can’t used the police to threaten Lurch anymore because they will probably lock her up too. She is probably getting her butt whooped regularly by that maniac but is scared to report it. This is a modern day ” boy who cried wolf situation. What a tangle web she has weaved. The ironic part is that if she left Lurch she would look for another abusive maniac because, she herself is an abusive maniac. She wants a Bonnie and Clyde type love, because that is her definition of love.

  16. Have to say Harvey and the rest of the TMZ crew are pretty hilarious and spot on in their comments about the stories they cover. Not sure how Jenelle let someone interview her that actually calls her out on her bs. It’s unbelievable that the perpetrator of a crime confessed online and in court yet the case is dismissed. Harvey probably grilled her more then any of the investigators handling Nuggets case. Just amazed at the audacity of this pos.

    1. TMZ must have paid well for this interview because Harvey is a lawyer and acted like a good one when questioning her. She’s either hard up for money, didn’t think Harvey would go after her, or is so used to softball questions from her current batch of lawyers. Someone mentioned people fawning over Jennelle, but I watched the video and read the comments, a lot of people were calling out her lies and asking where Nugget was, so I think there are plenty of people that are sick of her. Also a lot getting mad at her if she had her kid(s) in the same room as when she was doing the interview.

  17. Wait, so her husband was furious enough to take the dog outside (reports made of beating/killing poor thing and returning covered in blood) and her response is to go to the sh9e-she’d??? Exhibit A of “failing to protect your children”

  18. Serious, thsee 2 major white trash, losers need to shut the eff up, and get a real job. They are truly the most disgusting pieces of shit, and are just horrible. They are both vile imbeciles.

  19. Thanks again Ashley for great reporting.

    How does publicity stunt fit in here? In her latest story she’s admitting the supposed bite, dog disappearance/death, etc.

    I just can’t keep up.

    1. It seems like right now her *damage control* (MONTHS later) is claiming she wasn’t there (outside) and has no idea what happened to Nugget. She says wed have to ask David bc she wasn’t there/doesn’t know. I’m sure in her drug addled brain that sounds like a good excuse, but I don’t know of any decent pet owner that just accepts “Gee, idk what happened and I’m not going to bother finding out either”. Also she basically confirmed Nugget’s death months ago, Lurch admitted it, and the kids told various people… this is one of the worst denials I’ve ever seen from anyone. Jenelle is a pathological liar and sociopath.

  20. **So I went to my She Shed which was across the yard and I cried, because I didn’t want my kids seeing me cry, didn’t want them seeing me upset.**

    But it’s ok for your kids to see you screaming and shouting, so it’s ok for your kids to see you high!!!
    And it’s okay that your kids are shit scared of David.

    Wow yes jenelle a great mom( NOT)

    I hate you and David with a passion.
    You are a liar and a disgrace.

    Karma will get you !!!

  21. SIDENOTE: For the second day in a row, I found what Farrah Abraham said to be reaasonable and logical. Is the world coming to an end?

  22. She needs to tell the truth. Every time you lie you have to make up another lie to cover up that lie until you’ve said so many lies that you can’t keep any of them straight.

    Or she could stop talking and just go away. But we all know that’ll never happen.

    1. The Truth and jenelle are not applicable.

      She isn’t capable of telling the truth, she’s the girl that cried wolf.

  23. Lest us forget she had strangers come and take her dogs that had been seen to be cruelly treated before. Which was all on her, not David. She is an animal abuser and should not have babies of any kind under her care.

  24. And why is it that the worst thing I’ve done is get 2 speeding tickets, yet I seem to have gotten more consequences for them than this chick has ever gotten for her laundry list of offenses??? Heroin, drugs, having at least 2 of her kids born with drugs in their system, fighting, child neglect, pulling a gun in front of her child in a road rage incident, chasing a guy with a gun onto his property & hitting his mailbox, more drugs, hitting a girl in the head with a glass, using a stolen credit card, breaking & entering into a home………..the list is endless and she gets off scot free EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. And then rants about the police and courts??!! She should be kissing their feet for letting her go 500 times in a row. It’s mind-blowing.

    Also, why does she wear those glasses? They look like the kind Moms wore in the late 80s/early 90s.

  25. Jenelle must have a tough life; waking up as Drew Barrymore on “50 First Dates” every morning.

  26. Soooo since she’s not on a reality show anymore can you please stop posting stories about her every day? Don’t feed the animals…..

  27. I used to think the most frustrating thing in the world was listening to Jenelle’s off-the-wall stories that she makes up as she goes along, thinking any of us are actually dumb enough to believe her.

