Ashley Martson Responds to ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood for Ranting After Her Relationship Was Compared to “90 Day Fiance” Couples: “Her Relationships Are More Messy!”

“Save it, Amber!”

Ashley Martson was not amused by Amber Portwood‘s recent Instagram rant.

Ashley lashed out at the Teen Mom OG star after reading about the social media meltdown Amber had after her relationship with Belgian boo Dimitri Garcia was compared to the relationships featured on 90 Day Fiance. Ashley— who starred on “90 Day Fiance” and several of its spin-offs with her on-again husband Jay Smith— took to her own Instagram to comment on Amber’s rant…and remind reality TV fans that, due to Amber’s “messy” relationships, she has no room to talk about the couples shown on “90 Day Fiance.”

(So…to recap, Ashley ranted on social media about a rant Amber had on social media…)

As The Ashley told you earlier this month, Amber and Dimitri responded when a ‘Teen Mom’-themed Instagram account compared their relationship to that of “90 Day Fiance” franchise couple Geoffrey Paschel and Varya Malina, asking followers which couple has the “better criminal love story?” Dimitri called the comparisons “humiliating” and Amber gave some followers quite the Instagram lashing before deleting all of her comments.

Over the weekend, Ashley called out both Amber and Dimitri  on Instagram for their over-reaction.

“Us? Overreact?”

“These two need to calm down,” Ashley wrote in a caption of several rant screenshots. “’90 Day Fiance’ relationships are not 90 days. The marriage time on the visa is. Many couples spend years before marrying, and quite frankly acting offended by the show and the relationships is kinda dumb considering…well…[Amber’s] relationships are more messy than most ’90 Day’ couples. Just sayin’…”

However, Ashley was not pleased that several of the clickbait tabloids picked up her comments and turned them into a much-more dramatic quote than she actually gave.

Ashley’s response to the clickbait story headline…

“Ashley Martson to Amber Portwood: Shut Up About 90 Day Fiance, You Knife-Wielding Maniac!” one headline screeched.

“Never said that!” Ashley wrote on Instagram Stories.

“Would you be willing to take a lie-detector test to prove you didn’t say that? I earned a free one on my lie-detector company punchcard!”

UPDATE! Amber has since responded to Ashley’s comments on Snapchat, warning the “90 Day Fiance” star on Monday to “keep my name out of your mouth!”

“I came back from a really horrible day, and to an ignorant article about someone named Ashley from a different show,” Amber told her followers. “The one thing that I have to say to [Ashley] is you’re irrelevant in every single way. Keep my name out of your mouth. Keep my boyfriend’s name out of your mouth.

“Apparently if I’ve known a man for almost a year now, almost, I know about visas and waivers, etc. I can compare to whatever I want, and I understand everything that was said,” Amber continued. “However, if my boyfriend feels offended, then I will defend him, even if it’s something about me.”

Amber also seemed to address the clickbait headline that called her a “knife-wielding maniac.”

“Also another thing, do not accuse me of doing things that I did not do,” she said to Ashley. “Because if I did them, I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you. I can’t even remember your last name, I’m sorry. I’m sure you remember mine though. But do not accuse me of things I never did. I have proof that I didn’t do it, so you have a good day, stay irrelevant. You’re relevant now, you’re welcome. Goodbye sweetheart, sending love.

Amber then apologized to her fans for her response, stating that it’s “been a really emotional day.” (Amber has been dealing with the passing of her grandmother.) 

“Just know that I’m doing really well and just moving forward from all the ignorance,” she told her fans. “You guys do the same as well.”


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23 Responses

  1. Isn’t all this ranting from Amber on social media a violation of her probation?? I would say, yes it is!

  2. Ergh Amber, it seems today she has over filtered and over medicated today. I wonder how long it will be until her next domestic violence charge, her claiming innocence and MTV pretending it never happened so they can film her sitting on the sofa.

