Farrah Abraham Offers Opinion on Recent ‘Teen Mom’ Headlines: Says She Saw Amber Portwood’s Arrest Coming & Feels Awful for Jenelle Evans’ Kids

“They should all try to be more like me, Farrah Abraham, the Number One Celebrity in Our Nation!”

There have been plenty of Teen Mom headlines in the news recently– what with Jenelle Evans regaining custody of her kids after a brutal court battle, and Amber Portwood recently being arrested for allegedly attacking her boyfriend Andrew Glennon. Naturally, Farrah Abraham— who used to star (and spar) with Amber on Teen Mom OG— weighed in on Amber and Jenelle’s situations in a new interview.

Farrah told TMZ that she was not surprised to hear that Amber had been arrested for domestic battery.

“Well, I’m not trying to be mean but I pretty much saw it coming,” Farrah said.

“Amber doesn’t have custody of [her daughter] Leah and I’m pretty sure even though she’s trying her hardest to be a great mom and have a new opportunity to being a mom [to son James], she’s probably lost custody of her new child. She’s just not good in relationships. Maybe being on ‘Teen Mom’ hasn’t made her tougher or made her learn her lesson.”

When asked if she thought her old co-star should seek help for her anger issues, Farrah explained that she didn’t think it would matter at this point, given Amber’s history.

“Amber has always sought help and, how much help do you need?” Farrah said. “I think she just needs to eliminate the things that are making her angry, which is the relationship [and] maybe the production [of ‘Teen Mom OG’] she works on. That’s probably what my therapist would probably say.”


Farrah didn’t shy away when she was asked to comment on Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason regaining custody of their kids after a months-long court battle. (As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle has stood by her husband, despite the fact that he allegedly shot and killed her dog in April, something she now reportedly denies.)

“I really feel like Jenelle has chosen a bad relationship over her kids and I feel really awful for her kids for that,” Farrah said. “I do wish Jenelle all the best but, again, she’s making all the wrong choices. Like, she shouldn’t stand with a man who shoots her dog.”

Farrah explained that Jenelle is probably the only woman in the world who would stand by her man after all the trouble he’s caused her (which includes playing a pivotal role in her losing her job on ‘Teen Mom 2.’) 

“The man is a saint!”

“I think everyone on Earth [but Jenelle] would not stay with David. A woman of value would not stay with a man who’s like that. I’m teaching my daughter better…”

Watch Farrah’s full interview below! 

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(Photos: Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images; MTV) 

66 Responses

  1. Apparently !!!!!!

    ——>>>Farrah Abraham to ‘reporter’ claiming she is a prostitute: ‘Your dead if I ever see you’<<<——

    What’s the story does anyone know ???

    This pos is such a hypocrite

    1. I heard that too.

      Farrah is such a frigging hypocrite, she is as bad as Jenelle and Amber.

  2. Farrah’s made some terrible choices in her life and as a mother, but she has a point. Mixed somewhere among her incoherent babbling, she’s right about both situations. Perhaps her next career move will be law school in North Carolina where they allow just about any idiot to become a Judge ?

  3. But Farrah didn’t Sophia kill your pet dog???

    Didn’t you tell your kid, don’t play hide big seek with grandpa!!!!

    Didn’t you take your kid to your butt and face filling appointments !!!!
    Didn’t you take said kid out of school, so she had no social skills or friends!!!
    Didn’t you hit a producer and a cop !!!!!!

    Yep your as fucked uk as the two idiots your talking about.

    1. But Farrah didn’t Sophia kill your pet dog???

      Didn’t you tell your kid, don’t play hide n go seek with grandpa!!!!

      Didn’t you take your kid to your butt and face filling appointments !!!!

      Didn’t you take said kid out of school, so she had no social skills or friends!!!
      Didn’t you hit a producer and a cop !!!!!!

      Yep your as fucked uk as the two idiots your talking about.

  4. Step 1: speak coherently, and logically
    Step 2: put Sophia back in school, let her make friends
    Step 3: get a real job
    Step 4: continue therapy

    Farrah has accomplished a logical, coherent statement (must be off the barbiturates). Congrats for making step 1. We all know what walking disasters/junkies Jenelle and Amber are.

  5. I’m sorry, but who the Fuck cares about ferrah? She was fired a long time ago, her opinion doesn’t mean shit! Amber should be fired from teen mom OG otherwise MTV is allowing domestic violence to occur.. simple.
    Jenelle is hopeless and won’t ever make the right choices if David is by her side. I don’t mind jenelle, but her choices make that hard. Ferrah shouldn’t be commenting on situations when in reality she isn’t a good mother either. She is teaching her daughter all the wrong values. But hey, she thinks she is the best mom ever… delusional is what she is.

