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The Ashley does her best to bring you all the latest news on reality TV shows and their stars. The Roundup can’t cover every reality TV show and event, though, so here’s a listing of some reality TV stories that haven’t been covered by The Ashley this weekend!

Chey Speaks Out! Hollywood Life: Cheyenne Floyd Criticizes “All White” ‘Teen Mom OG’ Co-Stars for Not Speaking Out About George Floyd’s Murder 

‘Housewife’ for Change! The Blast: ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Star Porsha Williams Hits Streets to Protest George Floyd’s Murder

Kim K Vows to Help! The Sun: Kim Kardashian Says She’s “Disgusted” by George Floyd’s Murder; Says She Will Use Her Voice to Make a Change

She’ll Be Back! Starcasm: Lexus Scheller is Returning to TLC’s ‘Unexpected,’ According to Ex Shayden Massey

Oh DUCK! In Touch Weekly: ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Just Learned He Has a Daughter From a Past Affair 

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18 Responses

  1. Like we absolutely need Amber’s drugged out “sEnDiNg LoVe” IG’s or Cate posting “it’s a boy” clickbait about this situation.

    Who gives af what the TMs have to say about anything?

    Chey is looking for attention, and looking to start some shit.

    And Kail? Stop kissing ass.

  2. Oh Cheyenne stop. Not everyone has to post something on social media and prove themselves to you. That is not what this whole situation is about. Stop trying to shame those who haven’t publically spoken/posted anything relevant. I have seen many posts from friends & acquaintances myself stating “if you stay silent, you are a piece of ****” , etc. Why do I have to post something on Facebook or Instagram in order to appease you? I don’t understand the logic.

  3. My guess would be if they had said something she would still have a problem with it (being a bigot herself). I agree the Floyd case should be handled as it is currently being and probably upgraded to 2nd degree murder/manslaughter but these riots have got to stop. Both things make me embarrassed to be an American and I only see a worse future coming as this will cause the pendulum to further swing and give us four more years with the current idiot. Hope we all find some peace during these turbulent times. Everyone stay safe and healthy and protect your loved ones.

    1. They all stand behind Amber’s abusing ass but never have a word to say when real shit is going on.

  4. Let’s all forget the racist things she has has said…. I get it but we all do better when we stand together as humans.

  5. It’s not ok to destroy or set fire to anything. To put someone in a category based on their skin color is wrong. Doesn’t matter if your black or white. People are going out of state to loot business. People are threatening police officers family. None of that is ok. Cheyenne and Kail have said looting and burning buildings down was ok. Kail you are white. So is it ok for them to threaten you or to set your house on fire? Kail also called the cops on Chris. Did Kail not understand the danger she put Chris in? I guess she didn’t care at that time. Once again she’s talking out of her Dr Miami azz. She makes no sense.

      1. They didn’t and most,of the protestors where peacefully. The nationwide protesting started around 2 or 3 pm Est. It didnt get violent until the rowdy crowds showed up. Looting is theft and a thief is an opportunist. No one that was looting came to support the protesters. They came to steal and simple people want to beleive the protestors and looters are the same.

  6. During all these testing moments we have been going through lately, the Rona, this. I am so sick and tired of celetards voicing their opinions trying to sway their “fans” opinions on certain matters. Shuddup. These are trying times and it doesn’t help to have your lame asses involved. You are not like the rest of us. You have money, security etc. Most of us live paycheck to paycheck and worry about not being able to make it through to the next paycheck. This situation sucks but looting and vandalizing mutes the real issue. Stop supporting these thugs.

    1. You think it mutes the real issue, because you WANT it to mute the real issue. If you really cared about the real issue, someone stealing someone else’s stuff would rightfully upset you, but it wouldn’t over shadow the true problem if you genuinely cared about it.

    2. Also, the fact that majority people speaking out about this and saying what happened sucks, BUT the looting isnt the answer…what you are REALLY saying is that a black man being murdered by cops, after he said he can’t breathe, begged for his life, then begged for his mother, isn’t as bad as stealing. Y’all really need to have more empathy and understanding for the situation, and then maybe you will see why black people are outraged. You guys think material things are more important than black lives. That is the issue. You didn’t like peaceful protests, and you don’t like riots. You basically want people to sit back and take abuse because their voices make you uncomfortable.

      And don’t any of you come at me with that All Lives Matter bullshit…cuz I know one of yall are going to come at me with that BS argument.

  7. Btw… I guess people wish they knew back in april that all it would have to take for them to be allowed to go to a restaurant was for them to destroy it…

  8. Did Chey(or the media) ever have a problem with people not speaking up(or break an entire town) when little five year old Landon was thrown out of a window because of his race….?

    1. Obama being called names, songs with certain words that are still allowed, Mexican children kept in cages to dissapear in the system and to be illegally adopted while their parents miss them horribly.
      Muslims being discriminated and abused on America soil. Etc etc etc

  9. It’s nice Cheyenne, but you were no different when you tweeted you wanna kill white people…

    1. Or when she implied black males dating white females were all dumb idiots that let white females use them. Their girlfriends are racists when they don’t retweet a lame meme.
      I have issues with that, calling out one race and gender/ sexual orientation specifically.

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