“90 Day Fiance” Star Larissa Dos Santos Lima Got $72K Worth of Plastic Surgery to Look More Like Kylie Jenner

“Cheersee to my new Kylie(ee) face(ee) and body(ee)!”

File this under “WTF?”

Larissa Dos Santos Lima has opened up an account on the adult sexy time site Cam Soda— but not before she underwent nearly $75,000 worth of plastic surgeries during two surgical sessions this year.

The 90 Day Fiance star— whose desire to get sucked, tucked and pumped up has been the focus of several recent episodes of Happily Ever After?— subjected herself to all of the surgeries in order to meet her goal…of looking like Kylie Jenner.

As you do…


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/ I don’t care bitch face ??‍♀️ #90dayfiance

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TMZ reports that, last month, Larissa went to Dr. Lane Smith in Las Vegas, who sucked out three pounds of fat(ee) from her hips and waist during a seven-hour liposuction surgery. She then put that sucked-out fat(ee) to good use, having the Doc use some of it to create a rounder butt. (In case you care, she had a pound of fat injected into each of her butt cheeks.)

She then got a variety of Botox, fillers and laser facials that cost about $22,000.

This surgery session was the second of two Larissa had this year. Back in February, she had Dr. Smith pump up her boob(ee) size from a 34A to a 34DD. He also hacked up her nose to create a more Jenner-like schnoz.

TMZ reports that the total cost of all of Larissa’s surgeries was somewhere around $50,000, bringing her bill to about $72K overall.

“It’s not a crime to add fat(ee) to your but(tee) in order to look better for p0rn(ee)!” 

Now that she’s been Jenner-ed (or something), Larissa is preparing to launch her CamSoda site. First on the agenda is a one-hour show of Larissa showing off her new body parts in a thong and/or lingerie. 

“Don’t ask questions, Mother! Just give me the password to log onto your computer! ASAP!”

Last month, Larissa posted about her surgeries on Instagram, stating that she also had abdominal diastasis, (a separation of the abdomen muscles), which she says was caused by pregnancy. She had that repaired in August as well.

“This is going to be my birthday gift to myself!” she wrote in an Instagram story. “This surgery is not just about beauty, but also for my self-esteem. My stomach muscle wall will be repaired. For years I have been making myself suffer with bad eating habits to get skinny, then skinnier, and my stomach never showed it.”

She also told her followers that she refused to hide the fact that she was going under the knife.

“I am not going to lie, nor will I sugarcoat about my upcoming surgery,” Larissa wrote on Instagram Stories in August. “Looking back, I believe I’m the first cast member to be so open to discuss my procedures, but I understand why others have not. I am not afraid or embarrassed to be honest what I do with my body.” 

“Ok I am a little embarrassed about one thing I did with my body…”

Larissa’s first Cam Soda show is scheduled for tonight.

“I’m so excited to show my new look,” she wrote in the announcement.


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Supriseee! ? My first show with @camsoda tonight at 9 pm EST/6 pm PST! ??? I’m so excited to show my new look. Meet me there. Link in my bio. #camsoda

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Larissa’s ex-husband, Colt Johnson is also making money by showing what his Mama Mother Debbie gave him. He currently has an OnlyFans site in which he sells sexy-time portraits of himself for $25 a month.

“For $10 I will go topless for ya!”

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30 Responses

  1. LMAOOOOOOO Larissa- you will NEVER look like the Kardashians… EVER! And you need to take some of that money and send it home to your kids. Remember them? You are a sad disgrace for a mother. As a mother I could NEVER, EVER leave them and if I was in another country trying to get to the USA, getting them here would be my first priority. After the boob and nose job you looked decent but now you straight up look like Michael Jackson. Yuck!

  2. I’m lost for words over so many women doing this , young too! Idk much about the procedures, wouldn’t you almost be guaranteed to have more done as you age, or does it last this way forever?
    I can almost understand women that are mid aged ( or getting there) that have had kids, tried exercises, etc. and just are so unhappy about their breasts or facial drop that they feel a surgery would do them a world of good. If it’s affordable for them , then I guess why not?
    As for me, no way am I having any kind of surgery unless it’s absolutely the last choice! I wouldn’t even let the oral surgeon put me under to have my wisdoms pulled. I said no thanks, numb me up good and pull them out, fortunately they weren’t impacted.

