Butch Baltierra Discusses His Relapse During ‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion (Exclusive Details!)

“I’m back, biotches!”

Butch Baltierra made an appearance at the Teen Mom OG Reunion over the weekend, defending himself on stage when his sobriety was questioned.

Over the past few episodes, Butch’s son Tyler Baltierra and daughter-in-law have discussed Butch’s relapse on drugs and alcohol, and in a video posted to Facebook on Sunday, Butch confessed to relapsing and states that he is now back on track with his sobriety. However, during his time on stage while filming the ‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion on Saturday, Butch had many questioning whether or not he was sober.

“Thank you for all your support, I really do appreciate it,” Butch said in the video, which was filmed in his New York City hotel room before he left to go film the Reunion on Sunday. “I’m an alcoholic addict that struggles, and every day life for us, well, for me, I have to use my own experience. Sometimes I get it, sometimes I don’t but I’m back on track, trying to get back on there.

“I relapsed four or five months ago,” Butch said. “But I’m back and I’m trying to get it right. I turned 57 last month and I’m getting old. I damn sure aint’ going back to prison, I know that!”

In the video, Butch revealed that he had yet to meet his granddaughter Vaeda (by Tyler and Catelynn), and that he expected to meet the baby during the Reunion.

“I’m trying to rebond with my family. I get to meet by new granddaughter soon I hope. I still ain’t met her yet,” he said. “I know, I’m egotistic, self-centered and all that. I’m an idiot sometimes, most of the time. But I wanted to let you know what’s happening.”

The Ashley‘s behind-the-scenes sources tell her that Butch’s discussion about his sobriety on-stage on Saturday worried “nearly everyone on set.” 

“Several people including Dr. Drew [Pinsky] questioned Butch on-stage and asked if he was sober,” the source said. “Dr. Drew actually asked Butch repeatedly if he was currently sober and Butch said he was.

“He talked about how he is done ‘working the program’ [of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous] and said he’s doing sobriety ‘his’ way,” the source said. “Dr. Drew tried to explain to him that addicts are not usually successful in staying sober unless they work a program, but Butch didn’t agree.” 

“How’s that workin’ out for ya, Butchy?”

Butch has long-struggled with substance abuse issues, and has admitted to being a crack cocaine user. On the last season of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ he was shown going to rehab in Austin, Texas, and following it up with sober living. In November 2018, he celebrated one year of sobriety.

The Ashley’s sources say that Butch told the crowd and Dr. Drew that he is currently about 90 days sober from crack cocaine.

“He also said he hadn’t drank in at least three days and didn’t smoke pot currently,” the source added. 

The segment, which was filmed right before the studio went dark due to a city-wide electrical blackout, also included Tyler’s mom Kim and sister Amber Baltierra

“Amber’s boyfriend was sitting in the front row of the audience and he said he lives in the sober living [house] that Butch does, and claimed that Butch has had dirty drug tests,” the source said. 

“Amber got upset because she said Butch chose his [now ex] girlfriend Caroline over his family,” the source added. “Butch said he didn’t come to see his granddaughter [Vaeda’s] birth because his girlfriend needed him at the time.” 

Brandon and Teresa— the adoptive parents of Cate and Ty’s daughter Carly— also made an appearance during the segment.

When Butch starts talking about crack cocaine in front of Brandon and Teresa…

“Even though they seemed to be very anti-‘Teen Mom’ in the past, they appeared on stage and had a really nice chat with Catelynn and Tyler,” the source said. “They did not say anything negative at all, which was surprising.” 

Butch did not get to see Carly, though, as she was not at the Reunion, The Ashley’s sources tell her.

The Ashley will have more details about the ‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion soon. Stay tuned!

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28 Responses

  1. The reality is, people who have used hardcore drugs will continue to relapse. That’s is the norm, rather than the exception. Whether it’s one year or ten years later, they more usually than not, relapse.

  2. The dirty little secret of rehabs and 12 step programs is that their not very successful. The majority of alcoholics and drug addicts never get 100% sober. And it’s not just about admitting you have a problem. That’s the easy part. Butch has probably 40 years of alcohol and cocaine abuse. His brain is fried.

    1. You are absolutely correct. If all Butch ever does now is sit around smoking weed all day, it’s still far better than crack.

