See All the Photos From the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 9B Reunion Taping in New York City

The only blood shed at the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion…this time…

The cast of Teen Mom 2 spent the weekend in New York City, filming the Season 9B Reunion. Kail LowryChelsea Houska, Leah Messer, Briana DeJesus and new addition Jade Cline filmed over three days (mostly separate of course, due to attempted cast throw-downs at previous Reunions), and were joined by their significant others/baby daddies/family members/anyone else who could mooch a free trip. 

Also present were Teen Mom OG‘s Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra, who sat in on a segment to discuss anxiety issues. And, as The Ashley previously reported, the cast of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant also made an appearance to film a segment…that ended in a near-brawl and tons of social media drama.

There were plenty of “regulars” absent from the Reunion this time around, though. Kail’s baby daddies Jo Rivera and Javi Marroquin (and their significant others) did not attend, as they did not film for this season. Also absent was Leah Messer‘s baby daddy, Corey Simms (although her Baby Daddy No. 2, Jeremy Calvert, was there and part of her segment.)

Also missing was Reunion regular Randy Houska, who was out of town and unable to attend/offer his hilarious musings from the weekend. 

Check out the photo gallery to see snaps of the filming weekend! (Click the thumbnail to enlarge and flip through the photos).

21 Responses

      1. I’m not sure why she would deny a boob job so maybe it’s tape. She did lose weight years ago and then has two more babies and those bad boys look perky and full and round. Maybe she is just genetically blessed beyond measure .

  1. The entire cast in the new season of TM young & pregnant is HORRIFIC! I have never seen such trailer trash! Filthy homes, awful people!

    1. Can’t stand her (ashley) she’s a one trick pony. And wants to fight everyone. haha too bad crazy town, amber has already done that. And junell has the trashy TM spot taken.

  2. Kailyn and Chelsea have had so much work done, there’s no denying it. Chelsea’s had, at the very least, probably a boob and chin job, maybe a nose job and some botox and other things. Kailyn has had… probably everything. Wow. It’s their bodies and choices, but it’s so annoying when famous people lie about it.

    1. Chelsea has been getting Botox for years she admitted and even got it done on an episode I thought from her dad . I’m not sure if she’s had facial surgery but I am suspicious about a boob job. Like I said above maybe it’s tape, or insanely good genes , or they are fake and she just didn’t tell everyone like the other cast mates have .

  3. I didn’t even recognize Kail, she doesn’t stop messing with her face. She needs to fix the inside before she’ll ever be happy on the inside. Also, are Chelsea’s tits real? I never noticed them before lol

    1. She said they are deflated and saggy but wearing a great bra. She swears thats her natural body. She looks flawless!

  4. Lol, why does Leah’s sister have to grab her stomach in every pic?? We get it. You’re knocked up again, STAAAHP!! U look awkward doing that over and over.

  5. It used to be that the only one I respected was Chelsea. But that torso selfie she took just turned my stomach. I mean, really Chels, no self respecting human being wants to see your ta-ta’s!!!!!

    1. What torso selfie?
      I don’t think any of her photos are trashy. She looks amazing and so do her boobs. She is all class.

      1. It’s the 8th one. And before you start whining and say, “it’s too close to be a selfie.” There are these things called selfie sticks.

        And I don’t know how you think that’s classy, a classy person COVERS UP.

        All of these girls are officially trash (whether it be about what comes out of their mouths, what they wear or both), so I am DONE with TM2.

  6. Wow. Way to create obvious segregation. Put Chelsea (who looks BANGIN!!), Leah and Kail on stage together and then the “outsiders” Jade and Briana together…..Next reunion there will be “round girls” pacing the stage. This is getting ridiculous. And Leah using her sister as a story line…..that’s sad.

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