    But it’s not. The most frustrating thing in the world is reading the comments by her fans (“I’m so proud of you!”, “Ignore the haters, you are a great mom!”, “Barb needs to give Jace back to you!”, “You and David are an amazing couple, love your little family and soon you will have Jace back too!”). Not only do they make me want to vomit, they make me wonder just how effed up is this world, that there are people out there that are so incredibly dumb. HOW are you old enough to be typing on a phone or computer, but still not smart enough to see through all her crap??? I just can’t wrap my mind around it. She is THE worst liar. I get so much second-hand embarrassment when she tries to spin these stupid stories. It is mind-blowing that there are people who believe her and think she is a great person. Scary.

    1. OMG, you are SO RIGHT! If these are the kinds of people we have raising the next several generations, this entire world is absolutely screwed! Hopefully I’ll kick the bucket before it gets too much worse.

  28. I suspect David is ummm…prompting Jenelle’s multiple interviews cuz he realizes he fucked up in the court of public opinion and they need income. But there are too many lies for this dumb bitch with the stank lady taco to walk back.

    1. There were several points she would stall during questions and kept looking to a very specific point off to her side. He was totally sitting right out of the camera frame, monitoring her every word. Pathetic and deranged, the both of ’em! But this is exactly what Jenelle wants, someone who won’t leave her. She thinks love = control.

  29. BS. All lies. When David shoots J I hope he plays dumb and gets off of being charged. Sorry azz J and D. They don’t deserve oxygen. The kids will grow up and they will never have anything to do with either of them.Root in Hell.

  30. Didn’t watch the interview but was Nugget chipped? Don’t pets now have a chip in them so they can be tracked?

    1. Unfortunately, that’s not how chips work. A dog can be scanned for chip in order to find the owner, but it’s not a GPS tracking system.

    2. I think when a pet is chipped, it means you can take a lost dog to any vet or animal shelter and they can scan the dog for a chip and it’ll give them the owner’s info. It’s not GPS.

    3. The chip doesn’t track the animals. It’s for when a pet is found and taken to a vet or shelter, they can track who the owners are and how to contact them.

    4. Sadly, the chip isn’t like a GPS, so it doesn’t track the location of the animal. If a pet is lost & someone finds it & takes it to a vet or shelter, they’ll scan the animal looking for a chip. But the chip only contains the owners info so the dog can be reunited with them. I imagine someday a tracking device will be included in the chip, but not yet. 😕😔

    5. I don’t believe for a second David or Jenelle have ever done anything as responsible as chipping a pet. Or taken one to the vet or had it vaccinated. They go through pets like they go through marijuana.

  31. Prove Jax is alive, and bitch you have 2 new puppies who are you freaking kidding? You and Sasquatch can rot in Hell and I hope your sudden amnesia helps people win their custody case against you.
    And bitch if this was my department, I would give you one word of advice.
    Watch your back!!

    1. Notice she hesitates when she says We currently don’t have any….dogs. So now when someone questions her about having dogs, she can say, we DON’T have any DOGS, we have PUPPIES.

  32. When my nephew was in kindergarten and he’d come home with a red day in his folder, we’d ask him what he did to get to red and he always answered “I don’t remember.” I see Jenelle is still at that mental level.

  33. Every time one of you click her story links your supporting her deadbeat husband. She makes thirty to fifty thousand a month on articles. Pleas stop for the sake of this for dog

  34. Another thing that really bothers me about her is her lack of gratitude. She has little education or job skills, yet she had a job making a six figure income. Not only that it was a job that wanted her to stay home with the kids and show her life and have some drama. Unlike the rest of us that must get up and report to work every day for way less money. I know I would not dare tell my boss I wasn’t going to show up just because I didn’t feel “comfortable”. I want to keep my job. Yet, she over values herself. Like MTV was supposed to go out of their way for her hateful and threatening husband. She literally bit the hand that fed her. I guess she will make money for a while, and she better save it. Because as she ages the gravy train is not going to last.

  35. She has a She Shed!!! Or Is that where David sends her each month when she’s bein “unclean?” Her dog was “bein” dead?? She’s as fucking stupid as Farrah!

  36. Not surprised by her comments-Ashley I love your website but you are unable to keep my E-Mail to make an easy commwhi. Ready to give up and switch to another sight which gives the same information

    1. Wendy, Always read the red bar where it says to submit comment. If you have to reload then copy your comment and you can paste it after you reload. Or just wait out the time on the read bar.

