‘Teen Mom 2’ Briana’s Family Secret Recap: Brittany & Briana Battle Over a Brother

… and with those words, a Teen Mom special was born.

After 10 years and two babies/baby daddies, Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus was finally given her very own special on MTV this week, proving that with enough dedication and secret family members, anything is possible. 

Let’s just hope that Bri, Brittany and Roxy introduce the brother to the family business— throwin’ shoes and throwin’ shade! 

Teen Mom 2: Briana’s Family Secret shows Briana finding out she has a secret brother and all of the DeJesus coven chaos that followed. Also, because this special was filmed prior to Briana & Co. moving into their new crib, viewers will find out if Briana’s secret sibling was hiding in her cluttered apartment all along. 

Grab a shovel, it’s time to dig in (and through) this sure-to-be-very-special special. 

Not gonna lie…I won’t be surprised if they unearth a sibling—or two— from underneath the counter clutter…

‘Briana’s Family Secret’ kicks off with a quick recap of Briana’s backstory. After reminding everyone that her baby daddies are two of her least favorite people in the world, Briana explains that her own father disappeared when she was 17 (after she gave birth to Nova) and she has never understood why he left. 

We are then treated to a flashback to the time Bri’s mom Roxy almost beat the be-Jesus outta Devoin at some sort of family diner for saying Briana didn’t have a father. In case you’ve forgotten that Kodak moment, Roxy got up on the chair (to get better leverage for the beating, natch) and was about to wail Devoin upside the damn head until security stepped in. Briana tells us that her mom is “overprotective.”

I think that’s nice…

“I’ll put that salt shaker in my support hose and beat you senseless, kid!”

Briana goes on to remind viewers that her family has secrets, like “all families.” And, like all families, Roxanne seems to choose to reveal these secrets only when reality TV cameras are rolling. (We are reminded that Roxanne once told Britt on another reality TV show that she has a different father than Briana.)

You know, just like with “all families.”

Who’s up for changing the show’s name from ‘Teen Mom’ to ‘Daddy’s Not Your Daddy?’

Now Briana says she’s sharing “an even bigger secret” that was discovered while filming Season 10 of ‘Teen Mom 2’ and conveniently edited into a special because we’re in the middle of a pandemic so there’s less opportunities for these people to go out and do stupid things (and people) on the regular.  

The news of a secret sibling comes to Briana while she and Brittany are hanging out in the Apartment of Broken Dreams. Brittany has dug herself a hole out on the couch to lounge in (surely shoving aside butt pads, STD test results and Roxy’s trusty “living room” pump, which she uses for protection.) In response to a photo Briana posted on social media of her mom and dad, someone reaches out in the comments claiming to know Briana’s father. The DeJesus Coven has not heard from the girls’ dad in years and no one knows where he’s at.  

“If I can’t put eyes on him from this couch, he’s long gone in my book.”

Apparently Daddy Dearest split like Devoin’s noggin after Roxy threw a vase at it,  and never looked back.

The individual goes on to ask Briana if she knows that she has a 14-year-old brother named Kevin. Briana and Brittany are shocked by this news and after Brittany whips out her phone to do some math, she figures out Kevin was born in 2005 – not long after the DeJesus family moved to Florida. 

“She should have stuck around a few more years. She could be earning an MTV paycheck from that!” 

The girls believe their dad likely hid from Roxanne the fact that he had gotten someone else pregnant so Roxanne wouldn’t leave him, though they ended up splitting anyway. (This guy is brave. Roxanne would have whipped out her stiletto boots on someone who knocked someone else up. No wonder he ran! I’ll bet Young Roxy could give a mean shoe-beating!) 

So apparently Daddy Dearest was bangin’ some broad at ‘da club while he was married to Roxanne and accidentally made an Oopsie Baby? 

Why isn’t this guy on ‘Teen Mom?’ He’s perfect for this show! 

Anyway, Briana is bothered that her dad remained in her life for years without mentioning that his fornication garnered her another sibling, who was around 6 years-old when Nova was born. She also learns her dad hasn’t been involved in Kevin’s life for “two years or so,” according to Kevin’s cousin. 

“We could so shove Brittany over and dig Kevin another hole in the couch to sleep on!” 

