Colt Johnson’s Ex Jess Caroline Accuses Him of Cheating & Accuses Mother Debbie of Covering for Him; Debbie Fires Back by Calling Jess an “Evil Villain” & More

“What the hellee were we thinking?!”

After seeing the events of the family dinner in Brazil unfold during the latest episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Colt Johnson‘s ex-girlfriend Jess Caroline has made it clear she regrets ever welcoming Colt and his mom, Debbie Johnson, into her family’s home to begin with. 

Jess took to social media to express her disappointment in the family dinner and what was said behind her back, as well as call out Colt for cheating and Debbie for covering his “scam.” Not to be outdone, Mother Debbie fired up her dial-up Internet to respond to Jess’ Instagram Story with some less-than-kind words of her own!

“Watching the show yesterday, I see how people were playing nice in front of me but did everything they could to try to sabotage my relationship behind my back,” Jess wrote on Instagram. “Thank God my family only made me proud this entire time. They opened the door of their house, they made [traditional] foods and drinks, they gave gifts, they were very nice, however, they still were bad mouth by people who have no idea what family values and family love are. ”

She then took aim at Mother Debbie (who, as fans saw, left the shindig early after she felt Jess had disrespected her.)

“Mommy was too worried about her son getting another Brazilian ‘to use’ him, or the history repeats itself, but she forgot to teach him not to cheat again, manipulate and not to lie again, instead, she was covering his lies and cheating scam this whole time,” Jess continued. “If I knew the truth, I would never introduce them to my family.” 

After catching wind of Jess’ post, Debbie took to Instagram to issue her own, umm… unique, statement on the Jess situation. 

“There once was an evil villain,” Debbie wrote. “This red headed vixen set her eyes on her pray. She tracked him down, knowing how vulnerable he was. Her sexuality was very powerful. Her eyes remained on the prize. Her dream could come true, but only if mommy stepped aside. Will her dream come true she asks herself, my visa, my visa, my k-1 visa.” 

“I’m gonna read this to Cookie Dough as a bedtime story tonight!”

While Jess and Colt’s relationship ultimately did not pan out, Jess did manage to gain a new friend out of the situation: ironically, Colt’s ex-wife, Larissa Dos Santos Lima. In a separate Instagram Story, Jess thanked Larissa for “opening her eyes” about Colt (and his mother), after Larissa posted to celebrate the friendship she now has with Jess.

“One of the best things that happened to me this season, was becoming friends with Jessica,” Larissa posted on Instagram on Monday, hinting that someone (possibly the show’s producers and/or Colt) wanted them to hate each other but they didn’t.

“They wanted they hoped, we would argue and try to back-stab one another, but that never happened. Instead, we understood each other with great respect,” Larissa wrote.

In, fact, Jess’s friendship with Larissa appears to have brought her a romantic relationship in the form of Brian Hanvey, a friend of Larissa’s. Before Jess’s profile went private, Brian had made an appearance on her page and she continues to be featured on his. 

Despite his ex-girlfriend moving on to a new man/getting matching BFF necklaces with his ex-wife, Colt seems to be doing fairly well, all things considered. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for his hair. 

“I have been through a lot lately and it looks like these trying times will continue to press on,” Colt wrote on Instagram. “It’s important now to not become overwhelmed by the world around us. Take every day, every moment as it’s isolated from the next. Today you too can be happy. How do you find happiness now?” 

“We don’t need those yucky women anyway, honey. Now, come here and let Mother feed you some guava!”

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(Photos: Instagram; TLC)


  1. Question for you all. Did I miss an episode where they explained what is wrong with Debbie that she needs her son to “take care of her”? Is there something medically wrong with her? Financially wrong? Every time he is called out for living with his mother, he gets defensive and claims he is taking care of her? I pray that I never become a burden to my children in any way shape or form? She cooks for him, does his laundry, soooo unhealthy.

    1. Her disease is being a Bitch!! I had a MIL just like her. She will never allow him to cut the umbilical cord. Mine would fake Heart Palpitations if things didn’t go her way. From what I understand they both have said they live together because the husband/dad passed away. I haven’t heard anything about a illness.

  2. It’s truly shocking how terrible Deb is as a mother. I don’t know what’s worse having a mom who sleeps on her kid’s sofa then moves abroad far from her grandchildren or Deb who’s groomed her child to be a co-dependent partner to the detriment of Colt’s development. Sure it’s comfortable for her to have a “partner” to avoid being alone and live in a better place than she would without his financial support, but it comes as a huge cost to Colte. She messed him up so much it’s unlikely he’ll ever learn how to live a healthy, independent life with functional relationships, so he’s going to be so alone and lost when her times comes and she passes.