  6. I hate it when Farrah Abraham is the voice of reason. Don’t make me agree with her on everything she just said!

  7. As much as I don’t like Farrah and think she’s a narcissistic crazy bitch, I actually completely agree with her about this.

  8. She is not on the show anymore, why are we still giving this idiot attention? NO ONE CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I am sure she was rude but I thought she was unfairly treated by the rest of the girls as if they were saints.

    We have Maci who alledgedly drank during her pregnancy and supposedly didn’t know she was pregs till 5 months all the while sporting a bump the size of a melon.

    Then we have Cait who hasn’t done anything to further herself education wise and any time she feels ‘stressed’ hops off to some resort for weeks at a time; away from her kid. Yeah it is good she wants to work on her mental health but the recent clip I’ve seen of hers is where she goes away again, this time on a girls trip. Nova clearly being traumatized from the times her mom went away immediately starts crying..

    And then we have rill woman OG Teen Mom Amber who is more interested in fighting with people than taking of her kids.. Bitched about not seeing Leah but unable to get herself from the couch to go and see her.

    All of the girls ganged up on Farrah as if they were so high and mighty.. Again I am sure Farrah was unpleasant to be around but the girls and MTV were a bunch of hypocrites for firing Farrah.

    1. They’re all pretty horrible with the exception of maybe Chelsea and the new girl (I forget her name)

  10. Tbh, I agree with Farrah on all accounts. This is like the first time ever lol that I’ve agreed with Farrah. Jenelle is in a terrible relationship and Amber should eliminate what’s causing her this rage in her life. She’s had a lot of help over the years, even went to prison..yet still puts her hands on people when she’s angry? What gives her the right to put her hands on someone else just because she can’t control her emotions?

    Jenelle is constantly choosing men over her kids. It’ll never end. She’ll always be like that. I feel terribly for her children. She puts them in dangerous situations all the time. Her kids will suffer nothing but emotional damage.

  11. You know we’re in dark times when we’re all agreeing with Farrah Abraham! The End of Days must be near.

    1. This is scary…the standard is so low that Farrah sounds coherent and makes since
      I hope nobody comes around that makes us look at janelle like we look at farrah now

  12. Maybe Farrah got off barbiturates and went to rehab quietly without all of us knowing. Like everyone else I’m mad that I agree with her. It didn’t sound like her, it almost sounded like a script until she said “we’re living our best life” at the end.

  13. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Please don’t get used to Farrah being coherent or logical.

  14. Radar online has an article posted with regards to David’s testimony on the stand about killing nugget. It describes a scene so sad I could cry. I’ve never owned a pet, but I just cannot imagine shooting a little tiny dog who according to David, was just sitting there looking at me when I shit him”. And he used a shotgun to do it. It must’ve literally blew that animal to pieces.

  15. “ A woman of value would not stay with a man who’s like that”

    Ugh. Ashley don’t make me agree with farrah on something ?

  16. Has hell frozen over? Farrah is making total sense?? I think she’s right, Amber is kind of a lost cause…she’s consistently getting help, and it’s clearly not working. I agree with her, Amber eliminating her relationship and the show, would probably be the only things that would help her. Those 2 things seem to be her biggest triggers…I do think that Amber TRIES to be a good parent, but she’s clearly incapable of doing it…but thank God the men she decided to have kids with seem to be good fathers.

    And Jenelle absolutely isn’t a woman of value. Any person that stays with their abusing husband/wife/partner has some very low self esteem. You see how quick Andrew sprung into action once Amber threatened him with a machete…David actually killed Jenelle’s dog, and she’s stayed with him…anyone with an iota of self value would protect their kids over a relationship no matter what. Jenelle is damaged goods, and she knows it.

  17. I always felt like she was smarter than Amber and Jenelle together. Though that still doesn’t mean much, it’s enough to see how Amber and Jenelle keep spiralling further and further.

    1. Amen!! There is a saying about not throwing bricks at a glass house (the exact wording escapes me). But my point is, whether she is making sense or not doesn’t exactly give her the right to cast stones at anyone, she isn’t perfect (by any means)!!

  18. I expected to open this article and read normal Farrah talk. But holy shit, I agree with everything she said. She gets it. That’s scary.

