“90 Day Fiance” Star Nicole Nafziger Says She & Azan Tefou Plan to Expand Their Family; Continues to Defend Her Recent Trip to Morocco

Azan, wishing it were as easy for Nicole to take a hint as it is for her to take a trip to Morocco.

After spending (a somewhat controversial) five months with her fiancé Azan Tefou in Morocco this year, 90 Day Fiancé star Nicole Nafziger is back in the U.S., back to posting clickbait articles on social media and still attempting to defend her many questionable parenting/relationship choices. 

Nicole, who is already a mom to daughter May from a previous relationship, recently confirmed on Instagram Stories that she plans to eventually have another child…once she marries Azan, of course.

“Better run that by grandma first… Give her a chance to get bunkbeds for my room!”

When asked by a fan if she plans to reproduce with Azan, Nicole stated that she does, indeed, want more kids.

“Sometime in the future after marriage,” Nicole revealed during an Instagram Q&A. “We would love to expand our family.” 

In the meantime, Nicole will continue practicing her pregnancy announcement with these terrible clickbait Instagram posts…

When criticized for leaving her daughter for many months in the midst of an ongoing pandemic, Nicole (yet again) denied “abandoning” May, insisting that the situation was out of her hands. 

“She was in the care of my mom,” Nicole argued. “Y’all act like I left her intentionally for that long.” 

Nicole went on to say if she knew she would have been away from her daughter for so long, she would’ve taken her with her, which she said “would have been the best.” 

Is it fair to assume you feel the opposite, May?

After a follower pointed out that Nicole has left May to visit Morocco in the past, Nicole said people shouldn’t criticize her for being so desperate looking for love.  

“I shouldn’t be judged because I want to marry a person and have them as my spouse,” she said. “Single parents aren’t always single forever. I live for my family. Y’all say this isn’t the first time I left her, but, again, the first time I went, it was vacation.” 

Despite the infidelity rumors surrounding Azan, which Nicole has previously addressed, as well as the couple’s two failed attempts to walk down the aisle, Nicole claims she and Azan are going strong. 


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(Photos: TLC; Instagram)

9 Responses

  1. Nicole like what the heck? Azan is nevwr going to marry you cause you still send him money. He is playing you and who knows if there is any others! Thats why he dosent work. Nicole find a guy in your own country you are attractive and have a big heart, By the way you need to discipline May she is not well behaved. God bless your mom for keeping her as long as she has. Good luck I wish you the best.?

  2. She is SO DELUSIONAL! About everything! He s using her and always has been and at this point I don’t even think he wats to use her anymore- She is forcing herself on him. And please Nicole- you KNEW there was a BIG chance you were going to get stuck there… when she went everything was pretty much laid out .She just wanted time to stalk… er… be with Azan on her own. And if she plans on having kids once shes married to Azan, ten I guess she’s never having another kid then. LOL. t’s like a Mean girls quote- “Gretchen (Nicole), stop trying to make fetch (Azan) happen! It’s not going to happen!” LMAOOOO. She is so desperate it makes me embarassed for her!

  3. Nicole needs to realize, Azan is never going to marry her, and I’m sure the last thing he wants to do is procreate with her…no one in their right mind would make a baby with someone who has no problem abandoning their kid for 5 months…and seeing how he still hasn’t married her, is still selling her dreams of marriage and kids (and she’s still buying them), and is still mooching off her dumb ass, I think it’s safe to say Azan is in his right mind.

    Single parents don’t always stay single forever? Well they (the good ones) also don’t abandon their kid for 5 months to go to a different country to visit with a boy who is just using them for money. The way she’s justifying being gone so long makes me dislike her even more….yea May was with Nicole’s mom, but it is not her mothers responsibility to take care of HER daughter. Nicole is an idiot.

    1. And she can’t say it was financial, because we all received that stimulus check!…should’ve spent that on coming back home!…but instead Morocco literally had to kick her out. Had they not forced her out, there’s no doubt in my mind she would still be there.

  4. While she has plenty of pictures of her sister’s sonograms to clickbait unsuspecting 90day fans with, I find it VERY suspect that after spending FIVE romantic, cuddly, enchanting months in Morocco —- There are not a fuckton of snap shots all over her Boom-bod, Mama-Mask selling Insta!!

    I know if the world was doubting MY very real, sincere, romantic, wonderful, trueblue, SOSO REAL relationship…… They would be LOOKING at it every damn day on my Instagram.

    Something smells fishy….

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