EXCLUSIVE! Amber Portwood’s Brother Shawn Comments on Her Court Case & Custody Battle with Andrew Glennon: “She Doesn’t Deserve What’s Happening to Her”

“Thanks Bubby!”

Amber Portwood‘s brother is speaking out regarding the Teen Mom OG star’s legal battles!

Shawn Portwood (also known as “Bubby” to ‘OG’ fans) spoke to The Ashley about Amber’s custody fight with her Andrew Glennon, who claimed in court documents that Amber attacked him with a shoe and her fists on July 5, before coming at him with a machete. She is now facing three felony charges, and only as of Thursday had been granted supervised visitation with her son, James.

Despite what Andrew told the police on the night in question and afterward, Shawn feels like Andrew’s story does not add up.

“This whole thing is a setup and it has been from the beginning, the more I read about what’s going on,” Shawn told The Ashley. “It’s amazing that [Andrew’s]trying to get her to pay for literally everything so that he doesn’t have to pay for anything. [He’s] fighting for full custody [and] he’s trying to get her to pay for his insurance.”

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According to the legal documents filed in court, Andrew is requesting full custody of James, as well as child support and other payments from Amber.

“[Andrew’s] trying to get her to pay child support,” Shawn continued. “He’s trying to get her to pay for everything and make it to where the only thing he has to do is literally just look after the boy. It is not fair and she doesn’t deserve what’s happening to her.”

Shawn also believes that Andrew lied to his sister.

“Apparently he said he had a lot of things that Amber recently come to find out it weren’t true,” Shawn said.

Shawn isn’t the only person supporting Amber through the ordeal. At her court hearing on Thursday, Amber’s ‘Teen Mom OG’ co-stars– Maci BookoutCatelynn Lowell and Cheyenne Floydshowed up to back Amber, as did Amber’s other baby daddy Gary Shirley and his wife Kristina. (An MTV film crew was there documenting the hearing; however The Ashley has yet to hear what they will be using the footage for.) 

On Thursday, a judge dismissed the No Contact Order barring Amber from seeing her son James. She is now allowed to have supervised visitation with the one-year-old. The No Contact Order that Andrew has against her remains in effect, though.

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  1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    All of this is crazy both of them need to stay off social media an stop bashing each other they are bonded for life now and nothing will change that. They have an amazing and beautiful son that should be their only concern, but I do also fell that Andrew has always mad a joke out of her mental illnesses witch is well documented on the show an also everyone talks about her being the abuser but no one ever bring up Andrews restraining order for a ex girlfriend and a domestic violence so in no way are either of them perfect. Just my opinion.

  2. I don’t buy into anything Amber’s brother says. We’ve all seen how Amber is, as a human being and as a mother. She’s violent, she’s a drug attic to Charles gill over rehab, and she’s a hot mess; Plain and simple. I realize that we only see snippets of their life on TV, but the snippets we have seen are pretty damning. Andrew seemed like a calm and collective guy and I know that behind closed doors he may not be. But given Amber’s history and even her recent emotional issues, I believe 100% that she attacked Andrew. She’s an addict that’s still taking benzodiazepines – that’s NOT smart. Doctors can actually get into legal trouble for prescribing an addictive medication to a known addict. What she needs, is what Catelynn has been known to do. She doesn’t need a simple 30 day program, she needs long-term treatment followed by sober living.

  3. You dont deserve any of this you have been through so much I support you all the way Keep smiling xx

  4. Well then maybe she should quit jumping into relationships so quick and get her temper controlled. She beat the hell out of Gary to the girl has a screw lose

  5. If the roles were reversed and it was a female asking for what Andrew is asking no one would think twice and deserve she is justified in her request. Why is it because he’s a man, its suspect?? Amber is a CONVICTED FELON FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!! Is it that hard to believe she is guilty in this??? Amber is great at talking about her issues, but she is awful at taking ownership and getting help. I know plenty of people of people who have the same type of issues she does, and they dont act their partners and child with a damn machete. She is gross.

  6. He probably can’t believe she chased someone with a machete because that would involve her getting off the couch.

  7. Bubby, the only thing not adding up here is how y’all sat back while Matt stole at least sixty thousand per year from Amber plus cheated and impregnated multiple women . Andrews and angel compered to that.

