“90 Day Fiance” Star Nicole Nafziger Slams Haters Who Say She’s Not Really in Morocco with Azan Tefou; Says She’s Getting Ready to Return to the United States

She may be coming home, but Nicole will never be a “sit and listen kind of girl.”

Months after leaving the United States (and her young daughter) behind to be with her fiancé in Morocco -– Nicole Nafziger says she’s finally planning to return to home. 

Nicole left her home in Florida to see her fiancé Hassan (“Azan”) Tefou on March 11— right as the U.S. began issuing warning against international travel due to the C0VID-19 pandemic. That decision immediately began drawing criticism online from “90 Day Fiance” fans for not taking heed to pandemic concerns and also for leaving behind her daughter, May.

In the last few months, Nicole has continued to be slammed by fans (and even some of her “90 Day” co-stars) for “abandoning” May. However, some nay-sayers have claimed it’s all a conspiracy theory and Nicole was never actually in Morocco with Azan at all…a theory Nicole took to social media over the weekend to disprove!

Are you low-key embarrassed by your mom’s naivety and desperation, May?

“People say I’m not even in Morocco,” Nicole wrote on her Instagram Story along with a screenshot image of Morocco noting her current location as Agadir. “I don’t really care if y’all think I’m lying. I’m just really tired of random people claiming to know Hassan and his family. I am in Morocco. And soon I’m going back to my daughter.”

Nicole recently told her online haters that she would return home to her daughter “when the right moment comes.” In her new post, though, she stated that she only cares about her family. She went on to post not one but two Instagram selfies with Azan this weekend, writing how sad she is that their time together in Morocco is coming to an end.

In the first of the two posts — both featuring a photo of Nicole and Azan — Nicole said she was “so happy to have had this extra time” with Azan, but “very happy and excited” to get to see her little girl “soon.” 

“Making every minute count with you until my time to leave your side again,” she said in the most recent post. “[It’s] me and you baby. Only we know our love story and all the hard things we’ve been through. We’ve come out strong than we have ever been before and we’ll continue to grow together. May and you are my family and my future.” 

Nicole’s posts were met with mixed reviews on social media, with many questioning the legitimacy of the couple’s relationship and one person asking if Nicole and Azan were “auditioning for a new show called ‘9,000 Day Fiancé.’ (Guys— seriously, don’t give TLC any more ideas for “90 Day” spin-offs, please!) 

“[It’s] hard to be happy for you, when you’re very secretive of why he hasn’t married you and why he can’t come to America with you,” another person commented. “[I’m] just happy you’ll finally be with your daughter.” 

“[I] thought it was over #linkinbio,” another wrote – a dig at Nicole’s frequent posts featuring clickbait articles. 

Despite others giving Nicole credit for finally coming back to the U.S., as The Ashley previously told you, she may not have a choice. According to a previous report from the Morocco World News, non-resident foreigners living in Morocco that were unable to leave within the normal 90-day limit due to the pandemic must leave the country by August 10, otherwise they will face penalties. 

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram) 

14 Responses

  1. Nicole tried really hard to get pregnant so she could stay there, but it didn’t work.

  2. Morocco has closed down entire cities since Sunday night because Covid is spreading wild there. Nobody is getting in or out unless they have a medical reason or work in vital or special permission.
    Best thing Nicole can do when she does get out is get tested and go in isolation for two weeks. For her parents and others, curious how smart she will be about that.

  3. That she is more upset about being accused of not actually being in Morocco than she is about being accused of abandoning her child during an active pandemic tells you everything you need to know about Nicole. May deserves so much better than the immature, spoiled, and impulsive mom that she has.

  4. Oh Nicole we all know you’re in Morocco. We all know you left May with your enabling mother simply because she is exactly that, an enabler.

  5. This bish …. You have to made of something different leaving a little girl for a man like that ..

  6. She’s scum and doesn’t deserve that beautiful girl. Her mom is an enabler. She makes me sick ?

  7. I seriously cannot with that moron. Posting pictures with a dude that only uses her for money and a possible green card to America. It’s been YEARS, and guess what?? He still hasn’t married her! Her desperation for Azan is so pitiful, and pathetic. Her ability to be so willfully dumb is astounding, and not in a good way. It’s sick. She needs to spend her money on a therapist, and not Azan.

  8. Why didn’t nickel get married while she was over there?? I mean they’re so in love and all.

  9. Hasn’t she been “getting ready” to come back to May “soon” for months now? I’m pretty convinced if she comes back the main reason is because she has no choice not because she is choosing her daughter.

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