‘Sister Wives’ Season 14 Episode 11 Recap: A Trip to Chicago & A “Truely” Bad Time With Dad

Me, going into a new episode of ‘Sister Wives’ each week…

Grab some pandemic snacks — assuming you haven’t already stress-binged and cleaned out your stash (no judgement if you need to go up a size in your LulaRoe leggings!) — and get ready to catch up with the family who knows absolutely nothing about social distancing.

It’s time for another episode of Sister Wives!

After finally reaching their limit on house presentations and any and all things Coyote Pass, the Sister Wives decide to take a break from the giant throbbing migraine that is their husband Kody and head to Chicago for a visit with Mariah and Audrey. 

The Windy City: aka the nickname of Kody’s hairdo.

After arriving in town and marveling over the hamburger pizza the city has to offer, the Sister Wives get down to business and start discussing Robyn and Meri’s upcoming moves. I mean, what else are they supposed to do? Enjoy their vacation?! 

Meri tells the other wives that she was able to find a rental and has already signed a one-year lease. Robyn, however, thinks Meri’s patterned leggings must finally be cutting off the circulation to her brain, being that she’s just agreed to move in a year. Again. (Luckily, this is in Flagstaff, where lease agreements apparently mean nothing, as three home owners have already broken their leases with the Browns!) 

“That tent in Coyote Pass is starting to look pretty good, not gonna lie.”

Robyn says ideally, she wants to rent until the family is ready to move their literal and emotional baggage onto the Coyote Pass property… which we all know is going to take a hell of a lot longer than a year. And, she is still fighting Kody on the idea of buying a place. 

Robyn goes on to tell the Sister Wives that she and Kody have been at odds over the rent vs. buy issue, and Christine is soooo ready to talk crap on Kody. She tells Robyn that “it’s so frustrating.”

“Almost as frustrating as Kody managing to ruin our night out, despite being hundreds of miles away.”

Janelle, on the other hand, almost excitedly declares that the rift between Kody and Robyn “must be a big issue” given Robyn’s decision to talk about it with the other Sister Wives. Apparently, some of the other wives (cough– Christine and Meri–cough) love to bitch about Kody, but Robyn rarely joins in on the crap-talking sessions. 

“Generally you would never see this and Robyn would never discuss it,” she says, though later, Janelle claims she’s not picking sides and is “team whatever works out.” 

“And by that, I mean whatever will make Kody like me more than these other three.”

As for Meri, she sees no point in trying to find a deeper meaning behind all of the family’s moving and says she doesn’t really think God cares where they live, just as long as it’s not too deep in the woods. 

“But if it happens to have an elevator, I don’t think God will mind!”

And speaking of living deep in the woods… 

While cramming hamburger pizza down their gullets, the Sister Wives bring up the topic of different plots on the Coyote Pass property. Though no resolution is reached (nor is any discussion really had), the Sister Wives come to a mutual agreement that it’s nice to be away from Kody and the kids for a few days, even if it’s in a run-down Chicago pizza joint gnawing on cheap hamburger meat pizza. 

“Cheers to settling!”

Unfortunately the camera crew cannot say the same, as we next check in with Kody, who is stuck taking care of his litter back in Flagstaff in all of his frantic and frizzy-haired glory. For his first night of parenting sans-Sister Wives, Kody decides to keep his kids busy by whipping up some homemade pizzas that he gives himself entirely too much credit for. 

Kody stands over his bounty of sad pizza, and everyone’s face looks just as sad.

“Your move, Chicago hamburger pizza.”

It’s day two in the Windy City for the Sister Wives, which means they finally get to see Mariah, Audrey and the puppies—the latter of whom Meri is especially excited to reunite with. 

“My favorite kind of male — the kind that can’t say stupid things or have a man bun!”

Meri and the other Sister Wives are happy to see Mariah and Audrey and their home and Mariah tells them how happy they are living in Chicago. She and Audrey also talk about their first date, which was not only Mariah’s first date with a woman, but her first date in general.

The two reminisce from when they first held hands to when Mariah proposed, as well as some of their happy memories along the way. The best part of it all? Neither had to be subjected to Kody’s Flagstaff Moving Fiasco!

Find someone who looks at you the way Mariah looks at Audrey knowing that Audrey successfully got her out of many a Polygamous Barbie Dream House presentation.

