Corey Simms Speaks Out After Jeremy Calvert & Leah Messer Bash Him & His Wife Miranda During ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion

Let the Battle ‘o’ the Baby Daddies begin!

There’s another Teen Mom 2 Feud brewin’ down in the Holler!

Corey Simms was not happy after hearing Jeremy Calvert and Leah Messer talk about him and his wife Miranda during Tuesday night’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 9B Reunion special. In fact, he even took to Twitter to blast Jeremy, Leah and MTV for their parts in what was shown during the episode, and deny the claims made about Miranda.

“The bull crap stops now!” Corey– who rarely tweets– posted on Tuesday night. “I’m so sick of constantly sitting back and rolling with the punches and me and my wife being dragged through the mud. There is SOOOO much more to this whole story.”

Corey is referring to a conversation that Jeremy and Leah had with Dr. Drew Pinsky during the Reunion. When Dr. Drew asked Jeremy if he and Corey were still chummy, Jeremy replied with a quick “nope!” He then clarified that, “We get along but I just don’t agree with some s**t.”

Of course, Dr. Drew was all up in that, attempting to finally earn his Reunion paycheck. He got Jeremy to further explain.

“[Leah] is the only one who goes to [their daughter] Ali’s [doctor] appointments,” Jeremy said. “Corey hasn’t attended Ali’s appointment in Columbus in who knows how long…

“I just feel like [Corey] uses [Leah] all the time,” Jeremy later added. “He still could make an effort to go [to Ali’s appointments]. I don’t care if it’s a two-minute appointment. At least show your presence for your child.I can’t be there for Addie for so much and it hurts my feelings, because of my job. And Corey has a f**king great schedule; he works at home. And he can take off whenever he f**king wants to!” 

“You better not just be sayin’ these things because you want me to tickle your pickle, Jeremy Lynn!”

Jeremy and Leah then turned on Miranda.

“[Leah] can’t take the twins to their stepmom [Miranda]. She has to wait for Corey. [Miranda] wants zero to do with the twins,” Jeremy added. “Zero. And that’s obvious to anybody in the world.”

Dr. Drew found Jeremy’s story hard to believe, but Leah confirmed that she thinks “there’s something definitely going on…I would love to have a better relationship with both of them. Because I think, even at a softball game [we’re all at], the kids feel that tension [between us all]. 

“It’s like when Miranda arrives, Corey’s entire family will stop talking to me and we all separate,” she added. 

“When the queen arrives, it goes bad!” Jeremy piped in.

“Leah, queen of the ‘Monkey’ don’t have no room to talk!”

Leah and Miranda have always had a rather contemptuous relationship (most likely stemming back to this incident), but Corey was angry that Leah and Jeremy said Miranda didn’t want to be around his daughters. 

“Oh wow!! Blood pressure so high right now!!” Corey wrote. “Miranda has been nothing but great to Ali and Aleeah since the very beginning, constantly making sure that everything the girls need or want they get. Loving and caring for them unconditionally. The girls never once came to me about any issues of such. And for Mr. Dad of the year to run his mouth about not going to doctors appointments.. how many have you been to there big guy??”

Corey continued, stating that even though Miranda isn’t shown on ‘Teen Mom 2’ hanging out with the girls, she’s still a great stepmom.

“Miranda has been in the girls lives since they were 2 years old, she has cared for them the same all the way through.. she loves them as her own and treats them as her own,” Corey wrote. “Just because Miranda has chose to be absent from the show does not mean that she treats the girls awful.”

Corey also had a bone to pick with MTV. He claimed the network didn’t allow him to Skype into the Reunion taping to allow him to give his side of the story.

“Also props to @MTV @TeenMom2 for making sure there wasn’t enough time for me to Skype in,” he wrote.

Corey added that Miranda was very upset when she heard what Jeremy and Leah said about her.

“The only good in this whole situation is that the step parents and split families can relate,” he wrote. “This has bothered my wife Miranda deeply because it came out of left field and is a direct attack on her as a person.”

“The thing about living your normal lives off camera (which we try to do) is that it rolls into our lives in the real world,” Corey wrote. “People judge you and treat you differently based off what little info the get off a reality TV show.

“And btw Miranda IS my Queen,” Corey wrote. “I love her more than words can describe. She is my rock. She is the glue that holds the family together here at the Simms’ household. She puts her self on the back burner all the time and makes sure that my girls and myself is taken care of. She would never do anything to cause harm or hurt any feelings of anyone.

