Husband of ‘Little Women: LA’ Star Terra Jole Says Finale of ‘Little Women: Atlanta’ “Most Likely” Concluded “All Things ‘Little Women’ on Lifetime”

“That’s a wrap!”

It looks like fans have seen the last of Lifetime’s Little Women

According to Joe Gnoffo, husband of Little Women: LA star Terra Jole, the ‘LA’ version of the franchise has been cancelled and will not return to Lifetime for Season 9. He went on to state that the book has closed on the entire ‘Little Women’ franchise as well.

On Monday, Joe told fans on Instagram that last week’s finale of Little Women: Atlanta likely concluded “all things ‘Little Women’ on the Lifetime network.”

Joe went on to congratulate his wife on a “job well done,” as Terra not only appeared on the series, but also served as an executive producer and starred in a number of spin-offs. 

“Thanks to all of the fans!” Joe added. “You are some crazy mofo’s but you kept this little idea of my wife’s going for about 8 years. Cheers! ‘What a long strange trip it’s been.’” 

While Joe seemingly confirmed that the ‘Little Women’ is done, a source close to production told The Sun there hasn’t been an official word on the show’s future. 

“We were set to start filming in May but due to LA being shut down there was nothing we could capture so we paused filming,” the source claimed.  

‘Little Women: LA’ premiered on Lifetime in 2014; however, new episodes of the show have not aired since August 2019. ‘Little Women: Atlanta’ premiered in 2016 and the final episode of Season 6 aired this month. 

‘Little Women: LA’ also spawned spin-offs Little Women: NY– which ended in 2016 after 2 seasons– and Little Women: Dallas– which concluded in 2017. 

None of the current cast members of ‘Little Women: LA’ or ‘Little Women: Atlanta’ have commented on the future of either series at this time, nor has Lifetime. The Ashley has reached out to the shows’ production company, Kinetic Content, for comment as well.

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  1. I started late on watching the series, Little women of L.A. n Atlanta. Once I got started, I was hooked. After a year of catching up and enjoying watching, you cancel them. Thanks a lot!!! Please bring them back. Strong encouraging little women. Not heard of.

  2. I’m saddened by All of The Little Woman’s, Closing Down Production during COVID-19 but, Terra, you are the example for so many women on this planet that you have given hope and joy and laughter to all of us. I don’t see why you can’t take that extraordinary soul and personality that you have and all of your heart and kick somebody in the butt and get your series running again please!! I may not be of age as all of you women are I am much older, but not only did I learn a lot of things from you women it taught me an astounding time of what I can pass on to my grandsons especially on how to treat a woman. I love and I miss you all was very saddened about Minnie’s passing, don’t you think that she possibly would want all of you to still keep going and putting out there about how all of you have something in common. I hope any network and maybe lifetime would still take that enormous smiles from all of you and the beauty that you set out to be could still air it if you are so inclined to start production again. You go girl I am absolutely proud of every single one of you. You really do have an impact on us women for we have looked at it in a different way for being normal size that the power that you put out for us to feel and make us want to even do more as a woman. Hope this all makes sense I’m rambling but I wish all of you the biggest accomplishment of your lives and I hope you all are doing extremely well. Sincerely,
    Claire Delaney
    PS I just want you to know also that your shows were the best medicine for me dealing with almost stage 4 lung cancer and watching your series really made me feel so much better to heal. We all miss you and love you ❣️❣️❣️❣️?

  3. I remember Tera on True Life when she almost stripped for John Stamos!!

    She’s come a long way. She really made reality TV work for her. That’s amazing. She’s really a trailblazer for women in the industry. Many have tried, she actually succeeded.

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