  8. I still don’t understand why TF they didn’t move to California! To say Amber had to stay in Indiana because of Leah is just nonsense, she’s never ever with her, nor does she even care to see her either! I’m soooooo beyond over Amber and her blah blah blah bullshit excuses about her being bipolar or having borderline personality disorder… Newsflash Amber… You aren’t the only person in the world who has these disorders! If you took your meds, AND NOT DRANK ALCOHOL OR DID OTHER DRUGS, everything would be a lot better! But, nope, she sure TF loves playing the VICTIM! Same thing goes with Caitlin! Ugh! I hate her! I digress, It’s almost as if Amber and Caitlin are fighting for the title of Next Farrah Abraham, and that’s never ever a good idea!
    Amber and her brother Bubby… hmmm… I think something is really going on between the two! I think Matt nailed it when he said that she wanted to marry her brother! I’m dead ass serious!
    Andrew is a saint! I think that’s what made Amber go legit crazy! Everyone knows that he is always with the baby and he’s an awesome father! And we all know how awful and despicable of a human being Amber is! That made her snap..

  9. Andrew is looking for a paycheck while he sits on his gigantic ass! I wonder if he didn’t see dollar signs all along!

  10. Well said Amy, I don’t think you left anything out. Amber and her brother Bubby need to both put in prison for 20 years. Amber has beat up any guy she ever went out with. The one that got beat up the most was Gary Shirley, and now he’s supposed to be a police officer, I still can’t figure that one out?? He’s so big he’s never be able to chase someone on foot, and he’s following Amber around like a little puppy!! Amber is walking around the courthouse like she’s some mafioso, all puffed up in the shoulders. The judge needs to step in and let the air out of that ugly blimp!! And big ugly Caitlyn walking around like she’s a lawyer, Maci looks like she needs a drink and the little black girl is wandering around looking for Corey?? Ha! Ha! What a bunch of crackheads!!!! Throw portwood in the slammer, she can go to jail and fight people that are more like her, bullies!!

  11. People just need to leave her a lone she’s human everyone makes mistakes remember she was of her meds so it’s gunna take time for them to work

  12. Ummmm… Amber had this guy move from California, where he had a career as a lighting or camera guy, to Indiana where he couldn’t continue his career. She moved him into her house to be her full time boyfriend/caretaker/punching bag. She had a baby with him that she never took care of, so he did all the parenting. She makes $300,000+ a year! This guy had to flee the family home with the baby. Amber is only allowed supervised visits with her baby right now so he is doing 99.9% of the parenting. The fact that she’s allowed supervised visits and that there is a court case going on makes it so that he can’t go back to California where he could get a job in his field again. She SHOULD be paying child support. She SHOULD be paying for insurance and other expenses. Her criminally violent behavior led to this situation. If you don’t want to have to pay child or spousal-type support to someone, then you should probably not move them away from the place where they have a career, insist that they stay home with you and not work, have a baby with them, insist that they stay home with the baby, and then physically attack that person so that for their own and the baby’s safety they have to leave and set up an entire second household with an entire second set of expenses somewhere else. I can’t believe that she, her brother, or anyone else finds it “unfair” that Amber is being asked to contribute financially to her own baby and to the man who she made quit his job to be with her and raise that baby! She did this to herself! She created this whole situation! He didn’t leave her because he found a new girlfriend, or got bored. He was forced to leave her because she attacked him and the baby.

  13. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    What does Andrew do to a living? I think he has always had shady motives. In the past women seduced and used men with money and/or fame. Now the playing field is equal and men are doing the same.

  14. This whole “ set up” is outright ignorant! Andrew knew Ambers weakness, he knocked her up to make himself a little money maker, he drives Amber to flip out so she can go to jail for possible years and lose her job.. lot of money he’s going to be getting from her jobless ass in jail.

  15. Cant all of this be proven?
    She admitted to the shoe assault
    But denied the Pills & Machete
    Did the police ask to see her pills? If she downed a handfull of pills the bottle would be empty or she would be missing some
    Was a machete out when the police came in? Was there marks in the door or walls? For the machete?

    Was the bathroom door broken, he said he locked him & the baby in the bathroom to get away from her & she tried to bust it down.

    She also admitted ro skipping her medication so she can drink. Was she off her meds that day?

