Former “90 Day Fiance” Star Larissa Dos Santos Lima Calls TLC “Old-Fashioned” for Firing Her; Talks Baby Plans with Boyfriend Eric Nichols

“Getee with the times, TLC!”

Former 90 Day Fiancé franchise star Larissa Dos Santos Lima is blaming TLC’s “old-fashioned” attitudes for her recent firing.

“I believe the company wants to maintain old fashioned and rather odd values,” she responded to a fan question about the firing on Instagram Stories recently. “Off in what they do actually tolerate. The problem the company had with me, was they did not want me making more money than they could offer.”

According to multiple reports, “90 Day Fiance” couples make $1,000 per episode and $2,500 to appear on the tell-all, which would mean Larissa would earn around $15,000 per season. Meanwhile, Larissa reportedly made $100,000 for showing off her new Kylie Jenner-inspired body on adult sexy time site CamSoda.   

“Cheersee to this facee, bodyee and moneyee!”

“They want any drama to belong to them to film and air,” Larissa continued in her Instagram Stories Q&A. “I’m making more money in one month now, than the show paid me in an entire year. How can I keep up the drama to compete with that?”

Former teen idol and reality TV veteran Aaron Carter rushed to Larissa’s defense on Twitter following her firing.

“Hey @90DayFiance, you need to pay YOUR cast more MONEY You fired Larissa because she had to resort to other incomes PAY YOUR CAST MORE! Please. I know you have the money I’ve been in this industry for 24 years. God bless. Do what’s right.”

In addition to her work with CamSoda, Larissa is making money through OnlyFans (subscriptions are $25 a month) and Cameo ($100 per request; $3.99 for a chat). Her boyfriend Eric Nichols is also on OnlyFans (subscriptions are $25 a month) and Cameo ($55 per request; $4.99 for a chat). Larissa is also open to being on another reality show, she shared with fans in an Instagram Q&A shared by @laricristinalimafans. 

“I want the truth, I don’t want to hide,” she said about appearing on anther reality show in the future.

Larissa’s future could also include starting a family with Eric. In another Instagram Stories Q&A shared by In Touch Weekly, the mother-of-two was asked if she and her boyfriend were thinking of having a baby.

“Say what now?”

“Maybe one,” she responded.

Larissa has caught a lot of flak in the past for seemingly abandoning her two existing children in Brazil to pursue fame and fortune in the United States. Currently, her son Arry lives with his aunt, while her daughter Luane lives with her father. 

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(Photos: TLC; Twitter)

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    Hey Larissa and Eric, I like you both. I think that you are doing just fine. We all have to do what we can to make it in this life. You did good to get away from TLC. Live your best life and don’t pay attention to the haters. God bless you both and take care.

  2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Good grief… Larissa has already abandoned 2 children in Brazil by two different baby daddies!!! Why bring yet another innocent child into her rabbit hole???

  3. How insulting to the children ages abandoned that she’s considering more. Is Eric interested in becoming a single dad? She’s done that to the previous 2 kids leaving them with their fathers and families while she focused on ‘fame’ and surgery.

  4. I find it hard to believe that TLC continues to pay its returning people $1500 per episode. Sorry, but if you ask me to be on multiple spinoffs and continue to exploit my family for your ratings then you better be offering up some serious moolah. If not, then peace out!

  5. She doesn’t need anymore kids…she doesn’t even take care of the ones she’s got. I do think it’s not totally fair that they fired her for the CamSoda and Only Fans stuff, when Coltee himself has an Only Fans, and just a season or 2 ago that one guy Robert?…I think that’s his name, his son’s grandmother was a hard core porn star.

    1. See I don’t think it was the content that was the issue just the fact that with camsoda she signed a contract and the others she didn’t so others being on some of the same sites or doing the same thing aren’t having an issue unless they sign contracts. Her contract with 90 day will have a no compete clause.

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