Brittany questions if Kevin thinks she is his biological sister and Briana says she knows this situation is sensitive for Brittany because even though they don’t share a biological dad, Briana’s dad adopted Brittany at a young age. Brittany says biological or not, her dad is still her dad so she feels like Kevin is her brother, too. 

Will somebody give this girl the greeting card line she deserves?

Bri and Brittany try to figure out how and when to tell Roxy. (May I suggest a padded room and a lot of liquor to assist you?)

That night, Briana and Brittany sit Roxanne down to tell her the news. Briana “lightens the mood” (and likely Roxy’s bowels) by blurting out, “I’m pregnant.” She then reveals that she is not knocked up again (at least not yet), but then hurls the news of the secret brother at Roxanne.

“I never thought I’d yearn for the days of hearing that Briana is sperminated again, but here we are…”

Roxy is mad that this person dropped such big news on them via a DM. (Um…did she expect them to send her a greeting card? I’m not sure Hallmark has their “Yo daddy screwed around on your mama” card line out quite yet.) 

Distraught, Roxanne grabs her ciggies and heads outside to puff away her anger. The girls follow behind and Roxanne explains that she’s hurt, but they’re not going to just walk away from this situation, even if their father already has. She also notes that while she’s protected their father in the past by not talking about him on camera, those days are over. (Hence, ‘Teen Mom 2: Briana’s Family Secret’ was born…)

“All I’m sayin’ is he betta still be able to take a high heel to the head.”

Once they’re back inside, Roxanne says she never wanted Briana and Brittany to know how toxic their parents’ marriage was back in the day. The girls tell Roxanne they were well aware. (I mean, Roxy doesn’t really strike me as the shy type, especially when she’s mad…)

Brittany adds that’s there’s no reason to hide anything anyway. Roxanne claims she wasn’t trying to hide anything, she was only trying to protect her kids. 

Briana says she doesn’t want her daughters to grow up having the same issues she has because, like her, they also have “inconsistent” fathers.

“That’s why I need to see a therapist,” she adds. 

“I don’t want my daughters ending up on TV shows talkin’ about gettin’ STDs from their bum baby daddies!”

Later, Brittany leaves for a month-long trip to Korea (as you do) and asks that Briana wait until she returns before meeting Kevin. Briana decides (or rather ‘Teen Mom 2’ producers decide) not to wait for Brittany. Instead, Briana decides to reach out that night.

“Me? Act impulsive? What a surprise!” 

Britt’s regular spot on the couch is still warm when Briana contacts the original person she spoke with and gets Kevin’s number. 

Soon, Briana gives her brother a call. Unfortunately for us, though, Lil’ Kev is not so cool with the MTV cameras, so we don’t get to hear him tell the story about how Bri’s dad gave his mom the ol’ pump-and-dump.


Are we sure these two are related?!

During their conversation, Briana tells Kevin she’d like to come to New York to meet him and Kevin is on board with the idea. 

Briana reveals later that Kevin told his dad that he was talking to her and their dad said “that’s cool.” Briana takes this as an opening to reach out to her dad, which she does, only to learn that he’s blocked her number.


Bri explains all this during a night out with her oddly named friends— YashiraGenesis and of course “Shirley” (who can’t pull herself away from the free shots and hookah long enough to look even mildly interested in what Briana is saying.) 

“That’s too bad, Bri. Oh, hey do you know if MTV will spring for appetizers while we’re here? I’m sure mozzarella sticks would help heal your emotional wounds!”

During her conversation with Kevin, Briana also learns that Kevin’s mom used to take Briana and Brittany to the park with their dad, leading Briana to believe her dad moved the family to Florida to keep Kevin a secret. Briana’s friends wonder if Kev & Co. are only interesting in talking to Briana now because she’s on TV. 

A couple of weeks after finding out about Kevin, Briana lands in New York to meet him for the first time. She calls Kevin’s cousin, Lidiana, from the hotel to finalize plans for their meet up. She tells Lidiana she’s been wanting to meet Kevin “for a while now.”

Like, a whole week or so…

I’m sure that Briana will want to visit Rockaway Beach and the former site of CBGB while she’s in NYC, given that she’s such a big Ramones fan and all.

Briana later tells Producer Jaime she’s nervous because she’s not great at “meeting strangers for the first time.”