  3. Feel bad for Carly. Caitlyn and Tyler made a selfless and loving choice, allowing her to be placed into a stable family. However, they refuse to let her have a childhood untangled from their PUBLIC dysfunction.
    Their on screen discussions about how they don’t see her and want a closer relationship feels inauthentic. They don’t send her cards, notes of love, birthday gifts etc (per their convo with Dawn). They continously ignore Brandon and Teresa’s requests to not talk about their relationship on the show etc.

    They were given the roadmap many years ago to a relationship with Carly-keeping things private, respecting boundaries etc but care more about having a storyline than a relationship.

        1. Even though Tyler and Caitlyn are assholes, if you cut off the open adoption Carly will look back that Brandon and Teresa tried to keep them apart and hurt her psychologically. You know damn well that when Carly is 18, Tyler and Caitlyn would tell her that they tried to see her and feed her a bunch of lies.

      1. Sort of. They have always had the right to cut off contact and refuse visits, but they can’t make it a truly closed adoption. Catelynn and Tyler know their full names, Carly’s full name, where they live, etc. no putting that back in the box.

      2. I believe their adoption allows contact to be lessened (or even severed), as Brandon and Teresa see fit. If I recall correctly, that was brought up in a conversation with Dawn, a few seasons ago. I thought Caitlyn said their agreement let B&T adjust contact, per their discretion based on Carly’s best interests, as she ages.

      3. Open adoption contracts are not enforceable in a court of law. The court sees it as, these people have signed away their parental rights, and these people have assumed parental rights; end of story, no gray areas, nothing. B & T could have waited for the adoption to be official, and then never communicated with C & T ever again, and there would be nothing anyone could do.

        As I remember it, their adoption plan was written with an agreement to exchange letters and photos for the first 5 years of Carly’s life, with 1 visit a year. B & T are going above and beyond by continuing contact beyond those 5 years, as technically, their obligation was done once Carly turned 5. They obviously feel that it’s beneficial to them to keep the lines of communication open. As someone else already said, my guess is that they want to be able to honestly tell Carly someday that they tried to remain friendly with her birth family, for her sake, and that they were sometimes more successful at that than they were at other times.

  4. I never understood Caitlyn’s claims of “sobriety “ when she still drinks. I don’t think there is any program that would say drinking is ok. Same with Amber

  5. Call me crazy but I want to party with Butch, minus all the crying, hair coloring and mullet trimming.

  6. Dr. Drew tried to explain to him that addicts are not usually successful in staying sober unless they work a program

    If we’re honest, addicts are not usually successful in staying sober, period. The success rates for programs like AA are estimated at between 5 and 30%.

    1. True but to Dr Drew’s point, the majority of addicts that get sober ARE working a program. As in, like, 98%. Just because the odds aren’t great, doesn’t mean you don’t try. The alternative is death or prison.

  7. Poor Tyler…. I do love me some butch but he’s way too old to keep fucking up! Get your crap together old man! Your son needs you! I hope and pray that if he doesn’t get straight for good that Tyler and Cate cut him off for good. I know plenty of people struggling who would do ANYTHING to get the type of help he’s gotten and taken for granted.

  8. So, in other words, he’s 3 days sober. If that. I’ve been in and out of the rooms of NA & AA for years, and I have yet to see anyone ever successfully get sober ‘their way,’ and sadly, a lot of them have died before doing so. Hopefully, since it doesn’t appear Butch is an opiate addict, maybe he’ll live long enough to get sober. Not that other addictions aren’t deadly, but heroin is really the one that’s like playing Russian roulette these days, that’s what made me quit for good in May of 2016. It’s not a question of ‘if’ someone will die, it’s a question of ‘when!’

    1. Just wanted to say: Congrats on your sobriety!!! I know it’s not easy and is a day to day thing sometimes. I am not an addict but have family and friends who ar (some sober now and some not so much) and I see the struggles they face. Sending you best wishes for your continued sobriety!

  9. So sad…there’s always been a part of me that has rooted for Butch, but sadly…it seems he won’t be able to conquer this lifelong addiction.

  10. So…he says he’s about 90 days sober, but he hasn’t drank for only three days?! Maybe he hasn’t used crack cocaine in about 90 days, but he can’t say he’s sober if he is drinking (and while admitting to being an alcoholic!). I don’t see his sobriety going well, unfortunately.

    1. It’s just like Amber who claimed she is sober while seen heavily drinking on the show…these folks do know you need to stop ALL addiction in order to call yourself sober…right?!

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