“The girls have not once asked to contact their mom and been told no. Idk this is all just really mind blowing and hurtful. There is way too much info to process right now. We shouldn’t have to defend ourselves like this. We know who we are as people and as parents.”

He then vowed to attend the next ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion, no matter what.

“Oh, you’ll see this mug again! Count on it!”

“So much more to say.. maybe save it all for another season??” Corey wrote. “And FYI idc if I have to take unpaid days from my full time job.. I WILL BE AT THE NEXT REUNION…I spend my vacation time with my family doing things to make memories not to go to some bs reunion show.”

Jeremy and Leah have yet to address Corey’s angry tweets but…stay tuned…

(Photos: MTV; Twitter) 


  1. You all need to grow the fuck up. It should be about the kids as long as no one is hurting them and their happy that’s all that matters.

  2. I’m just having a bit of a guess here but im assuming Leah has a certain “type of guy”. Corey and Jeremy look like they could be twins ….if not brothers

  3. Is it just me, or was this just another setup from MTV. Drama for next season. Leah doesn’t seem to have anything much going on in her life. So she needs drama. I think it was ALL MTV and DR DREWS DOING…..WHY ASK JEREMY HOW WAS CORY AND HIS RELATIONSHIP….WHY?

  4. ……….And coming soon …16 and pregnant staring Alleah Simms……that smart ass mouthy brat is definitely going to give her parents hell ! She already behaves way beyond her years!

  5. Wow now my blood pressure is high! I remember watching Teen Mom 2 when Leah & Corey’s beautiful twin daughters were born! Then there was an episode where Mr. Daddy Corey Simms said I want a new truck! Ha! Then Leah said, ( I think we need a new home before a truck!) Corey didn’t give two dang cents about his twins! What did he drive home in, A STUPID UGLY TRUCK! WOW TALK ABOUT BLOOD PRESSURE! AFTER SEEING THAT SHIT HOLE, THAT HE MADE HER AND THE TWINS LIVE IN! ANDDDDDD THE AWARD OF THE YEARRRRR GOOOOES TOOOOO MR. COREY SIMMS HOUSE HOLD HAHAHA WHAT A DAM LAUGH FOR HIM! SAVE YOUR MESSAGES DUDE, YOU ARE A NO GOOD FATHER SAME FOR YOUR NO GOOD WIFE!!!!! I FEEL SORRY FOR YOUR TWINS!

  6. It really sounded like all of this was coming from Jeremy only. Leah was defending Corey and Miranda. She didn’t say anything bad about either of them. Jeremy is one to talk, and he’s not the one who is there and going through it.

  7. When Leah admits she was a drug addict, and Jeremy stops being a douche bag, THEN I will listen to their opinion!

  8. Jeremy criticizing Cory’s parenting skills is laughable at best, but I felt like Leah was sticking up for Miranda a little bit? She told him to stop calling Miranda “the Queen” and when Jeremy was going off on her Leah said “we don’t know if there’s anything going on.” I dunno, I don’t feel like there’s a reason to bash Leah for this. Jeremy on the other hand… trash and has always been trash.

    1. I agree with you, I actually like Leah, and she did keep her mouth shut about them for the most part, however…it’s very strange to me that Leah seemed upset/doesn’t understand why Miranda doesn’t talk to her, and doesn’t want to have a relationship with her at all…it’s like cmon sweetheart. You slept with her husband, and then wonder why she doesn’t trust you or trust you to be alone with him anymore…I don’t care how long ago it was, you can’t tell someone how they should feel or how they should react to a betrayal like that.

      Plus the whole comment about Miranda treating the girlses differently than Remi…Leah isn’t there, so she doesn’t fully know what goes on, but I don’t think that it’s an abusive or neglectful situation the way Leah has been trying to make it seem (insert the backpack incident here, that wasn’t a big deal AT ALL). From the little we’ve seen of Miranda, she seems like the type that takes no BS at all (she’s a cop right?) from anybody, and she might come off as strict to the girlses and they may be taking that as being “mean”. You see how much freedom Leah gives the girlses at her house…she was letting them go through her private text messages from Jeremy, asking Leah her relationship status like they were all girlfriends or something…and we can’t forget the girlses were cooking for themselves at the age of like 5, plus she was letting Addie guzzle those sugar packets…Leah has come a LONG way from those days, but I think there may be more structure at Miranda and Corey’s house, compared to Leah’s and it’s not as “fun” for the kids.