Kudos to Producer Jamie for stifling her laughter on that one. She’s a true professional! 

Maybe… but you did manage to turn two unplanned pregnancies into a reality TV career, so that’s something.

After meeting Kevin, his sisters and cousin (off-camera), Briana heads back to the hotel to call Roxanne. Briana tells her mom the meetup went well and that she even got to spend a bit of her MTV money on Kevin when she treated him to a video game at the Nintendo store.


Roxanne feels bad for the “kid” because he didn’t get as much time with his dad as Briana and Brittany, though she says she feels bad for them, as well. 

According to Roxanne, once the MTV cameras came around (during Briana’s first pregnancy), “that was it” for Briana’s dad, because he wanted to keep his life – and secret offspring, apparently – as private as possible. Briana feels bad that Roxy has stayed single all this time since her split from Bri’s dad. 

“That does it. I’ma ’bout to hop on E-Harmony and find me a man!” 

A few weeks later, Briana is still talking to her brother over text message and Brittany is back from Korea. The DeJesus crew are flying to New York the following day to film the ‘Teen Mom 2’ reunion – a reminder of how long MTV has been sitting on this storyline – and Briana has invited Kevin to come to the studio to meet the rest of the DeJesus crew.  

Unfortunately for Briana’s plans, Brittany doesn’t want to meet Kevin because she’s still holding on to a lot of pain that their dad caused her and because Briana chose to meet Kevin without her.

“Would a large ball of marshmellowed Rice Krispies help this situation?”

“I don’t want to meet that kid!” Brittany tells Bri.

Brittany says she feels like she’s not included and for the first time in her life, Briana has made her feel like a half-sister. 

Brittany claims to have told Roxanne this information while she was in Korea, but Briana says it’s the first time she’s hearing about it.

That’s when things start to get all “DeJesus” up in the Apartment of Broken Dreams.

Brittany gets mad at Roxanne for not relaying the information to Briana, and Briana gets mad at Brittany for stressing Roxanne out. Brittany says Briana and Roxanne are in their “own little bubbles.”

Briana then blames Brittany for now having to un-invite Kevin to the reunion; Brittany tells Briana she’s not going to the reunion; Briana calls Brittany selfish; Brittany says it’s all about Briana and her “f**king kids” (in front of Briana’s “f**king kids,” mind you)  ; Roxanne tells Brittany she’s “in her feelings” right now and suggests Brittany “tone it down a bit.”

Annnnnd SCENE. 

“Yo, I’m not about to be disrespected like that in front of my couch.”

Briana tells Producer Jaime she didn’t have any issues when Brittany met her biological father, aunt and sister a few years ago, so she doesn’t understand why Brittany has such an issue with her having a relationship with Kevin. 

Despite their big argument, Brittany decides not to pass up a free trip to go to New York City with Briana & Co. but is still not willing to meet Kevin. Ultimately, Kevin and his family aren’t comfortable coming to the reunion. (Perhaps they’ve watched some clips showing how Briana and Britt have acted during past reunions? Maybe their helmets wouldn’t have arrived in time?)

Briana has to fly back for Nova’s gymnastic meet, so a meetup with Kevin doesn’t happen at all. Briana says she still wants Brittany and Kevin to meet and that she isn’t going to give up. 

After arriving back in Orlando, Briana tells Roxanne she feels like she let Kevin down because he’s already dealing with their dad being inconsistent in his life. Briana says she just wants Kevin to know she’s always there for him. (I’m sure he’d be comforted to know that her wallet stuffed with MTV cash is also there for him. Just sayin’…) 

Eight weeks after the trip to New York – yes, the timeline of this special is a whole mess – Briana decides to fly Kevin and his sisters out to Florida to celebrate Kevin’s 15th birthday. 

“Take the hint, Brittany.”

Briana talks to her family about the visit and Brittany, who has apparently had a change of heart, admits she’s nervous because she doesn’t like meeting new people. Brittany assures Briana, though, that she won’t let any issues she has with their father get in the way of meeting Kevin. 

Later on, Brittany goes with Briana to meet Kevin and his family at the airport and afterwards, they all hang out together. 