  16. Best thing for her is get a good lawyer,start therapy an leave men alone your mental status is going to be used against it’s ashame he used your mental status against you he knew what makes you tick.

  17. Shouldn’t there be marks or slashes on the door from the machete?
    If I remember correctly, Amber hit the door with the machete so there schould be at least some evidence of that.

    1. Exactly
      And they should he able to count her medication to see if she did take a handful.

      Seems like a lot of these accusations can easily be proved.

      1. Things like Klonopin can be prescribed take up to 3x daily or as needed. But the machete marks, definitely.

    2. Um Shawn…if the roles were reversed and Andrew came after Amber with a machete while she was holding James, and James was living with Amber full time, you wouldn’t have a problem with Amber asking for child support I’m sure.
      I don’t care what the other side of the story is to this, NOTHING makes it okay for Amber to go after her boyfriend with a MACHETE while he was holding their baby. Amber is known for her anger issues. In episodes of Teen Mom OG that have aired this season its obvious Amber’s anger was starting to show….the way she looked at Andrew and how irate she gets at little things…it was clear something bad was on the horizon.

  18. Even if Andrew did egg things on, Amber still attacked him WHILE HE WAS HOLDING THEIR BABY. James could have been seriously injured. Have you ever been holding a baby while somebody hits you? You try to block the baby from everything and it leaves you defenseless.

    If the genders were reversed everybody would be acting different. If a man had been accused of doing this to a woman while she held their child, everybody would be calling for his head by now. They’d be telling the woman to file for child support and everything else and to never let the baby around him again.

    Does he think Amber has no responsibility towards her own child? The non-custodial parent is typically the one paying child support. I bet if the situation was reversed he’d be talking shit about how Andrew needs to pay Amber child support and man up and take care of his responsibilities.

  19. She hit the huge massive gorilla with a flip flop! Boohoo Big friggin deal! Yes he was holding the baby, but come on it was a flip flop. How many times have mothers hit their kids with a flip flop for misbehaving? Quite a few I’m sure, haven’t heard of any mother’s being charged with a felony… the big ape runs into another room and hides behind the door. Does anyone else really think she was hammering the door with a machete and he just “TEXTED” the cops?? I mean if someone was coming after me with a machete I don’t think I could text “I am fearing for my child’s and my life please help”. I’d be screaming on that phone for help. Something is fishy with this story, just saying…

    1. the texting feature if for these domestic types of situations. Calling 911 usually enrages the attacker more and the situation could really escalate. It was actually quite smart of him to text 911 instead of her hearing him call 911.

    2. and assault is assault. She also only pushed gary down a few stairs but look what happened.

  20. Things that are important to Amber in order:

    1. Her money
    2. Public perception
    3. Relaxing
    4. Self validation
    5. Bubby’s opinion of her
    6. Her career
    7. Her house
    8. Her dogs
    9. Having a boyfriend to emasculate
    10. Vacations
    11. Her kids

    1. Hey Nibs, the couch isn’t on your list. And what about the stuffed sloth? I think it’s the ugliest stuffed animal I’ve ever seen.

    2. You forgot:

      11. Massages
      12. Nail and eyelash appointments
      13. Pajamas she thinks are cute but just make her look stupid
      14. Telling anyone who will listen that she’s “in the industry”
      15. Pills
      16. Collecting mental illness diagnoses
      17. Social media posts
      18. Threatening anyone who dares criticize her with physical violence
      19. Maintaining her weird eyebrows
      20. Finding a boyfriend that will cook, clean and provide childcare

      …..and a few more we’re forgetting

      Her kids are more like (25) or so.

      I always enjoy your comments, they give me a good laugh!

  21. I think Andrew is pathic and Amber dose not deserve this at all she should be allowed to have her son and I do believe that Andrew lied to her and i do think he is trying to get her to pay for everything and it’s wrong Amber is a good mom and there since needs her the most Andrew is a jerk Amber I support u no matter what u are a good mom to ur kids love u Amber

  22. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    What I’m hearing YET again that SHE is the victim in all this. No one MADE her get physical

  23. While naturally being a caring brother, I think Bubby needs to remember that Amber also went after her first Baby Daddy Gary with MTV cameras rolling while she proceeded to try and put his head through a wall several years ago.

