Former “90 Day Fiance” Star Nicole Nafziger Slammed For Leaving Daughter to Go Visit Fiance Azan Tefou in Morocco & Getting Stuck There Due to Travel Restrictions

“Azan says ‘send help’ but he’s only kidding…he LOVES having me here!”

Nicole Nafziger is stuck in Morocco amidst a global pandemic, but the former 90 Day Fiance star doesn’t seem to mind. Nicole, who left the United States on March 11— despite the fact that countries around the world had already started imposing travel restrictions—to visit her fiancé, Azan Tefou in Morocco.

Nicole was in Morocco when the country’s government announced emergency measures to control the spread of C0VID-19 within the country. The measures included a strict nighttime curfew, restricted movement during the day and— most importantly—all regularly scheduled commercial flights to and from Morocco to be suspended indefinitely.  This, of course, means Nicole is essentially “trapped” in Morocco.

However, Nicole seemed to be enjoying the fact that she was stuck in a foreign land with Azan, even though it means being separated from her young daughter, May, for an unknown period of time.

“I never want to leave your side my love,” Nicole captioned a pic of her and Azan posted to Instagram this week.

Her Instagram followers did not hold back in their responses to Nicole, blasting her in the comment section of the post.

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I never want to leave your side my love♥️

A post shared by Nicole Nafziger (@alwayssnicole) on

“Never leave his side? What about May? Stay by your kids side before any man! A real mother would never leave her child behind when there is a virus killing people! She knew this and still hopped on the plane,” one person wrote in the comment section of the photo, which Nicole later stated was taken on March 14.

“Translation – ‘I hope I get trapped in Morocco and pawn my kid off on my mom forever and ever,’” one person commented.

“Go home to your daughter!” another person wrote. “We have a pandemic going on here! She needs you more than that guy,” another wrote.

“Real mature,” someone else wrote. “There was a pandemic happening when she left.”

On Monday, she took to Instagram Stories to let her fans know that she is OK…although the global pandemic has infringed on her time with Azan.

“Sucks everything is closed. I’m still in Morocco for everyone that wants to know. But I’m fine. We’re good,” she captioned a photo of herself and Azan.

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So happy to finally be with my love again♥️

A post shared by Nicole Nafziger (@alwayssnicole) on

As of press time, there are still no flights going in or out of Morocco, and Nicole’s daughter is still in the United States being cared for by Nicole’s parents.

This is the third time Nicole has gone to Morocco to visit Azan. She stayed six weeks the first time and 90 days the second time. As fans of the show know, Azan has had “trouble” getting a visa to come to the United States to marry Nicole. During their time on “90 Day Fiance,” Nicole and Azan were all set to wed in Morocco, but a mysterious last-minute problem with the paperwork prevented that from happening.

In the three years they have been together, Nicole and Azan have called off their wedding twice. Before leaving for the visit earlier this month, it had been over two years since Nicole and Azan had seen each other.

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  1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Better off with her grandmother??!! That woman raised Nicole and did such a bang up job with her ::eye roll::

      1. Nicole’s father was recently arrested for possession of a crack pipe and a vial of fentanyl. According to the article (on Starcasm,) he was giving someone a ride (in the back seat) and got pulled over. The drugs were found on the floor of the car. My guess is he was giving a dealer a ride for some crack because he’s a crackhead and when the cops showed up, dealer ditched the drugs in the car. Nicole’s dad has been arrested several times for drug and/or paraphernalia charges.

        1. Thank you for the info. Nicole’s mom and step dad are caring for May. Seems there’s some confusion on that point w/ other commenters.

  2. Christ, something about her face just irritates the fuck out of me. Probably because it is so childish, just like her personality.
    I have a really well-behaved 10 year old daughter, and every now and then, she gives me attitude and it winds me up. I can’t imagine having worse than that from a child twice that age!
    Nicole makes me lose all hope. At least May isn’t with her, I guess.

  3. She went to see Mays Daddy.
    I can’t believe she taught May to say that. And if she is there, she’s secretly excited she is trapped there.More time with Daddy. Can you imagine the fights? Also it’s funny how TV crews weren’t with her this time to film🤔

  4. She did this on purpose.

    Which also just shows how fucking stupid she is. She is at super high risk with her obesity.

  5. Why does everyone always say that May is better off with her grandmother? Robalee did such a bang up job raising Nicole ::eyeroll:: Grandma is just as bad as Nicole

    1. While I agree, at least Robalee seems to show common sense and situational awareness, where her dimwit daughter shows none. She seems like the much better option at this point.

      1. Robalee is definitely the better option. At least she won’t just shove an Ipad in May’s face while she spends all day every day obsessing over her “love’. Nicole annoys the hell out of me.
        I still can’t figure out why Azan hasn’t ended this charade. Are they still getting money from the show? I really believe his initial plan was to squeeze her for every dime, but do it from afar. I don’t think he counted on her being so persistent about coming to see him every chance she got, so I thought he would have ended it by now. Is the money she’s giving him really worth putting up with her? The way she hangs on him and needs constant reassurance … Ugh.