Back in Flagstaff, Kody musters up some leftover pizza-baking energy and decides today will be the day he teaches Solomon and Truely how to ride their bikes. While this sounds like a sweet fatherly gesture, it’s worth noting that Truely is absolutely terrified by the idea and despite Kody allowing her to pick out a brand new bike for her latest attempt, she doesn’t seem too optimistic. 

Raise your hand if you don’t see this ending well:

“I’m really nervous about riding a bike,” Truely says. “I doubt it’s gonna go that well.” 

and right you are, Truely! 

It becomes even more of a s**t show than even Kody’s hair and/or ability to communicate with his wives.

This scene pretty much sums up the whole season…

Seconds after Truely is mounted onto her new bike, Kody has her tearfully rolling up and down the driveway, wobbly as hell, nearly screaming and moments away from throwing her new wheels onto the ground and hopping a flight to Chicago. 

Truely tells her dad that she doesn’t want to ride a bike but Kody laughs off her comments and says she’s too young to make decisions for herself. (Why do I feel like he probably told his wives this same thing when they told him they didn’t want to move to Flagstaff?)

Truely, being the low-key feminist queen of the Brown family that she is, believes otherwise. 

“It’s not fair at all,” she says. “It’s my choice. This is my body and I’m not going to ride a bike.” 

“If I can stand up to this clown, why can’t his wives?”

Back in Chicago, Mariah, Audrey and the Sister Wives head out for lunch and minor parental-pressure regarding the wedding plans, or rather lack thereof. Meri tells the brides-to-be that she wants to throw them a second engagement party at the bed and breakfast, but Mariah says she’s not into the idea of having two engagement parties. 

“Two engagement parties?! That’s almost as crazy as having four wives!”

The wives just can’t understand why Mariah isn’t jumping at the offer to celebrate her (eventual) nuptials multiple times. After all, these sister wives know how to have a good time!

Mariah must be crazy to pass up the opportunity to have the Sister Wives perform 1) a flashmob 2) a disco dance routine or 3) an embarrassing skit at an engagement party with all of her friends! 

“How do you feel about barbershop quartets in general? Just for future reference…”

While Mariah and Audrey have only narrowed down a wedding month at this point (year, TBD), they do know that they want to have kids born on the 29th, being that they both have birthdays on the 29th.

(Hopefully Maddie or one of the other Brown daughters hasn’t already booked up Janelles Little Birthing Tub ‘o’ Horrors on that date!) 

The idea of eventually having grandkids of her own makes Meri very happy… especially if neither of those kids are named “Kody” or any variation of the sort. 

That dog’s face is that of a dog who hasn’t had to be around Kody in over a year…

Later on, the group heads to the beach where Meri thinks back to when Mariah came out to the family. Meri says felt like “the worst mom in that moment” because of her reaction and is thankful that Mariah had three moms who reacted better than she did.

Wait…what? Is this really Meri? She’s not only being self-aware but actually saying her Sister Wives did better at something than she did!? 

“If I had it to do over, I would’ve welcomed her with open arms and a pair of rainbow leggings.”

“When Mariah came out, it was a bit of a shock to me,” she said. “I’m really glad that I had experiences in my life where I was open to that because I see so many families reject their kids, ya know, or their family members, ya know, when they come out as gay. I can’t imagine rejecting my daughter and not knowing who she is, like, who she truly is, and knowing her and Audrey together.” 

Christine adds that she couldn’t imagine rejecting her kid for something like that either, which is something the family would have faced, had they followed the beliefs of their religion. Meri also mentions that Mariah once showed an interest in becoming a sister wife herself.

“Mind you, this was long before everyone in the family was miserable and fighting over property in the trees.”

“When I was in my teens, I felt very devoted to the church that I was raised in,” Mariah explains. “I always said that I wanted to live in polygamy. I think it was a way to protect myself from coming out to myself. I’m very grateful of the way that my parents raised me, and I’m very grateful for my upbringing and at the same time, it was very painful and it was very hard for me to be gay and be religious at the same time.

“I have considered many times what my life would be like if we had not moved to Las Vegas,” she continues. “My guess of what would happen is that I would get married to a man with a few wives, be there a few years, hate my life and eventually leave.” 

“Hey mom, that leaving part sounds pretty good, huh?”

Speaking of hating life, we then head back to Flagstaff, Kody has summoned all of his kids to Coyote Pass to see if they, too, want to get into an argument with him in front of the pond. Before finding out, Kody and the crew prepare s’mores and a “hobo dinner” over a campfire. (if that ain’t possible foreshadowing I don’t know what is!)