  37. Ironically David and jenelle relationship to their kids is like the age old debate my husband and I have on whether big dogs or little dogs are “more dangerous” around toddlers (I don’t think dogs are dangerous, I’m a seeing eye dog trainer a few times a year. I train the big guys and my husband loves little dogs. Boston terrier and Dalmatian owners). See the big guy, when he gets ya, it could kill ya, but in my experience big dogs usually don’t go at ya for nothing. But little dogs when not brought up right (ahem, MTV and barb and the legal system for doing nothing ever) they’ll nip at ya because their entitled to and their spoilt. I don’t understand anyone that defends her still. For years, through the archives of this website, this POS has demonstrated all the ways she’s abused everything she comes in contact with. As I always like to sign off, and in the wise words of Jace Vaghn, Mommy and David are pieces of shit.

    1. The dog breed that bites the most people in the US is a chihuahua. Little dogs bite way more often, but they almost never maim and seriously injure anyone.

      1. I have a chihuahua mix that’s very afraid of anyone who is tall….. he runs with all the neighborhood kids and loves em. But if a tall adult approaches him his tail goes down and he freaks! He’s never bit a soul…I think it’s the height since chihuahuas are small! I tell ppl I have a kid dog!

  38. She told Harvey and Charles that they had to get rid of their other dog because it killed one of her pigs? Then she trashes Nathan at the end? Harvey and Charles both agreed that the monster dog murderer killed Nugget. The monster mom said that you will have to ask the monster dog murderer.

  39. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Jenelle-I can only hope you read this….you and that bearded dragon you insist on associating with-YOU DONT DESERVE THE TITLE OF MOTHER!! Grow up you white trash piece of $h*%!

  40. I pray someone burns down that she shed after that ridiculous interview….. I know this isn’t funny but she’s a terrible liar and karma will come back to her!

    1. I’ve just relocated back to the Uk, from the USA, my dogs came with me.
      They are my precious treasures and, I hate the way those two morons treat animals.

      She stated one of the dogs killed one of the pigs???
      Oh jenelle Would That me the same pig, that lurch dragged by its hind legs???

      Well ya know jenelle, I hope you and that lunatic ya married, kill each other.

  41. Are they paying her for interviews? So gross. I hope he didn’t kill the Pitt bull too. The authorities are failing those kids and the animals.

  42. She’s so ridiculous I’m done with her…. her teeth disappeared the dog disappeared it’s was all just a drunken misunderstanding. It’s too bad your kids cant disappear. Poor babies…

  43. Obviously no one buys her story especially dog lovers. When you lose a dog that you love you don’t just “get over it”. That would be the end between any partner and myself if I thought they killed my dog! Forget going to cry in the shed. The whole neighborhood would have heard me explode!

    1. I get more angry at my husband when he accidentally steps on our cats tail since I believe if you have pets you ALWAYS need to be alert of where you are stepping or what your actions are so no animal gets hurt in the slightest. Lurch for sure tortured and killed her dog and she just forgets about it. Fuck Jenelle.

  44. Her stories are so convoluted. She make absolutely no sense! She is now the victim of the police department. Her lawyer is so powerful and influential in all things Jenelle. Your lawyer is cashing your checks. Keep him on retainer because you essentially lied about an entire police force. OUTSTANDING! YOU JUST WENT ON A RSNT ACCUSING THEM OF HARRASSMENT AND FLAT OUT LYING ABOUT YOU

  45. She don’t remember??? Get off it, girl!! And she don’t want her kids seeing her upset?? Please!!! Since the day Jace was born, all she has been doing is whining and crying and bitch fitting and screaming and cursing and fighting in front of him!!! Story keeps changing!!! The girl is wacked!!!

  46. Once all of the kids have been permanently removed from their custody, I will then wish and hope karma takes them down!

  47. She lies so much that she can’t keep it all straight. Does she really think anyone believes her?

  48. Jenelle you can try and back track on this all you want but at the end of the day MTV has fired you bc you defend that bearded jackass, the money train is over forever.

    1. I mean, she is clearly mentally ill. David has such a hold on her that she is stammering through her mixed up stories. Obviously, she knows what happened to the dog and obviously she knows what was said in court. It is so obvious that David feeds her what to say. She’s honestly crazier on another level than she has been in the past. Her relationship with kieffer was more stable and pure than this. She is irrelevant, but I do feel for those kids. What kind of example do they have to follow? Its terrible

  49. Babs was right. Jenelle is a pathological liar. I’m done with ever reading anything related to her and her demented husband. I will continue to pray for her kids. Hopefully, they will come out of all this craziness unscathed.

  50. She’s beyond despicable. 🤮 She deserves every terrible thing that happens to her.

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