WTF? Scott Disick Cancels Appearance After Asking Small Restaurant If They Have a “Spare Plane” or Helicopter to Transport Him to Attend Their Event

“What kind of peasants don’t at least have one plane!?”

File this under: WTF?

Scott Disick‘s recent dealings with an Upstate New York bar and grill were just “plane” ridiculous!

The Keeping Up With the Kardashian star reportedly cancelled out on a scheduled appearance recently, after asking the place to jet him over via a private plane and/or helicopter. The New York bar and grill is now reportedly considering taking legal action against Scott over the cancelled appearances and lost revenue.

According to Page Six, Scott was scheduled to do…whatever it is that he does…at Gaffney’s, a restaurant in Saratoga Springs, New York, on Friday night. The place— which has a large patio that has held events hosted by other reality stars such as Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Brody Jenner in the past— had been promoting Scott’s appearance online in the weeks before.

Page Six reports that Scott reportedly called the restaurant on Thursday to see if it had a “spare plane” that could come fetch him in the Hamptons and take him to Gaffney’s for the appearance. While Scott’s request was shocking, given that the restaurant is relatively small, what’s even more surprising is that the restaurant actually tried to drum up a private plane for Scott. 


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Later, Scott’s crew called Gaffney’s and said that a “spare” private plane wasn’t needed and that Scott had found transportation to the restaurant for the appearance. One day later, though, Scott & Co. called the restaurant again, this time to request that they send a helicopter to pick up Scott. This call— which took place on the same day as Scott’s appearance— was again met with the Gaffney’s team’s willingness to try to find a helicopter to fly Scott in for the event. 

However, Scott’s team later called and said a helicopter was no longer needed because Scott found his own chopper. Soon after though, yet another call from Scott & Co. came in, saying that the Kardashian baby daddy was not going to be able to attend the event at all.

At 4 p.m. on the day of the event, Gaffney’s posted to its Facebook page that, sadly, Scott was once again going to be a no-show. 


“We’re told the restaurant had to refund a slew of table reservations it had sold on the back of Disick’s appearance, and bosses are now mulling legal action against Disick to recoup the losses,” Page Six reports. 

This is not the first time Scott cancelled on the restaurant. Friday’s appearance was actually scheduled to make up for an appearance Scott cancelled the week before. 

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  1. He has fans????? For what? Who pays for this? What does he charge, and can a small restaurant even make enough money to bring him in? I’ve been here, I would think a local band would be more fun. What does a paying customer expect to get? An hello and a handshake? I don’t get it.

  2. What do expect when you schedule an “appearance” by such a self centered asshole? Why would anyone want see him is beyond me.

  3. It truly is sad how far up in the clouds this group is. No sense of reality or real world problems at all. Such a waste of resources

  4. So many questions…who exactly wants to pay to spend an evening with this dude? Does he really think small restaurants who can’t find busboys these days have small aircraft and pilots at their disposal? What is he high on now?? Kourtney, don’t let the kids get in the car with him!

  5. Why would anyone pay to see this man is my “WTF” question?
    He’s a loser and whoever is a fan of him is no better.

  6. I don’t think that the kind of crowd that follows this person would be a crowd of ppl I’d even want to serve.

  7. How pathetic you must be to plan your night around this dipshit. I feel more sorry for those losers who need to get a life.

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