“90 Day Fiance” Star Nicole Nafziger Addresses Rumor that Fiance Azan Tefou is Already Married; Reveals Why She Didn’t Leave Morocco Sooner & More

“These rumors are crazy! Azan only has eyes for me!”

Nicole Nafziger recently returned to the U.S. after spending five months in Morocco visiting her fiancé Azan Tefou; however, critics continue to question the 90 Day Fiancé couple’s relationship, with some believing the rumors that Azan already has a wife and child.

Someone who doesn’t believe this long-standing rumor is Nicole, who called the claims “completely fake.” In fact, Nicole told CelebMagazine she has proof that her fiancé is an unmarried man. 

“This is the most ridiculous rumor I’ve heard of Azan yet,” she said. “Whoever’s ‘source’ this was really should have fact-checked this first. It’s completely fake. When Azan and I applied for the K1 a while back, you have to have a paper that says you’re single (not married). I saw that paper because I had to put the packet together.

“Umm, did you hear me?! I put an entire packet together!”

“As much as people might want to paint me this way, I am not a desperate person for love that I would spend all this time on someone who was married,” she continued. “I wouldn’t do it. The point is Azan is not married yet. And when he is, I will be his first and only wife.” 

While Nicole didn’t directly shut down the rumors of Azan already having a child in Morocco, she did confirm that they aren’t expecting a child of their own… not yet, anyway. 

“I am not pregnant,” she said. “Azan and I definitely will make plans for a baby in our future after marriage.”  

SO excited.”

As ’90 Day Fiancé’ fans know, Nicole is already a mom to May, her daughter from a previous relationship. When Nicole left for Morocco in March, the majority of the hate she received online was from people accusing her of abandoning her young daughter amid the global C0VID-19 pandemic. 

“I did not abandon my daughter,” she said. “I have never done that in my life.” 

May, is your mom lying through her teeth right now?

Nicole went on to defend her actions, claiming that she purchased her ticket to Morocco a month before leaving and had only planned to stay for two weeks. Since May was still in school at the time, Nicole’s mom Robbalee offered to take care of May during Nicole’s “short vacation,” however, that two-week trip ultimately lasted five months.

“Even at the time of my flying out, there wasn’t anything about the U.S. or Morocco closing borders and going into lockdown,” Nicole claimed. “Everything seemed to happen really fast about a week into my trip. I figured if I just wait this out, that I could fly home in about a month, maybe two at the most. My mom agreed and just told me to do what I thought was best.

“Is that what you got from our conversation?”

“It hurt not getting back to May but I knew it wouldn’t be long before I got home,” she added. 

As to why she didn’t return to the U.S. sooner, Nicole said she could’ve potentially gotten an earlier flight; however, she was concerned for her safety and thought it would be best to stay put. 


“There were flights that the U.S. made for citizens to return home, but I was so nervous about it,” she explained. “I thought it would be overcrowded and maybe I wouldn’t even get on. I didn’t know what to think and with the news of the virus getting worse, I was scared. I just wanted to wait it out to see the borders opened and then I would get to fly home.” 

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram) 

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  1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    She is totally a waste of space, and the man on the moon will come here before Azan marries Nicole!

  2. for the love of god stop giving this loser any attention . she isn’t with him do you think if she was she wouldn’t have trapped him and gotten knocked up? why when she is now posting picture after picture, not sharing her location yet she loves to prove everyone wrong. she couldn’t mention she was in Morocco a million times when she was gone now nope. so why didn’t she post any new dated pictures of them the entire 5 months. one picture with a date would have shut everyone up. all her pictures are old even traveling ones. The bull about she didn’t know when she got on a flight what would happen yes she did they already announced they were shutting down airports but nope she got a cheap flight according to her. she had multiple chances to get out of there which yes higher cost but most mothers wouldn’t have gone but if they did they would do anything to get back o their kid. why did she call into a you tubers live stream pretend she knew nothing about her or the gossip surrounding her yet she call them. you have stupid people complete strangers defending her lies wake up and do some research . when she called in she refused to show a picture until half way thru want to know what it looked like just like the dark crappy trailer she refused to come out of after having a fit. people stop giving this sorry excuse for a mother any more attention

  3. Nicole is such a disgusting, lazy, waste of a human. So despite the fact that the entire country knew the severity of the virus in March, she is claiming she didn’t know then but then suddenly was so scared a WEEK later that she was unwilling to fly home? I can’t with her…

    Nicole, I hope you read this. Azan hates you, and soon your daughter will too.

  4. He filled out a form for the K1 Visa thats said he was single. Well if he filled it out it must be true or they (government) would have caught the lie & denied the Visa….kind of like the denial she got

  5. She can make up as many excuses as she wants to justify abandoning her kid, but we all know she didn’t come home because she wanted to stay up under a man who is only 55% attracted to her and thinks she’s big a little bit. End of story. She is the QUEEN of purposefully making herself delusional….just look at these new lies she’s concocted to tell herself so she feels better about leaving her kid for 5 months.

  6. For the certificate she must be referring to the interview at the consulate because that requirement is country specific. It isn’t required of all 129f petitions – I’ve done the k1 thing. For the petition you write an affidavit stating you are single and willing to get married. Casablanca requires a certificate of singlehood at the interview for those applying for visas that aren’t married. The trouble here is the certificate is issued based on a sworn statement made by the person getting the certificate so all they have to do is lie on their statement and they can get their certificate. Casa is a notoriously difficult embassy to get a visa from.

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