The Top 5 Wildest Moments from ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ Episode 4

Me when I hear the show’s new theme song start playing.

This week’s episode of The Hills: New Beginnings gave us family drama, crystal healing, a plethora of celebrity name drops, interesting fashion choices and a supernatural music video… and no, we didn’t write that paragraph using Mad Libs. 

Here are the top 5 wildest moments from this week’s episode of ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’: 

1. Brody opened up about his strained relationship with dad Caitlyn Jenner.

“At least you didn’t have to have any of those Kardashian Kreeps at your wedding, so there’s that!”

During a dinner at his mom Linda Thompson’s house, Brody Jenner talks about his dad, Caitlyn Jenner, being a no-show at his wedding and the fact that she cancelled on attending at the last minute. 

“Not having my dad at the wedding was… it was a bummer,” he explained. “Honestly, it really did hurt. I would’ve loved to have had her there but she had better things to do. Apparently.” 


“It’s cool, maybe she’ll make it to the next one!”

While Brody’s mom sympathized with his pain, she encouraged him to forgive and forget. Their conversation also touched on when they first learned of Caitlyn’s desire to transition. 

“The public just found out a few years ago about Caitlyn when she made her transition, but my mom has known for decades,” Brody said. “She never told me until I was like… 27 years old. [That] is when she told me what he was going through.” 

As devastating as the news was to Linda, she said she felt worse for Caitlyn and what she had to go through. 

“My life just did like a 180,” Linda said. “In my mind, I had lost my normal, my family, my wonderful husband that I thought would be forever. I had just lost my marriage and the father of my kids. I was devastated but that was just a momentary reaction. My greater sympathy had to go out to Caitlyn.” 

2. Pratt Daddy’s crystal-crazy spending habits. 

“Be gone, negative energy and copious debt.”

While planning a party to promote their crystal company, Spencer and Heidi Pratt share with viewers that they don’t always see eye to (third) eye when it comes to spending money—- no matter how many positive-vibe crystals they surround themselves with. 

“Heidi’s more practical. She uses like, calculators and numbers and writes things down,” Spencer says after Heidi tries to tone down their $80,000 party. 

“Don’t let this Letterman’s jacket fool ya– I ain’t much math and such!”

Later in the episode, Spencer admits that Heidi watched as he went through “like $10 million dollars in two years” back in the day—- something Heidi vowed will not happen again. 

“Back in the day, money was just being thrown at us and we were making so much of it, we were spending as much as we were making and we ran out of money,” she said. “I won’t let that happen to our family again.” 

3. Brody’s cringeworthy name dropping

“Sit back while I tout the accomplishments of others… “

While working on some music for his band AHZ, Brody casually reminded viewers that his former stepdad was Grammy-Award-winning producer David Foster and running into A-list singers in the living room was a normal occurrence. 

“Growing up, I’d come home and Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, all these people were just in and out of the house everyday, so music was always a big part of my life,” he said. 

Brody also told viewers that his mom has a musical background of her own, having written Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing,” though he leaves out the part about her having dated Elvis Presley. Luckily, Linda briefly mentions her days with the King later in the episode when Mischa Barton compliments her jacket. 

“You should give me this for 

4. Brody’s nightmare-inducing video premiere

Sweet dreams, everyone!

Brody and the guys from AHZ decide to cram 200 of their closest friends and family members into the world’s smallest venue to premiere their music video and proceed to scare/confuse them (or maybe just us). 

The song is appropriately called “Bad Decisions.”

The jokes just kind of write themselves here, don’t they? 

“Make some noise if you’re sleeping with the closet light on tonight!”

And last but certainly never least… 

5. Whatever the hell these two are wearing. 

At least they’re not wasting their money on expensive clothing.

Spencer and Heidi looked like they just returned from the cruise ship gift shop, busting out tie-dyed, glitter covered oversized T-shirts in one scene. All they needed were flip flops with giant flowers on them and terrycloth sun visors to complete the outfits!

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(Photos: MTV) 


  1. Who is the hot chick Ashley Brandon was trying to hook up with? How come nobody is talking about that?

  2. Did you ever see Princes of Malibu (it’s on youtube) which was a show that Brody and Spencer did before the Hills? It was when Brody was about 21, living at home, when his mom was married to David Foster. Check it out. Brody and Spencer are complete douches (surprise).
    What instrument does Brody play? I couldn’t figure that out from the “video release party”.

    You can so tell Audrina is “acting” like she’s upset at Justin Bobby. She was trying to hide a smile during that convo. Fakery for sure.

    You know, in the last 1980s I was a bit of a Deadhead and very into crystals (and tie dyes, natch)…they’re not expensive things and also the don’t do shit to improve or impact your life. Spencer is nuts but I guess if they’re making a living off of BSing people into believing crystals are a thing, more power to them.

    Lastly, it’s sad that Caitlyn Jenner didn’t attend Brody’s wedding but maybe Caitlyn doesn’t think much of marriage since she’s been married 3x herself. Also, let’s be honest, Brody’s marriage looks doomed.

    1. I remember Princes of Malibu, didn’t it last only one season, and the season was short? Bruce seemed like a very selfish self centered person (Brody has repeatedly said Bruce was an absent dad), and Caitlyn seems like not much has changed since her transition, she’s just more self centered and more vain…so I’m not surprised Caitlynn wasn’t at Brody’s wedding. Brody and Brandon aren’t famous enough for Caitlyn…Let it have been Kylie or Kendall…they’re way more famous, so you better believe Caitlyn would be at their wedding, begging to walk them down the aisle. You can tell Brody’s relationship with his dad hurts him, and makes him resent Caitlyn…His dad walked Kim down the isle TWICE, and Khloe down the isle once…2 step kids, but couldn’t even show her face at Brody’s wedding…It’s not right. I’m not a fan of Caitlyn’s at all. She’s a “sucky person”.

  3. The thing that I found funny was Brody & Bruce/ Kate always blamed Kris for Bruce not being there for his kids. She is still doing it & Kris is not around!

  4. This whole Justin Bobby and Audrina storyline is SO played out….they really couldn’t find a better, newer storyline?? Next Audrina’s going to be “fighting” with Stephanie over Justin, just like she was “fighting” with Kristin 10 years ago over the same thing…Unless they get some new material, I don’t see this reboot lasting more than 2 seasons. Speidi and Stephanie still don’t like each other…wtf Mischa Barton?…The best storyline they could come up for her was her confronting Perez Hilton??…Anyone who graduated high school after 2009 probably had no idea Perez was a “bully” and drew dicks on pictures of celebs, and called her Mushy Farton….and the viewers who are older totally forgot about that until she brought it up again for a storyline…Why is Whitney even on there?…Jason and his wife…eh…they’re not so bad, but if they left I wouldn’t miss them. I do like Kaitlynn, Brody (surprisingly because I couldn’t stand him in the original) and Brandon though….get rid of everyone else, and just give those 3 the show.

  5. I don’t get why does everyone hate Brody. I could stare at him all day. Besides David Foster was more of a parent than Bruce ever was. Linda Thompson wrote quite a few big hits, just opps with the face.

  6. Heidi and Spencer will never make that kind of money again anyways so she doesnt have to worry about him spending like that anymore.

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