Stacey Silva & Fiancé Florian Sukaj Allegedly Got Married During Secret Quarantine Wedding in April

“Feel free to send gifts!”

Darcey and Stacey Silva of 90 Day Fiancé may lookalike, dress the same, live together and (as of this week) share a reality TV series, but one of the twins may have walked down the aisle recently, leaving the other to be the solo single Silva sister. 

According to Soap Dirt, Stacey and fiancé Florian Sukaj obtained a marriage license in early April and the two tied the knot later that month in Connecticut.

At the time, Connecticut had a ban on gatherings of more than five people due to the pandemic, so the couple allegedly had a small civil ceremony performed by a justice of the peace. 

When your relationship is so hot that it fries your hair…

Those who tuned in this week to the series premiere of the Silva twins’ “90 Day” spinoff, Darcey & Stacey, watched as 28-year-old Florian arrived in the U.S. from Albania to reunite with 45-year-old Stacey and begin the K-1 visa countdown. 

Meanwhile, cheating allegations involving Florian raised some red flags for Darcey, given her own unlucky in love past. 


Fans first met Stacey back in 2016 when Darcey appeared on the first season of Before the 90 Days. She and Florian met online and started dating in 2015. Stacey claimed Florian proposed to her within two weeks of them meeting in person. (More specifically, Florian proposed in the hotel room in Albania while they were making love, according to Stacey.)

Stacey and Darcey have yet to comment on the wedding rumor.

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6 Responses

  1. Didnt he cheat on her?! Come on! They’re both (Stacey and Darcey) so pathetic and desperate. Has anyone seen their senior yearbook photos floating around on Instagram? They’ve completely ruined their faces, they were cute girls. Looks like they’re going for the Jocelyn Wildenstein ‘cat lady’ look with the huge lips & over filled cheeks. Sad that Darcey has two impressionable age daughters that have a front row seat to their mothers dysfunction and narcissism. Hopefully their father (who has primary custody) is a more stabilizing figure in their lives.

  2. I mean……Good luck Stacy? My thing is, on the show she said something along the lines of we don’t understand each other, but the way he looks at me lets me know he loves me….like….huh?? I thought communication was a big part of a relationship?? He says THAT MUCH with his eyes? Well what did his eyes say when he was in those pictures laying down with that rando in (what looked like) lingerie, with his shirt off? But her and Darcey want love so bad…I just hope she had a prenup. ALSO, Do ALL of them (Darcey, the 2 girls, Stacey, and Florian) live in that house?

    I can’t lie though, those 2 (Darcey and Stacey) did not disappoint during their season premiere…this season looks so dramatic, I’m here for it.

  3. I thought they had already broken up.

    Either way, Darcy and Stacy are as bad as each other, and as much as I cringe, I cannot help but watch them.

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