“90 Day Fiancé” Star Nicole Nafziger Finally Returns to the U.S. (and Her Daughter) After Living in Morocco for 5 Months with Fiancé Azan Tefou

“I’ll bet Azan is missing me SOOO bad right now…”

After a five-month stay in Morocco amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, 90 Day Fiancé star Nicole Nafziger has finally said her goodbyes to fiancé Azan Tefou and returned home to the United States. She touched down in Florida on Monday after first flying into New York City.

Nicole left her home in Florida on March 11, right as the U.S. began issuing warnings against international travel due to the C0VID-19 pandemic. At the time her decision drew criticism from “90 Day Fiance” fans for not taking heed to pandemic concerns and for “abandoning” her young daughter May.

May, were you secretly behind one of accounts that was trolling your mom online?

For months, critics (and even other “90 Day Fiance” cast members) have continued to slam Nicole online for not returning home to the U.S. sooner, while others doubted that she ever traveled to Morocco to begin with – a theory Nicole denied last month. Nicole went on to tell her followers she was “going back to [her] daughter” soon.

As The Ashley previously told you, though, Nicole may not have had a choice in the matter. It’s been reported that non-resident foreigners who were living in Morocco and were unable to leave within the normal 90-day limit due to the pandemic had to leave the country by Monday, August 10 or face penalties. (Nicole stayed until the last minute!)   

On Sunday, Nicole revealed on Instagram that she was finally doing just that, as she said farewell to her fiancé and Morocco and prepared to return home.  


“I’m so happy I got to see you baby,” Nicole captioned a photo of herself and Azan. “Hopefully next time I won’t have to leave and we’ll be a family with May.” 

Nicole went on to provide proof document her journey back to the U.S., which included an overnight stay in New York.

“Hello again New York,” Nicole wrote on her Instagram Story. “Guess [we’re] hanging out for the night. Plane home isn’t until tomorrow.” 

Nicole included some followup posts the next day leading up to the time she boarded her flight to Florida. 

“Heading to the airport for my last flight,” she wrote. “NY to Tampa. Just can’t wait to see my baby girl.” 

After reuniting with May, Nicole shared photos and videos of the two of them during their ride home from the airport. 

Nicole also showed off an “I Heart Morocco” souvenir t-shirt she brought home for May.

“Umm, I think you meant to buy this in your size, Ma.”

(Apparently the airport gift shop was fresh out of “My Mom Left Me For 5 Months To Hang Out With A Man Who Won’t Marry Her & All I Got Was This T-Shirt” swag.)

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram) 

30 Responses

  1. Stop giving this piece of trash any attention. She knew when she left airports were going to shut down. She chose to go so she get a cheap flight and dick. She had an opportunity to get help. All she does is play the victim who loves the attention. If he was sleeping with her she would have got pregnant and trapped him. She refused to show any current pictures with dates. It’s 90 day fiancé not lets hire and drag a moron on for years. Funny she loves to make pennies on her clickbait with the entire cast but we don’t talk about her father with his multiple mug shots. He was also his sponsor so that isn’t going to happen. Azan isn’t allowed here so unless this beast goes there which good go. There is no relationship he said he liked her 50% . She put her hands on him in a Muslim country she is lucky she isn’t in jail. Funny amber from teen mom shoved Gary and went to jail this pig gets away with everything

  2. Wow,that baby has grown so much by the look of that picture! Just think about all the things Nicole has missed during these five months(which is a really long time when it comes to a childs development). And just think I paused my career to not miss a second of my 8 year olds life. I only have her for a short time while she grows up so I want to take the time I can. And Nicole just dump sweet little May to be with a man who will never marry her.

  3. I’m dead at the “Apparently the airport gift shop was fresh out of “My Mom Left Me For 5 Months To Hang Out With A Man Who Won’t Marry Her & All I Got Was This T-Shirt” swag.” Hahahaha!

  4. You have to be a special kind of shitty mom to leave your kid behind for 5(!!!) months ..

    This cu.. needs to let that child be where she is now, she clearly has no love for her .. I cant stand her for this ..