While wrapping up the special, Briana says a lot has happened since she received the DM about her secret sibling and though Kevin still isn’t comfortable being on camera, his older sister FiFi is more than happy to take his place.

“I also REALLY love this couch… just throwing that out there!”

While Briana and FiFi are chatting it up on Brittany’s former bed, Roxanne pops in the room to tell the girls that Briana’s father owes apologies to Briana, Brittany and Kevin. Still, Roxanne somewhat defends her ex, telling Briana he did do a lot of fatherly things when he was still around. 

“Trust me, I can spot his type from a mile away… or at least from across da club.”

Two days later, Briana says goodbye to Kevin and his family and everyone – even Brittany – agrees that the visit went well. Briana says her connection with Brittany is very different than her connection with Kevin and at the end of the day, she just wants Brittany to be happy. 

“Although FiFi might end up snaggin’ her old spot on the couch.”

That’s all for this very special special!

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16 Responses

  1. …..she’s nervous because she’s not great at “meeting strangers for the first time.”

    Yeah, she usually just sleeps with them and not sit down and have a conversation like she has to now since it’s her brother.?

  2. What is wrong with Brianna’s good friend, Shirley? Why is she losing so much weight? I really hope that shes not sick. She always seemed to try to give Brianna sound advice.

  3. I see the apple doesn’t fall far when it comes to decision making and logic with Roxanne and Briana. Roxanne put those girls in a crappy postion long before they had any say in the matter, under the guise she was “protecting” Brittany. Then, because Brittany was upset that she doesn’t know much about her bio family (because of her mom’s LIES), Roxanne gets upset that she’s not jumping for joy that Brianna was going to meet her biological brother. She treats Brittany like she’s some random red headed stepchild, and Briana is the center of her world.

  4. Whenever Briana would wear her MisFits or RAMONES tshirts, it would completely distract me from the storyline. I would daydream about having one of those, “what’s your favorite song by them”, or, “Your’re next up! Sing ‘Sheena is a Punk Rocker’!!! at karaoke. This was until I saw the story of Tik Tocker, Zaria getting called out for her Metallica tshirt only to extend the jam with some serious face melting Metallica guitar fire in response to the “poser” allegations. Who knows? Maybe Bri-Bri is moshing in her pit of witches every night to Joey, DeeDee, Johnny, and Tommy. Hi Ho! Let’s Go!

  5. I thought Roxanne said Brittanys bio dad was dead, was that a lie and damn if it was that is an awful big lie to tell

    1. I’m pretty sure that’s what she said on that family therapy show a few years ago, and Brittany was sobbing…but from what I remember, Roxanne had been passing Brittany off as Briana’s dads baby to “protect” Brittany…how one would think a lie of that magnitude would “protect” their child is beyond any realm of any rational thinking…and not only that, but to expose the lie on national TV, however this is the same woman that created Briana, so I guess this whole thing shouldn’t be too surprising…But I’m not sure what Brittany’s relationship is with her biological dad’s side now, doesn’t seem like she has much of one, which makes sense as she feels some type of way about Briana getting to know hers. She probably feels rejected and left out.

  6. Briana takes this as an opening to reach out to her dad, which she does, only to learn that he’s blocked her number.

    I’d like to hand this man a beer. Not to drink, mind you. I just want him to hold it for me until it gets as cold as he is.

  7. I don’t like these women but… I thought Briana was a little cold in not being understanding with how Brittany was feeling.

    1. Same! She didn’t take a second to think about how Brittany may be feeling with the whole situation, then Roxanne jumps on Brittany for being upset. I don’t like any of them either but, Brittany was 100% right about everything being about Briana and her kids. Roxanne and Brittany have been there from day one for not only Bri but for her kids. Bri never gives them any credit. It’s always, “But, I’m raising these kids on my own! I don’t have any help!” She is selfish as shit. And, she is damn lucky that Nova and Stella have a grandma and aunt that loves them unconditionally to the point of putting their own lives on hold to help raise them.

    2. Briana and Roxanne do her kinda dirty. She is like their doormat. She takes care of Bri’s kids while she goes on sexcapades, gets plastic surgery, Brittany is the voice of reason when it comes to Bri co-parenting with her BDs, ect…and she’s still nice to Roxanne after that colossal lie she told about her dad. They need to stop taking her for granted.

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