      Jeremy on the other hand, had absolutely NO room to talk.

  9. To be honest, I take everything Leah says with a massive grain of salt. She paints herself as the victim far too often and has blurred the truth several times. I’m sure there is some form of the truth between what the two of them are saying, however, bashing someone on national TV when they don’t have the opportunity to defend is pretty classless. I think Corey is a great dad and he has since day 1. He has stepped out of the limelight and leads his life, I don’t think he feels the need to post constantly about how great he is. When the girls were born, he did everything within his power to provide a stable environment for them, when their mom was addicted to drugs, he fought for custody as a way to protect them, not fight against Leah for them. I believe he does the best with what he can. I don’t know much about Miranda but I haven’t seen the treatment of the girls the way that is described. As some poster said, I’m sure she is a firm step mother and maybe that is what the girls don’t like. Leah has been seen feeding them thoughts and manipulation as well.

    Time for this show to just end.

    1. To be fair he didn’t. He wanted to buy a truck instead of a better trailer or something for the girlses coz the ding dangin’ tub was a leaky. So she left.

  10. Agree with others here that it’s kind of difficult to accept someone with “open arms” after they’ve sexed your husband in the back of his pickup truck. (Ironically, it’s been reported that this is how Leah became a “teen mom” with Corey’s twin daughters years earlier — in the first place.)

    The scars run pretty deep when something like this happens. However, from what’s been shown of Miranda over the years and after her marriage to Corey in June of 2013, it never seemed to me that she took the situation out on Corey and Leah’s daughters. Maybe…it was simply all about Leah “herself.”

    Who knows?

  11. i don’t think Jerm can really point fingers in the whole parenting scenario. he takes advantage of Leah as a parent more than anybody. i don’t think miranda is some evil ass person either because i DO NOT believe that corey would be with someone who treated his daughters terribly. i’m sure his dad would have thoughts on that as well. however i do believe there’s something going on there making the situation awkward… which is probably due to Leah cheating with Corey when he was marrying Miranda. do you blame her? i wouldn’t want to be around Leah either! fooling around is normal to J & L so i don’t expect them to see that though.

    1. Miranda has forgiven Cory. She has not forgiven Leah.

      She will never forget the cheating.

      Not on any side just saying why things will never be resolved.

        1. I’m guessing it is easier to forgive your SO because you are in a relationship with them, not the other woman/man. That is the person that directly affects you and your life. If you can’t forgive them and stay together, life will be miserable for both parties involved.

  12. I can see where Miranda is coming from.I can see where Leah is coming from as a mother. As from what Jeremy said. He did go to Addies Dr when they thought she had the Thyroid thing.
    As for Corey, we are not talking about normal doctor visits. When your child has a fatal disease that can’t be cured and life span into her 20’s. I wouldn’t trust Leahs second hand info and I would definitely be there for those appt. But maybe this is how Corey deals with it.
    Out of sight Out of mind.
    Because he never wanted to accept she had issues. Plus Jeremy does work out of town. And I give him props for telling Leah she is a good mom now and he was a horrible husband. As for Miranda carry that child’s backpack if she asks you too. Gracie? Good luck!!

    1. Except Corey’s dad posted a picture of Ali at the hospital a couple of weeks ago and said the pictures were a tradition. So, I’m not sure I believe that Leah is the only one who is going to these appointments.

  13. Uh, let’s not forget when the girlses pointed out that they always have breakfast at Daddy and Miranda’s rather than just having a lunchables thrown at them as they’re rushed out the door because Leah’s incapable of getting the girls to school on time. Miranda made sure the twins were fed and on time to school. That hardly sounds like someone who doesn’t give a crap about the children.

        1. I’m on the fence about this one. I saw how Leah attempted to not discuss it but opened up about the notebook she had the girls write in. She then corrected Jeremy on the Queen comment. Jeremy should’ve shut up but he has a right to speak and answer those questions. Whether the allegations are true, none of us know. But I will say, Leah did seem to try to not bash her from my perspective.