        1. I thought something similar but that Azan would get his green card live off Nicole in America for awhile find another stupid girl and move in w/ her. But…

        2. My guess is that Nicole will give Azan her entire $1700 check from President Trump. Her daughter is the last thing on her mind. She’ll probably end up pregnant

  6. What I don’t understand about this program is the need to look outside the USA to find love.
    I can’t walk around the block without a offer to give me a blowge, what is up with these people. OK, maybe in ED’s case I can see this.

    stay lit

  7. This woman is so needy for affection she left her daughter in an unprecedented global pandemic to be with a man across the globe. Now she doesn’t know when she’ll be able to go home. Even if May is with her grandparents she surely misses her. How selfish can you be?

  8. Do all the countries around Morocco have flights suspended too? Like if I were her I would go to another country for a flight… something anything to get back to my child.

  9. She’s not there. According to instagram she lied about going just to generate buzz. She isn’t there and there were no flights to Morocco on the day she said she left and she’s using old pictures to create the image that she’s there.

  10. Omg azans worst nightmare! Nicole stuck there indefinitely 😅. I really really don’t understand how a mother leaves her child to go to a foreign country anyway. I would be torn apart if I wasnt able to return home to my child indefinitely. Thank god for Nicole’s parents.

  11. Just goes to show how selfish she is. She knew the virus was spreading and there was about to be a travel ban, but she went anyway. She’s always choosing Azan over May, and this is the perfect excuse for her to stay in Morocco longer, and continue to chase behind a boy who doesn’t want her. A boy who’s only 55% attracted to her and thinks she’s lazy and big a little bit. She’s honestly pathetic.

  12. She’s good and they’re in love and it’s great until she runs out of money and Azan’s gotta feed her—we’ll see what happens then.

  13. The girl has no common sense. I’m sure her family tried talking her out of going. Would NIcole even care if God forbid May or a family member got the virus?? Just stay there in your made up fantasy world.May is being raised properly by your mom and stepdad

  14. Agree with others that this extended time in Morocco is the perfect breeding ground for Nicole to get knocked up with a trap baby. Even though for Azan it probably won’t be a trap. He’ll be just as DISINTERESTED in the child as he is in Nicole’s silly ass.

    Kudos to her mom Robbalee and her husband for always stepping up to the plate when it comes to May. So happy that little cutie has some semblance of stability in her life.

    As for Nicole…. Ugh!

  15. Can this woman be any more ignorant and insensitive? She really needs to stop the social media at this time. I’m curious why she feels it’s so important to let her “followers” know what’going on with her.

  16. Her mother should file for custody and that slob should stay in Morocco forever. Let Azan raise that woman-child. Ugh she’ll probably get pregnant soon. She’s so awful

  17. Something tells me Azan is not as happy as Nicole. I feel so sorry for her daughter…it could be months before she is able to come home and May is too young to really understand why.

    1. Isn’t May about 7 now? May knows exactly what Nicole has done – Nicole dumped May to go be with a guy that only cares that Nicole’ll give him money no questions asked.

      Look, I’m sure Nicole loves May and *thinks* she’s a good mother – but Joan Crawford thought she was a good mother, too. Doesn’t make it so. May is better off with her grandparents because they seem to have common sense.

      In 1000% agreement about Azan – he probably called her 5 times a day before the trip to suggest she not come because of the travel bans!

    1. Really? That’s pretty shitty of you to admit you’d willingly travel during a global pandemic and put compromised people at risk. Let’s not lump everyone into the same category as you though, shall we? Regardless of whether or not someone finds children annoying, if you fucking brought them onto this Earth due to your sheer irresponsibility, you put your big girl panties on, quit being selfish, and take care of the damn kid or give them up for adoption. Either that or don’t willingly open your legs without using protection, maybe that’ll save you from those pesky, annoying children.

    2. Then don’t have kids. When you have them, it’s your responsibility to care for them no matter how annoying af they are. Are you this selfish and nasty because mommy didn’t want and pay attention to you? Urgh. Grow up and handle your shit like real adults.

  18. Azan is probably calling the airport daily to see when she can get on the first plane out of Morocco.

  19. She stayed there on purpose.

    There was at least 2 flights out of there under the control of the US state department.

    Let her stay there.

    She has shown time and again, she cares more for a shady green card hungry scumbag much more than her daughter. Everything she does, she says is for a guy who hardly acknowledges she exists…not for her daughter.

  20. In all honesty, her daughter is probably better off with her grandparents than she is with Nicole. May needs stability and love, and clearly Nicole doesn’t prioritize her daughter.

  21. There was a flight out of Morocco put together by the state department. She very well could have left to get home to her baby even after they closed down. She made the choice; not once but twice to put this man before her daughter. What a shame.

    1. Question!
      Does anyone know how Nichols dad was able or going to sponser Azan?
      He’s got a lengthy criminal history with another drug charge recently.

  22. when she posts a live video with the current date I believe she is there she isn’t her fat ass is in some trailer some where she loves to prove us wrong so why not do it????? If she is she knew what was happening that she might not get back but getting dick was more important then being with her daughrer

    1. Ha. We all know is on is just with and I use that word lightly her should come to the u.s. he will put in his two years find someone else to take care of them and that’ll be the end of the relationship.

  23. I am with the majority, May is better off with her grandmother but she is probably real confused when Mommy and “Daddy” Skype her.

    1. I don’t watch this, just saw some reality person getting bashed wanted to know what was up… Wwooaaahhh so I’m gonna have to start this sshiiit show !!
      I’m guessing may is not dudes daughter? How does 90 day fiance work. Yelp definitely gonna start watching!!
      Thanks Ashley!!

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