‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Danica Dow Files Restraining Order Against Ex & SUR Bartender Brett Willis

Looks like someone is being transferred to TomTom, PUMP or Vanderpump Dogs…

Vanderpump Rules newcomer Danica Dow may be the assistant manager of SUR, but this week she made a move to serve something other than fried goat cheese balls.

According to The Blast, Danica has filed a domestic violence restraining order against her ex-boyfriend Brett Willis, a bartender at SUR who made his ‘Vanderpump Rules’ debut along with Danica during Season 8.

This photo did not age well…

While the details of what allegedly occurred between Danica and Brett are unknown at the moment, the couple is no stranger to physical altercations. So much in fact that the couple’s toxic relationship was mentioned when Danica was introduced to fans last season. 

As viewers may recall, Danica made her on-screen debut during an off-the-clock lunch with a couple of cast members, during which she was described by Ariana Madix as the assistant manager who “is currently suspended for shoving her bartender boyfriend” (Brett) during a shift at SUR. Ariana went on to explain that said-shoving occurred because Brett had suggested a threesome to Danica. 

Thank you for saying exactly what we’re all thinking.

Danica has already wiped all photos of Brett from her social media, though Brett has yet to do the same; however, neither currently follow each other on Instagram.

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(Photos: Instagram; Bravo) 

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  1. LOL.. u know a story is pointless and uninteresting when it’s been posted for 10 hrs and has absolutely no comments!!! I can’t think of anything less interesting than all the newbies on VPR honestly!!! That’s okay though. I think the shows hit its expiration date finally and we won’t have to hear about any of these people anymore!!!

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