    1. I was thinking the same thing!! I didn’t even know that was Amber the first time I looked at the video!! Until, of course, I hit play and her crazy ass started talking!!! Could she show any less emotion?! Her voice was just so blah!! I couldn’t have said it better… over medicated!!! You would think, with her grand mom passing away, she’d have more important things to worry about than hopping on social media and responding to someone who’s “irrelevant”!

  3. Neither of these two unhinged women have room to talk about being “messy.” They are both volatile train wrecks with a history of violence and bad relationships. Pot, meet kettle.

  4. I thought Amber has “changed”. I thought she got her “meds” all corrected and was going to be a pillar of society. People don’t change, people don’t forget. By far the worst human being on the entire MTV platform, bar none. That included Jelly, David, Adam, all those dudes who dumped in Kail, Ryan, Puck from real world, Dee, the racist, that guy Tommy cheeseballs, etc. Amber is number 1 POS ever. This is a fact and it is not to be disputed.

    stay lit

    1. Another day, another Amber rant. Wash, rinse and repeat. Yawn. Two losers on crappy reality tv shows going at it. How desperate ?

  5. How cringe-worthy that Amber thinks she’s relevant. Gary needs to change her social media passwords and keep them from her.

  6. Don’t accuse you of something you didn’t do? Amber you plead guilty to 2 counts of domestic battery & intimidation. Just Bc you’re not in jail (where you should be) doesn’t mean you didn’t chase your baby daddy around the house with a machete. We’ve l heard the recordings. You’re on probation as you record this video. If she’s doing so well & dealing with the death of her grandmother- why address it? Side note- that filter is something else- we know you don’t look like that!

  7. OMG the two of them annoy me so much. Amber is a lunatic who should be in jail and Ashley is a poor woman that keeps getting cheated on by the same man-child over and over and keeps getting back to him. Both are awful role models for their children and should focus more in growing as people and less about social media drama

  8. Wait….Ashley and Jay are back together? Wasnt the last update discussing her throwing a fire extinguisher through someones front window because Jay was in there?

  9. Is anyone else annoyed by how Amber keeps “sending love” in the most passive-aggressive way possible?! This woman is a lunatic! And now she can use her grief as an excuse because she always finds one. Most people when they are dealing with the death of someone, they usually don’t mind what anyone is talking about them because they get off social media to deal with it properly and be with their family. But Amber has to use any opportunity to try to “clear her tarnished name”. What a narcissistic asshole.

    And Ambien, you’re just as irrelevant as her, the only problem you have is that you haven’t realized it yet. You are no role model because for being a role model you actually have to be a good person which you aren’t!

  10. I knew Amber wouldn’t be able to keep her big trap shut! Where is all this proof that she didn’t do anything at? We all know she is absolutely a machete wielding nutjob. Not defending Ashley because she has some screws loose in different ways but she literally points to an article with that title and says “I didn’t say that”. Amber loves making threats on social media, everyone’s quaking in their boots now.?
    On a side note, Am I the only one that gets disgusted when these TM chicks say “My fans” like they’ve done something wonderful? You got pregnant when you were a teenager.?Why does that illicit fans? Shit. I got pregnant when I was a teenager too…I actually worked for a living and graduated from college…my ass didn’t have fans. Having easy MTV money does not make you an example. And, it damn sure doesn’t make you an example of normal hardworking single mothers busting their ass. Real life needs to smack them in the face quick.

    1. When exactly did Amber and Dimitri get together?? She says she’s known him for almost a year, but it was 4th of July last year that she was chasing Andrew around the house with a machete.

  11. Typical Amber, always threatening someone. For someone who is always whining and claiming that she’s “changed” she sure has a bad habit of repeating past behaviors. Dmitry better prepare himself for his inevitable beat down, it’s coming way sooner than he thinks.

  12. So glad Gary has Leah. I know Amber lives Leah but Gary has a stable home life with no revolving door women.Just be happy for each other. Shout out to Gary and Christina—you are doing a wonderful job co parenting and raising Leah with no bad words for Amber. I sincerely this one works out.

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