    So Bubby, if anything, this latest episode with Andrew can in NO way be construed as a random act. Clearly, Amber is prone to stuff like this – and needs the “proper” professional HELP and guidance in fixing it.

    That is all.

  24. Let’s say for argument’s sake that Bubby is right that Andrew is out for Amber’s money. That still leaves the question – did Amber physically attack him while he was holding the baby? Because, if that’s true, I don’t really care what Andrew did. There is zero justification for Amber to physically attack someone who is holding a baby, especially her baby. Amber either attacked Andrew/James or she didn’t. The prosecutor and cops seem to think she did and it’s my understanding that she confessed to at least part of what’s being alleged. Bubby trying to make this about child support and custody is either denial or deflection.

    1. She admitted the sandal slap but denies the machette. I think that does make a huge difference.
      Slapping someone with a sandal while he is holding your child is absolutely not okay and something should defenately be done about that. But the machette would mean she is absolutely crazy and is basicly a risk to everyone in society.
      Yet the judge allows her to see James again. The judge wouldnt do that unless she was convinced Amber was a risk to James and the supervisors in the visiting center. Nor has Amber been send to a facility.

      1. Yeah, that means nothing. She is still in the pre-trial phase, so the fact that she hasn’t been jailed or institutionalized is irrelevant. Her visits are supervised, meaning the judge obviously isn’t totally convinced she’s safe. But, they’re not going to keep a mother from her baby completely without a trial. We do know the prosecutors objected to any visits, so they’re certainly not convinced either. She would be checked for weapons if the visits are taking place at a center or court. She may also be required to take her meds as a condition of bail. If she’s on her meds, she may be more manageable.

        And of course she denied the machete incident. Even she knows how crazy that is.

      2. I missed slapped him with a sandal , I read hit him with a chunky heel sandal. Idk, maybe sites are reporting differently on that detail.
        Andrew said she hit with the shoe then came after him, then he locked himself in a room and texted for help; that text was then called in to dispatch and help was on the way .. when they arrive Andrew STILL has a mark from the shoe
        Anyway, the police seen more evidence to arrest her, I’m sure they have photos and statements that go beyond the shoe.
        Bottom line is: if she did nothing so bad than she shouldn’t be too worried.

      3. A judge also gave the Eason’s their kids back so there is that. Amber could very well still be a threat to her child.

  25. I’m shocked how so many people have forgotten that she shoved Gary down the stairs. She has a history of violence period and I’m 100% sure if she was a man, people would not be excusing this behavior. While I agree Andrew is an opportunist, I believe she is unsafe. I just hope she is held accountable and also gets the help she needs!

  26. Bubby, Booboo, Bubs….
    At least James is James safe right now, that’s the most important thing.

    But am I the only one who ever thought Amber and Bubby have a strange relationship?

  27. There’s not much information here- nothing new, nothing we didn’t already know.

    The lynch mob is pretty scary here. We literally know nothing apart from Andrews story. Amber has said absolutely nothing to defend herself but that doesn’t equal an admission of guilt. His story could be fabricated, twisted, or missing major holes. And everyone seems to think very highly of Gary and Christina and their judgment, yet the fact that they’re siding with amber means they’re “enabling her.” Look back. Gary is not an enabler. He is an instigator and happy to use Leah to throw his weight around. Yet even he is supporting her. Reserve judgment til we have the full story, people.

    1. Bubby is clearly victim shaming. He should reserve judgment until he knows both sides as well. He’s going off what Amber has told him.

    2. Gary and Kristina being there with Amber in court doesn’t mean they disbelieve Andrew. Gary didn’t want Leah around Amber unsupervised before this happened, so he must have had his reasons. It could be that they think/know she’s mentally ill and don’t want to condemn her. The question is, are they allowing Leah around Amber unsupervised after this happened? I certainly have seen any evidence of that one way or the other.

      Also, we know that she confessed at the very least to throwing a shoe at Andrew. That much has been made public. The cops and prosecutors also believe Andrew was holding the baby at the time.