      1. Certainly not saying that that’s the only requirement to be considered a good parent, because…yeah David did the same for Kaiser…but it doesn’t add up with what Leah is claiming about Miranda not treating the girls well.

  14. I would hardly consider Jeremy a present and active father. Leah has been complaining that Jeremy is an absent father 90% of the time since when they were married. And maybe Miranda is cold to Leah, but I would be too if she slept with my husband. She doesn’t have to be friendly to Leah, as long as she treats the girls well, which I’m sure she does. Leah has to accept the fact that she did a shitty thing and the consequence of that is the way Miranda now treats her because of that incident. And Jeremy should just focus on actually being a father more than 5 times a year. Does he even have any custody of Addy? Or just visitation? Cause Corey actually has custody of his children

  15. Maybe just maybe Miranda wouldn’t have any issues if Corey didn’t cheat on her with Leah. Sounds like Leah is the Queen if you ask me. The queen of cheating if you ask me ….

  16. Corey has always been one of my fav dads on tm. He worked hard and provided for Leah who has done nothing but bang her way through the holler. Imagine being a teen having a one night stand and ending up with twins one of which has a serious medical condition and on top of it their mother is Leah. Corey stepped up took responsibility and did his best to provide for his girls. He married Miranda who seems to be a good person and they both stepped up and took responsibility and custody for the girls when Leah was “unwell”. They didn’t go to the tabloids or talk to dr drew. How dare Leah trash them. She’s a terrible mother who treats her girls like sorority sisters and we were all witnesses of the trash filled cars and dirty homes and the girls unhealthy eating/lack thereof. And where is Jeremy’s footing on this?! He’s only back on the show for the money even though he tweets how much he hates drama. I used to like him but he seems awful now. He couldn’t even bother to call addie last few seasons and now he’s father of the year? Team Corey all the way!

  17. Miranda and Corey …..parenting for their children’s welfare and NOT for the $$$$$$$$$$.
    I’ve heard Leah complain about Jeremy not being involved enough as a parent so has any one who watches the show. She’ll probably start bad mouthing Jeremy again though because he hasn’t asked her out on a “date” yet!

  18. Leah has been growing on me the past few seasons, but she’s TOTALLY out of pocket with this one. She was spitefully sleeping with Miranda’s husband, and is wondering why Miranda doesn’t want anything to do with her?? Step parent or not, I wouldn’t be nice to or speak to Leah either after pulling that stunt. Never let the same snake bite you twice…it’s no wonder why Miranda keeps her distance from Leah…and aside from backpack gate (where Leah was trying her HARDEST to make Miranda look like the wicked witch of Virginia), the twins have never said anything on TV about Miranda being mean. They did have plenty to say about Jason though. Leah needs to take a note out of her bff Kail’s book, and just not bother to speak to her ex husbands new wife at soccer games. And Jeremy Lynn…seriously?? I like Jeremy, but the guy went to the ER with Addy one time on TV, and thinks that he’s dad of the year. Any other time that Jeremy and Leah aren’t knocking boots, Leah’s always complaining about how Jeremy is never there and never spends time with the girls.

      1. Yup, he owned up to it back in 2015, saying that things happened that were disrespectful to Miranda, and that he would never do it again. Plus Leah admitted she slept with Corey 2 months after Corey and Miranda got married. So Miranda (rightfully in my opinion) put him on that VERY VERY VERY tight and short leash, and apparently hasn’t let up (I don’t blame her). Leah tries very hard to make Miranda look like the bad guy, but Leah and Corey are the one’s that put everyone in this position. If it doesn’t pertain to the well being of the twins, Miranda doesn’t owe Leah shit…especially not conversation or small talk at soccer games.

      2. Why does leah get all the blame from corey cheating? He was tje one who was married and cheated and miranda is the one who chooses to stay with him. Of she can stay with him she needs to let go of her bitchiness to leah. I totally get the vibe she gives off that she is the queen and what she says goes.

    1. Exactly. Leah tried incredibly hard to make Miranda out to be the wicked step-mother over asking Ali to carry her backpack once. And I believe it was because Miranda had her hands full already. It was a non-event. Meanwhile, Leah was on drugs and couldn’t get her sh!t together at the time.

      She has badmouthed both Corey and Miranda to the girls multiple times and tried to create a wedge. Miranda is right not to trust her. And this is just the latest example of why.