Robyn and Kody’s kids know that soon their lives will consist of living in a tent and cooking off-brand hot dogs on sticks over a fire if their parents don’t get it together and find them a place to live.

“So….here’s a thought, just off the top of my head— what if, I don’t know, we all moved into one BIG house on Coyote Pass?”

Kody says whether Robyn likes it or not (umm… she doesn’t) the time has come for them to buy a house and if he were “a stinker”—his rated-G word, not ours—he’d go make an offer on a house while Robyn is still in Chicago. But he won’t, because he’s… not a stinker? 

Kody says best case scenario, the family could start building on Coyote Pass in a year. Of course, they do still need to rock, paper, scissor over who’s getting that property in the trees. So there’s that… 

When we check back in with the ladies in Chicago, they’re heading to an axe-throwing facility for some fun and the ability overuse of the phrase “kiss my axe.” 

Seriously, with the tension between the Sister Wives right now, is it really a good idea to hand these people weapons!? When Meri goes all “Lizzie Borden” on Janelle, don’t come crying to me!

“Haha, yeah… I heard you the first three times.”

In the end, Mariah is named the winner, but I think the real winner here is Kody, who safely kept his distance in another state while all of his wives were armed and most were also angry. 

Consider yourself warned, Kody.

As the sister wives head out to lunch before ending their trip, Robyn apologizes for being a “party pooper” during the trip, blaming it on her stress with Kody back at home. She reveals at lunch that while they were throwing axes, she received a text from Aurora who was mid-panic attack back in Flagstaff and that she herself is stressed out about the family finding a rental home.

Robyn also admits that while chucking axes at the board, she was wishing she could throw them elsewhere, preferably somewhere further south. Ya know, a target that is louder, blonder and almost definitely dressed in plaid. 

“A sister wife can dream!”

That’s all for this week! 

On the next episode of ‘Sister Wives’, Kody forces the family to go house-hunting, the topic of the Polygamist Barbie Dream House returns (because we haven’t all suffered enough) and Kody throws a fit over how much money he could’ve saved had he not forced the family to move away from Las Vegas and be miserable the family stayed in Las Vegas. 

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(Photos: TLC)


  1. Such a weird thought..but i wonder who kody called while the wives were away..like when couples are apart and they call and check in…like did he call of them or just called robyn since shes the only one he likes

  2. This show is a train wreck and I love it so much! Robyn is so dumb for wanting to rent…talk about flushing money down the drain. At least with buying you are building equity.

  3. OMG, I Love your updates on the wives and cody. Too funny, I cannot stop laughing.
    Thank you for making me laugh, I cannot wait to read your update on the most recent episode, LOL

  4. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    OMG, I Love your updates on the wives and cody. Too funny, I cannot stop laughing.
    Thank you for making me laugh, I cannot wait to read your update on the most recent episode, LOL

  5. Of course, Meri hears that Meriah’s sisters are planning a party, so she now wants to throw a party. She’s had months to offer a party. Meriah looked so uncomfortable, is MERI blind to her kid’s body language? I think she doesn’t care – she feels entitled to throw a party. It’s not about Mariah.

    PS Do you think Janelle and Kody are intimate? I’m starting to realize the source of any sort of attraction. Janelle flatters Kody (talks about how she loves the ponytail, etc.), which draws Kody to Janelle.

  6. I can relate somewhat to the frustration of teaching kids to ride a bike. My son hopped on the first time and has been riding ever since.
    My daughter, oh my, there was drama, tears,stubborness, etc. We tried everything from bribery to new bikes (plural).
    It was so frustating bc we camp alot and bike riding is a huge part of our vacays.
    It took a year but finally she did it!

  7. The wives need to be deprogrammed and forced to watch the entire season reading these recaps after every episode. Their kids are just as miserable as they are. I hate this narcissistic fur ball and can barely stand to spend an hour a week with him on TV much less live with him. Love these recaps-my life seems really good after reading them. Lol

  8. Where is gods name did they find hamburger pizza in Chicago. Seriously of all the pizzas the could have gotten and there is more than just deep dish they got hamburger…. gross.

  9. I don’t know how, but y’all keep topping yourselves with these recaps! I was laughing right out loud as I was reading. Gah, I hope they never cancel these fools because, while I cannot abide watching the show, I would so miss the commentary!

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