  28. It’s not fair at all to amber! What if they don’t have a comfortable couch at the visitation center for her to visit James? No bed to sit in while she’s parenting? Wow
    I’m just noticing I don’t remember seeing her holding James and walking around too often

  29. Did anyone catch he said “what I read doesn’t add up?” Wtf do you mean “read??” I can promise if this was happening to me my brothers would be communicating with me directly and not “reading” articles. ?? They are such a shit show. I honestly lost so much respect (well the pinch I had for maci and chey still left) for the other TM cast for even showing and supporting this shit show.

  30. I just can’t with all the enabling. Andrew’s actions since meeting Amber have been questionable at best but at least he’s doing the right thing for the baby right now and that includes filing for child support and insurance.
    It’s all so tragic, all the babies they keep bringing into their mess to feed their egos. But it’s the kids that will pay the price someday, some worse than others.

  31. Bubby wake up, your sister is her own worse enemy.

    She deserves all she gets, with her vile behaviour, i hope she does some serious time in Gel!!!!!

  32. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong- but wasn’t one of the producers raising concerns to the bigwigs when they were first dating? And Morgan J essentially said this last guy (meaning the other stain on her stellar reputation aka Matt) had all these red flags too at the beginning. Basically blew it off knowing this guy had a past, they knew said past and no one cared enough to do anything about either Matt or Andrew in her life- not her family, her friends, her producers, MTV. Why does bubby not apply to be a conservator? She clearly is not able to take cRe of herself or others.

  33. Oh Bubby, I thought you were the smart one. This reminds me of Ryan a lot, everyone always enabled him. Stop enabling your sister!

  34. All he has to do is look after the boy.

    Well Shawn, be happy someone freakin does! Your sister will not do it!

  35. “According to the legal documents filed in court, Andrew is requesting full custody of James, as well as child support and other payments from Amber.”

    “This whole thing is a setup and it has been from the beginning, the more I read about what’s going on,” Shawn told The Ashley. “It’s amazing that [Andrew’s]trying to get her to pay for literally everything so that he doesn’t have to pay for anything. [He’s] fighting for full custody [and] he’s trying to get her to pay for his insurance.”

    The real truth is slowly but surely starting to come out. I believe Shawn. I stand behind Amber, I don’t care what anyone says. Shawn stay by your sister.

  36. Bubby, the only thing not adding up here is how y’all sat back while Matt stole at least sixty thousand per year from Amber plus cheated and impregnated multiple women . Andrews and angel compered to that.

  37. Bubby, please shut the fuck up. Your sister is a shitty mother with seriously violent tendencies. While I think Hodor definitely knew what he was getting into when he picked up on a mentally ill woman in the throes of drug relapse and a break up, he does not deserve to be physically abused, while he’s holding your fucking child, undoubtedly trying to shield him from your rill woman fury fueled fit.

    Oh boo hoo! Ambien is being tasked with taking care of the same financial responsibilities that men have been tasked with for yeeeeeeeeeaaars. Get off it. She makes a ridiculous amount of money for doing nothing more than putting her hair back in a greasy bun, whining on camera about literally everything and patting herself on the back for seeing her daughter 3 whole times an entire summer. Andrew and the hired help are the ones raising that baby, Ambien simply uses him as a selfie prop to make herself feel better. He should be fighting for full custody. Ambien can’t take care of herself. You seriously think she’s able to take care of that infant? Hell, Leah has been old enough to bathe and dress herself for years and her mother STILL can’t take care of her. Instead, she pawns her off on men that have a tendency to move in with her within weeks of meeting her. Yeah, stellar parenting plan your sister has going on, Bubby. Feral cats mother their young better than your sister does.

    One last note, the beard is giving you a look reminiscent of Kathy Bates as Ethel Darling in American Horror Story: Freak Show, and that is not a good thing.

      1. ???

        I mean, I feel bad for anyone suffering with an illness, but at some point, she has to have some accountability for her behavior and her mental health.

        If she refuses to do what she can to be as healthy as possible, mentally, emotionally and physically, she certainly has no business caring for an infant.. and there is just no excuse for the violence and use of a machete. She’s literally criminally insane.

      1. You’re the same user as “Staci”,who seems to adore Amber, right? It’s kinda weird that the avatars match. *giggles* See, you have to do more than change your username when you post, as the avatars out you.

        Sending love! ??

        1. Glad your back Bruja, you’ve not been on here in ages, I hope everything is ok?

          As I said before, your onfire with your comments??????.