    1. Clearly you have been lucky to not see his nude pic that went around. He whole body is massive EXCEPT for his dong.

    2. You haven’t seen it? It was posted everywhere.
      It’s disgusting & not massive like his boobs are. I believe he & she drink alot & he is a horrible man who thinks he’s god gift to women. I also believe his desire for everything sex related is a huge red flag.

  3. There’s a lot of odd things about Colt. I couldn’t put my finger on what was making him look so needy and pathetic, whilst pretending he’s a matcho man to so many Brazilian woman literally fall at his feet… then I realised. His eyebrows..they are so strange. He has them pretty much pointing up, when he’s preying he gets laid…the opposite eyebrow technique when he is apologising. Ew. He makes me want to vom xxx

  4. I hope Mother Debbie doesn’t ever want grandchildren, because nobody wants to have children with a mama’s boy who has a very unhealthy, codependent relationship with his mommy.

    1. LOL did you see how her soul basically left her body when Coltee said that he wanted to possibly marry Jess and start a family with her? HA! As long as Debbie has air in her lungs, she is making damn sure NOBODY, not a wife, not a new baby….NOBODY, is taking Colt away from her. She needs to join some clubs or something and make some new friends. It’s so unhealthy.

  5. Jess was pretty disrespectful to Debbie in that episode, but Debbie shouldn’t have even been in Brazil in the 1st place. If Coltee wants to keep taking care of his mom, then he seriously needs to stop trying to find a wife. No matter how bad someone wants to come to America, or use Coltee, nobody is ever going to ever put up with him and all his mom baggage. Debbie is a nuisance.

    Side note: Debbie seriously compared Jessica, a woman that has willingly had intercourse with the blob named Coltee, to a “vixen”?? What is wrong with these people?? The fact that she’s jealous of any girl Coltee brings around shows that something is seriously deranged with that woman.

    1. Coltee doesn’t take care of his mom. That’s the thing. Debbie takes care of him. She does his laundry, cooks for him, etc. When he asked Jess if she would take care of her dad if he were sick, she said of course. Big difference because there’s nothing wrong with Deb. I get that dad died years ago but that’s no reason to have such an enmeshed, codependent relationship. It’s gross.

  6. Obviously Jess and Larissa weren’t interested in his personality or looks. He’s gross but they don’t get my sympathy because he used them right back.

  7. I understand Coltee takes care of Debbie, but their relationship is unhealthy, she is way way too involved in his love life.

  8. Ok, first of all, Debbie should get her house in order first, and work on her failure to launch 30 something man-baby. He needs to learn to live on his OWN. She is at the oldest 60. She needs to take a power mower to that unused cooter and shooter, and get on Plenty-of-Fish and remember there is more to life than watching Murder She Wrote with Colt.
    Secondly, will someone PLEASE tell me WHAT attracts these women? I get the “green card” thing, or fame, BUT…that they seem to want and need sex with this man? NO. I dont buy it, because I saw that beach scene, AND we have ALL seen his personality the past few years. He isnt rich, good looking or even NICE.
    Am I missing something?

    1. I am also VERY confused as to why these women gravitate to Coltee? We all saw him in that speedo 🤢, apparently he’s a serial cheater (how he finds MORE women to mess with is seriously beyond my comprehension), he has mommy issues, he lives with his mom, and he does seem like a condescending asshole and a total jerk…I have no idea how he is finessing these women! And the fact they sleep with him, and Jess has been basically begging him for it, and bragging about it this entire season…it’s just 🤮

    2. I’m guessing financially she cannot live on her own ..that’s the only thing I can think of. Colt has an attractive face he has very pretty eyes but the rest of him is ….. But in that picture he definitely looks like he’s continuing to lose weight. And I have to tell you.. as much as people don’t like Deb..she was right.. he is foolish and he was going to make the same exact mistake he made with Larissa..they both have Explosive temper’s and they are coming across as entitled.. I do believe Jess wanted a green card and so did Larissa.

  9. Debbie should be less worried about ‘’vixens’ and more about how her son is so rubbish he can only get girlfriends who need visas, and then revels in it. Yuk.

  10. Omg debbies post is so cringey. Why is she writing about sexuality and calling Jess a vixen?! 😂😷 Jess shouldn’t have brought them around her family. Her and colt were only dating for a WEEKEND when she started saying she loved him.

    1. Debbie’s post IS cringey, but it was Jess who kept talking about her sex life with Colt in front of his mother so I guess it’s open season to talk about using her sexuality to trap Colt with an anchor baby — which is exactly what she was trying to do. Debbie and Jess are both wrong for the way they acted, and God only knows what (besides a green card) these women are seeing in Colt!

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