Sharing Showers, Saving Baby Teeth & So Many More WTF Moments: TLC Releases First Look at ‘sMothered’ Season 2

“We’re back! And yes, we’re still sharing clothes.”

Get ready to be wildly confused and equally uncomfortable — sMothered is returning to TLC for another season! 

In The New York Post’s first look at the new season of the show— which follows moms and daughters who have unusually tight-knit bonds— fans can expect a few returning mother-daughter duos, as well as three new pairs joining the sMotherhood-family. 

Before subjecting ourselves tuning in to the May 24 premiere, let’s refresh on the too-close-for-comfort duos set to return this season and meet the new —- possibly, even more wild -— mother-daughter pairs joining the show. 

Sunhe & Angelica

Making their return for Season 2 are Sunhe and Angelica, who infamously divulged in Season 1 that they share each other’s bathwater.

We’ll give you a second to recover from picturing that….

In addition to navigating their respective relationships in the upcoming season, Sunhe and Angelica are also sporting some matching hair color in the upcoming season. 

Starting to think Angelica’s hair color just rubbed off on to Sunhe…

Dawn & Cher

The second mom-daughter duo returning this season are Dawn and Cher, who talk to each other constantly, enjoyed their first cigarette together and in 2007, appeared on MTV’s My Super Sweet 16. In Season 2, Dawn and Cher’s duo is now a trio, as Cher has welcomed a daughter… and Dawn is, well, being Dawn. 

When the FOMO goes entirely too far…

Cristina & Kathy

Cristina and Kathy — who describe themselves as “each other’s husbands” — are the third mom and daughter pair returning for Season 2. In the upcoming season, Kathy brags about being able to see in Cristina’s house from inside of her own home and when that isn’t close enough, she proposes another idea: moving her daughter and her husband into her house.

Let’s pour one out for Cristina’s actual husband.

Mary & Brittani 

One of the new pairs joining the show this season are Mary and Brittani, who are extremely involved in each other’s personal lives and for some reason, also feel the need to shower together. And, if the idea of adult mother/daughters sharing a shower on TV for no real reason isn’t creepy enough for you, it appears that Mommy Dearest also washes her daughter’s hair for her, too.

Good luck at future job interviews.

Marcia & Alena

Also joining ‘sMothered’ for Season 2 are Marcia and Alena, who chase each other around the house, give each other “kissy-poos” and wake each other up with some creepy nonsense they have dubbed “puppy licks.” 

Nope. We’re done.

Laurie & Sarah

Rounding out the Season 2 cast are Laurie and Sarah, who have a kid-parent role reversal. Even more disturbing is the fact that Laurie has hoarded Sarah’s baby teeth and enjoys sniffing them… so there’s that. 

Umm, we’ll take your word for it.

Season 2 of ’sMothered’ premieres Sunday, May 24 on TLC. Check out the (cringe-inducing) first look below!

(Photos: TLC; Instagram) 

16 Responses

  1. I am close with my mother but this is downright CREEPY! Taking a shower together, sniffing baby teeth (I mean, WTF, she’s an adult, not even a toddler anymore!) and all sort of messed up family ties. I assume those people never got to experience love from some other person so that’s why they give it to each other?! It’s just…her mom will always be her #1 no matter who she chooses!

  2. Remember when TLC was called…
    The Learning Channel?

    From the licking each other to sharing baths.

    This isn’t mothering, it’s people who need intense therapy!

  3. Nooooo no no!! This is super disturbing. These people obviously have deep rooted issues & no social boundary knowledge! People please, if the roles were reversed & this was about two men, we would all be thinking “predator”. There is nothing entertaining about this.

      1. How do the husbands/or partners, put up with this, from the monster in-laws. This is not normal, they all need intense therapy.

        #Creepy as hell.

        1. I watched last season and Cher’s hubby was NOT ok with this. He thought live a few hundred miles away would help. Nope, he was wrong.

    1. JesusGawdLeah, get in the shower and let momma wash all your dirty laundry, and I don’t mean ya clothes’es.

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