  38. “the only thing he has to do is literally look after the boy”

    um….. you mean RAISE the boy? your nephew?

    we don’t know andrews true character but we know ambers. can’t really be the girl who cried wolf can she now. lets be honest she isnt capable of raising children.. but now that 2 exist in this world with her DNA she should be responsible enough to love them from afar. whatever he lied to her about having & not having is neither here nor there at this point.. she chose him.. when its all said & done she’s the $$$ maker.. for sitting on her ass i might add. YES she should PAY these men because THEY are raising these children full time. James will be forgotten & she’ll be depressed until she can find a new man to procreate with and abuse. rinse & repeat.

  39. Regardless of what kind of mom Amber is, Andrew 1. Has a screw loose to have solicited a relationship with her after having a front row seat during Marriage Boot Camp. 2. Contributed to James’ involvement in the events of July 4/5, and 3. Is probably no more or less fit than Amber as a parent (she just has the money and he has her past conviction as ammunition)
    I am by no means “victim blaming” him…..but, you really have to consider his contribution to this situation.
    I find it odd that they had a fight en route to firewoks (let’s say 8pm-ish?) and then, suddenly it’s 3am?
    It just doesn’t pass the sniff test.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
      Have you not read the police report? It didn’t go from 8pm to 3am suddenly. One, fireworks wouldn’t even go off until close to 10 and Andrew took her home and drove around for an hour to let her cool down. When he came back that’s when she attacked him with the shoe. He left yet again and said he rode around for hours. Which by that point could easily be 2am. Which is around the time he texted for help. The timeline adds up as plausible to me.

  40. And after all of this horrible shit going on with these WOMEN, I am hoping Cole is having a serious conversation with Chelsea, asking her to please step away from this show. They are better than all of this craziness and honestly have zero in common with any of the other (grown ass) women. Chelsea, quit this show. You don’t belong here. (That’s a compliment, btw)

  41. STFU UP SHAWN! As James’ father, he has a right to child support ! Why shouldn’t she pay child support????!!!!!! Shawn says all Andrew will be doing is “looking after the boy”??? What????!? I never heard such an asinine comment! What a double standard. He’d never say that if it were the other way around. If a woman is abused by a man, leaves him immediately, and seeks child support, we’d be saying that she’s doing the right thing correct? If she were a single mom we’d never say “all she’s doing is looking after the boy”!!! Omg! I his comments have my blood boiling! She doesn’t deserve what’s happening? Why not???!

  42. Andrew has nothing to lie about Amber can be very mean.look at her past it tells it all.I saw Andrew waiting on her hand and foot.Shes lazy to me. She has a lot of issues that need to be addressed. Andrew ahould get James and Im glad Gary has lea.

  43. I would believe Shawn if Amber didn’t have previously domestic violence issues with all her boyfriends. Past behavior predicts future behavior. Amber isn’t taking her medication. Anyone watching TM could tell something was going on with Amber. Far as Andrew asking for money that is typical. It doesn’t mean he will get all that he asks for. Andrews lawyer probably advised him to ask for everything. Andrew comes from money. Andrew doesn’t need Amber money. Shawn help Amber see what she does is wrong. Quit ENABLING Amber.

      1. Don’t have a baby with a woman you know full well has mental health / anger problems. Don’t quit your job and move across the country and become financially dependent on her without a “plan” either.

      1. Because she has a legal responsibility to support her kid. His family having money matters exactly not at all.

      2. Holy shit! ANOTHER username? So you have Monroe, Staci and Lisa? Daaaayum.

        Now, who were you saying was the lunatic? ???

        *insert Nathan Griffith meme* ?? Stop it!


  44. And this is why Amber is the way she is. Her relatives insist on defending her horrible behavior and decisions. She may have mental issues that she is working on, but her family needs to acknowledge that she is a danger to herself and others. Maybe they should be encouraging her to seek some help instead of defending her atrocious behavior!

  45. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Amber is a good mom

  46. Whether he took advantage of a situation or not, Amber has a history of choosing terrible men. Her and Jenelle have more in common than they care to admit. No one seems to be thinking about James though in this situation. When Andrew had surgery all amber did was complain about how she had to take care of James in the daytime and nighttime and basically couldn’t handle it . Andrew seemed to always be taking care of the baby. Obviously we didn’t see everything , but we do know Amber hasn’t had to raise a child on her own. If she hasn’t been taking her medication can she handle custody of a baby without taking a deep dive. On another note, Kristina mentioned in last weeks episode Leah’s friends watch the show. I wonder if Leah has looked up old episodes and saw her mothers history. Even now does she know what’s going on. She seems to be distancing herself already at 10 years old.