  3. This reminds me of the time there was an internet craze about having Kylie’s lips and girls were sucking on shot glasses so that their lips puffed up but many of them even seriously injured themselves because they got cut on said shot glass! How stupid can you be?!

    And what is wrong with looking the way you look?! There’s only one of you, I don’t understand why you would go through so much pain and trouble to look like someone else?!

  4. What’s with all these judge mental comments about her being a mom – in her own way, she’s building a career – getting famous, building her brand, investing in her body, etc. and will hopefully use her future financial independence to support her family

    1. Because she abandoned her children in Brazil years ago and gives them zero financial support. She instead takes thousands of dollars from her father, who is raising at least one of her three children so she can selfishly spend it on plastic surgery. She pays for nothing. She doesn’t work and support herself and send money to support her children. She gets whatever guy she is with to pay for what she needs if daddy doesn’t bankroll it. As a single mother who busted my ass working 80 hours a week to provide what my kids need, it’s offensive to me and probably a lot of other people here.

  5. I know nothing about this woman but this whole article makes me want to know more, especially her husbands own cam sofa site?? What? Is that a joke though?

  6. How in the heck is she paying that much money for these things?!?! Really though, how? She doesn’t have a job aside from appearing on a TLC show! I hate to say it but she looked better before the facial reconstruction nonsense. Bigger boobs look a bit off on her, and kind of reminds me of Farrah with the intense “plastic” look. I’ve always said this but as a mother I could never imagine leaving my kids to go to another country, and then prance all around town with my $72k worth of surgeries, when that money very well could have went to her KIDS. I really don’t understand.

    1. She’s selfish and self absorbed. Incredibly. As a mom I can’t imagine leaving my kids, let alone not sending anything financial to them and then also taking money from my father who is also raising one of the three kids. She’s disgusting and a sorry excuse for a mother.She did look better before. She is looking like Michael Jackson now!

  7. ?‍♀️ Great she didn’t lie but come on. She should have got speech lessonseee…. ridiculous that didn’t have her own place but had 72k for surgery. What a joke this world has become…. shallow.

  8. It’s funny that she kept saying she wanted to look “fake” and like a “blow up doll” and now people are compairing her to Kylie. Just sayin’

  9. Most if this surgery was free to Larissa. Thats why it was filmed. This Doctor is Las Vegas equivalent of Dr. Miami that was giving all the Teen Moms free surgery.

  10. Ew she is disgusting. How pathetic that she is paying that much money to look like someone 15 years younger than her. Sorry Larissa, you’re still ugly!!!

    I thought this bitch was getting deported? Vegas has enough cheap hookers, go back to Brazil

    1. I’m pretty sure she didn’t spend a dime on this surgery. And Ericeeee’s broke ass didnt pay for it either. I have friends who have big social media followings in the beauty industry and get tons of services for free. All they have to do is link the doctors, stylists, spas, etc on their pages. Its really not that uncommon.

      As for miss Larissa, I used to like her when she went up against Colt and Mommy Dearest, but now her storyline is boring. If I wanted to see yet another plasticized woman, all I have to do is watch Botched or open up Instagram. Yawn.

  11. 72K is going to be paid off super slow if her income is cam soda. Seems investing in an education would have been more beneficial for a mother of two.

  12. It will be interesting to see what she looks like on the show after all of that. People who are into that type of thing, seem to never look quite like what they do it photos vs real life.

  13. $72,000 to be a porn star. Her parents must be so proud. I wonder what she has done for the poor kids she has abandoned? Not that she is paying for any of these surgeries herself. What was the whole bullshit reason she gave to her father when she had him send her $5000? “I’m staying in America so, I can make my kids lives better, there is so much moreee opportunity hereee”.?

  14. 72k to fix her body, but what has she done for her kids in Brazil? I tried giving Larissa the benefit of the doubt, because Coltee seems like a nightmare to put up with, and Debbie seems like she’s this tiny mosquito that antagonizes any woman who gets too close to Coltee, to the point she manipulates and gaslights the women to where they drive themselves insane, and then she steps back and is like I didn’t do anything, those women are just crazy…but Larissa is trash.

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