Randall Emmett Confirms His Wedding to ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Lala Kent Has Been Postponed Due to Pandemic: How They’re Dealing

“We’re very upset…but our faces look like this whether we’re happy or sad so…”

During the same week that Vanderpump Rules viewers tuned in to witness the long-awaited nuptials of Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright, news broke that another cast member’s wedding has been postponed. Film producer Randall Emmett confirmed on Instagram earlier this week that a Page Six report saying his April wedding to Lala Kent has been postponed due to the current global pandemic is true.

While Randall confirmed that the wedding will no longer take place in April, he and Lala will still be saying “I do”…but they’ll be waiting until this summer to do it.

“Everyone continue to be safe!!! July 2020” Randall posted below a screenshot of the Page Six article.

At press time, his post has received nearly 13,000 likes and nearly 600 comments, including some from people who’ve had to postpone their own weddings due to the virus.


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Everyone continue to be safe!!! July 2020

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Back in February, Lala posted a photo of her and Randall on Instagram with the caption, “April 18th, 2020,” the couple’s originally planned wedding date. Their nuptials were due to take place in Newport Beach, California, and, according to Page Six the couple will be using the same venue for their rescheduled wedding.

The couple has engaged since September 2018, when Randall proposed to Lala during a trip to Mexico.


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April 18th, 2020

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Last Saturday, Lala posted a solid-black image on Instagram with the caption, “About to quarantine my ass off. This whole situation has been way too heavy. I’ll catch y’all when this is over. Until then, be safe, stay healthy, and try not to kill each other over toilet paper.”

(This is, of course, a very different approach to handling the current pandemic and quarantine than Lala’s ‘Vanderpump Rules’ co-star Scheana Shay had. Last week, Scheana posted on Twitter that she was refusing to stay inside and that she would continue about her social life. She has since recanted those statements, though.) 

Anyway, on Tuesday Lala posted a brief update for listeners of her Give Them Lala … with Randall podcast that the podcast would be taking a short break due to current events.

“Remember, please, please try to laugh during this time. We need some [bleeped] laughs. I love you guys, and we will talk to you all soon,” she told listeners.

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    I am not surprised by Scheana Shay’s ignorance regarding the pandemic. In all the years Ive watched Vanderpump Rules, she’s never shown any thoughtfulness towards others. She has always been depicted as being self-serving, self-involved, selfish.. you get the theme.. Either someone in the editing suite for the show has it out for her or she really is horribly narcissistic, arrogant, and ignorant. It’s supposed to be a reality show, sooo…? Yeah.. you get the point. She’s being rewarded and making a lot of money for being that way, why should she be kind and thoughtful of others?

  2. Sheana Shay is an immature

    Sleep around train wreak narcessist.

    Take a break and grow up to young woman?!!!! You become less appealing everyday.

  3. Everyone better take this crap serious!! People are dying and it’s spreading like wildfire!!! If you do not care about your self then think about others who do care and want to get through this. Please!!!

  4. Glad to hear that Sheana recanted abt the virus this is no joke! Look what happened in Florida with the Spring Breakers not following warnings.Now they have 5 sick!We can all get sick regardless of age!Listen to the White House Daily Briefings! Stay at Home! If ur healthy, “Plz give Blood to the Red Cross “! Stay safe! 💞

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