  19. I mean, she’s not wrong! Her points are incredibly valid and pretty much what the rest of teen mom land is thinking too. I’m surprised that her words were so well constructed and not in “Farrah speak “. She is spot on about amber especially, amber had a chance to be a better mom and she literally, textbook definition repeated her past mistake of abusing a boyfriend with a child present. I am as floored as anyone that Farrah is making sense, and you have to credit her this (one) time for hitting the nail on the head. Jenelle is an absolute disaster and lost cause. Not even worth talking about at this point.

  20. Holy Shat!!!

    You know sh*t is BAD when Farrah Abraham makes sense and says the best thing possible while also being respectful about it! ???
    I’m in shock.

    1. “Farrah Abraham offers unwanted opinion regarding common sense matters, serves up rational word-salad”

  21. Farrah may be technically right, but she’s doing just as much harm to Sophia as Amber & Janelle are doing to their kids. And yes, Janelle is crazy to stay with that poor excuse for a human, but Farrah can’t even get a guy because they know immediately how disgusting she is. Like when she showed up on that couples rehab show…sans boyfriend. Then it turned out she just picked some rando to come act like her boyfriend but he bailed. And Simon? He was a douche, but she was never nice to him, then bought her own e-ring, that he still wouldn’t give her. She clearly didn’t like him and vice versa…it seemed like it was some sort of weird business deal to help them both get what they wanted.

    Then Farrah is gonna talk about DogKiller David, when she’s raising a child who killed their dog.

    And didn’t she recently get arrested for doing something crazy in a hotel lobby or something? (Details are slipping my mind.)

    Then the backed out on the “Celebrity” Boxing match, which I believe she’s being sued for. And not paying the rent on her failed retail ventures.

    And the way she talks to everyone, especially her parents is shockingly horrific. Debra gets the brunt of it, because she doesn’t completely bow down to Farrah’s demands, whereas Michael does.

    She’s just a dumpster fire and has no no moral high ground to stand on here. She’s absolutely disgusting.

    1. She is a dumpster fire but then the ones she’s talking about are more like entire landfills on fire. At least Sophia isn’t in physical danger, isn’t neglected or subjected to a new stepdad every year and I don’t think Farrah has ever did anything worth losing custody over.

      1. I agree. It’s a sad day when Farrah is making sense, but I agree she wouldn’t neglect or abuse Sophia.

        1. She doesn’t PHYSICALLY abuse Sophia. But how she raises her is definitely MENTAL and EMOTIONAL abuse!!! She is teaching to think that is okay become a porn star, and that it will be okay to “pour on the tears” whenever something doesn’t go her way!!!! If Farrah doesn’t start teaching this child better morals, she will grow up to be nothing but a spoiled, wise-ass little brat who thinks the world should be handed to her on a silver platter (just like her mama)!!

    2. I agree 100%. Your post is absolutely true. I’m just shocked that Farrah was able to speak her points so clearly. But I agree that she (as far as I can tell) is a god awful mother!

  22. We’ve officially fallen through the looking glass! Farrah is making sense.

    Time to end Teen Mom. It’s broadcast abuse.

  23. Well…I can’t believe I’m saying this, but…she’s right! She did pretty well in that interview until she threw in “I’m teaching my daughter better”….please….you’re teaching your daughter to be a porn star…I wouldn’t say that’s better!

    1. To be fair… I’d rather my daughter do porn if it was a willing and conscious choice, than marry some douche like David or live like jenelle. Good lord. That’s a hard pill to swallow. But it’s true.

  24. Nothing negates the fact that Farrah is an a**hole and an idiot, but Jenelle and Amber are going to go ballistic when they see how many truth bombs she is dropping about them.

    1. Maybe not Amber? I was really surprised she didn’t have rude stuff to say about amber because they had some serious beef. Now janelle is gonna go crazy because she attacked her precious abuser… I mean, husband.

  25. I’m not sure if my previous comment was posted or not, but where is that picture of Farrah getting slapped from? I would really like to watch. TIA <3

  26. Not a big Farrah fan but in that video she must be a Beaver cause DAMMMMMMMMMMMMMM she looked good.

    1. Wow you know if Farrah comes across as wiser and more mature than you, it’s time to check in for that 51/50 hold you are over due for. Take hint Amber and Duhnelle. The great porn star has speaketh.

  27. This is the shitshow your life has become Jenelle. Even Farrah has better judgement than you. A scenario never before thought possible.

  28. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (checkbox) *]
    May I ask where the picture of Farrah looking like she got slapped came from? Looks like something very entertaining I should have watched. <3

  29. While I don’t disagree with her, Farrah is NO woman of value. On top of that, she is teaching her daughter to associate her worth with her appearance by completely altering her own. How is that better? Bye Farrah. Step off your soap box and chill.

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