Former ‘Unexpected’ Star McKayla Adkins Announces She’s Pregnant with Her Third Child, Two Weeks After Revealing Her Engagement

“Oops, I did it again!”

There’s another baby on the way for McKayla Adkins!

The former Unexpected star announced on Instagram on Saturday night that she’s pregnant with her third child. The pregnancy announcement comes just two weeks after she told her followers that she got engaged to Ethan, her boyfriend of one year.

“I’ll be married in 2 weeks and have a baby in 9 months, life couldn’t be more complete,” McKayla captioned a video showing her positive pregnancy and her tiny baby bump.


Married in 2 weeks and baby in 9 months, life couldn’t be more complete. ##marriage ##pregnant ##announcement

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McKayla— who already has a son and a daughter by her ex Caelan Morrison— told her followers that she is still very early in her pregnancy.

“I’ll be five weeks on Monday,” she wrote on Instagram. “We’re nervous to share [because] it’s so early but we’re so excited.”

In her Instagram Stories, McKayla told her fans that she was “so nervous to share this with everybody.”

“If I have a miscarriage, that’s not something I want to explain to the Internet…I took this test before I told everyone,” she said holding up a pregnancy test.

In the comment section, 20-year-old McKayla answered questions about her current life and her latest pregnancy. Those who were hoping to see McKayla and her new baby on ‘Unexpected’ are apparently out of luck, though.

“Nooo,” McKayla told a fan who asked if she would return to the show. “Never being on TV again.” 

Another fan brought up the fact that McKayla had previously stated that she didn’t want any more kids.

“Yeah, I let the negative experience from my other pregnanc[ies] get in the way of what I wanted.. but my husband and I are super happy with our decision,” she replied.

McKayla has supported herself in recent years by posting adult content to OnlyFans and other subscription sites. On TikTok, she said the pregnancy won’t affect her income. In fact, she said, she’s already “gotten more subscribers” to her “Forbidden” website, as she says there are “people who enjoy this kind of stuff.”

“I’m not worried about my income,” she said. “I have plenty of money saved away so we’re all good in that department.”

In an Instagram Q&A session posted later, McKayla answered other questions from her fans, including one regarding the custody status of her other kids, Timothy and Gracelynn.

“I have full custody of BOTH my kids,” she wrote. “They BOTH live with ME and ALWAYS have. I don’t know when/why this started becoming a popular question. Also, my grandparents don’t take care of my kids. LOL they babysit sometimes [because] they’re the only people I trust with my kids. I’ve been living on my own with my children since 2019.”

On TikTok, McKayla stated that this new pregnancy wasn’t (pardon the pun) “unexpected.”

“My fiancé and I did plan this baby,” she said. “For a long time we were preventing it because we weren’t ready…”


Reply to @xodreenaa ##pregnancy ##prevention ##plannedpregancy

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“I’m about to be married to this man and I’ve never been more excited for a pregnancy [because] it feels like the right time,” McKayla added in a TikTok comment. “I hope I get to share this pregnancy in peace surrounding me [because] I’ve never had that before. Thank you for all the loving words.”

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(Photos: Instagram; TikTok)

23 Responses

    1. Grandpa Tim, is the reason for that mess. He raised her. He indulged her every whim, never told her she was wrong about anything or held her accountable and villanised her ex for wanting to see his kids and to make it work with his pathetic grand daughter. She is a product of the way she was raised. That entire family is trash.

      1. I think it was mentioned in one episode “Grandpa Time” has a lot of health problems due to his drinking.

  1. Hoo boy! Three really little kids is about 500% more work than two! And mine were spaced a little more than these. (Oh, and I was not supporting us with sex work!)

    These are children, not a litter of kittens, and they need ALL of your efforts to grow up well-adjusted and healthy. This girl can’t even seem to manage herself! And where is bio-dad of the older two?? He needs to grow up fast and step up. Praying for all these innocent little kids!

    1. Probably has more money than you do even with “sex work” being her career so maybe try and not be as judgmental. Do I think it’s wise to have three kids at 20? No. It’s stupid. But I don’t care for the implication that her job is somehow trashy. Who cares? She’s probably making quite a bit of money. You’re nooo better than a sex worker dear. I’m sure you’ve shown your body to people for free. At least she has the sense to charge for it.

  2. Yikes the video of her talking about prevention was roughhh. I really hope everyone watching has some form of brain power to know she is full of crap.

  3. What did she mean by people who enjoy this kind of stuff? Like pregnancy adult stuff on her site? I’m very very disturbed just reading that. Poor kids. I hope they get some time with Caelan

    1. Pregnancy Porn is very real thing. Everybody’s got their kinks (I try not to kink shame, but that one grosses me tf out).

  4. If you believe she quit smoking. I got an island to sell you. If you didnt know she smokes marijuana on the regular.

  5. Her life is still a mess! If she thinks anyone believes that her grandparents aren’t the primary caretakers for her children, she’s crazy! Part of her problem is being a complete spoiled brat! You don’t get to just think about your needs and wants when you are a mother, your kids always come first. I’m not sure that McKayla puts anyone’s needs above her own.

  6. Maybe grow up, BEFORE having a third child?? This simple minded girl is a MESS. IF the marriage happens, it won’t last….childhood marriages never do. Hope she can still do her online sex work, after her third baby!

  7. Not to pass judgment but her youth is showing when she says “we prevented pregnancy for a long time”. I hope she can continue to support herself.

  8. Three kids before she can legally drink. Wow. That’s a record on these teen mom shows no?

  9. Again? And what happened to her look. Seems to be like the type of girl that changes her looks based on who their bf is at the time. Idk what the fiance looks like but I can only assume.

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