‘Counting On’ & ‘Bringing Up Bates’ Set To Return This Summer: Check Out The New Season Trailers!

We’ll take your word for it.

Break out the birthing tarps and fried pickles… Duggar and Bates blessings are in comin’ in hot!

Both fundie families have new seasons of their respective shows, Counting On and Bringing Up Bates, premiering soon, so get ready for more babies, more over-crowded get-togethers and more cringy moments featuring Jim Bob & Co.

Well now you know how we feel, JB.

Earlier this week, TLC released the first trailer for the new season of  ‘Counting On’, which looks at though it will feature more of Duggar daughter Jinger and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo. The trailer starts out with Jeremy bungee jumping, followed by the couple moving into a new home in California. (We also get a quick look at the family dressed up for some type of tacky Christmas sweater party, where at least two of the Duggar girls are wearing clothes ripped right out of Michelle’s closet.) 

“Oh my gosh! Can you IMAGINE if I actually cut my hair THIS short?!?!” 

Jinger and Jeremy also use a pregnant JINGERbread woman (see what they did there?) to reveal to the Dugs over FaceTime that they are expecting their second child and Jessa, Duggar pregnancy documentarian, reminds viewers that there are 5 “girls” in the family who are pregnant right now, which is a new record, even in the Duggar family!

That birthing tarp is gonna get a workout this fall…

And, of course, this season will bring us all of the over-the-top gender reveals, baby showers, and toilet birthin’ of the many Duggar grand babies blessings. 

And— because there are currently no Duggars getting hitched— the family has to come up with random story lines to fill airtime. One of these story lines will be something called “The Duggar Dash,” which consists of weird challenges and eating competitions.

“Last one to lick their plate clean is a rotten heathen!”

And, as per usual, the producers will be making sure to constantly throw it in Jana‘s face that she is neither married nor courting at the moment. In one scene in the trailer, Jana’s hairstylists asks her if she has a boyfriend, and if she wants a relationship.

“It kind of gets tiring everyone asking,” Jana later tells the producers.

Jana, would you like to leave The Compound and never look back?

(In the new promo photo for ‘Counting On,’ all of the Duggar children and their respective spouses are shown holding their babies, with Jana awkwardly placed nearly front and center, standing by all by her single-girl self. 

At least they allowed Jana to be in the photo…. 

Aside from Jana socially distancing herself from eligible bachelors, the new season of ‘Counting On’ will also show the Duggars dealing with C0VID-19 crisis with the rest of the world. The Duggar girls are quick to put those sewing skills to work, whipping up masks for everyone, while the boys do literally nothing to contribute.

The producers ask Jim Bob and Michelle what they’re most excited about in the next year and, of course, Michelle says she’s pumped about the new batch of grand babies coming in the next year. 

‘Counting On’ returns June 30 at 9/8 c on TLC.

The Bates Family, who will forever be chasing Duggar-sized fame and fortune, will return with the mid-season premiere of ‘Bringing Up Bates’ this summer. Like the Duggars, they, too, will be welcoming a boatload of babies this season… so get ready to for even more names to learn! 

Carlin Bates Stewart and her husband, Evan, will be welcoming their first child and Tori Bates Smith and her husband Bobby, are expecting their second child.

In the trailer, Carlin can be seen panicking and freaking out that something is wrong with her baby as her mom, Kelly Jo, comforts her. 

I mean, maybe she’s just upset the camera crew chose to shoot from that angle?

The family also welcomes home son Lawson from his three-month mission trip to the Philippines, while Trace gets broken up with and is forced to share all the details on camera. Fun! 

Just to clarify, this party was to celebrate Lawson’s return, not Trace getting broken up with. (We think?)

This season will also focus on how the Bates family is dealing with the lockdown from the pandemic, including how they are handling their local businesses. 

“It’s not even the same going into the boutique without you guys being here,” Whitney says during a video chat. 

We also see the whole family dressed up for a Roaring ’20s themed party that looks like it’s being held in some type of church fellowship hall. 

Nothing says a rip-roarin’ good time more than a prohibition party among the pews.

The mid-season premiere of ‘Bringing Up Bates’ airs July 23 on UPtv. Watch the trailer below! 

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(Photos: TLC; Facebook; YouTube; UPtv) 


  1. Its so interesting to me how one family gives off a totally different vibe than the other. the Bates always seem to actually be having a good time, and the love and friendship is real. Then again, KellyJo and Gil are SO different than Michelle and JimBob. When I saw “family night” with the Duggars, it made me wonder if they were trying to emulate the Bates.

    Take that whole family to Disneyland! Id watch that lol.

  2. Can they please leave poor Jana ALONE! (Yeah, I know that’s a Britney meme) Yes, she could have had someone and kids and everything her sisters are experiencing but she just hasn’t found anyone?! Who knows, maybe she’s picky, maybe her dad’s picky (because he needs to approve men his adult daughters are courting…barf) or maybe she just haven’t found the right one (because she admitted she has dated before, doubt she was courting because then it would be official), she is more skilled than her married sisters and brothers will ever be and whoever will be her husband, should consider himself lucky because they don’t call her “Jana of all trades” for no reason. But to keep on bugging her EVERY FRICKIN’ SEASON about this as if she is 50 while I’m sure she herself is questioning it why is just mean from the producers.

    1. If only she move out and live her own independent life! Why does she need a man to be an adult?

    2. I think she really might be a lesbian (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and that’s why she’s where she is. She’s probably terrified to tell anyone 🙁

    1. Same here. I swear this stuff was on last season, and by Duggar standards, I was mightily surprised that they didn’t document Joy’s loss previously. And if they were going to do it this season, they would definitely have teased it in the trailer.

      1. Ah, thank you! So Joy and Jinger are the only ones pregnant currently I guess.. for today anyhow…

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