  5. Couple things:
    1. He spoke badly about her on INTERNATIONAL TV (not just national 😉 )
    And 2. She came fresh off the plane and is hugging her daughter and getting that close to her? I mean if you left her for 5 months you can take the time to AT LEAST shower before puttinh her face up tp hers. Who knows what Nicole brought back from the plane and new york?! If I were her mother I’d tell her to stay away for the 2 weeks

  6. Nicole clearly has some type of learning disability. I do not say that to be mean. It’s very clear from the way she interacts with others and difficulty managing her day to day life.

    Given all that, I do not think she is a good parent and probably shouldn’t have primary custody of her Daughter.

    1. No she doesn’t she is lazy spoiled ignorant go watch her seasons she is snug and knows exactly what she is doing

  7. The way Nicole is, if she was there all that time, she would have been throwing out pictures of her and Azan left and right. Couple selfies, tic tok couple dances, cuddling, etc. I mean COME ON! At a time when the whole world was locked in, and the internet was everything, you didn’t hear a peep from this girl….wtf?

    1. I’m willing to bet it’s because he was hardly with her the entire time. Nicole is so painfully desperate I could see her staying there in Morocco just to have a chance or two to hang out with Azan within those five months. She’d rather be caught dead than to admit that she saw him maybe a handful of times the entire time she was there- hence the no pictures because you KNOW she would be blasting those all over the place. It’s been SO obvious since the beginning he is using her and is not attracted to her. It’s sad and pathetic how she can’t see this… and she’s a shitty mom for leaving May, during a pandemic, for five months. You KNOW she could’ve came home earlier but made every excuse in the book to stay there to stalk Azan and ditch mother responsibilities.

  8. Bet he’s relieved she got the hell out of his life. The man is clearly disgusted by her physical appearance. I thought maybe he’d get her in shape while she was there. He had five months to do it….

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      thats not nice making fun of her size even though I know Azan made all sorts of comments when he met her also

        1. No, Celine, it’s not *always* one’s choice to become fat—there are many underlying medical issues that cause weight gain.

          It is, however, *always* one’s choice to be unkind.

          1. 99,9% its overeating.People should make better choices when it comes to their diet and health.Rather unkind than dishonest.

  9. So she spent at least 2k-6k on these tickets from America to Morroco and back, to see a dude that doesn’t even like her, not to mention all the money she had to have spent (probably mostly on Azan) while on her trip…she abandoned her little girl for 5 months, and all she brought back was a hot pink T-Shirt that May is going to grow out of in 3 months? Nicole is trash.

    1. Who knows how much she (or most likely, her mother) had to pay for wherever she stayed for those 5 months. If Nicole was really with azan the whole time, she would’ve posted pictures the whole time. She works part time at Starbucks, doubt she had enough to live and eat in Morocco for 5 months. That’s also probably she was posting all the clickbait articles constantly.

    2. well we forget that every single one of them are receiving payments of a couple thousands per show they do , so certainly if they arent getting paid she wouldnt have the cash for tickets

  10. Poor little May has ALWAYS been at the bottom of Nicole’s priorities.
    As long as she can shove an iPad and some French fries in front of her she considers that “parenting”.
    I actually think Nicole’s mother should also be held accountable for the way she enables her daughter.
    Nicole’s a spoilt brat.

  11. Funny how she couldn’t find enough money before, but all of a sudden days before she was going to be literally kicked out of Morocco, she magically gets the funds to go back home. Made up all those excuses to stay in her demented fantasy with “I think she’s big a little bit, and only 55% attracted to her” Azan. She’s so willfully stupid.

    1. Right? Wouldn’t you dump a man if you heard him say that shit about you on NATIONAL TV?! Yet, she stays. So much insecurity and desperation with this woman. Her daughter loves her the way she is.

  12. I think calling Azan her fiancé is a bit of a stretch. In her mind, maybe. Kind of strange that she didn’t post a single picture of the two of them together until she’s getting dropped off at the airport. She probably just showed up in Morocco and stalked him and paid him for a pic before she left.

  13. I had to cancel a flight to go see my family in CA and lose money the week of March 8th because I was almost 7 months pregnant and not a dumbass about to travel even domestically during the outbreak of a pandemic. My kid wasn’t even born yet, and my only concern was her. How Nicole could get on a plane and leave her kid behind during this shit is still beyond me. She is painfully ignorant, selfish, and just plain stupid and doesn’t deserve that sweet little girl.

    1. I had to cancel going to CA to see my son for his birthday, it sucked.
      Congrats on your baby! I hope you’re all well and safe. It’s nice to see happy news these days?

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