Nicole Nafziger Slams “90 Day Fiance” Co-Star Laura Jallali for Advising Her to Leave Morocco & “Come Back Home” to Her Daughter

“I’ve been there, Sis! Just tryin’ to help!”

Nicole Nafziger did not take kindly to a little friendly advice that recently came her way, courtesy of her 90 Day Fiance franchise co-star Laura Jallali.

Laura left her words of wisdom in the comment section of Nicole’s most-recent Instagram post, which shows a photo of her young daughter May, stoically eating. Many of Nicole’s followers suggested that May looks sad because Nicole has been away from her for so many months. (As The Ashley previously reported, Nicole has been in Morocco with her fiance Azan Tefou since mid-March, when she flew there for a vacation, despite the COVID-19 global pandemic).

Nicole has caught a ton of flak over the last few months for not returning home to the United States.

Laura, however, didn’t scold Nicole. Instead, she advised Nicole to learn from her mistakes. (Laura documented her move to Qatar– where her then-fiance Aladin Jallali lived– on the first season of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.)

“Honestly, you need to return to your daughter,” Laura wrote. “Do not make the same mistake I did. She needs her mom, and these men are just users.”

Laura then brought up a long-standing rumor about Nicole’s fiance Azan.

“[Azan] has a wife and children, forget this [loser] and come back home to the pple who love you.”

While many of Nicole’s followers expressed their support of Laura’s comments, Nicole was none-too-happy with the unsolicited advice.

“I’m sorry for what happened to you but I would never tell another cast member how their situation is because I don’t know and I don’t know anyone’s story,” Nicole responded to Laura. “Please make no mistake, my situation is not yours. Being a cast member you should know more then anyone is to not believe rumors told by liars.

“I miss my daughter more then anyone can know and no one knows how much me and her call each other. I’ll be back to my daughter as soon as I can when the right moment comes,” Nicole continued. “My daughter and my family know I’ll be home for her soon. I’ve never left my daughter behind because she knows I’m still with her no matter what.”

Although Nicole may be waiting to return to America until “the right moment comes,” she may no longer have much of a choice. According to a new report from the Morocco World News, non-resident foreigners who are living in Morocco and were unable to leave within the normal 90-day limit due to the pandemic must leave the country by August 10 or face penalties. 

“Those who do not leave before the specified time may need to go through a legal process of fixing their immigration status and could be subject to fines or imprisonment,” the report states. 

Nicole— whose mother Robbalee recently denied online that Nicole ‘abandoned’ May, as well as the rumors that Azan is married with kids— then responded to those who called her a bad mom for not coming home.

“Everyone can judge me for being a bad mom and think what you want,” she wrote. “But I know my life and how it is. And when the time is right I’ll show more of it. Thanks.”

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(Photos: TLC, Instagram)


  1. She will be in a tv series, called banged up abroad.

    If she does end up in a moroccan prison, she will be begging to return yo the Usa.
    Shes a selfish bitch.

  2. Nicole has only stayed so long because she is trying to find where Azan hides his condoms so she can poke holes in them. As soon as she does that and gets pregnant, she will return with a trapped Azan.

  3. Nicole is such a piece of shit. I cannot stand her. Anyone who chooses a man or a woman over their child are some of the biggest scumbags on earth IMO.

  4. “Back home when the right moment comes”

    Girl, you should be ashamed of yourself letting your child down like that. Stupid b***h

  5. Throw this dumb sow into a Moroccan jail. I’ve never witnessed someone so willfully ignorant. She could go home now, she could have gone home months ago. Money is not an excuse. She is running from her responsibilities and has dumped her poor kid on her parents. All for some ugly, lying, married loser who hates her? Wow, what a life.

  6. Can’t help asking: Did Nicole fly to Morocco on a “one way” ticket?

    Because if not, the “right moment” would clearly be NOW for her to get back on a plane and come back home to her daughter. At a time when even the Moroccan government will soon be imposing penalties on non-residents for still being there.

    And no matter how Robbalee and Nicole try to spin this MESS, it just doesn’t add up. It appears the only one being short-changed is an innocent little girl who hears her mother telling her she loves her through phone calls.

    1. No, she facetimes her! If that doesnt prove a mothers love i dont know what does.
      Actually, this is probably the best thing for that cute innocent little girl. She is safe with grandma,Nicole was living in a 1 room motel type place, then left it to couch surf @ various family members homes.
      Mae is finally living in a nice home, eating normal & has some stability…until Nicole comes home.

  7. Jesus christ, trying to talk sense to this ‘woman’ is like talking to a brick wall with a whiny voice.

    I’m surprised at Laura’s polite tone, and even she has a point. But fuck Nicole, she is stupid and beyond a lost cause.

  8. On the upside: May doesn’t have to witness the fights they have and isn’t left with a stranger that doesn’t even speak English.

  9. 90DF has seen some of the most thirsty women you’ll see on reality tv, but she is the worst of them all. She was a barista at Starbucks when in the US, so there is no way she could possibly afford a roundtrip ticket to Morocco plus living expenses for all the time she’s been there, let alone provide something for May’s living expenses so it really makes me wonder where she’s getting money from. In my opinion May is better off with the grandmother because Nicole is very obviously stuff with the mind off a 14 year old that desperately wants a boyfriend and is no kind of role model for her daughter.

    1. Your right! Nothing wrong with any honest living like a barista but there is something wrong when you make little money, on public assistance & send/give money to your lazy fiance, obviously there is nothing left for Mae.
      So our tax money is supporting Azan.
      Her father co-signed the sponsorship, obviously he cant sponsors a squirrel at this point (he is homeless with MANY arrests which includes theft, drugs & driving)

    2. This chick gets on my nerves. She makes dumb after dumb decisions and yet her family still continue to enable her. If I was her mom, I would have fought for guardianship for May since her dumb “mother” won’t make her a priority. If she wants to be an idiot and taken advantage of by Azzhat, then let her do it. Just don’t let May suffer for it. She seems like such a little sweetie.

  10. Send Nicole to Dr Phil. Nicole and her mother. Put a private detective on the boyfriend. I could not stand to be away from my children when they were young.

    1. Any good parent feels the same way! My daughter is 2 and a half and I have not left her for more than a few hours for necessary work or doctor appointments. I also do not have the luxury of leaving her with someone else while I galavant across the world with my boyfriend…. ahem ahem..

  11. You know it’s bad when Laura is the voice of reason. Poor May has a mother who will always put a man before her. The sad part is that while May loves Nicole, Azan does not, but instead of giving May love and affection, Nicole reserves her love and affection for a man who clearly cannot stand her.

  12. Nicole is such a piece of trash… she doesn’t deserve sweet May… abandoning her daughter for a guy who SO OBVIOUSLY can’t stand her!!! She is beyond disgusting. If she wanted to be home, she would be

  13. I’d say that May is sad from having to eat those spaghetti-o’s!😉Nicole has never put May first and acts more like her older sister than her mother. She puts Azan in front of her daughter, a real mother who loves their child unconditionally will never put a man ahead of them. Nicole was more concerned about her own needs and decided to travel to asshat in the middle of covid because she’s selfishly stupid. May is better off without her.

  14. Oh Hell No!!! Now this horrible mother (Nicole) is going to be a reality superstar because of her bad behavior? I won’t watch her on TV! The network needs to stop this!

    1. She has been a reality superstar.
      90 day has been on for 7 seasons with a few spin offs, other than Loren & Alex i cant remember any couples that didnt have drama. I only remember the 1’s like Danielle & Mohammed that had lots of problems & drama.
      Reality TV always rewards Bad behavior

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