MTV Is Bringing Back ‘Cribs’: Get Ready to See Inside the Homes of Snooki, JoJo Siwa, TJ Lavin & More

“If you guys do another episode on me, I’ll show you my Kardashian girlfriend!”

MTV is going back to its roots!

(No…the cable channel is not planning to play music videos again— don’t be ridiculous!)

It is, however, bringing back one of its popular early reality shows to see how it fares in 2021.

Deadline broke the news this week that MTV will be bringing back Cribs to showcase the homes of today’s biggest actors, musicians and reality TV stars. The show— which first premiered in 2000— was a staple of the TRL Era of MTV, showing the homes of people who were considered “big celebrities” of the time, such as the girl group Dream, Sisqo and various Backstreet Boys. The show originally ran for a whopping 19 seasons and 113 episodes.

Even all these years later, The Ashley is still scarred from this mental picture…

(The Ashley‘s favorite episode will always be the one that showcased the Playboy Mansion, though!) 

The 2021 version of ‘Cribs’ will premiere next month and will give us a look inside the homes (and most likely the refrigerators) of Nicole “Snooki” PolizziJoJo SiwaMartha StewartRick Ross and more. 

According to New York Post, the new season will also feature the homes of The Challenge host TJ Lavin; Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross; Big Sean, ‘Project Runway’ star Christian Siriano, Johnny Weir, Kardashian/Jenner frenemy Jordyn Woods, Kathy Griffin, child actress Marsai Martin, former pro basketball player Nick Young, actor Nico Tortorella, Olympian Ryan Lochte, Kardashian ex Scott Disick, Tia Mowry, and singer Tinashe.

“’Cribs’ didn’t simply introduce the celebreality genre, it created a blueprint for how we engage on social media,” the show’s original developer Nina L. Diaz said in a statement. “We are thrilled to usher in a new era of this iconic franchise for audiences around the world.”

Only ‘Cribs’ could have brought us a young, face-tattoo-less Aaron Carter wearing a Tupac shirt and talking about his ‘love shack.’

The new episodes will run 30-minutes long, just as the original episodes did. (The most-recent version of ‘Cribs’ saw shorter episodes being aired via Snapchat Discovery.) 

You can watch the 10-second promo MTV just released for the new season of ‘Cribs’ on Wednesday. (It doesn’t show much, though.) 

‘Cribs’ is set to premiere August 11 on MTV.

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(Photos: MTV)

14 Responses

  1. Cribs?? The show where celebrities rented mega mansions and pretended they were theirs??…MTV better not bring back Pimp My Ride, Room Raiders or Next…Please…just NO.

  2. Wow this show used to pull in some of the biggest celebrities around. It is definitely a sign of how far MTV has fallen that almost none of these people are even close to A-list status

  3. It just feels like fluff. Harmless I guess, but I remember really enjoying certain cribs episodes – like with Shakira, she had a gorgeous (concrete?) compound in Colombia I believe. It was just unique and breathtaking.

    I don’t need or want to see clearly rented/newly purchased properties “staged” for the show. I’d love to see “celebrities” that have interesting places/homes, and maybe pictures of major renovations.

  4. Looks like a lot of Air BnB’s are about to get some free air time! Seeing as several people on the show in the past have admitted to renting/borrowing homes/cars for their segments, why even bother?

  5. When celebrities constantly show their homes on social media (ie Snookie) a TV episode of the same seems redundant.

  6. Reminder to self: dont watch the Jojo Siwa one. An 18 year old acting like she’s 10 for cash, that shit freaks me out ..

    1. I remember Jojo when her awful mother first brought her on Abby Lees dance competition show. She was teeny then and so innocent and I specifically remember her mother talking about how she has been bleaching her hair blonde since she was TWO YEARS OLD. Right then I knew her mother was the type to sell her to the highest bidder. She got cast on Dance Moms and was an ok dancer but her mom was all about marketing her. Jojo with the bowbow etc. Fast forward to now, she’s sold her soul to Nickelodeon, which is a deep dark and disturbing company (don’t have to believe me, just take a dive down the rabbit hole of information) and now like you said she is an adult still trying to dress and act like a 10 year old. I have a 9 year old daughter and dance is her life. She can’t stand Jojo or her awful manufactured music or image and I am so grateful for that!

    2. Okay, I’m glad someone else said it! You have to watch this show on Netflix called Happy. It has the dude from SVU and it’s trippy, JoJo and Blippi definitely comes to mind!

  7. Most of the stars probably don’t even own these homes nor do they have the money they claim to have. Same as it ever was.

    Hard pass.

    Why is MTV even a thing in 2021?

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