  47. Her family needs to stop enabling her behavior. How is Amber supposed to get real help if everyone coddles her. Amber is nuts. We’ve all seen it. Now imagine what we don’t see. I believe she isn’t taking her medication like she should be. Just a few episodes ago, she refused to take her medication because she wanted to drink during her girls trip smh.

  48. Even if Andrew was just after Amber for her fame and money and had cheated on her that does not excuse her actions. Andrew was the one doing everything for James since he was born and the one who is best placed to take care of him full time and Amber should be paying child support for James if he gets full custody, if it was the other way round no one would be against the woman seeking custody and child support even if you thought they were after the man for money in the first place.

  49. First of all Bubby, Andrew didn’t just decided on his own what he wants from Amber.. that’s his legal team doing their job and asking for everything he may be entitled to. Second, if Andrew gets custody then Amber should pay child support, why shouldn’t she? Third, insurance: Amber is the money maker and most likely is the primary on the insurance..again, this is his attorneys asking that the insurance stay in place.
    Andrew is doing the right thing , he’s getting every damn thing that the courts will grant him for his baby.
    Did Andrew go after Amber with false intentions? Who cares, too late, the baby is here now.
    Looking at both Amber and Andrew I say , give the little boy a chance.. let his father CONTINUE to raise him.
    On a last note Bubby, Amber doesn’t love Andrew either! She constantly talked him up, what a good man he is- Amber was in love with him doing and saying all the right things, she wasn’t in love with him, it was all forced. The next guy she’s with we will hear the same shit “ I finally found mr right”

  50. No normal human being would be with Amber, a man with a good solid life, a good career, no criminal record, would have anything to do with Amber. She’s angry, not educated, a felon, served a prison sentence for god’s sake, doesn’t have the right to raise her first child because she is so unworthy of the role. Thank god for Gary and Kristina!!!! Only someone looking to latch on to her paycheck from MTV would have anything to do with her, Because she’s so evil and desperate she will take any crumb that is thrown at her. Shawn your sister is not a victim, and for your check for your appearances on Teen Mom, you have enabled her, along with your drug addicted mother Tanya. Go away and raise your illegitimate children, you’re kind of a loser just like her.

  51. I mean, child support and health insurance is something the child is entitled to, so I don’t really see how that’s particularly opportunist. It doesn’t seem like he’s asked for anything crazy. I doubted Andrew when they hooked up (and I’m sure he’s not a great guy) but he hasn’t made any ridiculous requests.

    Also, Amber was sufficiently warned not to date Andrew, but she got knocked up right away. This was coming from a mile away and everyone saw it. Amber didn’t care and knew what she was doing, and here we are. Amber can’t control her temper and Andrew probably gets full custody. Bubby needs to stop enabling Amber because she is not the victim here.

  52. Amber has needed some serious mental help intervention for quite some time. She was scary on the “MBC” show where she met Andrew. Do I think Amber is innocent? No, but she really needs to be on some meds and get some counseling. Maybe getting off the TM show would work in her favor with the mental health and constant anger? Then she’d actually have to work then, I guess (“like a normal person”). Jail will do her good a second time. She isn’t sober, I highly doubt she ever was fully.

    No doubt Andrew isn’t innocent either, it’s been fishy since the beginning of their relationship. But he appears a lot more stable than Amber was. Andrew was probably taking care of James since birth.

    1. I agree with everything you said EXCEPT that I question if Andrew is really more stable. One has to question his honor. What kind of man knocks up a woman 10 seconds out of the gate? A woman that he knows has a questionable past. What kind of man quits his job and moves 2000+ miles to milk her finances? What kind of man uses a baby as a weapon and/or a shield in a domestic dispute? He’s a big boy. He could have walked out. He could have put the baby down. I am not justifying HER behavior (whatever it was) BUT the whole situation reeks and I suspect the only innocent party is James.