  19. Jeremy needs to sit down and STFU when it comes to parenting. The early part of this season was spent with Leah and Jason commenting on how Jeremy is never there for Addy even when he can be. Even Gracie (very meanly) pointed out that she sees Corey so much more than Addy sees Jeremy. Gracie also said she didn’t like Jeremy. Corey is clearly a more involved parent than Jeremy is and that’s been pointed out several times. Jeremy is probably just salty.

    Corey’s dad posted a picture of Ali at the hospital just a couple of weeks ago and said the pictures were a tradition of theirs. That’s weird if Leah is the only one who ever takes her.

    We have no clue what goes on behind closed doors, but I don’t blame Corey for defending himself and Miranda. We have seen Leah talk badly about Corey and Miranda to the girls on the show, so I assume that happens off camera as well. Leah is not an innocent victim here, and Jeremy definitely isn’t. I’m sure Miranda and Corey have their issues, but I seriously doubt Miranda treats the girls badly.

    1. I agree! I really feel Dr Drew tries to stir up trouble by asking leading questions ! Jeremy needs to keep his opinions to himself about Corey and Amanda and Leah is just trying to get back with Jeremy so she will back him up in anything he says !

  20. I totally believe Leah and Jeremy. Miranda is still crazy mad at Leah. She should’ve just left Saint Corey. What a lovely bitter atmosphere for their kids…

  21. Corey and Miranda are bullies. They always have to be right. Corey didn’t want A to have a wheel chair. He wouldn’t even bring it to his house. Miranda is still pissed Corey slept with Leah after they got married. I 100% believe Miranda treats them different. Corey needs to take up for his children. Leah said what happens around Miranda. Leah never once attacked her personally. Haters will hate. Leah she’s just jealous. I can’t forget how Corey got a truck over getting a better house. Leah would have to take the girls in the basement to take a bath. As I remember the only thing down there was a bathroom.

    1. You are crackers. You have no facts to base your lies on. Why would Miranda trust Leah around her husband? No woman in their right mind would.

      1. Cracker????? I watch the SHOW. Miranda would rather Leah drop off the Kids to Corey. I guess Miranda doesn’t want to mother the children. Leah and Corey would be alone together when they do drop offs. Miranda doesn’t want to be bothered or she’s jealous.

        1. We have never seen Miranda or Corey or Leah say that on the show. That wasn’t said until the reunion show. And sorry, but Leah and Jeremy aren’t entirely credible here. Jeremy is just salty because he gets called out for being an absentee dad. Leah has also been caught pot-stirring and exaggerating where Corey/Miranda are concerned. Considering Gracie told Leah that she didn’t like Jeremy a couple of episodes ago, it’s pretty interesting that now it’s Miranda who is mean to the girls.

          If they had actual concerns about Miranda, they’d talk to Corey off camera. Letting him hear all this for the first time on TV is petty.

          1. *Jeremy answered.

            And Jeremy could have been more tactful instead of prattling on about things he knows very little about.

  22. It is kind of strange that Miranda wont do drop offs with Leah but I’m sure Leah would have a way better relationship with her if the hooking up with Corey didnt happen. It has been many years though since it happened.

    Leah doesnt have a real job, so for her to take Ali to her doctor in Ohio is much easier schedule wise than Corey. Corey has a full time job, so he would have to take off 1-2 work days once every 6 months or a year to do this.

    I’m sure there’s more to this story than Leah and Jeremy’s side. I dont believe Miranda is unkind and neglectful to Ali or Gracie. Corey’s been a wonderful father to them from the beginning.

  23. I believe there is some truth in both sides of this story. I believe Leah probably does feel that Miranda does treat the twins right, but this might just be normal dynamics of a stepparent/stepchild relationship. Miranda did come off as a bit of an ice queen, but as far as other spouses/”soulmates” of the franchise, she definitely seemed like one of the better, more genuine ones. As far as Jeremy is concerned, I lose more and more respect for him every time he opens his mouth. I think he is a drama queen who needs to stay off the show if he’s such a hard working country boy and stop stirring up s**t. Maybe Corey has missed an appointment or two, but I in no way think he was sitting at home eat tobacco-flavored bonbons, there was probably a scheduling issue or lack of communication, because he has been a stellar father since the beginning.

  24. Well in mirandas defense corey did cheat on her with leah…but that shouldnt be taken out on the kids, if that part is even true

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