Colt Johnson’s Exes Express Their Frustrations After Watching New “90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?” Episodes: Larissa Wants More Screen Time & Jess Wants Less Criticism

Larissa and Jess, realizing their issues have a cat-hair covered common denominator…

The first episodes of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Season 5 have left the women of Colt Johnson‘s past less-than-pleased, to say the least.

Both Colt’s ex-wife Larissa Dos Santos Limas and Jess Caroline— Colt’s girlfriend after his split from Larissa— spoke out on social media recently to defend themselves and/or recommend themselves for more screen time.

(Fortunately, Mother Debbie, the undisputed Number One lady in Colt’s life, today, tomorrow and forever, has yet to voice any complaints so we’re assuming things are all good for Coltee on the home front.)

“Everything is purrfectly fine!”

According to Starcasm, Colt’s ex-wife Larissa was unhappy when she tuned into Sunday’s episode of ‘Happily Ever After?’, only to find her mug occupying the screen for less than four minutes. Larissa was so angered by the editing “snub,” she took to Instagram to announce to her followers that she planned to cancel her cable TV subscription the next day. 

“Canceling my cable tomorrow,” she wrote on Sunday. “I am shocked that I was given only 4 minutes of air time in tonight’s episode. Four minutes to someone who brought in high viewership on her seasons. Clearly, someone in editing doesn’t like me. Well, I will certainly not plug this show on my time again nor comment about!” 

Larissa went on to claim that because she’s under contract with the show, she “will not give out spoilers”; however, she again expressed how disappointed she was in the episode. 

“All this work, all that filming,” she wrote. “For what? Four minutes!!”

“Whatee are you thinking, TLC?”

Though she was quick to proclaim, “Don’t ask me to do this s**t again” after the episode, Larissa was also quick to admit she “overreacted and spoke too soon” after seeing a preview for the next episode, in which she is seen going on a date and sharing personal details of her criminal past as a fun way to break the ice.

“Breaking News: I was wrong,” Larissa posted on Instagram, along with the clip from the upcoming episode. 

While Larissa’s latest gripes were in regard to her lack of screen time, her replacement, Jess Caroline received quite a lot of air time– something that may have backfired for her.

During her “90 Day” debut (which showed her during her first meeting with Colt), Jess dished about Brazilian women commonly having sex on the first date, opposed to “American boys” whom she said tend to move things “slow.” 

“Mother always says, though, ‘Slow and steady wins the race!'”

Because of the statements made on the show, Jess took to Instagram after the episode aired to address the backlash and issue a formal apology to the women of Brazil. 

“Open letter to all Brazilian women: 

Dear Brazilians, I want you to know that I read/listen to your messages. I would like to make a formal apology to all Brazilian women I offended with my generalized speech on the episodes. I recognize how problematic my statement was and by any means I meant to add to the already [hyper-sexualized] stereotype of the Brazilian woman around the world. I apologize for the way I expressed myself, I meant to give a personal opinion, on my amateur English I ended up generalizing and I see how jeopardizing that is. Unfortunately, I can’t go back on what was said, now I can only be transparent to all of you, say that I’m so sorry for all the baggage that this brings and that I’m holding myself accountable for what I said. 

“Deconstruction of sexism is a daily task, and instead of taking this as a loss, I’m taking it as a learning opportunity. Therefore, I have my messages open so we can talk about this, I hope to learn more and listen to what you have to say. 

My humble apologies, Jess.” 

Jess and Larissa’s mutual distaste for the “90 Day” episodes isn’t the first time the two have found themselves on the same team. (And no, we aren’t referring to Team Girls Who’ve Dated Coltee.) 

“If you’re interested, I bet I can get Mother to crochet you guys up some matching ‘Tean Coltee’ sweaters!”

As Starcasm reported in April, Jess accused Colt of revenge p0rn and claimed he allegedly circulated private photos of her and stated they had been leaked. At the time, Larissa showed support for Jess on social media, as she, too, has accused Colt of similar actions in the past. 

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram) 


  1. Larissa is a fame whore, and to his new girlfriend…anyone that lets Coltee stick it in them is going to be negatively criticized. The guy seems like a pervert, and had no problem blasting the fact they hooked up the 1st day of meeting face to face.

  2. He’s so creepy. He plays this naive, geeky role, when in fact he’s an unattractive narcissist, who seems very controlling. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with being close to your mum, their relationship is unusual. I can imagine her lurking at the bar/restaurant when he goes on dates. All weird

  3. I missed the IG clip of Larissa the first time. I just watched it and he said something about “we didn’t get to dive to much into her children, I don’t think she felt comfortable “. She doesn’t give a shit about her kids, that’s why she didn’t discuss them because she pretends they don’t exist! In the first episode she asked her dad to give her $5000 and said she wanted to stay in the US so she could give opportunities to her kids. Wtf has she done? She jumps from guy to guy and gets plastic surgery and goes to jail. That’s it. It’s disgusting. I hope for her kids sake that they are with someone who has actual love for them that takes care of their needs.

  4. Jess is an au pair, what kind of people have this girl caring for their kids?
    They are both selling sex in exchange for what they want, we have many words for that here in America . They both need to go work at a legal brothel and pay their taxes for what they’re doing. As far as I’m concerned they’re both committing crimes and need deportation.

  5. Larissa is such a trash bag. Dont get me wrong, Colt is a nearly equally sized trash bag, but there is no reason that bitch should still be in the US. She has no skills, is physically abusive, and obviously was only here for the green card. We don’t need dead weight like that here in America. She should go back to the children she abandoned

  6. Every time I lay eyes on creepy Coltee I am amazed and perplexed that he gets with anyone! I know that looks aren’t everything but trust me looks are not all I’m judging. There is something very “off” about him. Larissa is still a psycho, that hasn’t changed. I only watched the first episode so the only thing I could think about Jess was….first, why colt? You are a pretty girl! But, then she started talking about how American boys were too slow and was implying she wanted to do the nasty with Coltee. That was it for me! Just the thought almost made me toss my cookies & I’ve been traumatized ever since.

  7. They can use her footage however they want. Including if it is a little amount. They have so many couples to show. And she really isn’t relevant to colts story anymore but it has a drama aspect to his story which come on, we love.

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