  53. I’m with Bubby 50% of the way. I’ve believed from the beginning that Andrew was absolutely an opportunist. No well intentioned human being would have looked at the way Amber (and all that garbage she brought with her) behaved on that Marriage Boot Camp show and thought this is a woman I want to be raising a child with within a year. I think he calculated this from the beginning because he was super-quick to uproot himself from whatever he was doing in his parents garage in Malibu and go clear across the country to keep Amber company on her couch (kinda like her other soulmate). But I do not agree that Amber is a poor victim that doesn’t deserve what’s happening to her. Nothing is ever her fault, is her borderline personality, it’s panic attacks, it post-partum, it’s the “haters” on social media. She (along with a handful of others in the franchise) is stuck in arrested development, they use social media to escape reality and lose their s**t when confronted with real-life issues that normal folks deal with on a daily basis.

  54. I tend to agree with “Bubby” here. It’s weird how Andrew just straight cut off Amber. We’ve seen it time and time again on teen mom when we see 2 people that shouldn’t be together, but they keep going back for more. Andrew just straight cut her out and then went after her for everything she had. I do think something happened that night, but I think there is more to the story. I think i marriage boot camp he saw someone who he could easily manipulate and take advantage of and he went after it. He wanted a piece of the teen mom pie!

    1. I agree with most of the post, but he hasn’t gone after her for everything she has. Filing for full custody and child support is normal. All non-custodial parents are supposed to pay child support. He hasn’t stolen from her or asked for money for himself, as far as we know.

    2. Wait, so your argument is that Andrew is lying because he straight up cut Amber off and walked out of a dangerous, unhealthy relationship?…
      Lol That’s what a normal parent who puts their child’s safety and needs first does. Unfortunately, we have gotten used to these messed up teen moms who have unhealthy, complicated relationships. I hope Andrew wins, full custody and Amber pays child support just like she does with Leah. I also hope Amber gets fired from MTV. And goes off to put that prison GED to work. Welcome to the real world, Amber.

      1. Jill;

        Please, if he didnt leave they would say he is a liar, who in their right mind would stay if she really did all of those things.
        People will have something to say no matter what he did. Right now he is protecting his son because did admit to assaulting him.

    3. Wait, Andrew is trying to protect his only son by staying away from someone that admitted to assaulting him while he held their son.
      Allegedly came at him with a machete and wont take her medication for mental disorders on a regular basis so she can drink.
      He should stay in that environment with his son?

      And if he stayed with her you people would say he is lying no one would stay if that really happened

  55. I have seriously thought Andrew was after something from the very beginning. He spotted how vulnerable Amber was when he was supposed to be working in a professional position when Amber and Matt were filming Marriage Bootcamp. I have no doubt he watched Amber to see how he could manipulate her and play her. That’s exactly what he did. He knew she was desperate to be loved and accepted and he wanted a kid snd a paycheck.God help Amber.

    1. I don’t think it’s weird that he’d want to distance himself from someone who came at him and their child with a freaking machete. It’s also very common to file for the financial supports he’s filed for. It’s likely that was just what his lawyer recommended.

  56. I’m just wondering if we can have an episode without Andrew’s gigantic bare feet in a scene. His feet really bug me. I know he’s a big dude….which brings me to my next point. How did he not fend her off? I know Amber thinks she’s badass because she waa in gel but it doesn’t make sense to me. Girl always needs a man and always picks a loser.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
      I’m guessing he didn’t fend her off because he was holding and protecting the baby and she had a friggin machete… Plus, what was he supposed to do, punch her?

      And I mean, yeah, she acts tough because she was in jail, but she had anger issues wayyy before that. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen her attack someone physically. I thought she was doing a lot better overall and managing her anger, but unless Andrew just straight up lied about the whole story (which she partially admitted to) she apparently wasn’t doing as well as I thought. She had been struggling a lot with her depression and anger leading up to this, so I honestly wasn’t surprised when it happened ??

    2. Umm Gary didn’t “fend off” Amber and he wasn’t holding a baby! All this victim shaming is why people stay in abusive relationships so long. Ridiculous.

  57. Andrew asking for child support does not excuse Amber attacking him with a freaking machete. I’m not sure what “Bubby’s“ point is here? How does anyone think she is a victim in this situation?

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
      Why is MTV promoting domestic violence? She should be fired.

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