Lisa Vanderpump & Ken Todd are Reportedly Being Sued for Failing to Pay Minimum & Overtime Wages at Restaurants

In their defense, designer tracksuits for puppies are very expensive…

Vanderpump Rules star Lisa Vanderpump and her husband Ken Todd are known for living lavishly, but the restauranteurs may have overlooked some details preventing their employees from doing the same. 

According to Page Six, Lisa and Ken are being sued for failing to pay minimum and overtime wages, failing to provide meal breaks (or compensation in lieu of breaks) and for violating California’s unfair compensation law at their restaurants including Tom Tom, SUR, Pump and Villa Blanca. 

The Los Angeles Superior Court documents obtained by the site reveal that a former employee by the name of Adam Pierce Antoine filed the class-action lawsuit in mid-December, claiming that the behavior has gone on for “at least four years prior to the filing.” Adam reportedly hopes to include employees that worked at the restaurants during that timeframe in the suit. In the court docs, he states that he worked for Lisa and Todd himself from September to December 24, 2018. 

Adam also alleged in his complaint that time records at the restaurant were manipulated to be in accordance with the state law, despite employees commonly exceeding 40-hour work weeks and 12-hour work days. 

Well that certainly counts Kristen out… as well as 98 percent of the other ‘Vanderpump Rules’ cast members.

A source close to the case told Page Six, “These are disgruntled ex-employees that had been written up with many warnings by management and subsequently let go.” 

(While Lisa and Todd’s restaurant Pump had a car crash into it earlier this week, it did not appear to be the work of a disgruntled employee and fortunately no one was hurt.) 

An initial court date for the case has been set for March 13. 

In twist of irony, Lisa herself reportedly threw some shade at Bravo on Monday night for not flipping the bill for a ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 8 premiere party, according to TMZ. After the network opted not to pick up the group’s tab at Hyde on Sunset, Lisa reportedly picked up a mic and let everyone know about it. 

Luckily, the show’s newest cast member Randall Emmett, who is engaged to long-time cast member Lala Kent, reportedly dropped $50,000 to throw a party complete with food and an open bar. 

“I just want to thank you for being so generous and gracious and doing what Bravo could have done but didn’t,” Lisa told Randall after he picked up the check for the festivities. (Bravo later told TMZ that the network rarely throws premiere parties and that Lisa was just “making a joke.”) 

Watch Lisa “slam” Bravo for being cheap in the video below! 

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(Photos: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images; Bravo)


  1. I thought they were divorced for some reason.
    Oh well. Restaurant wages are tricky when tips are involved. If there are staff on call for special events and overtime involved then it becomes even more tricky. Hopefully everyone will get paid what they are owed and these two can keep paying more for their dogs upkeep than I make all year. Oddly enough, Lisa has never really impressed me but they seemed to enjoy each other’s company so good for them 🙂

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