Cast of TLC’s ‘Hot & Heavy’ Says the Weight-Themed Show is Not Exploiting Them: “I Feel Empowered!”

“As long as we’re getting those checks from TLC, it’s all good!”

After TLC revealed the trailer for its upcoming series Hot & Heavy, backlash poured in online, with many people criticizing the show’s alleged exploitation of obese people. However, some of the stars of the new show say they see things differently.

Kristin Keadle, who is set to appear on the series with her husband Rusty, told the New York Post she doesn’t “feel exploited at all.” In fact, she said she feels the opposite.

“I feel empowered, I feel like I have a voice now in this world,” she explained.

Kristin’s co-star Adrianna Harris agreed with her comments, adding that she didn’t believe the show was sexist, as some have called it, due to the sole focus on larger women and not larger men.

“We’re getting ready to flip this script!”

“You see it in the media all the time — larger men who are with typically attractive women…You see it on sitcoms and in cartoons like ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Family Guy,’” she said. “Where do you see couples that are like us with a larger woman? It’s really underrepresented.”

As The Ashley told you last month, ‘Hot & Heavy’ will follow three couples in “mixed-weight” relationships who are often forced to defend their love to skeptical friends and family, as well as the public.

Kristin and Rusty, who met in 2015 at Disney World, said they decided to participate in the show to “bring normalcy” to “this type to relationship.”

“It’s not really any different [from others],” Rusty said.

“We keep it spicy just like everyone else!”

“We are a normal couple,” Kristin added. “We have normal everyday lives, normal everyday struggles just like everybody else. But a lot people don’t see us as a normal couple.”

In the trailer, Adrianna’s boyfriend Ricardo echoed a similar sentiment, stating that he and Adrianna are “just two people that are different sizes and I don’t feel like there should be a stigma behind it.”

‘Hot & Heavy’ premieres January 7 on TLC. Watch the trailer below!

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  1. I have watched all 3 episodes and love this show & all 3 couples. It shows the reality of couples, hot aka average size or obese, doesn’t matter, and what they deal with, positive or negative. I am not sure why people criticize larger people. I cant understand Chris’s mother. I am sure she was judged when she was 250 lbs & knows how hurtful peoples comments can be and to say the constant concerns over & over is being “judgmental” and not at all supportive of her son. His so called best man, is not a best man to go against Chris’s wishes & not have strippers, just ignorant. Everyone has their own personal preference & should not judge others, period! I think these couples are brave and if this gives them some confidence all the better. If you don’t have anything good to say then don’t say anything at all…hope they have more shows with large men & average women… good luck to all couples!

  2. My favorite couple Chris and joy are my favorites I over his proposal, the wedding vows. I hope their still married!

  3. Out of the three couples joy and Chris are my favorite, the proposal in the restaurant was beautiful I hope their still together!

  4. *]
    Why would anyone go on tv and tell the world thier problems. If you like a heavy oerson thats all good and more power to that person. But to put your junk out thete for eveyone to see is sick and i guess they need money.

  5. Why would anyone go on tv and tell the world thier problems. If you like a heavy oerson thats all good and more power to that person. But to put your junk out thete for eveyone to see is sick and i guess they need money.

  6. I’m much heavier then my husband and he loves me regardless. I don’t think size matters in a loving relationship.

  7. A few episodes of this show were already available on demand as of last week. I watched the first episode and half of the second before turning it off. The men just seem to have fat fetishes, especially Rusty. And the show was boring. If I want to watch an interesting show about fat people on TLC, I’ll watch My 600-lb Life.

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