‘sMothered’ Stars Angelica & Jason Welcome First Child: Find Out Why Angelica’s Mom Sunhe Named the Baby

“There’s a new baby in town to smother in kisses and love!”

On Sunday night’s Season 2 finale of sMotheredAngelica revealed to her shocked fiance Jason (and the show’s viewers) that she was pregnant with their first child. In a video posted to TLCMe on Monday, the trio…. er, foursome (because we have to naturally include Angelica’s mother Sunhe), revealed that Angelica has already given birth!

“We’re so happy and we’re so excited to announce our little miracle, Amara” Angelica says in the video. (Naturally her mother, Sunhe, is seated right next to her.) 

“Amara Jael is now into the world— surprise!” Jason adds.

The baby— who was born on June 10— came a few weeks before her actual due date. She weighed in at 4 lbs., 2 oz. and measured 18 inches long.

“I was definitely surprised that Amara came early,” Angelica says. “We weren’t ready at all. It’s a little upsetting because you have all this time [before your due date] and then all of a sudden you don’t have any more time. Nothing was ready.”

In true ‘Smothered’ fashion, it was Sunhe who picked the baby’s name when Angelica and Jason couldn’t decide.

“Who do we go to? We went to my mom,” Angelica said. “She had tons of names, but the one that we have for Amara really stuck out to all three of us.”

Jason assured us that his wife and mother-in-law “did ask for my input” on the baby name, but he said he agreed with them on Amara.

Is anyone else kind of surprised the baby didn’t end up being named Sunhe?

It sounds like Baby Amara also got something else from her grandmother— her outgoing personality.

“Amara’s so animated. She has so much personality for this age,” Jason said. 

“She communicates very well,” Angelica added. “If she doesn’t like something, she lets you know!” 

Jason also confirmed that the grandma ‘Smother’ing has already begun.

“Grandma’s already spoiling her!” he said. “It’s too early!” 

Angelica said that Sunhe is already starting to mention getting Amara into pageants, but the baby’s parents aren’t exactly on-board with the idea yet. 

Watch the entire baby reveal video below! 

(Photos: TLC)

10 Responses

  1. Sunghe needs to back off. Jason doesn’t have the say in his own house. Sunghe moved in and took over. Angelica has no say she will do what her overbearing mother says. She is not allowed to think for herself. I would put Sunghe out or lay down the law. How she gonna move in Jason’s house and take his mom’s room. Angelica is not going to have much of a marriage with Sunghe in the way. They gonna milk Jason for all they can get. Hason you better grow a set.

  2. This will be Farrah and Sophia in 15 years time. Farrah will never let Sophia have her own life away from Farrah.

    1. Oh absolutely not. Farrah is going to live out the rest of her life vicariously through Sophia…she’s going to push that little girl into the spotlight, in hopes that she’ll be of Kim K status, and she’s going to play an overbearing momager who is going to ultimately ruin her kids life.

  3. As DEVOTED and long time reality show fiend…..this show has the weirdest and most disturbing people I have every seen. I stopped watching after the first episode!

    1. When the one mother/daughter duo was showering together, that was it for me. I couldn’t take it anymore and haven’t watched it since LOL.

  4. I’m not trans but I really wish I could have a baby. I just want to experience it as a woman even though I’m an old fat man. Best wishes.

  5. 4lbs is a little peanut! Good for them, hopefully the mil will back off a little and let them enjoy their life.

  6. I’ve only watched 1 1/2 episodes of this show, but this Joe dude seems like a total pussy. He bows and scrapes to whatever the (future) MIL says. Notice all the sMothered combos are single mothers and their children?

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